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Quaarton The Invincible
Chapter 1 - Know your enemies, they know you
By Michael Randall

Chapter 1 – Know your enemies, they know you

As he rounded a corner of the construction site, Derek almost collided with Boyd. “Hey” Boyd greeted him with a smile. “Hey buddy” Derek returned. They walked toward the nearly completed building, both sipping fresh hot coffee, as they fell into a comfortable conversation. “You watch the fight last night? Boyd questioned. “It was wild man! They had this bout with two guys I’ve never seen before, one was masked and big, the other wasn’t wearing a mask, but was one of those muscular jobbers. Anyway, the bigger one really fucked up the jobber it was a total beat down, it was as if he never knew what hit him, you know, the kid was laid out, lights out.” He poked Derek in the ribs; “Then the big guy picks up the defeated dude, throws him over his shoulder, gives the camera the finger and left the ring…fast. Everybody was in shock, didn’t know what the hell to do. By the time the initial shock wore off, the guy was gone.” Derek chuckled “Naw, I was a little busy last night. But that was probably just some publicity stunt by the wrestling organization, you know, a little drama is good for business; probably just introducing a new villain.”

“So what did you mean you were busy; something big going down?” Derek lowered his voice “You remember that guy I put away a couple of years ago, Billy Kincaid?” Boyd nodded his head and chuckled “He had an alias, right?” “Yeah, called himself Dr. Chromos; a real brilliant scientist, but really fucked up in the head. He had these grandiose ideas of taking over the world with an army of androids.”

Boyd laughed out loud now, “Yeah, what a weirdo. You had a tough time bringing him down didn’t you?” “Yeah” Derek replied “he was full of demented tricks, most of them had a real kink.” Derek finished his coffee and tossed the cup into a nearby trash can. “So what’s with him?” Boyd asked, tossing his cup into the container as well. “He escaped from the penitentiary last week. Kidnapped a guard and is still at large. I spent most of last night and into the early hours of this morning trying to get on his trail.” “hmm, No luck, huh?” They stopped walking and Derek looked at Boyd seriously “No. The trail is cold, there are absolutely zero clues about where he might be.” Boyd studied his friend’s face. “Umm, there’s something you’re not telling me, bro. There’s something bugging you about this.” “Well” Derek began “Chromos has leveled some serious threats. I received a text from a throwaway phone and it was from Chromos.” “No shit?” Boyd questioned “Yep, let me show you.” Derek reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone scrolling until he found the text in question. He handed the phone to Boyd. A picture of a battered and bruised naked man hanging from a wall filled the screen. He appeared to be unconscious, though someone had a handful of his hair holding up his head so that his face could be seen. Derek tapped the screen, the picture closed and a text screen opened:

Hey superhero, look at what I got? 
Poor kid never stood a chance against me and neither will you. I’m coming for you Quaarton and I’ll get you this time no matter what gets in my way or who I have to  hurt in the process, why not just give yourself up now and save your friends? And maybe this poor guy as well. It's up to you hero!

Derek looked grim as he said “The guy in the picture is the kidnapped guard” Boyd whistled low as he recalled the picture. “Damn, that is one fucked up dude.” “Yeah, well that’s what I was doing…i” Suddenly Boyd grabbed Derek’s arm “Oh fuck! Let me see that pic again, Derek.” The sudden movement startled Derek “What’s wrong.” Boyd was too agitated to explain “Just let me see that pic again!” “Ok, ok” Derek pulled his phone out again and brought up the picture and handed it to Boyd. Boyd pinched the screen with his thumb and forefinger and the picture enlarged. “THERE!” He shouted. Heads of the other workers turned quickly at the sound. Derek looked around nervously then said “Tone it down, bro and tell me what has you so worked up.” Boyd was tapping the screen furiously “there, see that tattoo?” he was pointing to what appeared to be a tattoo on the left side of the victim’s upper chest. Derek grabbed the phone back and enlarged the pic. Here’s what he saw:


“That’s the jobber Derek, that’s the guy who was nearly killed in the ring last night! I recognize the tattoo!”

After examining the picture, Derek shook his head vigorously “No Boyd, that’s not a tattoo.” “WTF, dude it IS a tattoo!” Boyd countered excitedly. Derek turned to him and said “No, it’s not exactly a tattoo” Exasperated, Boyd growled “then what the fuck is it?” Derek looked grim and shook his head “I’m not sure, but it looks like some kind of a brand.” Boyd’s face paled, “so you mean…” “Yep, that match you saw last night wasn’t the usual fake, it was the real thing and that jobber is the kidnapped guard. Chromos must have taken this shot right after the match was completed considering all of the swelling and bruising. I gotta stop this freak.”

Derek placed a call to the commissioner and walked out of earshot. When he pocketed his cell phone once again, Boyd walked back to him. “So what’s the deal?” “The commissioner is putting his best on the case to try and determine the location where Chromos is holed up. I’ll deal with the rest later tonight.” As he walked away, Boyd called after him. “we still on for our workout tonight? Derek shook his head “Don’t think I can make it, I gotta get on this as soon as work is over, sorry.” “No prob, bro, we’ll catch up later; be careful, but get that fucker, ok? He’s trouble!” Boyd questioned. “Don’t I know that” Derek replied grimly. “but don’t worry, I’ll do my best.”

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