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Tarzan and the Witchdoctor
Part 3 - Lair of the Witchdoctor
By Neck40

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Tarzan let out a small groan as his eyes slowly started to open, but for some reason he felt really weak. The white man’s mind is real frazzled and he couldn’t think properly as he wasn’t sure where he is. But for some reason it felt like he is being…carried?

Just then both eyes widen as he felt a finger thrust into his asshole, causing a huge shock to his system that took all the drowsiness away. Immediately Tarzan started to struggle, but found his arms and legs less responsive than they should be. It was as if they weighed like boulders, and on top of that he realized that his hands and legs were stuck together. Looking down he found that his wrists were tied together with rope. Just then he realized that he really is being carried.

“I see you’re finally awake my white beauty,” he heard a voice say, cringing as the finger in his ass dipped in further.

“W-Who are you…what have you done to me!” Tarzan shouted as he tried to move once again, but found his limbs still weak.

“A special concoction of mine,” Ameer chuckled, loving the tightness of the white man’s ass around his finger. His captive’s struggles not hindering him at all, which made him glad for increasing the dose of the drug. “One that I use on all my captives.”

“C-Captives?” Tarzan questioned, confused by his words but then realizing it. This male must have been responsible for all the disappearances around the jungle, and now he himself is his latest captive. This only redoubled his resolve to try and escape, trying with all his might to struggle but whatever was used on him did its work. His muscles still felt real heavy and useless.

“Yes, many other handsome men I have back at my home, all for my personal use,” Ameer explained with glee, inserting another finger into the hole, which caused Tarzan to jerk. “Who would have thought that the legendary Tarzan would have come swinging into my hunting grounds, all ready for the taking. No other man can compare to the worth you are to me.”

Just feeling the man’s finger in his ass made Tarzan realize what he is talking about and he didn’t like it all. He wouldn’t dare do what no other man had tried to do at all, and to be truthful there has been a few men who tried. Same sex love is something that is accepted and hated by the tribes all through Africa. Most accepted it mainly since life to them is finding a partner in life to be happy with. Others hated it because it prevented offspring from being created, which would expand the tribe’s life.

He knew this because the Wazuri tribe is one that accepted same sex love. And many males even tried to court the ape man, mainly out of love or just to get him into bed. And Tarzan would be lying if he said he didn’t indulge in one night stands with the males, but always the one on top. Many would challenge him to contests of strength and speed, or even wrestling for the chance to be on top. But Tarzan would always win the contests.

The losers would always accept their fate and then would retire for the night with the ape man as they got busy. The males’ cries of pleasure could be heard throughout the whole tribe as Tarzan’s massive dick entered their tight asses, bringing them into new realms of pleasure. It was said Tarzan could be both a rough and gentle lover depending on the mood, which is why many seeked a night with him.

Hell, even the aged chief showed signs of wanting a night in bed with the ape man. Right when he was making the request the chief caressed Tarzan’s face and even his upper body. There were obviously lust in his eyes as he wanted to do more. Still he had to act professional when asking for the ape man’s help.

For a while longer Tarzan could do nothing but struggle the best he could while still over the shoulder of the witchdoctor. His muscles still not working the way they should, also with the fact that his arms and legs were tied together didn’t help matters at all. Plus, things were much worse as his ass is being played with the whole time as his captor spoke to him constantly.

“Just wait Tarzan, because I’ll be the first one to have your nice, tight ass. Just thinking of it is making me hard,” Ameer kept on ranting, pulling his fingers out and giving the hard cheeks a smack, making Tarzan grunt.

Still struggling Tarzan looked down at his hands to try and free them, but then stopped as he noticed something. “Y-You’re wearing my loincloth!”

This just brought more amusement to the dark male, “Your loincloth? No, it’s mine now, because you won’t ever be needing it again,” That just make him laugh evilly.

“You sick bastard!” Tarzan sneered, can’t believe that his only piece of clothing is being worn by someone else.

“I have to admit, that it feels so good on me. In fact I may never take it off,” Another laugh escaped them, only leaving the ape man more angry. “Ah, We’re here.”

Upon hearing that Tarzan tried his best to look around, despite his muscles failing him. Still he managed to get a glimpse but both eyes widen at what he saw. It is some kind of Aztec looking temple. A high building that is made of stone, and had some age to it. How in the world could Tarzan not found this place? He literally went everywhere in the jungle and never once found any trace of this kind of place.

