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Quaarton The Invincible
Chapter 5 - Everything in this world has a hidden meaning
By Michael Randall

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Chapter 5 - Everything in this world has a hidden meaning.

Derek searched the entire construction site for Boyd but could not locate his friend. Stopping at the trailer, Derek knocked on the door. “Enter” shot a voice from within the office. Derek pulled the light door open and stepped inside. Boyd’s father sat at a drafting table, a mug of coffee in one hand and pencil in the other.

“Hey Derek, what can I do for you?” “Morning Mr. Graham” Derek greeted the older man with a worried smile. “You look like something’s bugging you, is everything alright.” Derek nervously edged his way to the desk. “Erm, have you heard from Boyd today?” he queried his boss.

“Uh, no, I haven’t seen him yet today. Why do you ask? Should I be worried?”

Derek tried to look casual in front of Boyd’s dad, but his nervousness was a bit evident and was betraying him. “Well, I don’t want to be an alarmist, but I usually hear from him at least three or four times a day and I haven’t heard from him since yesterday and he’s not here on the job site. It’s just not like him.”

A look of concern passed over Boyd’s dad’s face. “That does worry me Derek and come to think of it, I haven’t spoken with Boyd since he left the site yesterday either. Do you think he’s in trouble?”

“Honestly, Mr. Graham, I don’t know, but it’s not like Boyd to be off the grid like this. Let me do some checking and I promise I’ll get back to you as soon as I know something. Is it ok if I take off today?”

Boyd’s father nodded. “Absolutely Derek, Boyd’s well-being is far more important. Is there anything I can do?” Derek smiled to offer some assurance. “I’ll get back to you on that, OK?” “Alright, but please keep me in the loop, ok?”

Derek left the office trailer trying to decide what to do first. As he walked to his car, he punched in Melanie’s phone number. “Hello?” Derek heard Melanie’s sweet voice. “Hey Mel, it’s Derek”. “Hi Derek, have you talked to Boyd lately? He was supposed to meet me at my place last night, but he never showed up and I didn’t hear a word from him. I tried calling him, but my calls have gone right to voice mail.”

“I know” Derek answered, “I’ve been concerned myself, but I have no idea where he might be.” “This just isn’t like Boyd.” Melanie agreed. “What should we do, call the police?”

Derek answered “Not yet. The cops won’t do anything unless someone is missing for more than 24 hours. So let’s take this slowly and see how it unfolds.”

“Ummm, OK Derek, please let me know as soon as you hear something, ok?”

“Sure Mel, I know you’re just as worried as Mr. Graham and I will be in touch as soon as I know anything.”

They disconnected the call and Derek got into his car to begin his search. Although he usually only suited up at night, he decided this called for some action and he went directly to his apartment and stripped out of his work clothes and pulled on the spandex suit adjusting the bulge of his genitalia to a comfortable position and stowing his street clothes in the hidden pockets. Walking to the balcony and using his super powers he flew through the sky scanning everything along the way in desperate search of his best friend growing more concerned with each passing minute.

Derek flew over the gym and spotted Boyd’s car parked in the lot. He quickly landed and changed into his street clothes to avoid discovery by those at the gym who knew him. He walked to Boyd’s car and found his duffel bag lying next to the car and his keys on the ground.

Derek picked up the keys and walked into the gym. Seth was at the front desk and looked up as Derek walked in. “Hey Derek” he greeted him “Here for your workout kinda early, eh?”

Derek shook his head. “Na, I’m trying to find Boyd, have you seen him today?” Seth responded that he had not seen him since last night and was a bit worried when Boyd left because the lights were out in the lot.

“But you didn’t see or hear anything out of the ordinary, did you?” “Well when I locked up I noticed that his car was still parked in the lot, but the lights were back on and I thought maybe he met up with you and you guys went someplace in your truck like you sometimes do.”

That made sense Derek reasoned because they often would go to get something to eat and only use one car. “Ok, man thanks for the information and if you happen to hear from him, call me, ok?” “Sure, Derek, I’ll let you know if I hear anything.”

