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Quaarton The Invincible
Chapter 4 - You sometimes hurt the one you need
By Michael Randall

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Chapter 4 – You sometimes hurt the one you need

Usually on Monday through Thursday after work Boyd and Derek meet up at the gym for their work-out because keeping their bodies in great shape was important to both of them and plus, they had more fun together than alone. After their intense workout, the two of them would engage in a strenuous wrestling match to keep their fighting skills honed. Afterward the two usually hit the showers, but today Derek had mentioned that he had to leave right after work and would not be able to go to the gym with Boyd. Boyd thought about skipping his session today, but decided after all, that he needed to be consistent in his training and he regret it later, if he didn’t follow through so he went to the gym alone.

Boyd walked into the locker room and quickly stripped off his work clothes and pulled on a jock strap, workout shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt; he wanted to finish his session as soon as he could. He knew that as soon as he was done here, he was to meet Melanie at her place. The mere thought of his beautiful girl naked and waiting for him in bed caused his dick to harden into a steel pole as usual. He tried to think about something else, but nothing seemed to work, so he was forced to enter the gym with a very noticeable bulge between his legs.

He worked hard (pun intended) and fast to complete the entire cycle that he and Derek had created. It took about 55 minutes to complete it all. He was dripping with sweat as he finished the session, his work-out clothes clung to his body giving anyone who cared to look a revealing view of his ripped body. He sauntered into the locker area and stripped off his wet workout gear and looking into the mirror he admired his sculpted body. His muscled body was hard as granite with lots of definition. His thick pecs were well defined slabs of nearly perfect musculature with a light brown areole and hard nipple on each one. His torso was the perfect “V” shape narrowing to a slender waist with a sharply defined six pack. His bulging back muscles were similarly honed. Well defined thigh muscles swelled above his knees and below he had massive calves. Boyd’s face contained steely, narrow eyes of grey and the rugged, squared jawline framed a mouth that sported a thin-lipped sneer that said “don’t fuck with me man”. Between his legs hung a 8 inches cock gracefully arching over a set of balls that would make any man envious. Yes, Boyd was certainly every woman’s dream and that got him plenty of action the latest being a knockout model by the name of Melanie Conrad.

Coming out of his reverie, he realized he was holding an awkward self-worshipping session. Grinning and shaking his head, Boyd quickly stepped into the shower and began to soap and rinse his luscious body. As visions of a naked Melanie entered his mind he began to rapidly stroke his stiffening dick. He dropped his cock quickly when another gym member entered the shower area. He decided he would call Melanie as soon as he could. When his dick had deflated to a semi hard state, he hurried out of the shower area nodding briefly to the newcomer. He dried himself and pulled on a pair of briefs and his jeans along with a dark t-shirt. He gathered his stuff from his locker, shoved it into his duffle and headed for the parking lot. As he passed the check in desk, the attendant stopped him “Hey Boyd, be careful in the parking lot, man, all the lights are out; don’t know what’s up, but it’s dark as hell out there.” He smiled and said “Thanks Seth, but I’ll be fine, see you on Saturday!”

As he approached his car he thought to himself that Seth wasn’t kidding, he’d never noticed how much of a difference the normal lighting had on his ability to see clearly. He fumbled with his keys to unlock his door when he felt a strong arm wrap around his throat and pushed him firmly against his car as something cold and hard was pressed into his back. He began to struggle and the chokehold was tightened. “Don’t be a hero, man” a voice whispered dangerously in his ear. “Hey dude”, he struggled to speak “my wallet’s in my back pocket, take what you want”. The voice chuckled “Ain’t the wallet we need” and he felt a sting to his neck as the contents of a hypodermic was emptied into his bloodstream. “What the fuck, maaaaaa” he slurred as he started to push against his attacker; everything turned black and his ripped body fell limply to the pavement.

Two brutes appeared out of the shadows and picked him up from the tarmac one grabbing him under the arms and the other securing his ankles they carried his unconscious body to the back of a waiting van where his wrists and ankles were securely tied and a sack tied around his head.

