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A Rock Climbing Disaster
Chapter 5 - Cum Cows and Pleasure Bots
By Michael Randall

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When Alec had finished giving up his first load, the guys were amazed that his cock was still rock hard.  Buck walks over to him and grabs his dick.  He holds it up for all to see. “Look at this, the fucker is ready to give up another one."  He begins to stroke Alec's dick once again.  The banker is so out of it he doesn't even move in Buck spreads pre all up and down the shaft.  Alec's cock begins to respond once more.  It swells and throbs as the thug jerks him faster and faster.  Vince comes up and shoves his finger in Alec’s upturned ass, finger fucking him causing Alec to moan louder as his second load begins to build.

When he sees Alec's big balls begin to draw up close to his body, Buck puts the condom back on his cock.  In no time Alec’s cock explodes sending rope after rope of cum into the collection condom.  Alec lays there bound across the saw horse moaning in his drunken state.  Buck is relentless and grabs Alec’s cock again and begins to stroke it.  Alec begins to moan "hey man, stop this I can't take anymore!"

Buck looks down at the pound muscle boy and says "my friend, you have no idea what you're in for when I'm through with you you'll be a broken man.  I plan to teach you how to be a male whore, and when you're ready to serve, I’m gonna sell you to the highest bidder making me rich and giving you misery for the rest of your fucking life."

Of course, Alec had absorbed so much alcohol that his mind was reeling.  He had no idea where he was or what was being done to him even though his cock was so sore from the constant jerking that Buck has put him through.

Buck takes another enema bottle and fills it up with whiskey.  He shoves the bottle into Alec’s upturned ass in deposits the remainder in the banker.  This new introduction of alcohol puts Alec over the top and he begins to pass out.  Buck sees this and grabs him by the hair jerking his head up and he slaps him across the face again and again.  "Hey fucker, don't you fucking pass out on me he brutally slaps Alec across the face many times.  Finally the young banker seems to be coming back and Buck grabs his cock once more and begins to jerk him off.  As Alec reaches another climax the collection condom is stretched back over his reddened dick.  Once again Alex shoots out a superhuman load.

"Okay Vince" Buck growls, "why don't you start the process with the Ranger."  Vince grins at Buck and grabs an empty enema bottle and fills it with the chemicals in a good dose of whiskey.  He pries the Ranger's ass cheeks apart, and finds his hole and shoves the tip of the bottle in.  Tom jumps as the enema enters him.  Vincent squeezes the bottle delivering the mixture deep inside Tom's guts.  He quickly repeats the process with another bottle squeezing the contents of that one inside the young ranger.  Soon, enters a drunken state and Vince reaches down and grasps his dick and begins to jack it.  He opens a condom and holds it near Tom's cock.  He hears the Ranger grunt and knows that he is close so he stretches the condom over Tom's dick.  Tom roars out as his cock spews his cum into the collection condom. 

Buck instructs the rest of the thugs to grab one of the guys and start the process with each of them.  When each of the captives has delivered three loads, Buck asks Pete and Johnny to go out and bring in the "instruments" that they will use to complete training the young muscle bound men.

Soon Pete and Johnny return carrying two large crates.  They open the top of the first crate and pull out a strange looking machine.  It has a box with seven large tubes.  Inside the box are what look like giant condoms attached to the end of the tubes.  At the other end of the tubes are rubber milking caps.  The box is placed on the floor in front of the seven captives and one tube is attached to each of the throbbing cocks.  "What is this, Buck?"  Asks Hank.  Buck looks at him with a smirk on his face.  "Why this is the machine that will finish the work for us while we get ready for the training of these punks.  Get the other machine Buck says to Johnny.  Johnny opens the top of the second crate and extracts another machine.  This one too has seven tubes attached to a cylindrical base.  Each of the tubes has an enema nipple on the end of it.  "Get these things in their asses."  Buck barks.  The thugs comply with his request and soon each upturned ass has a tube connected to it.

