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Quaarton The Invincible
Chapter 7 - Always mystify, mislead and surprise the enemy if possible.
By Michael Randall

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Chapter 7 - Always mystify, mislead and surprise the enemy if possible.

Derek sat in his apartment in the dark feeling helpless and lost. “Where in the hell could Boyd be?” He couldn’t imagine his friend walking into a dangerous situation without calling on him. With each minute that passed, his confidence of finding him lessened.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz” Derek’s cell suddenly came alive.

Boyd: “Hey man, got your texts but my phone seems to have stopped working. Anyway, I stumbled on something that you should see.”

Derek: “Jesus, dude, I’ve been going out of my fucking mind, where the hell are you and what’s going on?”

Boyd: “Meet me at my place as soon as you can and I will explain everything that has happened.”

Derek: “I’ll be there in a flash.”

Derek shut his phone down, ran to the window and was airborne immediately. In a matter of seconds, he was at the door of his best friend’s apartment. He knocked and heard Boyd’s voice “It’s open.” Without hesitation Derek opened the door and walked into the apartment. Boyd was sitting at his computer with his back to the door.

“Dude, what the hell is going on?”

The figure spun around in the desk chair but instead of seeing Boyd, Derek’s eyes fell upon the nefarious Dr. Chromos.

“What the fuck?” Derek cried out and started toward the criminal with fire in his eyes, his hands ready to throttle the asshole.

“Stop right there big boy. Another step forward and your friend dies.”

“Chromos! Where is Boyd? What the fuck is going on?”

Doctor Chromos chuckled. “All in due time, hero, all in due time, soon your questions will all be answered.”

With that Chromos chucked a small object toward Derek. Immediately the super hunk felt odd. His head began to spin and pain shot through his beefy form.

Looking down at the floor he noticed a small rock from which emanated a blue/grey radiance. Slowly, Quaarton’s body began to fold and before he knew what was happening, he was on his knees clutching his constricting throat.

“Wha, wha, what is that?” He cried.

Chromos laughed “It’s a souvenir from your home…your real home.”


Chromos stood up. “It’s a small particle of Quaart, you see, a mineral native to your home planet. Your reaction to it confirms who you really are and that your so-called ‘friend’ was completely truthful.”

Derek fell onto his back unable to move a muscle. Chromos walked over leering down at him. Derek looked up at him completely confused.

“I, I, don’t know what you’re talking about.’

“Come, come, hero, it’s futile to pretend. It was difficult, but I was finally able to break Mr. Graham’s staunch will. It took some time but, in the end, he sang like a canary and betrayed your confidence. He told me everything, every detail, every secret, every fact about the great Quaarton including your secret identity. Now, I have you and very soon I will have the power source that makes you “invincible. Sleep, now, Derek and very soon you will be reunited with your friend although it will not be much of a happy reunion. Your life as you know it will soon be over; I will have your power and you will no longer be a threat to the criminal element of this city or anyplace else.”

Derek tried in vain to move his arms and legs, but it was an exercise in futility. It was as if his muscles could receive no orders from his brain. His head was pounding and drool dripped from the corner of his mouth.

“Get his clothes off” Chromos ordered.”

Out of nowhere two beefy guys began to rip off Derek’s t-shirt and jeans. As his civilian clothes disappeared, his tight Lycra superhero costumed was revealed.

Chromos’ eyes swept over the delicious body of Quaarton the Invincible taking note of every well-honed muscle of the strapping young man that was outlined in the figure-hugging costume leaving very little to the imagination. Chromos salivated when his eyes focused on the very pronounced bulge between Derek’s thighs.

Laughing manically, Chromos lifted his foot and positioned it on top of Derek’s manly bulge. “Quite impressive and quite manly; just how big is your cock, Derek?” Chromos badgered rubbing his heavy boot against Derek’s cock and balls. “From the size of that lump, I’d say you kept the ladies very happy, eh?”

Derek had lost the ability to speak but it didn’t matter because Chromos’ question was complete rhetoric. The evil scientist began to apply pressure with his foot. Derek wanted to squirm, to get away, but it was not to be.

As Chromos increased the force of his foot on Derek’s balls, horrific pain shot through the hero’s groin.

“Goodnight sweet prince.” Chromos snarled as he lifted his leg high and slammed his booted foot cruelly against Derek’s genitals sending the hero into blackness.

A large wooden crate was wheeled out of Boyd’s bedroom.

“OK boys” Chromos ordered his minions, “get our cargo situated we need to get back to the laboratory.”

The two hoods lifted the lifeless body of the hero and dumped him into the crate. They started to lift the lid to fasten it to the top when Chromos stopped them.

“Wait” he commanded and he scooped up the still glowing rock and dropped it inside the crate. Chromos smiled sardonically at his assistants. “Wouldn’t want this superman to regain his powers, now would we?”

