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The Bet
Part 8 - Aftermath
By Master Skrain

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8. Aftermath.

Vito supported Daniel as they made their way back to the cabin. Daniel had been pushed to his limits by the brutal Torture, but he needed to see if he could endure that level of pain and suffering. Vito was both proud that his instincts about Daniel had been right all along, and surprised at the sheer level of determination and willpower the “straight” slaveboy had shown!

When they made it inside, Vito stripped the restraints, the collar and everything else from his slave, then undressed himself, and helped Daniel into the shower.

“This is probably going to sting and hurt, boy, but I want to be sure you are rinsed off.” He told Daniel. “I'm not going to use any soap, just water.”

“Thank you, Sir. It will be fine, sir.”

Vito turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature to a nice warm setting before helping Daniel under the spray. He winced and groaned as the water flowed over his welted skin, but then he relaxed as the soothing warmth flowed into his battered muscles. Vito just held his slave as they stood under the shower, comforting him and helping to support him after his day of intense Tortures. Daniel then surprised him by leaning in and kissing Vito passionately as they stood together, arms wrapped around each other.

“Thank you for inviting me, Sir. This has been wonderful, the whole thing, Sir! It's changed my life, Sir. I knew that I wasn't really happy before, even when I was having sex with my girlfriend, but I never knew why. But, now I know.”

Vito just held Daniel for a couple more minutes before they got out of the shower. Vito dried Daniel off gently, using a thick towel so as to not rub against his welts. He then told Daniel to put on an old t-shirt, one that he didn't really care about before getting into bed. He explained that this was in case his welts weeped slightly during the night he wouldn't mess up the sheets. Vito then told Daniel to relax while he went over to the main tent to see if he could rustle up some food for them, since Daniel hadn't eaten a thing all day!

“Yes, Sir. Thank you for thinking of your slave, Sir!” Said Daniel, as he slipped into a shirt then got into bed and lay down gingerly.

Vito kissed him, and slipped into some shorts and his sneakers to try to get some snacks or sandwiches for them. Heading over to the main tent, Vito encountered several members of the Griffins club that complimented him on his slave, and wondered why they hadn't seen Daniel at any meetings, or even seen him out with Vito before. He had to explain why Daniel was with him at the run, but promised to try to get him to some club meetings and play sessions soon.

Making a couple of sandwiches from the fixings that were laid out for late night snacking, and grabbing some cookies, he headed back to their cabin. When he got there, Daniel was lying in bed resting on one side, to try to keep too much pressure off his back or chest as they were both pretty welted. Vito sat down next to him and offered his slave a sandwich.

“Thank you, Master! Slave was getting really hungry!”

“That's O.K. Boy. And, just between us, you can go ahead and speak of yourself normally when we are alone. Just remember to use the 3rd person when out in public. I just want you to have fun while we are together, and to have a good time!”

Daniel grinned at Vito, and chowed down on his sandwich, and a couple of cookies, while Vito did the same. When they were done, Vito turned off the main light in the cabin, leaving just a small bedside light on. He then slipped out of the shorts and his sneakers, crawled into bed, and gently snuggled up to Daniel, so they were lying face to face.

“So, boy, what do you think so far? Enjoying yourself?” Vito grinned.

“Oh, hell yeah, man. This has been great! I never knew that actually being Tortured could both hurt SO much, and still be SO much fun, and so hot!”

Vito chuckled; “Well, anything else you want to try in a day or so? Tomorrow, you will get to take it easy, since I have pushed you pretty hard. And don't say that you can take more, boy, since I have a lot more experience in this shit then you do! You might be fine for a couple more days, but once we get home, and you calm down, you are gonna be SO sore for a week or more, even worse then after a gut busting workout! Your endorphins are running pretty high right now, but that will change, and you WILL feel it!”

Daniel nodded. “Yes, Sir. I agree, Sir. Actually, there are only a few more things I'd love to try before we go home. One is seeing what electricity feels like when used like for Torture, like we've seen, another thing I wanna try is the rod inside my cock. I think you called it sounding? And, one of my oldest fantasies, one that used to get me hard watching old Hercules movies, is to be Tortured on a rack, you know, stretched out as tight as I can take. That has always seemed to be really sexy to me, for some odd reason.”

Vito laughed gently. “Yes, boy, and I think you will look hot as hell stretched on the rack, all sweaty and shiny, maybe naked except for your boots and collar, being jacked off, or sucked while your tits are tortured...”

Daniel grinned. “Yum! Sounds hot and I'm looking forward to it!”

Vito smiled and said; “Let me tell you a secret, boy. It's one of my favorite Tortures, too. I enjoy being stretched on a rack as well. That's why I have one in my playspace at home. I'll tell you what, boy, if you do good for the rest of the week, once we get home, I'll let you put me on my rack, and Torture me! I love having my nipples worked over when I'm helpless, and stretching me tighter and tighter on the rack will just about always get me to cum, even no handed! Just keep stretching me, and I'll shoot!”