Boyd suddenly found himself in total blackness with a feeling that he needed to escape, but as he tried to run he realized his feet were apparently stuck in a thick, sticky substance. The more he tried to run, the deeper and deeper into the muck he sunk; up to his knees, his thighs and then his torso disappeared beneath the sludge. Soon he felt himself being completely swallowed up by the ooze and as his head was consumed, he began to suffocate. He tried and tried to claw his way to the surface in order to breathe but it was as if he was being pulled down again and he began to panic. He tried to scream for help, but his mouth was full of the filth that enveloped him and he began to choke.

Doctor Chromos watched in fascination as his naked captive began to awaken, his body thrashing violently on the table to which he was strapped. It was as though he was drowning as muffled screams came from underneath the black hood covering his head and tied around his neck. The captive’s chest rose and fell rapidly as he gasped for shallow breaths. His head whipped from side to side and his entire body raised itself up from the surface of the table. The evil doctor smiled as he noticed the young man’s cock was hardening with each upward thrust. Every muscle in the guy’s body was strained to its limit and his impressive muscles glistened with sweat. Suddenly Chromo yelled to one of the assistants “remove that hood”.

A muscular brute walked to the table and ripped the hood from Boyd’s head. Boyd began gasping for air and what he saw at that moment was indescribable.

Dr. Chromos walked forward from the shadows “Welcome to my humble home, Mr. Graham or may I call you Boyd?”

Boyd struggled trying to free himself from the rack, his muscles contracting vigorously. “You may call me nothing, and you’d better release me and give me back my clothes now.” “Tsk, tsk, tsk” Chromos walked closer to Boyd “Spence, it seems as though our guest is unhappy with his accommodations, perhaps you could rectify that, eh?” It seemed that Spence appeared out of nowhere. The muscleman walked over to the table, doubled up his fist and slammed it into Boyd’s unprepared abs. “OOOOOOF!” The breath was forced out of Boyd’s lungs. Spence sent five more fists into Boyd’s six pack attempted to destroy those muscles. “OOOFFF! AHHHHHH! FUUUUUCCCCKKK!” Boyd screamed at the top of his lungs. “STOP YOU MOTHERFUCKER!” That only spurred Spence on. The brute sent his fist a little lower slamming into Boyd’s plump balls. He fired six quick jabs to Boyd’s nuts sending the man into delirium from the sheer pain. He slapped Boyd across the face “Is that what you wanted, sir?” Boyd was still trying to catch his breath from the shots to his balls. Spence slapped Boyd again and again and again. Back and forth the slaps caused Boyd’s head to jerk side to side. As he continued to slap his face, Spence grabbed a handful of Boyd’s balls and began squeezing them forcing a high pitched scream. The barrage continued for the next fifteen minutes. Blows to Boyd’s balls, fists to his face, crushing blows to his abs; the beating was relentless.

Soon Boyd stopped moving, but Spence continued his beat down of the man. “OK Spence, that’s enough.” Chromos’ voice rose “He’s out, you can stop for now, you’ve inflicted enough damage to get Mr. Graham’s attention.” Spence was breathing heavily, his eyes had fire in them as he danced around the room looking for another victim to tear apart. His eyes landed on Avery tied to a rack and darted back to Chromos as if to ask for permission to beat Avery.

Chromos laughed and said “OK, but don’t kill him, remember I’ve got a buyer for him.” Spence walked over to the rack where the naked guard was bound. Spence recalled his intimate session with the sentry after the wrestling match. He remembered seeing the fear in Avery’s eyes as he strung him up from the ceiling, his hard muscled body swaying from side to side. Spence had felt sorry for the kid and washed the blood and cum off of him until his sculpted body was clean again. He fondled Avery’s dick, sliding the foreskin back and forth causing the guard’s cock to fill with blood and begin to harden. Avery stayed still, uttering no sounds and making no moves. He closed his eyes willing his dick to stop responding to the pervert’s touch. Suddenly Spence’s mouth enveloped the head of Avery’s dick and his tongue licked all over the head causing the shaft to harden even more until Avery’s cock stood out from his body like a tree limb. Spence continued to suck on the steely tube bringing Avery close to orgasm. His fingers closed around Avery’s nuts as he massaged the two large orbs. Spence could hear Avery’s pleas to stop which he ignored and sucked harder. The young guard’s figure stiffened as he came in Spence’s mouth.

