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Tarzan and the Witchdoctor
Part 2 - A Step Further
By Neck40

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Ameer practically drooled as his hand rubbed Tarzan’s now smooth crotch, enjoying the baby like feel to it. The ape man is now deprived of all pubic hair as the witchdoctor took the time to shave it all off, especially around the dick and balls. The special paste that Ameer rubbed on the hair is specially made to burn the hair all the way to the root so that all of it will come out. This isn’t the first time he had done this, and the dark skin male still couldn’t believe he was doing this to Tarzan himself.

Ameer had to admit, without all that pubic hair surrounding the massive length it did look much bigger and more intimidating. He’s practically salivating as he couldn’t tear his hand way from the smooth skins. But alas he had to, because there was one more spot he hadn’t checked yet. Pulling his hand back Ameer then placed both hands on Tarzan’s hips, and pushed, gently rolling the white man a bit. But the more Tarzan is turned the witchdoctor’s eyes widen as the ape man’s white ass started to come into view.

“It’s just as beautiful as his dick!” he said to himself in shock.

Letting Tarzan rest on his side Ameer had a perfect view of his ass. Two perfectly round shaped globes that looked real firm and packed with muscle. The loincloth covered the ass so the cheeks were real white. Now feeling much bolder he reached out and touched those cheeks, and boy was he shocked. They were so firm! Plus, it is so smooth that he couldn’t help but keep rubbing, and then drew a finger along the crack. His own dick throbbed as it made a clear tent in his own loincloth.

He had many wet dreams and fantasies about a moment like this. In them he saw himself besting Tarzan in combat, and with him winning Tarzan as his sex slave. Having the ape man submitting to him he would make the white man get on his knees and suck him off. He always pictured Tarzan having a wonderful mouth perfect for sucking dick. That alone would cause Ameer to have such a volcanic orgasm. If he had managed to hold off he then would force his slave over a log so his ass was propped up real high, and just like that he would sink himself into that tight, unclaimed virgin ass of his. But unfortunately, he would always wake up right as he sinks himself in. But now he has the real thing in front of him, which is way better than a dream.

Deciding to take it a step further he then took his long index finger and inserted it right inside, which made his eyes widen. Wow he wasn’t that far in and Ameer could feel that Tarzan is incredibly tight! It was like the asshole is gripping his finger like a vice, as it completely blew his mind. Now he is tempted to see how it would feel if he were to be inside him. The more he thought about it the more it made sense. Tarzan is the king of the jungle, no one dared try to mount him, meaning that his ass is unclaimed…that is until this day.

Ameer couldn't help but taste his insensate victim's helpless hole. He knew Tarzan would kill any man who would attempt to invade his muscled body in this way, but he would be unconscious for a while and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Ameer grabbed the two mounds of round muscle in each hand and gave the undefended crack one long lick from perineum up to the base of the spine

Ameer buried his face deep between the two rock solid mounds of muscle, and breathed the manly scent in deeply, he shook his head from side to side burrowing deeper in between those two walls of muscle, and drove his tongue deep within Tarzan's hole

At first, he simply teased the opening with his quivering tongue, but then rammed it in deep, orally violating his insensible hero as brutally as if it was his rock-hard member. He devoured Tarzan like a starving man devours a fine steak. Both ears could fear a moan come from the ape man’s mouth despite him still being out. This only cause his own dick to throb more as he started to stain his cloth with pre.

After a few minutes, he stopped and pulled back, much to his displeasure. He then decided to test another rumor that was spread at his old village. Rearing his hand back he then delivered a hard slap to the firm white cheeks. The sound resonated throughout the area of the jungle he’s in, lasting for a few seconds. Wow, not even one ripple! Smiling he decided to do it again, but with more force. And with that a loud smack echoed throughout the jungle, and yet again not one ripple. It looked like most of the rumors about the king of the jungle were turning out to be true, which only turned the man on more.

Licking his lips, he now had some incentive to hurry up and finish his work so he could be the first and maybe only to claim the ape man. Looking down he then noticed Tarzan’s now discarded loincloth, which is lying on the dirt floor. The mere sight of it caused a huge smile to appear on the witchdoctor’s face as he realized he could have a trophy of his own success of capturing the ape man.

Reaching down he then picked up the dark brown cloth and brought it up to his nose and taking a big whiff of it. A huge shudder shot through the male as Tarzan’s musk flooded his nose. The smell is so intoxicating and it only made his dick throb more and drip more pre. He couldn’t help but take another whiff of it, loving it as it was like an aphrodisiac.

“This will make a fine trophy, Tarzan will never be needing this again,” he laughed, but then thought of something else. “Why let something so symbolic go to waste?”

Standing up he then started to untie the ties to his own loincloth. Once free he let the skin fall down to his feet, leaving the witchdoctor completely naked alongside Tarzan. Being free of its shackles his dick sprung up and harden to a full 11 inches. Looking down he gave his own length a few strokes, shuddering as pleasure shot through him and more pre-dropped. Already he could feel himself nearing the brink, the whole situation just excited him so much that it is easy for him to go off the boil. He wanted to just jerk himself off completely right now, but he needed to keep his seed inside of him just a while longer for things to work.

Taking Tarzan’s loincloth, he then wrapped it around his own waist, tying it together until it’s properly secured. The feeling he got from wearing the ape man’s loincloth is amazing, knowing that the white man’s cock, balls and ass were once touching the cloth and now his own is doing the same. It just sent shivers through his body as it reached down to his knees, showing how much a difference in height the two were.

Now with his new loincloth in hand, or around his waist. Ameer now decided to move on before the sedative wore off. Rolling Tarzan onto his back the witchdoctor them went back to the sack he brought with him. He picked up another jar and opened it, and using a free hand he grabbed another feathery dark. Being very careful he dipped half of the needle into the jar, coating it with some kind of syrup like substance. Pulling it up he let the excess amount drip before he dipped it in once more. He kept doing it until the tip is coated with the substance.

Turing the dark upwards he then put the jar down on the sack and loomed over the ape man. Brushing his long brown locks Ameer then searched for a vein on his neck. Finding one the witchdoctor then stuck the tip of the dart in it, letting the substance that coated the needle get inside of Tarzan’s system. Leaving it in there he made sure that all of it went inside before pulling it out. And just like that he’s done.

What he had injected into Tarzan is a basic muscle relaxant. Just a little bit of this and any strong male would be weak in the knees and make his arms feel like jelly. This would ensure that none of his victims put up a fight once they woke up. But for a man that had the strength of ten men Ameer had to increase the dose he normally used. He didn’t want to risk Tarzan getting loose, not something this great.

Already Ameer could see the drug taking effect as Tarzan’s muscles seem to relax some as they aren’t as tense as before. Knowing that now his job is done the witchdoctor then started to wrap up his tuff. Stuffing the jars, darts, blow pipe and his old loincloth he wrapped it all up and slung it over his shoulder.

Reaching down he then picked up the bound, and naked ape man and slung him over his shoulder. He shuddered as the smooth crotch and massive dick touched his shoulder, loving that the loincloth wasn’t there to block the feeling of skin to skin contact. With that done he started to walk in the same direction he once started in.

A huge smile plastered on his face as his hand now caressed the naked ass of Tarzan, loving the firm feeling of it. Every now and then inserting his finger into his asshole, feeling the tightness and just imagining that it was his own dick. He couldn’t wait to sink himself into the ape man. Little did he know that Tarzan silently groaned as his eyes started to move.

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