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Quaarton The Invincible
Chapter 2 - Be yourself; everyone else is already taken
By Michael Randall

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Chapter 2 – Be yourself; everyone else is already taken

Seven days earlier…

Billy Kincaid paced his cell. Doctor William Michael Kincaid MD, better known as Dr. Chromos had been incarcerated for the past eighteen months thanks to that insufferable Quaarton. Billy was beyond the “genius” level of brilliance with an IQ of over 200! It would have been great for humanity to have someone like Billy to come up with ways to make life easier, but he ended up on the wrong side of the law and used his intelligence only for his own selfish purposes and grandiose dreams. His last encounter with Quaarton ended in failure and disgrace; he thought he had outsmarted him at their last encounter, but in the end Billy made a grave mistake in his plan and ended up getting captured, convicted and jailed in a mental reformatory. To avoid Billy’s escape the authorities there had kept him pretty well doped up on anti-depressants and other medications to keep him sedated after his violent reaction at his sentencing. He really didn’t have much memory from his time up until a few months ago when his new psychiatrist decided to experiment and began to wean him off of the drugs. When he was able to think clearly, Billy became furious as he recounted the chain of events that led him to this prison and he began to plot his escape, but knowing that if he showed that anger, he might be drugged again so he hid the anger well and instead invested all of his energy into planning his escape and revenge. He contacted his number one guy, Spencer Coldwall and proposed that he pose as his brother come to visit him at the prison. During subsequent visits he and Spencer orchestrated his escape as well as the plan to control Quaarton once and for all turning him into a milk cow to supply his cum for Billy’s experiments to create an army of clones in order to take over the world. At the last visit before his escape, Billy went over a checklist with Spence to be certain that this plan would not fail. “So, all is in order Spence?” “Yes Billy, er um I mean Dr. Chromos, everything is ready” Billy smirked at Spencer “That’s better, Spence.” Spencer nervously smiled back, “yes sir, Dr. Chromos, you made yourself clear during our last visit, I won’t make that mistake again.” Spencer shuddered as he recalled what Chromos had said he’d do to him if he didn’t show respect for him.

“Good boy” Billy said as he gripped the thug’s shoulder digging his fingers into the nerves rendering Spence’s right arm useless, “It will serve you well to remember that. “Sir, Yes Sir” Now, did you bring what I requested? “Sir, Yes Sir”. As he moved toward the exit of the visitation room, Spence gave Billy a “brotherly” hug and as he did, Billy pressed a car key fob he had lifted from the night guard into Spencer’s hand. Then Billy whispered, “OK so tell me what you’re doing when you leave here.” Spence hated this constant questioning, but in a soft voice he said “I have the smoke bomb that I will use for distraction; when the guards are busy with that, I will enter the guard shack and check myself out to make it look like I left the premises. I will find Avery’s car and sleep there overnight. When I see you in the parking lot, I will flash the headlights and then I’ll help you carry Avery to the car.” Billy was glad the Spence had pretty good sense and followed orders well, “OK, don’t forget, there won’t be much time, we’ll have to move quickly.” Spence nodded and walked to the guard, he yelled back to Billy “OK bro, see ya next week!” The guard gruffly grabbed Spencer’s bicep mentioning something about hurrying up and pushed Spence toward the exit.

The night guard was a rookie; a young, good looking and muscular lad named Avery Ballard. Avery was assigned to the night shift about the time that Billy had come out of his drug induced coma. Billy worked hard to gain Avery’s confidence over the period of time and eventually lulled the young guard into a sense of complacency. In turn, Avery began to grant Billy more and more freedom. For his part, Billy had to control himself from ripping off the young guard’s uniform and fucking that bubble butt under his well-fitting uniform pants. He often fantasized about having Avery naked, helpless and abused while he took everything he wanted from him. But, he needed Avery in good condition for his part of the plan those plans had to wait until the handsome Avery would be at his disposal.

