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A Rock Climbing Disaster
Chapter 2 - Going South
By Michael Randall

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Things went south from there.

Buck snapped at Charlie “pick that fucker up” pointing to Alec’s motionless body.  Obviously, the hit on his head did some damage.  “What do ya want me to do with him, BUCK?”

“Get some rope from the back of the SUV and string him up by his ankles to that tree over yonder.” Buck nodded his head toward a large tree with thick low branches. Charlie got to work on Alec tying the rope around his ankles tightly. Then he tied the two ropes together and tossed them over the largest branch on the tree which was about eight feet from the ground.  He pulled the ends of the rope and soon Alec’s naked body was raised from the ground and he hung upside down, his hands nearly touched the ground.  Charlie tied the loose ends of the rope around the tree trunk rendering Alec helpless even when he would wake up.

Buck walked over to the guys and said “Are y’all deaf?? I said strip…now!”

Marc, the wrestler, was getting’ pissed off. “and I say, FUCK YOU, BASTARD!” he shouted at Buck “I’m not takin’ my clothes off for you bunch of perverts. Buck smiled at him sardonically and said “Fine we’ll take them off for ya.”

“Keep your filthy pervert hands off me” he stepped forward boldly.  “I was state champion in wrestling in college” he challenged Buck.

Buck laughed out loud “Yeah, college boy?  Well, Vince here was the cell block champ and sent a couple of inmates to the infirmary. Wanna go a coupla rounds with him?”

Marc wasn’t about to back down now. Vince looked formidable, but Marc was confident he could hold his own.

Buck looked seriously at Marc.  “OK, boy, you beat Vince and make him submit and I’ll set you free; you lose to Vince and he gets your clothes…and you.”

“What kind of perverted shit is this?” Marc demanded to know.

“Fine, we don’t even have to do this, asshole!” Buck replied angrily.

Marc sensed an opportunity here and decided he could take this guy and so the spoils to the victor only mattered for him.

“OK, ok don’t get your shorts in a knot, I’ll fight him.”

Ethan looked sharply at him. “Hey bro, I ‘m not so sure…”  Buck interrupted him.  “Shut your mouth boy.  Your friend has made decision and that’s how it stands.”

“We’ll start the bout in a minute, soon as I get outta this orange suit and into my new clothes and identity.”  With that he walks over to where Alec’s clothes lay.  He starts to strip off his jump suit when Marc interrupts him.

“Hey wait ’til the bout’s over to see if I win and we go free.”

Buck laughed.  “No, boy, you  win, you go free, it doesn’t apply to your girlfriends here!” he smirks and then adds “Besides, pretty boy hangin’ upside down in the tree already lost when he questioned me and that’s why he’s naked and unconscious.  Maybe I’ll give him a second chance to go free but he’s already given up his clothes and ID to me.”

Buck finishes pulling off his jump suit and the guys notice how muscular this guy is which was not so evident in the prison togs. He picks up Alec’s briefs and pulls them on followed by his shorts, shirt and hiking boots; the clothes fit him well even though he’s four inches taller. Reaching into the pocket he pulls out Alec’s wallet, opens it and looks at the driver’s license and says “Hey look at me, I’ve just become Alec Caldwell!”  He laughs and then points the gun at Marc. “Ok boys start the fight!”

Marc and Vince circle each other, each intent on winning this fight. 

“Marc don’t…” Ethan yells, Marc is startled and looks over at him.  This was Vince’s opportunity and he kicks the former university wrestling champ in the nuts.  Marc bends over in pain and Vince slams an elbow into the back of his head.  Marc drops to the ground cupping his balls.

“Get up, pussy!” Vince yells looking down at Marc. Through pain filled eyes, Marc fixes Vince in his sight and launches his foot at him.  Vince laughs and steps out of the way, Marc misses and lays there dazed. He goes behind Marc and lifts him up into a tight full nelson.

Marc wiggles and squirms trying to get free, but to no avail, Vince has this hold on tight and has Marc’s chin pushed down to his chest. “Ya, give asshole?” Vince asks. “No fuckin’ way” is Marc’s response.

“Wrong answer” Vince says and lets go of the nelson and spins Marc around facing him and starts with a barrage of jabs to Marc’s muscled abs.  There was no let up in his frenzied pummeling of the young teacher. “OOFFF, AWWWW, OOOF, AWWW!” Marc moans as he is being beaten to a pulp. Suddenly Vince throws an uppercut to Marc’s jaw sending him to his ass.

