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A Rock Climbing Disaster
Chapter 6 - Everyone Gets Trained
By Michael Randall

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Cory continues sucking on Johnny’s big dick. Johnny’s eyes begin to glaze over as the feelings of intense pleasure wash over him. “UUUNNNGGGHHHHHHHH!” Johnny moans. “Fuck, this kid is a natural born cocksucker.” He jerks on the rope attached to Cory’s neck, choking the college stud. “Aintcha, boy?” he yells down at Cory.

Cory ignores Johnny’s question as he gags on the big dick, just wanting to end this and be able to get out of here. Johnny jerks the rope again and Cory’s head is jerked upward. He stares up at Johnny. “I said you’re a natural at this cock sucking thing aintcha, boy?”

“I, I, I, guess so.” Cory stutters. Johnny gets irritated. “You ever suck cock before boy?”

Cory lowers his head and looks at the floor. “No” Johnny jerks the rope and Cory’s head snaps up once more. “Hey fuck wad that is the wrong way to answer me!” Johnny screams and Cory winces as the rope digs into his neck.

Buck is watching all of this and yells to Johnny, “Hey J, don’t damage the merchandise, got it?” Johnny looks over at his older brother and forces a smile. “Uh, yeah, Buck, sorry man, I got caught up…” Buck cuts him off. “You’re to teach this pretty boy how to be a bitch, J, not fuck him up, GOT IT?” Johnny resents Buck talking to him like this in front of the captives and the other guys, but he stifles his anger. “Yeah, sure Buck, I got it.” He stares down at Cory with angry eyes and whispers so that only Cory can hear “You muthafucker, you got me in trouble with Buck and now you’re gonna pay, you hear me, you fucker? You’re gonna pay big time.”

Cory swallows hard, not quite as confident as he was earlier. Johnny jerks on the rope, “Get back to sucking my dick, boy.” Cory immediately takes the big cock back in his mouth and begins to suck on it again. Johnny feels his orgasm building, but purposely doesn’t say anything to warn Cory. Suddenly, his cock spasms and begins to shoot a huge load of cum into Cory’s mouth. The college stud is taken by surprise as Johnny’s cum fills his mouth. It begins to seep out of the corners of Cory’s mouth and when Johnny sees this, he slaps him hard across the face, snapping Cory’s head forcefully to the side and leaving a red print on the side of his face.

Buck hears the slap and turns around from what he is doing. “Hey, I told you to be careful; I don’t want any marks on these guys, J!” Johnny looks at him innocently, lifts his arms and shrugs “I warned him I was cumming and to swallow all the cum, but he refuses to cooperate, Buck!” Believing the lie, Buck walks over to them, “Oh he does, does he?” and he bends down and grabs Cory’s ball sack and squeezes is balls to the bottom, then he makes his other hand into a fist and punches Cory’s nuts hard.

“AAAAAWWIIIIIGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Cory screams and collapses to the floor cupping his nads, tears rolling down his face. Buck looks down at the muscular jock and lifts him up by the hair. Then looking into his face he asks “You gonna cooperate now, asshole or do you want another shot to the balls?”

Cory’s tear stained face looks at Buck and he shakes his head but says nothing. Buck jerks his head again by the hair, “Answer me!” Cory now realizes that he is going nowhere, and quietly, he answers “No” Buck jerks his head by the hair again and asks “NO…..WHAT?” Cory gets the message and answers, “NO, SIR!” Buck smiles and says “Much better.” And he pushes Cory back to the floor.

He looks at Johnny and says “And that is how you keep a bitch in line without marking him. Now do you understand?” Johnny nods. “OK. I’ll do it your way.” Buck smiles and musses Johnny’s hair. “That’s a good boy, now get on with it, you got a long way to go before this bitch will be ready.”

Johnny reaches down and drags Cory to his feet. “You’re mine now, fucker” he sneers and lifts his knee up into Cory’s aching balls. Cory moans and doubles over. “Now, we’re going back to work and you’re gonna cooperate or, I swear, I WILL castrate you; you got that BITCH?” “Yes Sir!” the defeated jock answers. Johnny smiles and says “OK, back on your knees, bitch and get me hard.” Cory kneels on the rough floor and takes Johnny’s flaccid dick into his mouth. He sucks on the big piece of meat and feels it expand and grow hard. Johnny pushes it deep into Cory’s throat, gagging the young man and Johnny withdraws and stabs it back in again and again until Cory’s gag reflex is substantially reduced and then he is able to shove his cock deep into the boy’s throat and fucking this stud’s throat is giving him extreme pleasure.