The lid was placed on top of the crate and fastened down. The brutes wheeled the crate out into the hallway and as they passed the apartment next door, a little old lady surprised them as she walked out.

“Oh, oh my!” she remarked. “Is that nice young man moving out?”

Chromos didn’t miss a beat. “Yep, you won’t be seeing him around here anymore.”

“Oh that’s too bad” she remarked “Such a nice young man.”

She smiled sadly and moved toward the passenger elevator. Chromos and his men transported the crate into the freight elevator and down to the first floor. They loaded the heavy crate into the “moving van” and after securing it inside, drove off.

Meanwhile back at the lab Boyd had been strapped to an “X” frame, his naked, bruised and bloodied body glistening with sweat. He was pleading with Spence.

“I thought you were going to set me free?” he moaned.

“Ha” Spence chortled “you ain’t goin’ nowhere pretty boy…at least not yet. Don’cha wanna see your boyfriend when the doc brings him back? It’s prolly not gonna be a pretty sight, though, so ya better prepare yourself.”

Boyd was miserable to think he had not only betrayed Derek, but had also led him into the hands of the despicable Dr. Chromos who was about to destroy the most successful crime-fighter in the city not to mention his best friend. He could only imagine what that fiend had done to Derek.

Spence stood in front of Boyd, his eyes traveling up and down his battered body. “Geez, even beat up, you still are a total turn on.”

Disgusted, Boyd turned his head to the side not wanting to make eye contact with the hood, who he knew was capable of unspeakable torture.

“Hey now” Spence cooed “Is that anyway to treat a lover?” he cupped his hand around Boyd’s chin and roughly twisted his head back to the front.

“Lover?” Boyd screamed “Get the fuck away from me, you pervert!”

“Aww, now you’re just being downright hurtful.” He smiled and reached between Boyd’s thighs cupping his manly balls. His crushing grip brought tears to the captive’s eyes. “I thought maybe we’d have some fun before the boss gets back.” He smiled as he rolled Boyd’s nuts in his fist. “I sure wouldn’t mind shoving my dick up your ass, pretty boy, I bet it’s real tight. But let’s get you a bit motivated.”

Spence leaned down and moved his mouth to Boyd’s dick. Enveloping the flaccid tube, he began to twirl his tongue around the head while massaging the low hanging sac. Boyd grunted as unwanted feelings began to compromise his revulsion. Boyd’s cock began to respond to the tongue bath that Spence was giving him in spite of his efforts to stay disinterested. His limp member began swell up and soon filled Spence’s mouth as it grew to its eight inch length; hard as steel and leaking copious amounts of lube. Spence groaned as he tasted the salty liquid on his tongue.

Spence moved off of the turgid hose and looked up at Boyd whose face was twisted in anticipation. “Ya know, you taste mighty good, pretty boy.” He slapped Boyd’s dick back and forth. “Ya want more, pretty boy? Ya do don’cha? You like this. You like my hot mouth on that big dick of yours, don’cha?”

Boyd said nothing, but his breathing had increased as he squirmed.

“Hey boy, I’m talkin’ to ya. Ya like this, huh?”

Something took over inside of Boyd. He was at the brink of cumming and he was quickly losing control. Now his hard cock pointed out straight from his battered body leaking profusely and his libido was seeking release.

“Yeah” he whispered “Yeah I like it, please let me cum.”

“Ha ha ha” Spence laughed, “The big macho man likes having another man suck his cock, huh? Betcha wish it was your boyfriend’s mouth sucking your dick, huh?”

Boyd was about to deny it, but he suddenly realized that Spence was right. He couldn’t believe that he was picturing Derek on his knees in front of him sucking his cock, caressing his balls, rubbing his taint. His body writhed as he imagined Derek’s lips moving up and down his shaft.

Spence encircled Boyd’s cock once again as his hand moved between Boyd’s ass cheeks seeking his man hole. Boyd’s body twisted and turned rigorously as his orgasm began to build. His whole body was flushed as Spence slurped on his prick. As his breathing increased and his heart was pounded as if it would break through his chest, Boyd’s need intensified.

“Yeah, yeah, oh fuck, yeah, suck my dick, make me cum, let me shoot!” Boyd screamed at the top of his lungs, his body heaving as his orgasm came closer and closer. Just as he was ready to release Spence spit out his dick.

He smiled at Boyd. “Well, at least now we know the truth.” He patted Boyd’s chiseled abs and giggled “Now you can just hang around.”

Boyd yelled at him “Finish me off, goddammit! I gotta cum, I gotta cum! I neeeeeeeeeeed to cum.”

Boyd sneered “Tough shit, Ya ain’t getting’ nothing else from me. Maybe you can convince your buddy to blow ya when he gets here.” He laughed manically as he got up from the floor. “In the meantime maybe a little pain will take your mind off it.” He delivered a vicious punch to Boyd’s bloated balls. Boyd screamed and passed out.