That evening shift change occurred as usual at 10:00pm, Avery showed up outside Billy’s cell. “Hey doc, how’s it going?” Avery called in a friendly voice. Billy, already in his bunk for the night, waved to him “Hey Avery, it’s good for me, how about you?” Billy listened as Avery related the story that he had lost his key fob the night before and that it cost him $200 to get a new one. He finished his story with a chuckle “I have no idea how I lost that thing.” Billy smiled but was thinking, “I know how you ‘lost’ it, you idiot and that’s not all you’re gonna lose to me before I’m done with you!” As he walked away Avery called over his shoulder to Billy. “Have a good night’s sleep doc.” “Thanks and you’ll come for my morning workout at 5:00am, right?” “Of course doc, don’t I always?” Avery turned away from the cell and Billy had a great view of the guard’s ass in his tight uniform. He felt his cock harden and begin to leak as he thought about his perverted plan for the hunky Avery. Before he drifted off to sleep, Billy reached under his bunk and pulled out a duffle bag containing items which were going to help with his pathway to freedom and his revenge against that fool Quaarton.

At exactly 5:00am Avery arrived at Billy’s cell carelessly unaware of the danger lurking behind Billy’s phony smile, he pulled keys out of his pocket and unlocked the cell door and began to pull it toward him. “Ok doc, let’s get going… I…” Avery never got to finish his sentence because, at that moment, Billy violently propelled the cell door open all the way knocking Avery into the wall, the young sentry became disoriented as his head was smashed into the hard concrete wall. Using all of his strength, Billy forced the door against the guard crushing him between the barred gate and the concrete wall holding him immobile. Avery’s eyes grew wide as his head cleared and he became aware of what was happening. He attempted to push the door back at Billy, but the inmate was in control and he leaned against the door restraining Avery’s arms and legs overpowering the young guard and crushing him against the wall. Avery opened his mouth to yell for help, but before he could utter a sound, Billy stuffed a foam-like substance inside Avery’s mouth and instantaneously as it mixed with saliva it expanded to completely fill the guard’s mouth cavity eliminating any and all sound.

Billy reached between the bars and smashed his fist into the young man’s balls taking some of the fight out of him. Retrieving the syringe from his bag, he flicked the needle guard off and jabbed the needle into Avery’s jugular pushing the plunger all the way down to send a special concoction into the guard’s blood system. Within three seconds, the mixture rendered the young guard unconscious. Avery’s eyes rolled back in his head and his limp body slowly slid down the wall as Billy gradually eased the door away releasing him from his makeshift cage. Billy reached under Avery’s arms and dragged the helpless guard toward an emergency exit. At the door Billy grabbed Avery’s hand up pressing his thumb to the deactivation lock screen. Immediately the door to the parking lot opened silently. Billy removed Avery’s revolver from his holster, opened the door and hoisted the unconscious young guard over his shoulder. The headlights of a green SUV blinked silently signaling to Billy that Spence had found Avery’s car. He walked to the far perimeter of the prison parking lot out of sight of the building. Spence got out of the car and opened the back. Billy laid Avery’s unconscious form in the back of the SUV and began to strip the knocked out guard. He removed Avery’s shirt and t-shirt admiring his musculature. Then he unbuckled Avery’s belt and pulled his pants off. He threw the clothes to Spence “Hurry up and get these on, we’ve got to work on your face. As Spence dressed in the guard’s clothes, Billy bound Avery’s wrists behind his back and his ankles together with duct tape. The foam Billy had previously stuffed in Avery’s mouth was taped in place. Unable to help himself, before closing the door, Billy reached down and massaged the bulge in Avery’s briefs. His own cock stiffened and a smile crossed his face as he visualized the fun he was soon going to have with this hunk.

Billy looked at Spence who was basically the same size as Avery so the uniform fit him well so there was no recognizable problem there. He took a package from his duffle bag and unfolded a strange looking item. Billy’s good behavior in prison and his medical degree had landed him a job in the prison medical center where he began to secretly work on an incredible artificial skin formula. The mask he unfolded had been fashioned from a piece of the artificial skin and was an exact replica of Avery’s face created through a computer from a picture in Avery’s medical file which also conveniently had Avery’s thumb print. The computer program transformed the pieces of artificial skin into an unmistakable replica of Avery’s face and the guard’s thumb prints. “Hold still” Billy barked at Spencer as he pressed the “skin” to his face and to his thumbs. He had already insisted that Spencer get a short buzz cut like Avery wears and that completed the transformation. He admired his work and knew that it would be impossible for anyone to know that this was not Avery except if they saw him naked because from his recent “feel” Avery was no slouch in the cock size arena. In the remarkable disguise of Avery Ballard, Spence walked back into the building to bide his time until he could leave his shift at 7:00 am.

