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A Rock Climbing Disaster
Chapter 1 - The Adventure Begins
By Michael Randall

Alec, Marc, Ethan and Eric were fraternity brothers at the University.  They became very good friends when they were rushing and stayed friends throughout their four years of school.  These guys were athletes in excellent shape. They played every intramural sport and each was a star on one of the college teams. 

Alec was 6’1”, blond with blue eyes and very muscular he was captain of the basketball team; Marc had jet black hair and brown eyes stood 5’11” also well developed and was captain of the wrestling team; Ethan, a red head had green eyes and captained the baseball team stood 6 feet tall had a wiry but muscled body; and Eric with brown hair and brown eyes was the captain of the swim team 5’9” with a very defined swimmer’s body. 

Even though they were jocks, each of the guys graduated in from the university summa cum laude; Alec in business; Marc in education; Ethan in computer science; and Eric in journalism.  Every summer the four friends went rock climbing, their favorite group sport.

It’s been five years since graduation and each young man landed a fantastic job and proved to be very successful.  At 27 years old none were married, but Ethan and Marc were engaged to beautiful women, the other two were still in the dating scene.

One day Ethan called Eric and said “Hey bud, we haven’t seen each other in five years, I think it’s time for us to get together. I heard about this great place for rock climbing, the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming.  Eric agreed and they contacted Marc and Alec and both enthusiastically signed on.

The four met at O’Hare International airport and flew together to Wyoming.  They had a great time during their flight talking about the old days and reminiscing about their sexual conquests.  When they landed, they rented an SUV, loaded in all their gear and baggage and headed for the Big Horn Mountains.  The four friends were having a great time all the way to the lodge where they were staying before starting out the next morning. The four successful, good looking, muscular friends had a lot to be happy about, but little did they know that this rock climbing expedition intended to be a great celebration would become a nightmare.

The four rose at 4:00AM, changed into climbing shorts and t-shirts and drove to the starting point of their climb.  They were carefree as they headed for the foothills.  They had been so busy talking and laughing they did not hear the news bulletin about the four convicts who had escaped from the Wyoming State Penitentiary about 200 miles away.  The other thing the friends did not know is that at this very moment the four had arrived at the exact same location as them.

They sat in the SUV awaiting dawn still talking and having a great time and none of them noticed the movement outside the SUV. 

Suddenly all four doors of the vehicle were opened at the same time and standing at each door was one of the convicts in orange jumpsuits.

 Alec was irritated at the intrusion into their time and said “What the fuck do you want?”

Buck, the convict standing outside Alec’s door stood 6’5” tall, had huge muscles and was the apparent leader of the group. He grabbed Alec by the neck and dragged him out of the car. He quickly brought his knee up, slamming it into Alec’s balls.  Alec doubled over in pain and Buck drove his elbow into the back of his head.  Alec’s eyes rolled up into his head and he fell to the ground unconscious. 

Buck  looked into the SUV. “Any of the rest of ya pretty boys want ta challenge me?” he snarled in question.  Each of  the young men swallowed hard and shook their heads “no”.

“Get the fuck outta the fuckin’ car” Buck demanded. The three complied and got out.  “Vince, take them over by that tree and line ‘em up” Buck barked. Vince motioned to the three with the revolver he was holding and they walked toward the tree.  “Charlie and Hank, pick up that muthafucker and drag his sorry ass over to his friends.”  Charlie and Hank both huge guys picked Alec up easily, one taking his wrists and one his ankles and dropped him, face down, in front of his friends. The three guys looked down at their unconscious friend and were trembling.

“OK, pretty boys, we’re gonna play a game called ‘What used to be yours is now ours’ “ All three of the convicts laughed at Buck’s joke.  “Yeah” he continued “At first, we was gonna just take your identities, but lookin’ at the four a you and considerin’ we’ve been without women for five years, I think we got ourselves a bonus , doncha agree guys?”  The convicts laughed, but the four friends could tell that they were in big trouble.

“Charlie, look inna back of the car. The fuckers were ready to go climbing, I reckon, so there should be plenty of rope and other gear in the back.” Buck walked over and with the tip of his shoe, rolled Alec on his back.

Buck looked at Ethan and said “Strip him!” Ethan just stood there in disbelief, he started to say “but, I, I,”.  Buck looked at him with a nasty look and said “I didn’t tell you to talk, I said STRIP HIM…NOW!

Ethan got down on his knees and pulled Alec’s arms up, grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt and pulled it up over his head revealing Alec’s magnificent chest and six pack.  “WOW” Charlie whistled, “what a fuckin’ bod!” Ethan sat on the ground.  “Finish up, asshole” Buck yelled. And Ethan, with shaking hands unbuckled Alec’s belt, opened his shorts and unzipped them. He tugged them down to Alec’s boots exposing his tight briefs containing a sizable bulge.  Ethan took off Alec’s boots and socks and then pulled his shorts the rest of the way down. “His underpants, too!”  “AW come on guys, don’t make me…” “Shut the fuck up and finish the job!” With trembling hands, Ethan slipped his fingers under the waistband and pulled Alec’s briefs off.  Alec’s 7 inch cock flopped on top of his big balls as he continued to sleep.

Buck looked at Ethan, Marc and Eric.  “OK” he says, “Now you guys get outta those clothes…STRIP NOW!”

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