Derek left the gym and returned to Boyd’s car. He opened Boyd’s duffel and searched around inside. He found his workout shirt and shorts and his jock and towel. It seemed a bit strange to him that his dick stirred a little when he smelled Boyd’s scent in the duffel. “What was that all about?” he questioned.

Back in the gym, Seth picked up the phone and made a call. “Hey, yeah, his friend, Derek was just here and I think he’s getting suspicious because somebody left the jerk’s car in the parking lot. Yeah, I made up a story about seeing it there and figuring the two of them went somewhere in Derek’s car. I’m not sure he bought the story, but it was the best I could do on such short notice., what do you mean? You never told me to dump the car! Listen I did what you asked me to do and I want my payment.” Seth disconnected the call never understanding that he had just pissed off a madman.

The door opened and Seth looked up to see two muscled guys walking in. “Hey, what can I do for you?” he greeted them cheerily. The bigger of the two stepped to the counter. “We need a workout.” Seth reached under the counter and pulled out some forms. “Sure, just fill out these for….” The guy grabbed Seth by the throat and the papers went flying all over. “We ain’t fillin’ out any fuckin’ forms, motherfucker. But I think you’ll do just fine for our workout, don’t ya think Rocco?.” He asked the other while roughly pulling Seth across the counter by the neck as if he was no more than a rag doll. Rocco laughed “yeah, I think he will do just fine, Vinny.” Seth opened his mouth to protest and Vinny slammed him against the wall. “Who’s here?” Seth sputtered and stuttered “Nobody, we don’t officially open for another hour. Listen, you don’t need to fill out any forms or anything, just go ahead in and have your workout.”

Vinny tightened his grip on Seth’s neck and his face became beet red as the oxygen to his body was cut off. “UGGHHHHH, MMMMMPPPPFFFFF” Seth mumbled trying to reason with Vinny, but the thug simply cracked Seth’s head against the concrete wall knocking him senseless. “Lock the door Rocco, we’re about to have some fun.” Seth’s eyes widened in fear and he realized that these guys must have been sent by Dr. Chromos. He squirmed and struggled trying to get out of Vinny’s grip.

“Oh, you want me to let you go? OK.” And Vinny effortlessly tossed Seth to the floor and then dragged him into the workout room. Rocco locked the door and put the “closed” sign in the window, then followed where Vinny had dragged Seth. He walked into the room to see Vinny standing over Seth who was spread-eagled on the floor. “STRIP!” Vinny barked at Seth.

Seth shook his head and spoke with some difficulty “huh? what?”

Vinny aimed his foot and kicked Seth in the nuts. “I SAID, STRIP…NOW!”

Seth clutched his aching nuts and tried to scoot away across the floor. Vinny stomped on his ankle an an audible crack was heard as he fractured the muscled attendant’s ankle. “OK, WE’LL DO THIS THE HARD WAY!” Vinny grabbed the neck of Seth’s t-shirt and ripped it from his body. Then, lifting the young man up by his fractured ankle, he pulled off Seth’s shoes and socks. Seth screamed from the pain radiating from his ankle as Vinny easily ripped off his sweat pants followed by his white jock tearing it from around his waist to reveal his thick cock and ample balls. Seth was now completely naked and at the mercy of this brute and his partner.

Vinny threw Seth cruelly back to the floor. Seth raised his upper body up from the floor and splayed his hands out in front of Vinny “…please don’t hurt me anymore.” Vinny smiled sardonically “It’s a little late for bargaining, kid, you pissed off the wrong guy a few minutes ago on the phone…and he’s the one we work for.”

Once again Seth, tried to scoot out of reach. Vinny laughed and reached between Seth’s legs clamping his fist around Seth’s balls. The attendant screamed as his balls were crushed sending massive waves of pain through his aching body. Vinny finally let go and Seth curled up in the fetal position with tears running down his face.