Boyd came to just as Chromos and his henchmen entered the lab pushing the wooden crate. He watched through bloodshot eyes as the brutes dismantled the crate. Boyd winced with guilt as he witnessed Derek, in full Quaarton uniform, lying at the bottom. He swallowed hard as hot tears ran down his face.

The men hoisted Derek onto an operating table. “Strip him!” Chromos ordered. The men began stripping the Lycra suit from the unconscious hero. When he was completely naked, they all marveled at the muscled body of Quaarton.

Chromos ordered the men to flip Derek over onto his stomach. The hero’s strong back, bubble butt and thick thighs came into view. Even in his current state of remorse, Boyd felt his dick begin to thicken and grow. He now realized that he was in love with his best friend. His cock reached its full length and began to drip sticky strands of pre-cum that pooled on the floor. Chromos picked up the stone from the crate and reaching between the muscled globes of Quaarton’s ass, shoved the glowing rock deep inside his rectum.

His fingers felt the heat as he pushed the stone deeper and deeper into the hero’s channel so that the passageway would not be impeded when his thick cock was fucking Quaarton’s luscious ass. When the stone was set in place Chromos kneaded Derek’s muscular spheres feeling the firm flesh give as he squeezed and massaged the flesh. “SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!” Chromos slapped each of the hero’s butt cheeks over and over as the skin began to glow bright red. He stepped back and chuckled as he examined his handiwork. He was pleased with the results regretting only that the arrogant hero was out cold and could not feel the pain inflicted by the savage spanking.

Chromos unzipped his own fly and hauled out his heavy cock stroking it rapidly turning it into a rigid cylinder of solid man flesh. Pre-cum drizzled from the slit in the purple head he inched his monster between the insensible hero’s cheeks. The massive dick found Derek’s manhole and Chromos used no tenderness as he propelled the spear inside the hero’s ass. Even in his insentient state Derek moaned from the pain as his ass was stretched open to accommodate the huge piece.

When he was fully seated inside Derek, Chromos grabbed a handful of Derek’s hair pulling his head and upper back off the table as he fucked his cock in and out. Blood poured out of the hero’s virgin chute as the tissue tore from the forced entry.

“FUCK YOU QUAARTON!” Chromos screamed like a madman as he fucked his cock in and out of Derek’s hole. His hips slammed savagely against Derek’s ass as his orgasm built. He began to slam Derek’s head up and down against the table fucking the poor hero into oblivion. Boyd watched in abject horror as his best friend was essentially being fucked to death cringing each time Chromos’ big dick disappeared and reappeared from Derek’s ass.

“STOP IT, STOP IT, YOU’RE GONNA KILL HIM!” Boyd shrieked when he could take no more of the rape taking place in front of him.

Chromos looked at Boyd “HA!” he laughed “You wish it was you fucking the great hero, don’t you?”

Derek’s face was bruised and bloodied from being slammed in rhythm with the villain’s malicious thrusts into his ass. Finally Chromos reared back and bellowed as his balls unloaded an enormous flood of cum inside Derek; so much so that it oozed out around his cock.

Chromos withdrew his cock from Derek’s ass and walked around the table to his face. Prying open his mouth he shoved his cum and blood covered dick down Derek’s throat and holding the hero’s mouth tightly, he pumped it in and out withdrawing it only after it was clean and soft.

Chromos placed his hands on Derek’s muscled back and began to probe the hero’s upper back. His physician’s hands pressed into the flesh near the base of Derek’s skull, he smiled.

“Ahhhh, yes” he sighed, “I can feel the scar, this is the place.”

Chromos picked up a scalpel and began to cut into the hero’s flesh. Boyd looked away as he realized what Chromos was doing. The evil doctor cut deep until he spotted the chip. Pulling the chip from its implanted space, he held it up in the air.

“Behold, the end of Quaarton the Invincible bahahahahah!” He smeared his healing ointment on the open wound which immediately closed and restored the flesh to its original state.

“I must copy this chip immediately” he crowed “While I prepare the copies, you extract Quaarton’s essence and plenty of it.”

Spence and the boys flipped the hero onto his back attaching a flexible sleeve to his limp cock. Another mechanism was attached to Derek’s balls and Spence flipped a switch. A whirring sound could be heard as the machine began to milk the hero. Spence produced a hypodermic syringe and injected Derek with some green fluid into each of his balls.

Derek’s ten inches of steel stood up straight as the sleeve coursed up and down the shaft bringing him to a quick orgasm. White fluid spurted from his cock into a transparent tube flowing to a large container at the foot of the table. The machine continued to cycle and Derek’s body lurched up from the table as another glob of cum burst from his cock depositing more semen into the receptacle. The milking tube pumped load after load of the hero’s cum out of his body. More than a liter of cum filled the glass beaker before Derek’s balls ceased producing the precious fluid.

