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Tarzan and the Witchdoctor
Part 4 - Taken down a peg
By Neck40

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Long beads of sweat started to glisten down Tarzan’s body as he struggled in the vines that shackled him down to the pedestal. His muscles straining as he tied to break free, but they held firm. Whatever chant the Witch Doctor had done must have been some kind of magic that prevented them from breaking. After what seemed like the twentieth time the ape man’s body gave as he laid panting down. Yet, he still didn’t know of the toxin inside of his body that made him weak. Even if the vines weren’t holding him he wouldn’t have even been able to stand.

All of the handsome captives all watched, most of the trouble making ones stopped their struggles as they watched with lost hope as not even the king of the jungle could break free of the bonds that held him. Most were angry at their captor and some at the white man himself, mainly for getting captured and not helping them. Now he is going to suffer the same fate that they all had faced.

While Tarzan was struggling Ameer took the time to collect and place all the items he needed for his ritual. A wooden bowl, feather, another bowl of oil, some dried leaves, tree sap, pollen and finally some red paint.

Grabbing the leaves, he started to use his calloused hands to crush them up to small bits and then dropping them into the empty bowl. Taking a handful of pollen, he waved his hand over the white powder and mutter some gibberish words before mixing it into the leaves, and then adding the oil and sap. Grabbing the small container of paint, he moved it to the side. It wasn’t needed right now, he just needed one more ingredient before he added it. Getting it…happens to be the fun part for him.

Chuckling evilly Ameer then picked up the feather and then looked right at Tarzan’s huge, flaccid, dick. With all the hair gone it really did look much bigger, which is a huge turn on. Reaching with his free hand he carefully enclosed his fingers around the base, right where the balls met the shaft. Bringing the feather forward he then started to stroke the shaft, all the way from the base to the very tip.

Tarzan gasped as he felt that feather touching his dick, causing a tickly sensation that was really light and intolerable even to the ape man. On instinct he started to move his hips, trying to get away from that long and soft feather, but with his hand gripping his dick there was nothing the ape man could do to escape from that torturous feather.

His hips then jerked as the fibers of the feather now started to tickle his balls. His efforts to move his hips again doubled as small snickers started to escape from his mouth as it tickled a lot. But surely an erotic pleasure shot through Tarzan’s body, causing his dick to harden and rise up until it is at full mass and hard as a pole.

“Oh my,” Ameer said in surprise and lust. All the other captives were shocked, and mouths dropped open as they saw the ape man fully erect. He real easily passed a foot in length. And it just seemed to thicken as well, making it look like a real beast. It’s just a shame that it won’t stay like that. Still the time to play is going on.

Ameer decided to take things a step further and started to swirl the feather on the tip of his captive’s dick. Normally he would have stopped because all he needed is for their cock to be erect, but the dark male is having too much fun right now that he wanted to have a bit more time.

Tarzan on the other hand seemed like he is hyperventilating, feeling that torturous feather tickling the slit right on the tip of his dick just cause enormous pleasure to shoot through him and he tried to thrust his hips up, mostly to try and feel more of the feather, but it was so soft that it barely provided enough friction. Soon a bit of pre-started to appear right on the tip. Ameer pulled the feather away, not wanting to get it soaked.

The man watched as the pre-cascaded down the length, and thankfully with no pubic hair there, it didn’t get caught in it. He grabbed a small flat stick and scooped up the pre-with it. Taking it off the length he then too the small bit of essence and dipped it into the bowl and stirring it in with the other contents of the bowl. Before moving on he stopped, feather still in hand he grinned and went back to the ape man. Grabbing the hefty balls, he started to feather them.

The other captives looked at the shaman in confusion, they had no idea what is going on. All of them remember their time on the slab Tarzan is on, but yet they started to understand. Some of the males there eyed the ape man just as other women eyed him. Most of them fantasied about him just as Ameer did. Many wanted to have the ape man under them, withering as they take him fully. So, it would make sense that the witchdoctor wanted some extra time with him.

Tarzan on the other hand is confused as he felt that cursed feather going around on his smooth balls, sending jolts of pleasure to his brain. He kept trying to move his hips, but the vines held them still, so he could barely move them. Still it tickled for some reason, and he couldn’t help but snicker from it. Good thing his captor is too engrossed in tickling his balls to notice.

More pre-flowed down the large dick as Ameer kept on his work. He too felt himself fully erect with in Tarzan’s-wait no, it’s now his loincloth now. He best move on to the next part before he blows his own load. Letting go he then went back to the bowl, the stick still in it, he took it out, making sure the small bead of pre-had been added to the mix before putting it down.

Finally, he took the red paint and poured it in. He poured in enough, so it’ll reach the rim of the bowl. Taking a brand new stick, he then used it to mix all the substances together, mixing them as the paint too shape and made all of it red as well. Now it just looks like paint entirely. Waving his hand over the bowl he started to mutter some incantations. A minute later he finished, Now it’s time.

Taking the bowl in hand he showed it to the ape man, who is still confused to everything. All the other males watched in horror, they new what was coming next, and it made their baby dicks tingle, in a bad way.

Grabbing a paint brush from his sack he dipped it into the paint, coating the small bristles in red. Both eyes then locked onto the smooth crotch, with no pubic hair this will go smooth once more. “Don’t move,” he said to Tarzan, the warning more of a tease as the ape man couldn’t move even as he tried.

