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Tarzan and the Witchdoctor
Part 1 - Captured
By Neck40

Chapter 1 - Captured

Leaves crunched under the bare feet of a dark skin figure that traversed the thick branches of the jungle that laid before his path. One hand is held out, pushing the many branches out of the way while the other held a larger figure that is slung over his shoulder. A boney hand rubbed over the clothed rear of the figure he is carrying as another hearty laugh escaped him. His plan had worked, and not only did he capture another handsome male, but it was Tarzan, the Ape man himself!

Coming out of the foliage revealed a tall, lean, dark skin male. The bright African sun revealed more of the male’s features. Clad in a long leopard skin loincloth, chest bare showing his washboard stomach and tight abs. Around his neck is a necklace made of panther teeth, and across his handsome looking face is a streak of red. He also carried a sack that is made of animal hide, which contained unknown items. But the thing that stuck out is a head dress that adorned his head. It was made out of the head and fur of an antelope, with the long horns still intact and sticking up, which indicated what this person is. This man is a witchdoctor.

He had been hiding in the bushes by the steam, waiting for another victim to come his way. But when he saw the ape man he couldn’t believe his own eyes and took him a moment to fully register it in his mind. Thankfully before Tarzan could get away he blew his blow pipe and knocked out the ape man. And like that the white man was out and left defenseless.

Which lead to now as the witchdoctor is now carrying the knocked-out Tarzan to an area far away so no one can disturb them. Soon he came to a rock formation which provided enough cover, so he then laid the ape man down on the ground, right where the sun could shine down on his latest catch. Kneeling by the down body the dark skin male couldn’t help but marvel at the magnificent body before him.

His shaky hands reached and ran over the bulging muscles of Tarzan’s chest, feeling the strong pectorals and hard as granite six pack stomach. It is all smooth as the upper body is completely clean of hair, which surprised the man big time. Both eyes then looked up at the handsome face of the man of legend.

Still he couldn’t believe that he is here right now touching the man as much as he wants. The man that had been the prime focus of ever so many wet dreams he had ever since growing up, and learned of the ape man, hell his own loincloth is tenting just from touching the man. Yes, the very witchdoctor preferred men instead of women. It was because of his attraction to men that got him banished from his tribe.

Growing up as proved rather difficult for the witchdoctor, who is named Ameer. He wasn’t sure the reason but he found the male body much more interesting than the female’s. Males in his tribe were expected to be attracted to females, but he was quite the opposite. He would spend more time around the older boys and enjoy the games they always played, but one thing he did the most was watch the older men train as warriors. He would always hide in bushes and watch as they men wrestled with one another, watching as the sweat trickled down their hard-muscled bodies always wishing it was him grabbing ahold of those tight muscles.

One activity he always looked forward to is when he bathed with the other males. Seeing nothing but naked flesh all around him as they got cleaned. The sight of those hard ass cheeks and large cocks of the already seasoned males would always make the witchdoctor hard, which he had to conceal under the water. The danger of being caught always made things much better. That lead to many sessions with himself, but only the strongest and most handsome males would be seen in his head. He would always fantasize about a couple of them, each one fully naked as they wrestled with one another. The winner always be able to control the loser the way they wanted to. Those fantasies always provided him with the most powerful orgasms.

Then the stories of Tarzan started to circulate through his tribe. The tales of heroism spread amongst the members along with the description of the ape man. Tales that he had the strength of ten men, had such a handsome face that many females blushed at. Ameer would always envision a face, never seeing him in person before, and dream of having his way with the white man. He would always wake up with wet sheets.

As he got older he found out that being a warrior wasn’t for him, instead he found an interest of being a witchdoctor and controlling magic. He studied under one of the tribe’s elders and excelled at his studies. He found that he had an affinity of talking with the plants and using them with his magic. He seemed to have a bright future within the tribe, but then an incident happened.

Getting older he was once again hiding and watching as the older men were training. Except this time his hand was underneath his loincloth jerking himself off. He got so caught up in the pleasure that he let out too much noise and was discovered by one of the others. They came out and found him crouched with his hand wrapped around his dick. In no time, he was brought out before the other warriors and smacked across the face repeatedly because they all could realize what he was doing, especially since the bulge in his loincloth gave him away.

He was brought before the tribe’s elders and they were disgusted with what they were told. His own father arrived, and at the moment he thought he was saved. But with a strike across the face that bit of hope was gone. He told his own son that he would rather be dead than have a man loving son. The teen was then beaten and banished from the tribe, leaving him alone.

Still this meant he could indulge in his sexual orientation as much as he wants and not fear any shame. Which he is currently doing right now, feeling up Tarzan’s body. Once he finished with that his attention was then brought down to another part of the ape man’s body…his loincloth.

Many speculated what laid hidden under that pelt, as many rumors went around the tribe. Many said that he lived up to the name ape man, and had a monster size dick that no person could handle. And an ass that was so perfect that if one were to slap it there would be no ripples at all. Up until now no one had caught a glimpse of it, but Ameer would finally have those rumors confirmed or not.

Reaching down his hands shook in anticipation as he went to the loincloth ties and unfastened them. The desire of seeing what lay underneath aided him as he quickly untied it and just like that he whipped the clothing off, leaving Tarzan completely naked.

“Oh my…it’s beautiful!” he said to himself as both eyes were now locked onto the ape man’s cock. The rumors had been true, he has a monster size dick. It measured nearly 9 inches…soft! And is two inches thick. It was complete with a nice set of hefty balls, and completely surrounded with black pubic hair. Ameer found himself drooling at the sight alone. If his dick looked this huge soft, he could only imagine what it looked like hard. Soon he managed to shake himself out of his daze and realize that he had work to do.

Taking the sack off of his shoulder he set it down next to himself. Opening it revealed some tools that he always had on hand. First, he grabbed some length of strong rope, and started to tie Tarzan’s hands together, and then feet. Also, making sure to wrap some around his knees so they couldn’t bend them. Making tight knots the witchdoctor made sure that the ape man couldn’t escape. Once satisficed he then picked up a jar and opened it.

Reaching in he then pulled out some kind of white paste and then started to smear it all around Tarzan’s crotch, making sure to cover all his pubic hair. His own loincloth started to tent as his hand brushed against the huge girth, tempted to grab and jerk it, but no he had to work before pleasure. After getting another handful and lathering it Tarzan’s crotch is now completely covered.

Wiping his hand on the sack Ameer then reached for another tool, which happened to be a curved knife. Smiling, and with much practice, Ameer then started to carefully scrape the sharp edge around the surface of Tarzan’s crotch, cleanly cutting the pubic hair that was in its path. After one stroke, he wipes the knife and did it again. Removing the pubic hair was one thing he had to do, but the end result would be worth wild. He couldn’t wait to be able to play with the ape man and make his many wet dreams a reality.

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