Buck stands back and admires the sight before; seven virile young men, tied over sawhorses, muscles straining a tube attached to each cock and a tube inserted in each ass.  "Empty the rest of those whiskey bottles into the unit", he says to the guys.  They open the bottles of whiskey and begin pouring them into the cylindrical tank and then dump a large dose of chemical.  They put the top on the tank and look at Buck.  Standing there with his arms folded he tells Pete and Johnny to turn on the machines.  They press the buttons on both machines and instantly the pump begins shooting liquid into the guys.  They throw the switches on the milking machine and each guy starts to moan as the tubes begin to milk them.  At different times each of the captives begins to shoot their loads into the tubes which carry it to the collector.

The convicts stand there and laugh as they watch the victims being milked like cows, the collection condoms fill with cum as the machine does its work. Moans fill the room as each virile young man is milked of his precious cum over and over.  "Well guys, now you see our money growing.” Buck walks over to Alec and lifts the rapidly filling condom for them all to see.  “That cum is going to bring us a lot of money and that money will allow us to have the plastic surgery we will need to assume the identities of these losers and each of us will have a second chance at life.”  They all laugh and talk excitedly as they walk away leaving the machines to do their diabolical work.

"Now we have to get ready to train these guys on how to be pleasure bots so that they will please their new owners.”  They all laugh and sit down to plan the next part of their plan.

Two hours later each of the young men has been drained of all their cum.  Buck walks over to Cory and says "we will begin the training with this guy, untie him and bring him over here.”

“UHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHH” Cory moans as Vince and Johnny untie him.  “Take him out to that big shed in back, it has been properly outfitted with what we need.  The rest of you bring the others.”  Buck walks from machine to machine collecting the condoms that are full of precious cum and puts it in the refrigerator.

When he gets to the shed, he smiles as he sees six of their captives, naked and hanging from the ceiling attached by ropes around their wrists.  Alec, Marc, Ethan, Eric, Tom, and Parker were a sight to behold. Muscular young men totally naked, their big cocks hanging down in front of their balls.

Standing in the middle of the room is Cory who has a rope tied around his neck and Johnny is holding the other end of the rope.  Buck looks at Johnny and says “Ok, bro get the plan moving.”

Johnny jerks the rope and pulls Cory toward him. The young college man tries to resist and digs his heels into the ground.  Johnny jerks the rope again and Cory falls to the ground.  Johnny drags the young man across the dirt floor toward him.

He grabs Cory by the hair and jerks him up to a standing position.  “Who are you?’ he barks at the young man. Cory stands there with his mouth shut refusing to answer.  “I asked who you are!” Johnny screams at Cory, but the stud still refuses to talk.  Johnny reaches down and grabs Cory’s balls. He twists and pulls on them painfully.  Cory’s face contorts in pain as Johnny applies unbelievable pressure to his nuts.  “You’d better answer me asshole or I swear I will cut your nuts off.”  Cory’s eyes grow wide as he sees the sharp knife in Johnny’s hand. Johnny moves the knife to the area between Cory’s balls and cock and presses the blade to  the sensitive skin.

Cory yells out “OK, OK, my name is Cory and I am a college student on vacation.”  Johnny smiles at him and presses the blade harder into Cory’s sack.  “Wrong asshole.”  Johnny hisses.  “You are pleasure bot 0123”  he jerks on Cory’s balls. “Now who are you?”  Cory begins to answer “I am Cor…” Johnny jerks hard on Cory’s nuts and Cory falls to the ground in pain.  “Give me the correct answer, asshole.” Johnny says to him.  Cory looks up at him with bloodshot eyes.  “I, I, am, pleasure bot 0123” Then he hangs his head.

Johnny pulls Cory’s head to his crotch.  “Take my cock out and give a blow job!”  Cory just looks up at him. “I said give me a blow job, asshole, NOW!”  He kicks Cory in the balls and Cory screams out “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Johnny jerks him back up to a kneeling position and Cory unzips Johnny’s fly, reaches in and fishes out his cock and takes it in his mouth.

Johnny grins down as Cory begins to suck his big cock.  The other captives watch in horror as Cory sucks on Johnny’s dick.  Buck looks at all of them.  “Now we will begin your training as sexual pleasure bots and you will all learn to please a master or you will die, it will be your choice.”

He laughs and watches as Cory sucks on  Johnny’s dick.  He walks over to the young college and viciously rams his finger in Cory’s asshole.

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