Spence sucked every drop of cum from Avery’s cock and wiped his mouth on his sleeve. He spun the young man around gazing at the perfect globes of flesh that formed the guard’s plump ass. He grabbed a cheek in each hand and spread them to see the wrinkled opening hiding in between. He licked his index finger and pushed it between Avery’s ass cheeks. Locating the target, he pushed his finger into Avery’s hole. Pumping in and out he added another finger and still another opening the prison guard’s man hole. When Avery’s hole was worked over and gaping open, Spence unbuckled his belt and dropped his trousers revealing ten inches of horse worthy flesh. Jacking his cock a couple of times, he pushed it between Avery’s buns and inside the ravaged fella. When the mammoth cock entered him, Avery produced and involuntary groan of pleasure. Spence began to pump in and out of him, his pelvis smacking against Avery’s firm ass. SLAP-SLAP-SLAP Spence’s gigantic tool pushed farther up Avery’s chute making contact with the kid’s prostate. Avery’s dick hardened and lengthened and though he tried to prevent it, Spence’s ministrations inflamed Avery’s libido causing him to begin to lose control of his senses. His moans filled the room as Spence’s cock fucked his ass. Avery tried to think about his girl to make these feelings go away, but it was of no use. He cock was hard, his ass on fire and his brain could only beg for more.

Spence fucked Avery seven times that night and Avery shot sixteen loads of cum, hanging from the rafters, then tied to a cot, then hung upside down, then bent over a table, and finally tied to the rack. At the end of 8 hours of non-stop sex, Avery’s body was drained of energy and of cum. Spence knew the sun had risen and that it was time to relinquish his control of the sensual young guard. After he wiped down Avery’s body, he moved his face to Avery’s and whispered some compliments about his sexuality and then as he prepared to kiss the guard, Avery spit in his face. Spence was enraged, but before he could inflict any damage, the doctor called to him.

Spence wiped the spit from his face and looking the kid in the eyes smashed his fist into Avery’s balls. “This isn’t the end pretty-boy; no, I will have another time with you before you’re sold and when I do I will make you wish you’d never been born.”

Now the prediction that Spence made that night was coming true. Avery cringed as he remembered the threat. Spence walked up to the rack and flicked his index finger against Avery’s right nut. He laughed and said “It’s time asshole…” and he began beating the fuck out of the kid. Avery’s head was violently jerked from side to side “OOF, OOF, OOF”. Spence pummeled the young stud’s upper body; punches to his abs, jabs to his pecs, hooks to his jaw. Then he sent a few strategic blows to Avery’s balls and he began to lose consciousness. But Spence didn’t stop and like a madman, he bashed and pounded and punched and walloped the kid like he was a punching bag. Over and over he used his fists on the muscled body until Avery was out like a light. Spence pulled off the boxing gloves and opened his zip dragging out his hardening cock. Grabbing Avery’s soaking wet hair he forced his cock inside the kid’s mouth and began fucking in and out. Avery slowly came around and as he did he tried to spit out Spence’s dick. Spence grabbed Avery’s balls in a vice like grip. “You bite me bitch and I swear I’ll rip ‘em off!” Avery stopped his heroics immediately and sucked on Spence’s dick. When he came, Spence painted the kid’s face with his cum and then delivered a hard uppercut to his jaw, putting him out again.

Meanwhile Dr. Chromos watched as Boyd regained his senses.