Rocco reached under Seth’s arms and pulled him to his feet. “Ok” Vinny announced “we’re gonna do some work on the punching bag now.” With that he began pummeling Seth’s six pack violently, his fists just blurs as they cruelly began to break down the muscle in the kid’s abs. Vinny then turned his attention to Seth’s head and began bash his handsome face with vicious left and rights. Seth’s head snapped back and forth from the sheer force of the blows. Vinny grabbed a handful of Seth’s hair and lifted his head which had dropped to his chest. Looking into Seth’s pain filled eyes, Vinny says “Ya see, punk, this was a message from the boss” Then he unzipped his pants and dragged out a mammoth cock. “This is a message from me.” He flipped Seth onto his stomach and as Rocco pried Seth’s ass cheeks apart, Vinny plunged his dry rod of steel up Seth’s asshole. Seth began to scream as Vinny fucked his ass. “Shut him up” he barked at Rocco.

Rocco unzipped his fly and produced his enormous dick and shoved it in Seth’s mouth effectively gagging the helpless attendant. So as Vinny fucked his ass, Rocco fucked his mouth. Soon they both shot huge loads of cum into Seth’s ass and mouth.

Seth lay on the floor softly crying as Rocco and Vinny put their equipment away. Rocco walked over to the crushed young man, picked him up and wrapped his arm around Seth’s neck putting him into a sleeper hold. Soon Seth lost consciousness and Rocco dropped his unresponsive body to the floor and kicked him two more times and for good measure he snapped Seth’s wrists “crack”. “That should teach the little creep a lesson” Vinny snickered and Rocco laughed

Derek had finished examining Boyd’s car but found nothing that was of any value. After putting things back into order he went behind the building and changed back into his superhero suit intending to go back and question Seth again, but this time he’d do it as Quaarton instead of Derek because something felt off in his previous conversation with Seth. As he came around the corner of the building he heard laughter, he stopped at the corner of the building as he noticed two well-built guys walk out laughing and playfully punching each other. He kept an eye on them as one walked to a white pick-up and the other got into Boyd’s car and both vehicles drove from the parking lot.

“Ok, now I’m sure Seth was lying to me” Derek thought aloud, and he made his way to the front doors of the gym.

“Hey Seth…” he began, but Seth was not behind the counter. Derek looked around and then pushed open the doors to the gym. He immediately spotted the bruised and bloody figure on the floor. As he got closer, he could see that it was Seth lying there, blood and cum seeping from every orifice of his body. He knelt down next to him, pulled out his cell and dialed “911”. When the dispatcher answered, he identified himself and ordered an ambulance and the police to the gym.

“Seth” he spoke the attendant’s name softly “can you hear me?” Seth’s blood crusted lips moved slowly, and in a raspy voice he asked “is that really you Quaarton?” Derek assured him that it was him. “Who did this to you?” Seth coughed softly and more blood dripped out of his mouth. “It was…it was…doctor…” Seth’s eyes closed and he drifted into unconsciousness. Just at that moment Derek heard the EMS and police cars pulling up outside the gym. The EMTs and a couple of police officers rushed into the gym. Derek filled them in on as much as he could but leaving out the name of Dr. Chromos. Derek excused himself thinking he would need to get to Seth once he had been stabilized to get the rest of the story. Derek was worried about that because the kid had really been fucked up, there had even been blood seeping from the stud’s cock. Whoever Chromos hired to do this were not novices.

He was certain now that Boyd’s disappearance was connected to all of this crap, but why? Why would Chromos want Boyd? “unless…” he spoke aloud “…he is using Boyd to get to me.”

“Damn it!” he roared and he pulled his cell out of his pocket and punched up the message from Chromos and hit “reply” then he typed:

OK, douchebag, you’ve made your point, tell me how to get to you, and if you so much as harm a hair on Boyd’s head, I will destroy you. Text me NOW!”

Derek flew back to his apartment anxiously awaiting a text from the nefarious Dr. Chromos.

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