Daniel said; “You're on! That just gives me more reasons to do well as your slave for as long as we are here! I want to stretch you out nice and tight, and then spend an hour or two making love to your muscles while you can't do anything about it!”

Vito laughed. “Well, it's good to see that you've come so far on your way to realizing exactly who you really are, and what you really like! I bet your girlfriend never really turned you on like the last few days have, did she, boy?”

Daniel turned bright red, and sighed. “No, Sir. I just thought that I had to have a girlfriend and if I did that maybe those feelings I was trying to hide from would go away on their own. God, I feel like I've missed so much trying to pretend that I was straight, just because I was afraid of what other people would think, and because I thought that a gay bodybuilder was something strange.”

He actually looked kind of sad and almost of the verge of crying. Vito knew some of it was caused by his emotions coming down off his endorphin high, so he leaned in and kissed Daniel before he could sink lower into his funk. He then gently wrapped his arms around Daniel's muscular body, and just held him for a while until Daniel seemed to calm down. Daniel smiled at him, and slowly started to kiss Vito, on the lips at first, and then he worked his way down across Vito's jawline, to his neck, then down to his shoulders.

“Sir, would you please just lie back with your hands under your head for a while?” whispered Daniel.

Vito smiled, knowing what Daniel wanted to do. He rolled onto his back, and pillowed his head on his hands and closed his eyes, waiting. He moaned softly when he felt his slave's hot breath in his right armpit just before his tongue began to gently lick the skin.

Daniel made gentle love to Vito's chest, pits, biceps, nipples, ribs and muscles for a good 20 minutes before he finally worked his way across the rippled abs, and began to lick Vito's erect shaft. Vito moaned as the head of his cock was sucked into Daniel's hot mouth, and he felt his slave begin to make love to his cock with his tongue and his teeth, gently nibbling on the skin, and licking the head. Then Daniel's fingers began to stroke Vito's ripped muscles and bulging ribs, on their way up to his erect nipples.

Daniel's fingers began to flicker across the erect tips of Vito's tits, adding to his sensory overload. Vito's breath came in shorter and shorter gasps as his slave's ministrations of his cock and his sensitive nipples and muscles continued. Daniel seemed to know when his Master was getting close to cumming as he would stop, or at least ease off on his stimulating Vito's cock and tits, and allow him to cool off for a bit before starting back on his pleasure Torture.

Vito was amazed at how fast Daniel had picked the tricks for making a blow job last longer and be much more pleasurable to both guys, since he had given his very first blow job less then 2 weeks ago! Eventually, though, Vito just couldn't hold back any longer. He held Daniel's head as he fucked his mouth for a minute or two before cumming. Daniel swallowed his Master's sperm excitedly, licking and sucking his cock to be sure he got it all.

Vito eventually had to tell his slave to relax, and let him roll onto his side. When he did, Daniel gingerly slid back up so they were face to face once again.

“Thank you, Sir. Thank you for your cum, Sir. It tastes so good!”

“And thank you for a great blow job, boy! Now, we both need to get some rest, since I'm pooped! Torturing you is hard work! But, it's worth it, just to see your hot bod writhing and flexing, and to hear you screaming! That's SUCH a turn-on for me, boy!

Daniel chuckled. “Well, I'm glad I'm so entertaining, Sir! But you're right, I'm pretty well burned out as well.”

Vito reached over to the nightstand and turned off the light, plunging the cabin into darkness. He felt his slave snuggle up against him as he was dropping off to sleep. Vito knew that they would have a long time together after they got home from the run.

When they woke up in the morning, Vito told Daniel NOT to try to take off the t-shirt, as some of the welts across his chest and back had weeped some during the night. Instead, he told him to get into the bathroom, and soak under a warm shower for a few minutes. Once Daniel had done that, Vito joined him, and slowly peeled the shirt off, gently removing it while disturbing the welts as little as possible.

Once the shirt was off, Vito checked Daniel's back and chest to see if any of the welts or marks looked like they might be trouble. Once he was satisfied that they were going to be fine, they went to get breakfast. Vito even let Daniel sit next to him this morning, and eat normally, using utensils for a change. He knew that today was going to be a little different for his slave, and he wanted him to relax, and just chill today. When breakfast was finished, they went back to the cabin so Vito could talk to Daniel in private.

“O.K. Boy, this is what I have decided for today. You will be given as much time off today as you want, to just relax and take it easy. I know you are strong, but I don't want you overdoing it at your first run like this. You can just hang around by the pool if you want, or just wander around observing things that are going on. BUT, and this is important, boy, you are NOT to have sex with anyone! You WILL NOT fuck anyone, nor will ANYONE fuck you, OR cum in your mouth or ass today! Also, you WILL NOT cum in or on anyone else, either! Is that understood, boy?”