“Now then Mr. Graham, let me explain why you are here.” Boyd spit a bloody glob hitting Chromos in the face. Chromos took out his handkerchief and wiped the spit off. “That was not a nice thing to do, Mr. Graham” he calmly grabbed Boyd’s nut sack and twisted it sadistically causing Boyd to emit a high pitched scream while shaking his head back and forth to signal his defeat. “Now, do we understand one another, Mr. Graham?” Boyd nodded his head in assent. “Good” chortled Chromos, “Now where were we? Oh yeah I was going to explain to you why you’re here. You see, Mr. Graham, you have something that I need very badly and I intend to get it from you no matter what it takes. No doubt you have already seen that I can be relentless and vicious and sadistic and many other unpleasant things. I will use whatever I need to use to which you hold. It would be best if you give in and tell me right now so that we don’t have to take this any further.” He grabbed Boyd’s hair and cruelly jerked his head up from the table. Boyd looked at him through blood shot eyes. “Whaaa, UHHHH, whaaa, UHHHH do you expect me to tell you?” he asked breathlessly. “It’s very simple Mr. Graham, I need to know what makes Quaarton weak. It is my intent to take him down, once and for all and you are going to help me by giving me the information I need.Boyd looked at Chromos and shook his head “Nnnnn, nnnnnoooooo, I,I,I caaan’t , I don’t know what you’re talking about; I don’t know this Quaarton guy, you’re talking about.”

Chromos sneered at him “Oh, you needn’t pretend, Mr. Graham because I know that your best friend, Derek Warren and Quaarton are one and the same. I know this because, you see, I know everything about that meddlesome, so-called hero. Well, almost everything, and the last piece of the puzzle that I need, you have. So drop the act because you know exactly what I’m talking about, Mr. Graham and you need to know that I am very persuasive and I will do to you whatever it takes to get that information.” He dropped Boyd’s head back to the table, turned to a side table and picked something up. Holding it in front of Boyd’s face, Chromos smiled “You know what this is Boyd? It’s a dildo and I’m gonna shove this dildo up your ass and fuck the information out of you. It won’t be pleasant Boyd, ‘cause you see these spikes on the shaft? They’re gonna add some intensity to the fuck…and some pain.”

Without further warning, Chromos viciously shoves the dildo into Boyd’s asshole. Boyd begins to scream “No! No! take it out! Take it out, PLEASSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Chromos only shoves it in deeper. “Tell me what I want to know, Boyd and I’ll stop.” “Nooooooo! I can’t, I can’t, please make it stop!”

“Tell me!”


“Tell me you fucker!”


Chromos begins to twist the fake cock in Boyd’s channel.

“Nooooo oh oh oh, please stop, please stop!”

“Spill it Boyd, tell me what I need to know” Chromos continued to fuck Boyd’s chute, but Boyd continued to refuse to talk.”

Chromos removed the dildo watching blood seep out of Boyd’s injured channel. “You can save yourself a lot of pain Boyd, just tell me…what is Quaarton’s weakness?”

Hearing no reply, Chromos looked up at Boyd and saw that he had passed out again. “Oh no you don’t” Chromos growled and slapped Boyd’s face bringing him around. “Ok, well, since that didn’t work, let’s try another approach.”

As Boyd looked up at him, Chromos grabbed one of his nipples and began to twist it. In his other hand is a long needle which he pushes through Boyd’s nipple, he connects a wire to the needle and does the same with Boyd’s other nipple.

“See Boyd, these needles are connected to electrical current.” He turns a dial slightly and Boyd’s body lurches as volts of electricity surge through his body. “When I turn this dial, the voltage increases; as the voltage increases, more pain will be inflicted on your body. Soon you will not be able to take it and you will die. DO YOU HEAR ME????”

Boyd is panting heavily, but he makes no response. “DO YOU HEAR ME????” Boyd turns his face to the wall refusing to speak. Chromos sends a higher volt to Boyd’s nips. His body arches upwards in violent thrusts. His cock is fully erect and pre-cum coats the shaft. Chromos increases the voltage again and sparks fly from one nipple to the other and Boyd passes out once again.

This time Chromos cannot revive him immediately. He starts an IV in his arm and decides he will continue in the morning.

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