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Quaarton The Invincible
Chapter 3 - Things are not always as bad as you think, they’re worse
By Michael Randall

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Avery lay bound to a metal table in Billy’s lab. The virile young man was completely naked and very unconscious; a dildo had been shoved up his ass; electric leads had been attached to his testicles and penis. Needles pierced his plump nipples and his body had been shaven clean. The young man’s muscles were much more pronounced and his entire body had been oiled up giving the musculature a glowing aura.

Spencer eyed the musclebound former guard with lust in his brain. Seeing Avery naked and tied up like this gave him a very hard cock; a hard cock that he’d like to shove down Avery’s throat or up his ass; he didn’t really care which end. Unfortunately, it could be neither right now because Avery had to be in great condition for his debut with the boss tonight. The bonus was that the boss promised to give Avery to Spencer for his playtime after the big event. So as his cock leaked in his briefs, Spencer remained focused on the promise and his vivid imagination.

A couple of lab assistants were helping Spencer get Avery primed for his starring role in a televised wrestling match. It was the boss’ way of alerting the authorities as to the fate of the stupid prison guard and to lure Quaarton closer to his eventual demise.

Avery’s libido had been maximized through repeated electric shocks to his genitals and rectum. Poison laced the needles that had been brutally pushed through his pencil eraser nipples which now stood erect from each mound of pectoral muscle.

Spencer prepared a hypodermic syringe and slowly pushed the needle into the flesh at the base of Avery’s cock. He injected the contents and watched as Avery’s balls increased to the size and shape of large hen’s eggs. Spencer resisted the urge to grasp the shaft of Avery’s cock as it thickened and lengthened to 10 inches of hard flesh. Another injection into each mound of pectoral muscle clarified their definition and pumped them to delicious dimensions.

Deep in thought Spencer ran his hand over the rigid six pack of muscle in Avery’s abdomen. He knew that tonight, after the boss was done with this guy, that pack of muscles will be reduced to mush and his genitals will be abused to the point of being ineffective. After his fun, though, Spencer will work to “recondition” this walking wet dream will then be sold to Jake Thorson, the head of one of the most notorious mobs. Spence could only imagine what Jake’s thugs would do to this muscular, sexy guy; he only knew that even his worst would never rival what would be Avery’s eventual fate.

Not being able to keep from doing something , Spencer sent his assistants on a supposed errand and when they had left the lab, he bent down and pressed his lips to Avery’s. The sexy guard was delirious after the barrage of “preparations” and so out of it he did not really even know who he was anymore let alone the fact that he was straight. At the touch of Spencer’s lips to his, the powerful young man moaned. His muscled body began to react to the erotic feeling as Spence slipped his tongue inside the guard’s mouth. Aver began to respond, his tongue wrestling with Spence’s, his cock becoming rigid and his balls churning in his sac.

Spence reached down and circled his fingers around Avery’s thick member. He began to pump his cock up and down intending to bring the virile young man to orgasm. Avery’s breaths quickened and his body began to arch up from the table. Spencer was becoming very excited, when the door to the lab opened and he heard Dr. Chromos’ voice.

“Spence, is everything ready?” Spencer quickly dropped Avery’s cock and it smacked against his abs. “Yes sir, everything is done and he is ready for the branding.”

Dr. Chromos rubbed his hands together as he walked toward his victim. Grabbing a handful of Avery’s curly hair, he lifted his head up painfully. Looking into Avery’s blood shot eyes, he said “You are my property; you are my milk cow, do you understand that?” Avery made no response. “Property has to be marked so as to indicate ownership.” Dr. Chromos stepped aside to reveal Spence holding what appeared to be an electric branding iron.

Avery’s eyes widened with fear as he realized Chromos’ words. He squirmed and screamed as Spence moved closer and closer. Helplessly he watched as the branding iron came closer to his skin. He could feel the heat of the red hot marker and as the iron made contact with his skin, he could smell his burning flesh and hear the sizzle before he mercifully blacked out. When Spencer lifted the iron away, Avery was clearly marked as chattel of Dr. Chromos.