As Johnny continues his torture of Cory, Buck orders the rest of his gang to begin working on the other captives.

He assigns Charlie to work on Eric; He gives the Tom, the young ranger to Hank; Vince gets Marc the wrestler because Buck knows he can handle this tough guy; Pete is given Parker, the other college stud; and Buck announces that he will handle Alec himself.

This leaves Ethan only and Buck walks up to him and says “Don’t worry boy, you can watch what happens here and then you will be the best student of all when your turn comes. He ties Ethan wrists together behind his back and makes him sit on the floor. He reaches down and strokes the techhie’s dick making it hard and then he produces a wet, rawhide string that he wraps around the base and around Ethan’s balls. He looks down at Ethan “As that leather dries, it will trap all the blood in your dick keeping you hard while you watch your friends being turned into whores.”

Ethan spits at him. Buck wipes the spit off his face with his sleeve. “You’ll pay for that one bitch, you’re expendable and you might just not make it out of this alive.” Ethan regrets his action, but it is too late. Buck pulls out a hypodermic needle filled with a pale yellow fluid. “Well since you are such a bad boy, I’m not letting you watch. It can be a big surprise when all of us work on you.” He slides the needle into Ethan’s neck and depresses the plunger and all of the yellow liquid disappears. Slowly Ethan begins to lose consciousness and soon his head drops to his chest. Buck smiles, rises and walks over to Alec.

“Come on big boy, we got work to do” he laughs and grabs Alec’s dick and lifts him up. He pulls him over to a corner and pushes him to his knees. Buck pulls his cock out and says “Suck it”. When Alec begins to protest, he grabs him by his thick, blond hair and wrenches his head backward, he pinches Alec’s nose and when the young banker opens his mouth, he forces his cock inside. Alec begins to fight him and Buck’s anger gets the best of him. He grabs Alec by the neck and lifts him off the floor. He bangs his head against the wooden wall of the shed, again and again and again.

“You son of a bitch, I’m gonna teach you that you don’t fuck around with me” He pulls his fist back and throws a hard punch to Alec’s muscled abs, followed quickly by another and another. He lifts his knee and smashes the former basketball team captain’s balls. Then he sends an uppercut to Alec’s handsome face. Still holding him up by his neck, he smashes Alec’s head against the wall again and again.

Weakly, Alec speaks “Enough, enough, ok, I’ll cooperate, just stop.”

Satisfied, Buck releases him and he crumples to the floor. “Get up asshole” Buck barks at him and with no hesitation, Alec gets to his knees knowing what Buck wants. He opens his mouth and takes Buck’s big member inside. He decides that maybe he can buy some time by cooperating. As much as it disgusts him he swirls his tongue around Buck’s cock tasting the pre cum. He slurps and slurps taking as much of the ex-con’s big dick inside as he can. Soon he feels Buck pushing more and more of his dick inside. Alec braces himself but when Buck’s cock pushes into his throat, he gags violently. Buck smiles triumphantly and continues to fuck Alec’s mouth savagely.

Suddenly, Buck holds Alec’s head still and lets out a roar as he shoots rope after rope of his cum into the young banker. Alec saw what happened to Cory and he works hard to swallow every drop of the disgusting fluid and he managed to swallow it all.

Buck pats Alec’s cheek. “That was a good start, boy, now we’re gonna really get moving!” Alec groans as Buck pushes his cock back into his mouth. Within a period of an hour, Buck cums four times into Alec’s mouth as the young man becomes expert at the art of cocksucking.

When he feels that Alec has learned how to suck cock, Buck says, “ok boy, stand up and face the wall, lean your hands against it.” Alec does as he is told and soon feels the tip of the squeeze bottle entering his asshole. The liquor burns as it enters him, but soon he feels the effects of the alcohol and has a good buzz going. Buck pushes his index finger into Alec’s hole. “The first thing we’re gonna do is loosen you up some, boy.” He begins to finger fuck Alec’s hole and watches as Alec’s 7 inch cock begins to harden. He laughs and says “Hmmmm, looks like we are making progress boy” He reaches around and squeezes Alec’s rigid shaft humiliating him that he is getting excited as Buck fingers his ass. What Alec doesn’t know is that the alcohol was laced with Viagra to cause him to become hard. Buck is breaking the stud down by making him think that he is reacting of his own accord and becoming a male whore…..and it seems to be working.

