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A Rock Climbing Disaster
Chapter 7 - Cleaning up the Goods
By Michael Randall

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Moans and groans of pain and pleasure fill the room where the soon to be slaves are being trained. Six naked, muscular men are being taught to service six other nude and powerfully built men in every way possible.

Charlie's first goal was to teach Eric how to give an excellent blow job. After administering the mixture of drugs and alcohol to him, he ties his hands behind his back and forces him to kneel before him. In spite of his drugged state, Eric is repulsed at the prospect of taking another man's dick in his mouth.  He resists the muscle bound Charlie as he tries to shove his dick in his mouth.  He clamps his mouth shut and refuses to take Charlie's big dick inside. Charlie uses his forefinger and thumb and pinches Eric's nose closed.  The stud tried to resist but as he runs out of air he gasps opening his mouth to get oxygen to his lungs.  As he opens his mouth Charlie is ready and quickly shoves his dick inside.

Eric begins to retch and gag as Charlie thrusts his dick down his throat.  He reaches out and slaps Eric hard across the face. Eric is so shocked by the movement that he stops his gagging and looks up at Charlie dumbfounded.

"Hey, stud it's in there and now I want you to move your head up and down the shaft. slowly".  Eric just kneels there on the floor and doesn't make a move; it's as if he had turned to stone.  Charlie grabs Eric's head and moves it back and forth slowly forcing the eight inch cock back and forth in the journalist's mouth. Eric seems to be in shock and shows absolutely no emotion. Charlie drives all eight inches inside Eric's mouth holding his face against his pubes.  Eric finally begins to show some life as he begins to struggle to free his face from Charlie's dick.  

Charlie holds him tightly and Eric begins to struggle strongly.   His body thrashes about violently and Charlie fights back to keep him in place.  Eric twists and turns working hard to get out. Charlie moves his foot to Eric's crotch and begins to push his balls against the floor. Eric's eyes widen as the pressure begins to squash his nuts.  

Charlie looks down at him. "If you refuse to learn to do these things, then you are of no use to us and so what happens to you doesn't matter."   He pushes harder and Eric breaks out in a cold sweat. The pain is unbearable and Eric can't take it anymore. He slowly and reluctantly begins to move his mouth up and down Charlie's cock.  Charlie eases up on his balls as he realizes Eric is beginning to comply.

As Eric continues to suck on Charlie's dick he strikes a rhythm and begins stroking the cock with his mouth.  "Faster" Charlie barks at the former swimmer.  Eric is too fearful of more pain to refuse to go along with Charlie's demand and so he increases his pace.  Charlie's balls churn and he knows that he is about to shoot his load.  He says nothing to Eric but holds onto his head.  Eric doesn't realize what is about to happen and continues to work on Charlie's dick.  Suddenly Charlie lets out a yell as his cock begins to shoot his load inside Eric's mouth.  Eric begins to sputter and gag as he tastes the cum fill his mouth, but Charlie keeps his dick in his mouth.

"Swallow, asshole!" he screams as he holds tight to Eric's head.  Eric tries to get away but fails and finally swallows the load. Charlie finally lets him go and pulls his dick out.  Eric wipes cum that has spilled out with his arm. He looks at Charlie with disgust.

Charlie pushes Eric forward and jams his finger in his asshole.  

"AAAAAAAAAIIIIEEEEWWWEW" Eric screams.  Charlie smiles and brutally forces two fingers inside.  

"No, no, no please" Eric pleads.  Charlie answers his pleas by adding another finger and pulls him up by his asshole. Eric screams out.

"The next thing you'll feel is my cock in there, boy, so shut the fuck up and get used to it."

Two hours later an exhausted Eric has been fucked three times, has sucked Charlie off four times and is lying on the floor unmoving.

Charlie lifts him up by the chin grins at him and says "OK. Time to start again" The muscular swimmer can only groan.

Meanwhile, Vince has Marc in a headlock. "You're gonna suck my dick bastard."   The naked wrestler's muscles bulge as he flexes to get out of the headlock. He grimaces as Vince tightens the hold and he spits out "Fuck you!"  Vince twists his head. Marc is in pain big time and knows that he cannot hold out much longer against this guy.  As much as he hates submitting, he thinks that he might be able to do more if he is conscious and with Vince's sleeper applied, he is close to going out.

"OK,OK" he croaks out "I submit"  Those are the words that Vince is waiting to hear. "OK, fucker now it's time for you to pay.  Marc is confused.  He gave up, what does Vince want him to do now???

