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Sex Fighters - The Championship
Part 1 - Sizing Them Up
By Procum Hunter

Sex Fighters - The Championship

I enjoy stories about powerful men with powerful cocks. It’s especially hot when those powerful men (and their cocks) fall in to a trap that makes them realize they’re not as powerful as they thought. If you enjoy the story and would like to chat about the topic please drop me an email:

Chapter 1: Sizing Them Up

It had been a long night of fighting at the arena, the horned up men in the crowd had witnessed hours of hard-bodied studs going at it, giving it all they had, their muscles put to the test and their cocks battling for dominance. It was finally time for the main event, the sex battle they had all been waiting for, the top two tag teams going at it in a Penetration Match. The rules were simple, the winner was the first stud to sink his cock in to his opponent’s ass, shoot his load and then withdraw and show the audience his cum oozing out of the defeated hole. Other than that there really weren’t any other rules, anything goes, which lead to some teams adopting devious tactics to defeat their opponents.

The first team walked in and took their place in the blue corner of the ring. The crowd cheered the two men dressed in navy, ultra tight, low slung speedos leaving little to the imagination. Their ample bulges pushing out from their crotches, the spandex straining to cover their hard tight asses. They smiled and waved to the crowd, Todd and Marc were well liked and the men cheered as they prepared for the fight. “Ready for this?”, Todd asked Marc, nodding his head to his partner?

Marc slapped his partners tight bubble butt, giving it a quick squeeze, “Oh yeah, I’ve been waiting to take these guys on for months. It’s time to take them down.”, Marc replied as they walked to the center of the ring. They raised their hands, waving to the fans, then slipped their fingers in to the sides of their speedos and quickly snapped them down and off, throwing them in to the crowd. A small riot erupted as the men in the crowd reached for the flimsy spandex of their heroes. Todd and Marc stood with their hands on their hips smiling to the crowd as they put their bods on display. Both buzz cut, dark haired men had been accomplished athletes in college, Todd a wrestler and Marc a quarterback, and in the years since graduating their finely muscled frames had only gotten better. Marc was the taller at 6’ 3”, 230 pounds of ripped, hard muscle. Todd was one of the shorter wrestlers in the league at 5’ 7”, 170. But what he lacked in height he more than made up for in skill and speed. He’d run circles around his opponents, catching them in holds they never saw coming. All the men in the arena admired the two sex fighters, their big arms, thick chests, ripped abs and massive quads made it possible for them to dominate their opponents. But it wasn’t just their muscles the audience was checking out.

Marc felt all the eyes in the arena on him as he stood under the bright lights. Most of the horny men had come to see him, well not ‘him’ but what he carried between his legs. Gently swinging between his thighs was, perhaps, the most perfect cock ever bestowed upon a male. It was thick and long, 11 inches of pure maleness. But it wasn’t just the size that made it so impressive. It’s shape, the way it swung, the two masculine orbs nestled behind it in a delicate yet powerful sac. Marc kept his equipment shaved clean partly to prevent his opponents from yanking his pubes, but also to help show off his powerful weapon. He knew the mere sight of it intimidated his adversaries and keeping it shaved smooth ensured they got a perfect view of his tool. He had used it to impale his foes and win match after match. Not only was it the perfect size for penetrating his opponents, Marc could also make his cock generate pre cum almost on command. Once his appendage had risen all he had to do was flex his mighty muscle and the tip would open and emit a slow stream of slippery, ass-penetrating pre juice. It was this talent of his that allowed him to successfully slip his cock in to the tightest of holes. No matter how much his prey squirmed and squeezed their asses closed, his rock hard, lubed up tip would find its target and sink home to victory. It was easy to see that some referred to Marc’s mighty cock the third wrestler in the ring.

Todd and Marc were the ultimate pairing for the penetration match, Todd’s wrestling skills were unmatched and he would use his talent to wear down his opponent, weakening them. It was then that he’d tag Marc who would jump in and finish the job, using his power cock to split the ass cheeks, lube the hole and fuck their victim to defeat. They used this tactic to rise in the ranks of the league and tonight was the final battle for dominance. Their rivals were also undefeated but their methods were less admirable.

The roar of the crowd increased as the opposing team walked up to the ring and hopped up, both men checking out their opponents. Chuck and Chad were the tag team bad boys of the league. They took advantage of the ‘no rules’ situation and pushed it to the limit. The two blond mohawked studs were known for dirty play, bordering on all out cheating. Dressed in matching ultra slim and ultra tight red speedos they slid under the ropes and met the other two men in the middle of the ring. Face to face the two teams glared at each other. Chuck and Chad slid off their speedos and tossed them at the faces of the two men across from them. Todd yanked the red spandex off his face and tossed it in to the crowd, glaring at Chuck. Marc, on the other hand, pressed the speedo in to his face and inhaled deeply, spreading his legs as he did. Almost immediately his cock pulsed and rose up, thickening and growing longer and longer. The crowd cheered his cock on, wanting to see it at full mast. Marc pulled the warm material from his face revealing a proud smirk as he looked Chad in the eyes.

“Thanks Man, that’s just what I needed to get my weapon primed.”, he said as his gaze lowered down to his cock which was now almost fully hard and pointing up between the two men.

Angrily Chad quickly swatted the huge dick with his palm, giving it a hard slap. “Fuck you man, there’s no way that donkey dick of yours is gettin’ anywhere near either of our asses!”, he spat as Marc’s cock swung back and forth.

Marc was accustomed to such attacks and was unfazed by the strike to his cannon, he continued to smile then flexed his cock, stopping its waving midswing, making it rise up stiff. Then his piss lips yawned open as a clear stream of precum emerged and leaked down his cock. All of the men were looking down at his cock by this point watching as the mighty weapon armed itself and prepared for battle.

Chuck looked down at the swinging weapon, nodding his head a he studied the thick fuck-tool. He reached out and grabbed the Marc’s cock, wrapping his fingers around the shaft, gripping it tight, giving it a slight squeeze as if testing its power. Marc folded his arms under his pecs and let his opponent feel him up, confident that the size of his appendage would intimidate the blond stud. While Chuck held his dick in a tight grip he flexed his cock and watched as a surprised look washed over the stud’s face. Chuck felt the power-cock flexing in his grip, but he held on tight, taking note of the length and thickness of Marc’s legendary weapon. Finally he released it, glaring at the hard, leaking cock. He pushed Chad around, “Fuckin asshole”, he muttered as he pulled Chad back to their corner. “Don’t look at it, man. Just focus on the match and let’s send these dudes home with cum leaking’ outta one of their asses.”

“Hell yeah, dude, you’re right”, Chad said, “We can take these guys, and that fuckin monster cock, DOWN!”, slapping Chuck on the ass. “What do you think, did you get a good feel? Think we can get it?”, Chad asked.

“Fuck yeah we can.”, Chuck said as he smirked. “Get a good grip on it. The dude’s got a nice piece, that’s for sure. Thick and long. But if we stick to the plan there’s no way that cock will claim victory.”

“Nice work, Dude.”, Chad said. “Don’t worry, I’ll stick to the script, they won’t know what hit em until it’s too late.”

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