Buck inserts a second finger, then a third as Alec begins to moan and his cock drips pre cum as he succumbs to the effects of the alcohol and the Viagra. Buck withdraws his fingers and strokes his cock. He pushes the head into Alec’s hole. In spite of the alcohol high, Alec screams as he feels the huge cock in his ass and tries to push it out. Buck feels the resistance and whispers into Alec’s ear “I thought we had an understanding, bitch. Now I’m gonna have to take some extreme measures.

Alec screams as he feels his balls being crushed by Buck’s big hand. The thug applies more pressure as Alec begs for him to stop. But this time Buck is really pissed off and refuses to stop. The action really gets him hot and he begins to fuck Alec violently smashing his body into the wall with each thrust. Alec is screaming, writhing and twisting trying to get away and Buck holds him tight around the waist and just fucks him faster and rougher.

Finally, Buck shoots his load deep into Alec’s guts. Alec feels the slimy cum inside him and the feeling defeats him. He begins to sob as Buck laughs and continues to fuck him. “You’re gonna be really happy with the Sheik, boy and selling you is gonna make me a rich man; rich enough to hire a plastic surgeon who is gonna make me look just like you. HA HA HA HA!”

Alec feels sick as he hears these words, but there is nothing he can do to prevent what Buck is talking about. His ass is getting sore as Buck fucks him over and over and he becomes despondent knowing that he will never know his former life again.

Meanwhile, Hank has fucked the young ranger’s mouth several times after beating the hell out of him to make the muscled stud cooperative. Tom is on his knees in front of Hank swallowing another load when he feels Hank lift him up. Hank roughly grabs Tom’s arms and ties his wrists together behind his back. He bends the ranger over and injects his ass with more alcohol and Viagra just like Alec.

“I’m gonna teach you to cum on command Mr. Ranger.” Hank laughs as he begins to attach alligator clamps to Tom’s nipples and balls and shoves a metal probe into his ass. Tom is helpless to do anything except watch in horror as Hank turns a knob on a controller to which the wires from the clamps are attached. He feels a tingle in his ass and prickling on his balls and nipples as the electricity begins to flow. Hank watches his reactions and then turns up the intensity. Tom’s body jerks as he feels the surge of power and then a most remarkable thing happens… his cock begins to shoot rope after rope of cum to the wall.

Tom is amazed that this is happening, but he cannot enjoy the sensation as his body receives more and more electrical surges. Hank turns the knob and watches the reaction of Tom’s body. When he sees that the ranger is about to cum, he yells “CUM” and Tom’s dick shoots a geyser of cum from the tip. Hank does this over and over sending shock after painful shock to Tom’s ass, nipples and balls. After an hour of this, Hank removes the clamps from Tom’s nipples and balls and the probe from his ass.

Tom stands there, panting and relived to be rid of the electrical clamps and probe. Hank stands back and says “CUM”. Immediately, Tom’s cock becomes hard and begins to shoot cum. Hank laughs as he knows he has trained the muscle bound ranger to cum on demand. He knows this will be a big selling point at the auction. He looks at Tom and says “OK boy now it’s time for you to learn to rim and eat out an asshole. Tom looks wild and tries to escape and just for fun Hank yells “CUM” and once again Tom’s dick hardens and he again.

Hank lowers his jeans and sticks his ass in Tom’s face. “Lick it bitch” he says and reluctantly Tom sticks his tongue in between Hank’s hairy ass cheeks to begin his training.

All of the thugs continue to beat their captives into submission and one by one, the once virile, macho young men is being turned into a male whore through whatever punishment and torture, their handler can think up, but in the end five submissive young, muscled men are sucking, being fucked and shooting large loads.

Buck looks over at Ethan who is just now regaining consciousness. Evilly, he turns to the others. “Ok boys this one is ours, after all our hard work we deserve some fun and this asshole is going to give it to us” Ethan’s eyes open wide as he realizes what Buck is saying and he can only imagine his fate. “This one, we keep for our pleasure so have at him guys, beat the fuck out of him, he exists now only for our pleasure.

Pete walks over to the red haired stud and lifts him up. He sends a punch to his abs and then pummels the stud over and over. Johnny comes over and wraps his arm around Ethan’s throat and begins to choke him out. The others walk over to join in the fun.

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