“What is this place?” He couldn’t help but ask his captor, who just laughed in amusement.

“This is where I live…and now where you do as well,” Ameer corrected himself as he started walking up the warm stone steps, feet taping as he went up. Soon they reached the top and went inside. It was there that a living area could be seen. A bed, fire pit and baskets of fruit. This must be where his captor slept and ate, but yet they were walking past the area and towards another set of stairs. The way down is lit up by many torches, that for some reason where burning for an undetermined amount of time. Where ever Tarzan was being taken he didn’t want to know and kept on struggling, but still couldn’t get free.

Tarzan could see the bottom of the stairs as they soon reached it, and there before them is a large door. Ameer reached over and opened, and it was then the ape man could hear rattling and moans. If Tarzan wasn’t shocked before he was now as he got a look inside the room, which made his eyes wide

All the missing men from all the tribes were in here! The room they were in had to be some kind of dungeon under the temple. There were no torches lit in the room, but that was ok because there is a huge hole in the ceiling that let in the sunlight, and lit the whole area up, which made looking around much easier. There are many cells in the room, but also metal shackles along the walls that held someone. All the shackles were nearly full, and each one held a dark skin male…very handsome and well-built males, who were all completely naked.

Looking around Tarzan could see a couple of the naked dark skin males shacked against the wall. Both were struggling to get free of their bonds as sweat cascaded down their muscled bodies, making their skin shine some. Another thing Tarzan noticed is that all of the missing males were hairless below the neck, meaning all their pubic hair is gone as well. But that was not the thing that caught the ape man’s attention. Looking around he saw the same thing on another set of prisoners. They had small dicks!

Tarzan had to shake his head to make sure he wasn’t seeing things but it was true. Ever male he looked at had one inch baby dicks, and nearly non-existent balls. Looking into one of the cells he could see one captive lying on his back trying to jerk off his small dick, but getting nowhere. This started to make the ape man worry, what had this guy done to them, and was the same going to happen to him?

“I brought another toy!” Ameer shouted out loud, catching everyone’s attention. They all looked in shock as they realized he had Tarzan, The king of the jungle with him. No one could believe that someone like him could capture the legend himself. If the witchdoctor could capture the legendary white man, then there is no hope in them escaping. They all watched in horror as their captor carried Tarzan to a large pedestal in the center of the room, all knowing what is going to happen next.

Grunting a bit Ameer then flopped Tarzan off his shoulder and down on the large stand, rolling his arm as it felt sore for carrying his captive for so long. Once down Tarzan then tried to struggle and get free, but couldn’t move and inch. The drug inside of him still working its magic on him apparently. It was then he realized as he looked down that his own pubic hair is gone, leaving him with a smooth crotch. This must have happened while he was out.

“You took my hair!” Tarzan shouted angrily, but didn’t get a response.

Just then Ameer reached into his sack and pulled out yet another jar. Opening it he then used his hand to scoop up what looked like seeds. Placing the jar down he then started to sprinkle the seeds all around Tarzan’s prone body, all the while mumbling some kind of incantations. Most of which sounded like gibberish to all who heard. The small seeds landed on the ape man’s sweaty body and stuck to him. Curiosity had him more than ever as he wondered what he was doing.

Just then Ameer then grabbed a canteen from the sack. Opening it he mumbled the same incantation and poured the water all over Tarzan’s body and seeds, soaking them. And just like that Tarzan could feel a rumble, not from the pedestal but from the seeds. A gasp left him as all of a sudden as vines sprouted out from the seeds at a fast rate, growing much faster than they should. All the captives watched as the vines grew and wrapped around Tarzan’s limbs, further binding him to the large flat surface, almost like shackles.

The ape man also watched in shock as the vines further bound him, making it harder for himself to escape now. He couldn’t even more at all since the vines now grew and nearly covered his body, and draped over the sides of the pedestal. The vines reached the floor and stuck to the ground, almost as if making a seal that couldn’t be pulled apart. It is then that Tarzan realized that his crotch is completely exposed, nothing in its way as the witchdoctor is eyeing it with lust. This only made Ameer excited as his captive is now secured to the table, now it was time for the next part.

“Good, now the ritual can begin.”

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