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Quaarton The Invincible
Chapter 6 - Confession is not necessarily betrayal…is it?
By Michael Randall

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Chapter 6 – Confession is not necessarily betrayal…is it?

It was early morning and Boyd began to come around. The IV bag had run out of nourishment though the needle still was sticking out of his arm. He looked around the gloomy, dank, dungeon like room and to his astonishment he saw the “jobber” from the TV wrestling match restrained naked on a rack. He recalled watching this young guy get beaten by that monster Spence to the point where Boyd thought the kid was dead. But not only wasn’t he dead, but all of the bruises and disfigurement was gone from his “perfect” body. This made Boyd wonder how long he’d been out, days? Weeks? Or possibly for months?

“NO! he thought it can’t… it couldn’t be, he was looking at his reflection in the mirror and could see his own body was bruised and bloodied as a result of his own beating last night, so how…?

The sound of footsteps on the tile floor interrupted his thoughts. “Ahhh, Mr. Graham, it’s good to see you’ve rejoined us!” Boyd heard the evil doctor’s voice as he stepped out in front of him. “From the look on your face, it seems you might be trying to figure out how that pitiful jobber’s messed up body has been all healed, right?” Boyd said nothing, but simply glowered at the doctor.

The doctor pulled a cigar from his jacket pocket and lit it. “Well, let me explain that to you. You see, I am a brilliant man, no, no wait, I am more than brilliant,” he paused his hand poised in the air holding the cigar which then with a sweep of the arm he said. “No, I am a genius, yes, yes, a genius and I have developed this unbelievable ointment that, when applied to wounds on the body, both surface wounds and sub-dermal bruises, the healing process is sped up 2000 times. Boyd glared at the evil man and then turned his head away.

“Hmm, don’t believe me, eh?” The doctor was standing right in front of Boyd now. “Ok, let’s have a little demonstration. Spence! Bring me the jar of healing potion. Spence walked over with jar of yellow liquid. The label read “celeri sanitatem unguenti”. Boyd translated the label from latin to English in his mind… ”rapid healing ointment”.

“Observe, Mr. Graham” the wicked physician opened the jar and scooped out some of the paste. He rubbed it on a very horrible bruise on Boyd’s upper thigh. Boyd winced as the doctor pressed his fingers into the tender flesh. Boyd watched in astonished disbelief as the wicked bruise began to disappear in a matter of seconds. His mind was even more jumbled when the doctor pressed on the area and now there was no pain.

“Tha..that’s impossible” Boyd exclaimed. Doctor Chromos gave him a sardonic smile and shrugged his shoulders “you’ve seen it for yourself and yet you refuse to accept it.”

“It’s some kind of trick” Boyd snarled.

“I assure you, Mr. Graham, it’s all real. But enough of that, we have business to finish. Spence!”

The big man walked over in front of Boyd. “Connect the electric probes again.”

Boyd squirmed as he recalled the pain inflicted upon him earlier, but he resolved that they would never get Derek’s secret out of him. He knew that Derek would be finished should the secret of his power fall into the wrong hands.

“Let us begin” Spence threw the switch and Boyd’s muscled body contorted as volts of electricity coursed from his balls to his dick and up his thighs to his abs and pecs. He felt as if his whole body was on fire. The shocks continued for nearly fifteen minutes before the doctor questioned Boyd once again.

“Tell me the source of Quaarton’s power, you fool and I will let you go.”


Spence increased the voltage and Boyd’s skin began to be scorched, the smell of burning flesh filled the room yet Boyd held his tongue. His beefy body lurched, arching up as the electricity surged through his nerves and muscles. His cock was standing straight up as his pelvis thrust up.

The electrical wires were disconnected and Boyd’s body collapsed. Through blood shot eyes he could see the doctor standing in front of him. “It is only going to worsen, Mr. Graham. Until you tell me what I need to know the punishments will only increase.”

Boyd clamped his mouth shut and Spence walked over to him and sent a horrific punch to Boyd’s abs.









The punching continued for 30 minutes. Boyd’s ab muscles were demolished. His abdomen area was nothing but one large bruise from the bleeding of muscles and tissue. Still he refused to talk. His head drooped down over his chest as he neared unconsciousness. The doctor cupped his chin and lifted his head.

“This could all be so easy Boyd, just give me the information.”

“Fuck you”

“No, Boyd, it is you who is fucked. There is no one to rescue you. Your knight in shining armor isn’t here. Tell me what I need to know.” Spence stepped forward and slapped Boyd’s face so hard, his head snapped to the side and an audible crack was heard.

“AHHHHH FUCKKKK” Boyd screamed as pain shot through his neck. Spence slapped him again sending his head to the other side.









Sweat from Boyd’s soaked hair flew into the air as his head was snapped back and forth from the sheer brutality of Spence’s slaps. “OGODOGODOODPLEASENOMORENOMOREPLEASENOMORE”

“You can stop this whenever you want, Boyd. Just tell me what I need to know.”

Boyd lifted his head and uttered “go to hell”.