Chromos chuckled and handed a jar to Spence. “Smear this on the brand; it has miraculous healing power and will repair the skin without any scabbing so that the brand will be clearly visible in the ring.” Spence took a glob of the white salve and slathered over the new brand. He watched in amazement as the brand healed, appearing as if it had been done weeks prior. The naked muscle bound guard was ready to be outfitted in the lycra wrestling briefs he would wear for his debut in the ring.

Dr. Chromos watched as Avery’s oversized genitals were stuffed into the shiny gold briefs fashioning a mouth-watering bulge outlining his thick cock and plump balls. He squeezed the bulge as Avery regained consciousness. “It’s going to be a pleasure to beat you into oblivion. You have annoyed me over these past years and the beating you are going to get has two outcomes, satisfaction watching you suffer and the means to draw Quaarton into my plans. Though you may think tonight will be hell, the remainder of our miserable life as the sex slave of Jake’s mob will make this look like a party.”

Chromos squeezed Avery’s balls like a vise and the young man passed out.

Later that night…

In the locker room of the wrestling arena Avery stood handcuffed and leashed in Spence’s care. Spence was giving Avery his final instructions. “You will make a valiant attempt at first to defeat the doctor, but you will not harm him in any way and you will be unsuccessful. Then after the first two minutes of the bout, the doctor will beat the fuck out of you and you will not defend yourself in anyway. Do you understand?”

Avery said nothing. “I asked if you understood” Spence jerked on the leash. Avery stood mute. Spence pulled a photograph from his pocket. It was a picture of Avery’s girlfriend. “you know, I really would hate to see anything happen to this young lady…do you understand what you are to do in that ring?” Tears filled Avery’s eyes as he nodded his head and answered “Yes, I understand sir”. Spence smiled and made final preparation for the doctor’s wrestling match.

The spotlight on the ring was focused on the announcer in the center of the ring.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight’s main attraction is about to begin. First I give to you, a new arrival to the Regional Wrestling Alliance, ‘Chromos the Magnificent’!” the crowd cheered the masked villain as he entered the ring.

“And in this corner his opponent, also a newcomer to the RWA, ‘Golden Boy’!” Avery climbed into the ring as the crowd shouted a mixture of cheers and boos. Avery looked at the doctor whose magnificent body dwarfed him by comparison. He wanted to bolt, but he knew that would spell death for his girl, so he stood silently in his corner. Holding on to some hope, he thought maybe he could appeal to the ref at some point in the bout.

Then the announcer continued ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, for this bout, we have a special referee, Spencer Coldwall!” the crowd murmured and Avery’s hopes were dashed as Spencer walked to the center of the ring and beckoned the two fighters. After checking each one he called for the bell.

“Ding, ding”

As instructed Avery advanced to the center of the ring to begin the choreographed bout. Both men eyed each other carefully and started moving toward each other. Both were sporting substantial bulges that grew hard and bounced as they crouched with their arms up. Chromos thought to himself “this boy is so beautiful I hate to hurt him, but if I don’t my plan is doomed and capturing Quaarton is far more enticing.”

Both lunged simultaneously at each other and locked up in a bear hug as they locked up, their rock hard cocks dampened the front of their bulges. In a quick move Avery pulled Chromos into a side headlock and smashed his fist into Chromos’ face 3 times. Chromos was a little stunned at how aggressive Avery had become and decided the two minutes was up. Quickly Chromos retaliated with two hard elbows to Avery’s chiseled abs.