Spence disengaged the equipment and brought the beaker of cum to the doctor. He returned to the table and slapped Derek awake.

“Huh, uh, wha, who.” Derek stuttered as he regained his senses. The two brutes unfastened the restraints and pulled the confused hero to a sitting position. He looked weak and bewildered as he searched around the room. Suddenly he saw his friend. “Boyd”, he shouted “what have they done to you?” Spence sent a punch to Derek’s abs. “OOOF” The breath whooshed out of Derek in a style that he never had felt. The thugs lifted him to his feet holding him by each arm as Spence began to send punch after punch into the captive hero’s body. Boyd watched wide eyed, knowing what Derek didn’t know and that was that he had been rendered helpless without the chip. There were no more super powers, no enhanced vision or hearing, no impervious muscles, no flight ability…nothing.

After the beat down, they dragged the nearly unconscious hero on his knees until he was in front of Boyd.

Spence cupped the hero’s face. “Hey, superhero, you’re boyfriend here is in need of a favor. Look at that hard cock dripping all over the floor. He needs a blowjob and he wants it from you; isn’t that right pretty boy?”

Boyd swallowed hard and turned away. Spence grabbed him by the hair forcing his face forward. “I said, ‘isn’t that right?’” Boyd looked down at the defeated hero kneeling in front of him. Derek was looking up at him, his eyes searching for Boyd to deny the accusation. The look on Boyd’s face told him the answer even though his friend tried to hide his desire. Derek’s head was grabbed from behind and his face was roughly shoved into Boyd’s crotch.

“Suck it, hero!” Spence snarled “or your friend here dies, got it?” Spence held a dagger under Boyd’s chin. Derek said nothing but leaned forward and wrapped his lips around Boyd’s turgid member. Never in his life had he had another man’s cock in his mouth, but had enough blow jobs from girls in college and so he began sucking the thick pole. He heard Boyd’s breath hitch as he swirled his tongue all around the head bobbing his head up and down Boyd’s dick. Boyd was still as his buddy sucked on his cock driving him to orgasm. Boyd’s body lifted from the rack as he screamed out Derek’s name and filled the hero’s mouth with his cum.

Derek soundlessly swallowed the load of cum and cleaned off Boyd’s cock as it deflated.

The three thugs were laughing uproariously in the corner watching the former hero being reduced to a cock sucking queen.

They walked over and lifted Derek fastening him to an “X” frame next to Boyd and injected both men with a sedative. They both fell into a deep sleep.

A few hours later Derek awakened and remembering what had occurred looked to his friend.

Boyd was already conscious and when Derek looked over at him he hung his head. Quietly he murmured “Oh Derek, I am so sorry for this, so sorry I let you down, you have every right to hate me.”

Derek smiled weakly “Boyd, tell me what happened.”

Boyd related the events of the past two days leaving out no details and finished with another apology. When he had finished Derek softly said “You have nothing to be sorry for, buddy. This is all me. You wouldn’t have even been put into this situation except for your relationship with me and Doctor Chromos used that to bring me down. It’s not your fault and, in fact, I should be apologizing to you. They can have me, but I will bargain for your release.”

Boyd started to say something when the doctor and his entourage entered the lab.

“Well, well, such a touching moment” he laughed sardonically. “I’ve achieved what I set out to do and am well on my way to building my army of Quaarton clones and when I am finished I will be the most powerful man in the universe.”

Derek looked at him “Yes, Billy, you have won, I admit it, but now that you’ve got what you want, release Boyd and that poor guard. You have me and I will do whatever you want me to do.”

“Aww, that is so sweet, Quaarton, sacrificing yourself for your friend and a guy you don’t even know. However, that isn’t going to happen. I have much better plans for the three of you. Take them down and prepare all three of them for this evening’s event.

The three hapless men were taken to a room where they were healed, bathed, manscaped and given some liquid nourishment. Then they were led to another room where Chromos stood in front of a crowd of men whom Derek recognized as top criminals.

“Gentlemen” Chromos addressed the group “Tonight I celebrate my elimination of Quaarton the Invincible who has now been reduced to a normal man. I know that there are many of you who want to have him for your very own and you may be able to fulfill that wish. In addition, I have two more fine specimen of manhood for your enjoyment if you are unsuccessful in your procurement of Quaarton. They are Quaarton’s best friend, Mr. Boyd Graham and a hunky prison guard named Avery. If successful, they will belong to you to do with as you wish for the rest of their lives.”

A murmur went through the crowd as the men practically salivated at the thought of owning one of these muscled hunks. They quieted down as Chromos spoke again…

“… and so our first auction item in Quaarton himself, we’ll start the bidding at $2,000,000…

Thus ended the career of Quaarton the Invincible who is about to become Derek the Sex Slave.