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A Rock Climbing Disaster
Chapter 3 - The Plot Thickens
By Michael Randall

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Ethan puts his hands out in front of him in a defensive position with both palms facing Charlie.  “Hey man, let’s be sensible about this. You really don’t want to do this, man.  You’ll go back to prison, ya know?  There will be no escape, nothing!”

Charlie swats Ethan’s hands away “Shut up fucker or I swear I will bury this knife in you. Now I’m gonna ask once more for you to take your fuckin’ clothes off, NOW! If you don’t, they will come off, I guarantee that, they will come off.

Ethan was trying to think of something to do but couldn’t think of a thing, so he began to pull his t-shirt over his head. “O..OK..OK, man I’m takin’ them off, just give me some time…”

He hands his t-shirt to Charlie who smiles evilly at him as the young vice-president begins to unbuckle his belt and drops his hiking shorts to the ground and steps out of them and hands them over.  He bends over and unties his boots pulling them off one at a time followed by his socks. He straightens up standing clad only in his briefs.

Charlie waves the knife in front of him, “c’mon boy hand ‘em over” he says gesturing at Ethan’s briefs.  He knows he cannot prolong this without inviting disaster, so he hooks his thumbs in the waistband and pushes them to his feet and then steps out of them.  He picks them up and offers them to Charlie who takes them and piles them with the rest of the strikingly handsome redhead’s clothes.

Ethan stands there naked now thinking he is safe until he hears Charlie yell to Buck, “Watch him, Buck while I take my new identity!”  They both laughed and Buck pointed the gun at Ethan while Charlie stripped off his orange jump suit and puts all of Ethan’s clothes on.

Then Charlie walks over to Buck and whispers something in his ear.  Buck laughs.  “Sounds like fun to me and will serve a dual purpose.”

Ethan began to get nervous as Charlie came toward him brandishing the knife once again.  “OK, fucker get over there by upside down boy, NOW!

Ethan moved quickly to where Alec hung upside down from the large tree branch.

Buck came over and grabbed Ethan’s hands and pulled them roughly behind his back and bound his wrists together.

Meanwhile Eric decided to go along with what is going on and strips all of his clothes off and hands them to Hank, who starts laughing, but shrugs off his orange jumpsuit and dresses in Eric’s clothes.

He gets behind Eric and pushes him in front of Ethan.  Buck  steps forward and pushed Eric to his knees in front of Ethan. “Suck his dick!”  Eric looked up at Buck in shock.  “What?”

“I said, suck his dick, do you have a hearing problem?” “No, bu..”  He didn’t get to finish as Buck pushed his face into Ethan’s crotch.  “OPEN YOUR MOUTH!” Eric opened his mouth and Buck grabbed Ethan’s cock and shove it inside.  “NOW SUCK IT, LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT, ‘CAUSE IT DOES!”

Eric begins to move his mouth up and down Ethan’s dick and Ethan begins to get an erection.  His 7 inch dick stands straight out now, sliding in and out of Eric’s mouth.

In the meantime, Marc’s bindings are cut and he is pulled up and brought over to where Alec hangs.  Buck lowers Alec to the ground and pushes Marc to his knees in front of the fine looking Alec.  “Now you suck upside down boy.” Marc didn’t wait to be told twice and he opened his mouth and took Alec’s big cock inside.  Alec threw a boner immediately.

The four convicts were laughing uproariously at this sight and then Buck pulled two cock rings out of his pocket.  He clipped one on Ethan’s cock and one on Alec’s cock to keep them hard.

They pulled Marc and Eric away and told Alec to lay down on the ground.  Then they directed Ethan to get on top of Alec in a 69 position with Alec’s cock in Ethan’s mouth and Ethan’s cock in Alec’s.  He then tightly binds them tightly together.  He shoves the muzzle of the revolver between Ethan’s ass cheeks and says “You boys keep them cocks hard or there’s a bullet going up each of your asses.” Having learned to believe what the convicts say, they both begin to suck cock furiously.

They do the same thing with Marc and Eric making them get each other hard and then bind them together with the same threat.  They lay the four side by side on the ground. 

Soon the sound of a motor is heard.  Buck looks at his friends and says “let’s get them out of the way for a minute.” They pick up the tied up pairs and move them out of the clearing and into the woods.

Just as they finished a uniformed park ranger appears in the clearing.

He hails the four. “Hey guys, getting ready to climb, huh?” 

Buck clears his throat “Yeah, we had been waiting for the light.”

“Well I had some complaints of screaming and loud voices over this way, you hear anything?”

“Naw, it was probably some animals.” 

The ranger sensed that something was wrong but couldn’t put his finger on it.

Buck saw the concern on the young ranger’s face and decided he was not gonna let some rookie ranger mess up their plans.

“So you got a partner out there looking too?” Buck asks

“Naw, I’m on my own for the next two days.”

That’s all Buck needed to hear and he motioned with his head to the other guys and they surrounded the ranger.  Charlie grabbed his arms and pinned them to his back.

“Hey, what, th hel…” The ranger’s words were cut off as Vince punches him in the abs. Vince beat the hell out of the young ranger until he was no longer conscious.  They pulled off his uniform, stripping him bare and threw him to the ground where they hogtied him.

They put his uniform in the back of the SUV knowing they would find a use for it at some point.

“OK” Buck says to the guys. “load all five in the back and let’s get back to their cabin, it looks like rain.

They load all five of the naked guys in the back of the SUV and Buck and Vince drive it to the cabin  while Hank and Charlie move the ranger’s jeep.

Hank looks at Charlie and says “I hope Buck’s gonna let us have some fun with these guys before they’re taken away.

They continue along when Hank’s cell rings.

‘Yeah? OK, yep, OK” he clicks his phone off and Charlie says “who was that?”

“Buck. He said there’s two college boys hitching up ahead and were supposed to pick them up.  They soon saw the two twenty something, good looking shirtless guys. Charlie and Hank both licked their lips.  Hank says “These two will provide perfect clothes for Johnny and Pete when they get here.”

Charlie stops the car and the two run up. “You guys headin’ down?” One of the breathless young men asks.

“Yeah, sure, c’mon climb in” Hank says invitingly and then he looks over at Charlie and laughs wickedly.


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