Spence then sent a punch that nearly severed Boyd’s head from his shoulders knocking him unconscious.

Spence untied Boyd’s lifeless body and grabbing him by the ankles dragged him across the room. Lifting the stud as if he weighed no more than a feather, he strapped the muscular dude to a metal table. Positioning the hunk’s body so that his ass was directly over a hole that was cut into the table he fastened metal straps to his wrists and ankles rendering Boyd helpless to escape.

Picking up a bucket of ice cold water, he threw it in Boyd’s face. Sputtering, Boyd’s was flew open as he gasped for breath as he came back to consciousness once again. “Ready to talk, fucker?” Spence snapped. Boyd remained silent, his lips mashed tightly together.

Spence grabbed Boyd’s ball sac and savagely clamped his balls in his fist and twisted and pulled on the sensitive flesh causing bolts of pain. Boyd screamed, his voice hoarse and gravelly from the prolonged screams during his last torture. Spence reached under the table and flipped a switch. A whirring sound could be heard as the mechanism below came to life. A long metal rod with a metal dildo attached to the end began to move upward forcing itself between Boyd’s fleshy globes. When Boyd realized what was happening, he clamped his ass muscles tightly to avoid penetration, but the relentless machine continued to probe upward until it had roughly implanted the massive dildo inside.

Boyd grimaced as the cold metal invaded his most private area, but could do nothing more to prevent its seating. Another switch was pulled and the rod began to cycle pushing and pulling the dildo in and out of Boyd’s sensitive hole. Spence stared down at the hunk who slowly raised the middle finger of his right hand. This incensed the thug who turned a dial increasing the speed and intensity of the mechanical rape.

Boyd’s body was covered in a layer of sweat as the fucking machine rose to a rapid pace plunging painfully inside him. The agony soon surpassed Boyd’s threshold of pain. “OHHH, AHHHH, stop it! Stop it!” Boyd slurred but the wicked contraption persisted. The doctor walked to the table and ran his fingers through Boyd’s thick hair. “It’s up to you Mr. Graham, it’s a very simple answer I need from you and the pain will stop.” Boyd’s head jerked side to side and his body moved upward to try and escape the burning pain. “Please make it stop, it’s ripping me apart.” Boyd had never in his life felt such agonizing pain.” The doctor nodded toward Spence who increased the speed and force. Boyd’s eyes rolled back into his skull as he once more passed out.

The doctor motioned for Spence to cut the power to the wicked appliance.

“I can see that none of this is going to coerce Mr. Graham to reveal the secret of Quaarton’s power. Let’s go to plan B.” he laughed “I have no doubt that the next torment will convince him to betray that stupid superhero. Go get things ready.”

Once again Boyd began to come around. He had been moved again. This time he was tied to a chair in a dark room. “Ahh, welcome back Mr. Graham, still unwilling to give me the information I need?” Defiantly, Boyd answered the question with silence. “OK then, this will be the final chance you have”

Across from Boyd’s line of vision a wall panel slid sideways and through bloodshot eyes, Boyd beheld a terrifying sight. Tied to a chair similar to the one he was in was his girlfriend, Melanie. Spence stood behind her, a dagger clinched in his fist.

“Look” the evil scientist chortled, “we’ve brought you a visitor.” Boyd’s eyes widened as he stared at his girl shaking and terrified. “Such a beautiful creature, you have great taste in women Mr. Graham. Now I presume that you don’t want to see her get hurt or worse…die.” Boyd struggled in the chair, his heart beating wildly.

The doctor nodded to Spence who grabbed a fistful of Melanie’s hair, pulling her head back and placing the dagger across her throat. An evil grin crossed the thug’s face as he made sawing motions. Melanie was horrified, screaming and begging at the top of her lungs.

Stepping in front of Spence, the doctor smiled evilly ‘So Mr. Graham, it’s your choice, do you save your girl or remain loyal to that moronic friend of yours?”

Spence drew the dagger closer and closer to Melanie’s pale but beautiful throat. Boyd’s entire body tensed knowing that this disgusting man would delight in his job.

Boyd couldn’t take anymore. “OK! OK! Just let her go, I’ll tell you what you want to know, God help me, but I will give you the information, you monster. Just release her unharmed.”

“Very good, Mr. Graham.” He nodded to Spence who let go of Melanie’s hair and lowered the dagger. “Tell me.”

Boyd swallowed hard as he uttered the words that may very lead to the death of his best friend. “It’s a microchip that is inserted just below the stem of his brain. It provides all of his powers.”

“Ahh, now that wasn’t too difficult now, was it?”

All at once Spence slashed the dagger across the girl’s throat. Boyd gasped and then became confused as the dagger cut nothing except air. “It’s a hologram, you see, we never really kidnapped your girlfriend. It was all a hoax, a hoax, that worked exactly as I intended. The panel slid back into place.

Tears rolled down Boyd’s face as he realized he had been duped into betraying Derek and now Derek was in grave danger and that his life as a hero was coming to a screeching halt.

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