Avery doubled over and released his hold on Chromos’ head. As he did Chromos took a step away and swung a hard sidekick to Avery’s temple sending him stumbling back several steps. Chromos wasted no time and charged at Avery wrapping his large arms around his waist and driving him back into the turnbuckle. Avery’s back and chest exploded with pain as he was slammed into the corner but that pain was nothing compared to the pain he felt as Chromos slammed his knee up between his legs smashing his nuts up into his pelvic bone. The sadistic fans cheered wildly as Avery let out a loud moan doubling over from the pain between his legs but the evil Chromos held him in place and brutally slammed his knee up into Avery’s balls again causing him to desperately gasp for air. Although Avery had been in his own share of fights, and had conditioned his body to absorb pain, the intensity of three blows to his balls was devastating. Another knee shot up into Avery’s gonads and he let out a loud gasp as the pain shot through his body. As he started to sink to the mat he felt the strong arms of Chromos wrap around him and another knee slamming between his legs. Avery’s balls felt as if they were on fire but the drugs that Chromos had given him kept his cock hard despite the pain. Avery leaned his back against the corner and tried to catch his breath. In a lightning fast move Chromos pulled his fist back and buried it deep in Avery’s ribs, once, twice, three times, causing Avery to fall to the ground rolling into a fetal position clutching his midsection in pain. Chromos smiled evilly and kicked Avery onto his back, then raising his foot high, he viciously stomped on Avery’s abs. Chromos then rolled on top of Avery pinning him to the mat and straddled his chest and began pounding on his face.

Chromos pummeled the young guard savagely as Avery laid there as ordered. Suddenly Chromos reached down and drove his thumbs into Avery’s throat causing him to gasp and clutch his throat in pain. Chromos rolled off allowing the kid to slowly rise to his knees as he tried to clear his head. Chromos also rose to his knees facing Avery. Both of their shafts were rock hard inside their briefs sweat dripping off their faces and chests. Though each was within striking distance of each other, Avery was too weak to make it work to his advantage and Chromos just got off thinking about making this muscular stud suffer more.

Catching Avery off guard, Chromos doubled up his fist and swung it hard, directly into Avery’s nuts. Avery let out a loud groan as the agony shot through his tender balls. Chromos landed yet another blow to Avery’s large baby makers. Avery doubled slightly and gasped in pain struggling to stay upright. Chromos grabbed Avery by the head and drove his face down into the mat, once, twice, three times.

Avery lay there stunned and Avery moved around behind him and grabbing his hips pulled him toward him forcing the outline of his hard dick into Avery’s crack. Avery’s head was spinning from the excruciating pain in his body, but he raised his head up and he let out a howl of pain that could be heard for miles. Angered, Chromos, in a fit of rage and surprise, raked Avery’s eyes causing him to fall onto the mat rubbing his eyes trying to clear his vision.

Hiding his move from the crowd, Chromos reached into the back of Avery’s trunks and plunged his finger deep into ass. Avery screamed in pain as his asshole was breeched. Chromos began thrusting his finger hard and deep into Avery. Avery tried to crawl away but Chromos had a tight grip on his hips. As Chromos impelled Avery on his finger, the guard’s cock began spewing pre cum into the pouch of his briefs soaking them. The pressure it made against his prostate was driving him wild.

Avery’s eyes were semi glazed as Chromos made one last deep plunge driving Avery into a huge orgasm and as his battered body convulsed his huge explosion of cum flooded his briefs. Though Avery’s cock emptied itself of all its semen, but his cock failed to soften as he fell into unconsciousness.

Chromos stood up, his arms raised in victory, then reached down and grabbing the waist band of his trunks, ripped them off his muscular body leaving him totally naked in front of the crowd and the TV cameras. He lifted the lifeless, bruised and bloodied body of Avery onto his shoulder and carried him from the ring his muscular ass being shot from every angle. The crowd was going wild and with all of the excitement Chromos and Spence were able to slip out without notice. At the van Chromos unceremoniously dumped Avery into the back as they drove off.

As he put the pedal to the metal to get them out of the city, Spence was almost giddy. “So boss” he drawled, do I get him tonight?” he motioned toward the back of the van with his head. Chromos smiled over at him and said “He’s all yours until dawn.”

Spence’s dick hardened as he planned his night of lust and perversion using the muscular young man who lay comatose in the back of the van. He’d had the opportunity to examine every inch of Avery’s firm, muscular body and his imagination went crazy thinking about all that could be done in the next eight hours.

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