“Hey, no fair, man, that’s against the rules!” Ethan yells.  “What rules?” laughs Buck.  He waves the gun in his hand and says, “This appears to be the only ‘rule book’ and I’m holding it, so I make the rules!”  Ethan just shakes his head looking downcast. 

Meanwhile, Vince is beating the shit out of Marc. Marc is barely standing when Vince spins him around again and wraps his massive arm and bulging bicep around his throat.  Held tightly in Vince’s sleeper, Marc’s eyes roll back into his head as he slumps forward into the blackness of unconsciousness.

Vince lets him drop to the ground and for good measure, soccer kicks him in the ribs. There was no movement from the handsome guy as he lays sprawled on the ground.”

Vince bends down and picks grabs the Marc by his shirt and lifts him slightly, “Well I guess these are mine!’ he says and laughs loudly.  He strips the unfortunate teacher of his boots and socks and then lifts his shirt over his head revealing his well developed pecs and six pack. Then he removes Marc’s shorts and finally his briefs, leaving him naked and beaten. Vince rips off the orange jump suit and dresses himself in Marc’s clothes. He looks down him, naked, defeated, and unconscious.

He looks over at Buck and the other two and says “Ya know I believe he was the champ, the champ pussy , that is!”  All four of the convicts laughed at this remark.  Vince looks into Marc’s wallet and announces “OK, boys, I am now Marc Langton!”  he looks down and adds “…and him? He’s all mine!” He bends down picks up Marc and throws the naked man over his shoulder and carries him to the tree that Alec hangs from and he stands him up against the trunk.  “Hey Hank, bring me some of that rope.” Hank brings the rope and steadies Marc as Vince binds him tightly to the tree trunk.

At the same time, Alec begins to come around.  “Wha, wha, what the fuck?” and he begins to thrash around swinging around in circles as he hangs from the branch of the big tree.  “Where am I? what the hell happened? Let me down from here!” he demands. Suddenly he sees Marc lashed to the trunk of the tree.  “What? What? What’s going on?”

Buck walks over to the upside down twenty seven year old banker.  Alec recognizes his clothes. “Hey, you’re wearing my fucking clothes, get them off?”

Buck smiles, “Your clothes? I’m afraid you’re mistaken, sir, these clothes belong to Alec Caldwell and according to the driver’s license in the pocket, that’s me.”

Alec goes wild in the ropes and swinging back and forth as he tries to get loose and get down. As he swings back and forth, Buck walks over and reaching up grabs hold of his balls, jerking them to stop the swinging.  Alec screams out in pain.  Buck jerks the muscled young man back and forth

“Hmm, don’t like that, huh, boy? He closes his fist around Alec’s nads nearly crushing them. “Keep your fuckin’ mouth shut or I might be tempted to just rip them off, got it?” He points the pistol at them and says “or maybe I’ll just shoot ‘em off”

Alec looks at him with bloodshot eyes and nods his head meekly. “OK.” He says quietly as tears run down his cheeks. “That’s much better, boy”, Buck says “Maybe I’ll let you keep ‘em after all.”

Buck walks over to the tree trunk and unties the ropes holding Alec up off the ground. Alec falls to the ground and Buck to Charlie, “Hog tie him, Charlie and I’ll give ya something good!”

Charlie ties up Alec good and tight and drags him to the tree where he sits him down on the ground. He produces a ball gag from his pocket, shoves the ball in Alec’s mouth and fastens the straps behind his head.

“That oughta keep the bastard quiet” Buck nodded in agreement and then looked over at Charlie. “OK, Charlie”, he says the Ginger’s all yours” referring to Ethan’s red hair.  “Let’s see what surprises you have thought up for this good looking big-mouth!”

Ethan swallowed hard and tried to back away.

“Oh, no ya don’t, Red!” Charlie says as he walks toward Ethan. “Take off those clothes, now!”

Ethan just glared at the convict. “You stay away from me.  You’re not getting my clothes and you’re not taking my identity, FUCK YOU!” he screams.

Charlie pulls a knife out of the back of the SUV and pointing it at Ethan’s crotch, says “well, then maybe we’ll just start calling you ‘dickless’ “  All four convicts begin to laugh as Charlie grabs a handful of Ethan’s genitals.

…a few miles away, a young ranger has been notified that a disturbance seems to be going on with some screaming that could be heard a ways from the campground.  He decides to investigate…

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