Taking the brush out of the pain the Witchdoctor them moved it towards the crotch, the liquid making contact as the first stroke is made. Tarzan’s teeth grit as it still tickled. Shaving the hair must have made the skin sensitive, and this works well against him. More brush strokes were made as Ameer made some weird scribbles…symbols of some kind.

He painted them in that spot, stopping before he touched the waist. Taking the brush back he dipped it back into the paint before resuming, but this time he painted the balls. Instead of symbols he colored them in completely.

Tarzan just giggles because the brush strokes tickled. He once again tried to move his hips, but it was useless. By now his giggles were loud enough that everyone heard it. They all looked on in shock and confusion. “Aww…does that tickle the ape man? Well don’t worry what will happen next will be more pleasurable.” Ameer commented as he finished with the balls.

Coating the brush again he then started to paint lines on the erect dick. The task is longer mainly because it being erect made the canvas bigger. Still Ameer enjoyed it as he kept painting, which caused more pre to spew out from the tip, the cock twitching with each brush stroke.

Both of Tarzan’s eyes squeezed shut as the brushing just kept bring more pleasure to his body. His cock twitched, and toes curled as he felt all that pleasure reaching its boiling point. When he felt that his captor would take the brush off he kept it there, taking a moment to stop to coat the brush again.

His balls tighten as he tried to thrust his hips, teeth gritting as it almost got to that boiling point. Unfortunately, Ameer pulled the brush away as he put the bowl back down, apparently, he finished. Looking down at Tarzan’s crotch he could see it covered with red, another person would think he’s bleeding, but he’s not. It’s time to do something real sad, but hey it had to be done, no one can beat him in a different way.

He then started to wave his hands around the crotch, the dick still as hard as ever. He then started to mutter some more incantations. Tarzan just watched in confusion, and part of him worried, he wasn’t sure what was doing, but whatever magic he’s capable of is bad. But just then, he felt a tingle in his dick. His toes curled as it felt…pleasurable.

For some reason it felt like…something is gliding up and down his dick, bring small twinges of pleasure to him. He started to wither on the slab, but as his captor muttered more the feeling only increased. Soon the feeling spread to his balls as the pleasure only increased.

“Say bye bye,” Ameer said with a laugh. This confused Tarzan, but then gasped as he looked down. Even all the other male captives gasped in surprised, even though they’ve seen it many times, this happening to Tarzan the Mighty lord of the Jungle, only baffled them.

That massive monster between the ape man’s legs started to…shrink! The paint that was applied to his cock started get absorbed into the length, and in turn started to shrink it. The once proud foot long dick started to lose inches. Those hefty balls of his also started to get smaller as well. Tarzan is speechless. He prides himself on his prick, and loved to stroke it every day, but now it’s disappearing before his eyes.

In no time the shrinking stopped, the once proud monster between Tarzan’s legs is now reduced to a one-inch baby dick, with marble sized balls. A stunned silence filled the whole area as the deed was done, all the captives can’t believe what had happened to them happen to Tarzan. The only one who seemed not affected is Ameer, who just smirked as he looked down at the crotch.

“There we go, all better. As much as it pained me to do it, I just can’t have anyone be bigger than me,” he laughed. That managed to put some words into Tarzan.

“Why did you…Put it back!” he said, getting mad.

“Nope, I don’t have to. Now that I’m done you can rest, I’ll play with you later.” Ameer said as he watched the weak struggles again. He waved his hands and muttered more words again. The vines receded, freeing the white man from its confines.

Once released Tarzan tried to launch himself at the witchdoctor but found he couldn’t pull himself up. His body fell back down on the slab, he tried again but got the same results. “W-What did you do to me!”

“Don’t worry you’ll feel better later, for right now, I can move you to your new spot,” he said, putting both hands on the ape man. Tarzan’s hands went up to block them, but his muscles felt like jelly, and couldn’t muster up his usual strength. He’s basically putty in the other male’s hands as he’s lifted from the slab.

Still struggling weakly Tarzan tried to fight his way out but ended with the same results. Ameer only laughed at the attempts as he took the ape man to another set of shackles. Yet this one is different. They thicker metal, perfect for Tarzan’s strength, and it’s in the middle of this dungeon. Where all the captives can see him easily. This is his most prized catch and he wanted him on display for everyone, especially himself.

Stopping under them he grabbed one of the shackles. Pulling One of Tarzan’s arms up, the arm struggled, he clamped the shackled on, locking it. The metal jangled as it is moved by Tarzan. Now panicking Tarzan once again tried to summon his strength to get free, but the toxin still ran its course in his body, making the muscles useless. Bringing Tarzan’s other arm up, Ameer snapped the other shackle closed, effectively trapping the ape man. Now the metal jangled as he struggled in them.

The Witchdoctor smiled and moved back, watching as his prized catch struggle, like the others, in the chains. His naked body, glistening in sweat and his small cock and balls now on display for everyone to see. The chains holding him were high enough that Tarzan’s feet just barely touched the floor.

The white man kept struggling, still not believing all this. First, he’s captured, stripped naked of his loincloth and his pubic hair. Not only did he find all the missing males, but he was just added to the collection of captives. And now he has a small dick, how embarrassing!

He continued to struggle, even though his weak muscles wouldn’t respond the way they should, making the chains rattle more. He let out a loud cry, which ended up joining the others that now struggled. All of them were captives now, and all of them were small between the legs.

To Be continued….