Billy climbed into the back of the SUV and was delighted that Avery was regaining consciousness. When he saw Billy, his eyes grew wide and questioning as he struggled to free himself from his bonds. Billy smiled down at the bound cop and massaged the bulge between the guard’s legs. “You know, Avery,” Billy purred, “I’ve had the hots for you since the first time I saw you in that tight uniform. I already knew I would not be disappointed with the size of your cock. In fact, I jacked-off many nights thinking about what I’m gonna do to you.” Billy chuckled as he slipped his finger under the elastic band of the guard’s white Calvin Klein briefs; then reaching inside he pulled out Avery’s semi hard dick. He used his tongue to wash up and down Avery’s shaft which began to harden until it reached a size of about 8.5 inches. Billy looked at the helpless guard “wondering why you’re getting a boner Avery? I mean I know you’re straight as an arrow so how could you get hard with a guy sucking your dick? Well maybe you’re not as straight as you thought, stud.” Avery shook his head violently, and mumbled something unintelligible. Billy lifted Avery’s turgid cock and found his hairless ball sac. Lowering his head to the guard’s crotch, he took one of the sizable balls into his mouth and slurped it up rolling it around in his mouth and then did the same with ball # 2. He pulled down on the rock hard erection several times and watched as it slapped against Avery’s six pack each time he released it. He grabbed the shaft and pumped it up and down. Even in his unconscious state, Avery’s dick began to leak pre-cum and Billy used the lube to jack the thick organ. As Billy enveloped the heavy tube with his mouth, he shoved his index finger into Avery’s virgin asshole; Avery’s entire body tensed as Billy’s finger entered. He plunged his finger in and out of Avery’s ass while his mouth slid up and down the length of the young guard’s manhood. Unable to help himself and because of the aphrodisiac element in the injection, Avery began to moan as Billy’s treatments brought him closer to orgasm. Avery’s muscular body began to react arching up as Billy’s mouth and finger increased speed. Finally, as his muscled body trembled, Avery let out a muffled scream and his cock shot a thick torrent of cum into Billy’s greedy mouth. Tasting Avery’s cum only magnified Billy’s need to have more fun with him, but that would have to wait until they got back to his laboratory. He dropped Avery’s dick from his mouth, swallowing the last of his spunk and balling up his right fist, he drove it into the stud’s balls over and over until Avery passed out and stopped moving.

At 7:00 am Spence/Avery walked out of the prison laughing and joking with his fellow guards as if nothing was more natural. He got into the car making sure that both Avery and Billy were well hidden. The exit from the prison parking lot was uneventful due to Spence’s disguise and Billy whooped and hollered as they drove to freedom.

When they arrived at Billy’s mansion, he got out of the car, stretched and turned to Spence. “Bring Mr. Ballard to my laboratory, prep him and then get rid of everything; clean out his house, his bank account and dispose of the car, because once I am done with him he won’t be needing those things any longer “ he laughed maniacally. “In fact, he won’t need anything except his body and when I’m finished with him, I have a very interested buyer for what’s left of our young friend.”

A few hours later, Billy descended to his secret laboratory to find Avery stretched out spread-eagled on a rack, having been scrubbed, his bowels cleansed and his body devoid of all hair except for his head. Avery saw him enter and began to scream and pull at his bonds “WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? LET ME GO YOU ASSHOLE! Billy smiled sardonically, “all in good time, my friend, all in good time. You are in no position to demand anything of me.” He walked up to the bound stud and grabbed his ball sac and jerked it down sending waves of excruciating pain through the young man. “I, on the other hand, have you exactly where I want you and you are going to do everything I need you to do.” He smiled and jerked down on Avery’s balls. “Do I make myself clear, little man?” Billy jerked the sensitive balls again, nearly tearing them off. Avery slowly nodded his head. “No heroics, right Avery?” Avery nodded again. “I didn’t hear you, fucker” Billy sneered and jerked his ball sac once again. Avery’s voice was weak as he responded “no heroics”.

Billy laughed. “Very good, my friend; now we’ll get you ready for tonight’s main event because you’re gonna be the catalyst in helping me bring that meddlesome Quaarton down once and for all! Prepare him Spencer!”

Avery’s worst nightmare was about to commence.

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