Vince throws Marc violently to the floor and gets behind him.

"Whaaaa, whaat are you doing?" Marc yells out.  He gets his answer as Vince plows his nine inch dick into his ass.  Marc lets out a bloodcurdling scream as the big cock rips into his virgin ass.  The others look over at Vince and each give him a thumbs up.  He pushes deeper into Marc's ass.  The wrestler squirms and tries to throw the big man off his back.

Vince reaches between Marc's legs and grabs hold of his balls, squeezes them painfully and whispers in Marc's ear "Wanna keep these, boy? Cause right now you're causing me so much trouble, that I might just rip them off you."  He pulls down hard.

"NO! NO!" the young wrestler cries out "Please let go!"  Vince pulls harder.  

"I told you to shut up and when you do I will let go."

Marc shuts his mouth and Vince releases his aching nads.  Vince continues to pump in and out of Marc's ass, training his man hole to learn how to take a big cock.  

Suddenly Marc feels Vince's body tense and his grip on his ass tightens as the big man shoots his first load inside the wrestler's guts.  Vince pumps and pumps as his balls empty their load deep inside Marc.  

"That's number one; only nine more to go, fucker"

After six more loads deposited in his ass Marc moans and groans and drops flat on the floor.

Vince grabs his balls again and begins to squeeze, Marc immediately gets up and sticks his ass in the air ready to take Vince's next load.  Vince pats Marc's ass and says "Now you got the idea, boy!"

Marc's training continues.

Buck is busy with Alec, when he hears a commotion coming from the bedroom where Johnny is still working on Cory.

He looks over at Pete who is getting the third first class blow job from Parker who has proven to be a very good student at sucking cock as well as taking it up the ass.

Pete shrugs his shoulders as Buck looks at him.  "sounds like Johnny may be out of control again."

Buck swears and drops the now docile and submissive Alec to the floor. "Don't move, bastard" he yells down at Alec.   "Yes, sir" Alec meekly replies.  The man has become a total slave.  He lays quietly on the floor as Buck walks toward the bedroom.

As he walks in he sees Johnny on top of Cory choking the college stud.  He walks over and barks "let him go Johnny"  Johnny ignores his brother and continues to strangle Cory.

Buck has had enough and grabs his brother, pulls him off of Cory and slams him into the wall.  Johnny lays naked sprawled out on the floor.

"That's it Johnny, I have had enough of your defiance, you're done."  He grabs some rope and binds Johnny's hands behind his back and then ties his ankles together. He kicks Johnny in the head nearly knocking him out.

"Now lay there and think about what you've done" he snaps "Your stupidity may have cost me a lot of money."  Johnny glares back at him.

Buck checks Cory to make sure he is ok.  Relieved that he does not seem to be damaged, he grins down at him and says.  "OK let's finish your training, boy."

He grabs the collar on Cory's neck and jerks him up dragging him over to where Alec still lays quietly on the floor.

He nudges Alec with his foot. "Get up asshole"

Alec immediately responds and gets on his hands and knees.  "Stand up" Buck orders and Alec gets to his feet.

Buck grabs Alec's dick and says "see if you can get this thing hard, boy."

Alec grabs his dick and begins to stroke it.  He is conditioned now and his dick immediately responds to the attention and begins to grow.

Buck pushes Cory to the floor and barks "Assume the position"  Cory also now thoroughly conditioned gets on his hands and knees.

Buck looks at Alec and says "plug his mouth with your dick"  Alec gets on his knees and quickly shoves his dick in the mouth of the college stud.  At the other end, Buck plunges his cock inside Cory's ass.

Cory begins to suck Alec and moves his ass to meet Buck's strokes. Cory has become a total whore.

The training of the captives continues through the night.

Hours later all of the captives have been trained to the satisfaction of Buck and they are lined up in a row; six young, virile, and muscular studs, who were successful business men, athletes and a tough ranger. Now, all six are totally compliant and submissive standing awaiting inspection and further orders.

Buck and his cohorts are now dressed and standing in front of the captives.  In front of each of them is shaving cream, scissors, hair clippers and other paraphernalia to get them cleaned up and ready for the auction which is only two hours away.  The potential buyers will arrive within the next ninety minutes.

Buck gives instructions to all and the enslaved men have their pubic hair trimmed, their assholes shaved and their hair cut short.  Each is fitted with handcuffs and ankle cuffs and placed on a low pedestal.

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