“Yes, Master. Slave understands, and will obey your orders, Sir!”

“Now, I'm not trying to ruin your fun, boy, but I do want to keep you safe. So, just to make it certain that you will be safe, you will wear this!”

Vito pulled out a strange looking device from his toy box. To Daniel it looked kind of like a jock, but it was made of thin metal bars shaped like a cock. Vito told him to strip, and quickly insert his cock into the cage unit. Once it was around Daniel's dick, Vito used a small padlock to lock it to the belt that went around Daniel's waist, with a strap that went between his legs. Once it was on, Daniel's slave cock was caged, trapped in the chastity device, and he would be unable to even get hard, much less cum!

Then, Vito pulled a small chain from the box, and using another padlock, he fastened it around Daniel's neck, and locked it in place. He then attached a small dog tag to the chain.

“O.K. Slave. You are now locked, and marked as my property. That should keep anyone from trying to have sex with you unless I give them permission first! Now, I'm going to trust you to not suck cock today, or anything like that. BUT, if I do see you doing that, just remember, slave that I have a muzzle gag and LOTS of padlocks! As I said, I'm NOT trying to spoil your fun, but I want to keep you safe from and STDs. Understood, boy?”

Daniel smiled. “Yes, Master! Slave understands, and thanks you for caring so much! Slave won't suck cock or anything like that, Sir. Is there anything that slave can do, though, Sir?”

Vito thought for a bit. “Well, if someone wants to suck your tits, or lick your sweat, or feel your muscles, that's fine. Hell, there might be guys here that will want to cum on your muscles and then lick their sperm off, and that will be fine as well. They can cum ON you, but not IN you. I know that happened while you were staked out, so it might happen again. If someone wants to do something like that, or just some muscle worship, go for it. And, if you want to suck their tits, or lick their sweat, that will be O.K., but only above the waist! I want to see how much self-discipline you really have. But, that might not be as quite as much fun as you think, boy!” He added, with a bit of an evil grin.

Daniel didn't really know what Vito meant, but he thanked his Master again before slipping on a pair of his favorite gym shorts and a pair of low boots. Daniel headed over to the pool area with a towel, looking to just relax, and spend some time getting some sun on his back and butt, to even out his exposure after the stake-out. He spread his towel on one of the lounges by the pool, shucked off his shorts and boots, and lay down, face down and just started to relax, feeling the sun beginning to warm his still battered back and ass. He felt the stress and tension slowly melting out of his muscles.

Daniel had time to think while lying there, and he realized how lucky it was for him that he actually HAD lost the bet with Vito. Without losing, he might never had the chance to actually see what he had been missing in his life, and to finally come out of his self-imposed closet, and to be able to accept freely and fully who he really was! He also knew that he was going to do his best to be the best slave to Vito that he could.

The day passed rather quickly for Daniel. He spent an hour or so lying in the sun by the pool, chatting with some of the other club members, as well as guys that had been admiring him as he was being tortured, or being used as the rope in the tug-of-war. A few even asked about his bodybuilding regimen and where they could get information to help them with their workouts. One young guy finally asked if Daniel would lie on his back so he could suck his nipples, and worship his muscles. Daniel was more then happy to comply until he tried to get hard again, then his cock started to hurt as it tried to expand in the chastity cage! Now he knew what Vito had meant about things not being as much fun as they might seem to be!

Daniel endured the discomfort as best as he could, since the boy worshiping his pecs and biceps was really cute! When he stuck his tongue into Daniel's right armpit, Daniel could barely contain himself from his desire to feel the boy's body, and suck his cock! But, he managed to control his desire, and just let the boy continue his muscle worship.

After a while the boy leaned down close to Daniel's ear and softly said; “Damn, I really want to suck your dick, and take your cum! But, I see you must be someone's property.”

Daniel smiled and replied; “Well, as you see, I'm locked. You would have to get permission from my Master to do that. Maybe later, when you see us together, and you beg hard enough, he might let you, but you might have to suck his cock as well!”

The boy grinned. “Sounds like a fun time to me! We will see what happens. But, thanks for letting me feel and work on your hot muscles and tits! Damn, you have a HELL of a body!”

He bent down and kissed Daniel's nipples one more time before finally thanking Daniel again, and walking off, sporting an obvious erection under his swimsuit.

Daniel just lay back and smiled to himself, thinking that he had made the right decision in agreeing to come to the run after losing the bet! He drifted off into a light doze, lulled by the warm sun, not really asleep, but not fully awake either. He was just so relaxed after the muscle worship, and after all the events he had seen and participated in at the run so far. And, there were a few more days to go!

For most of the rest of the day, Daniel just wandered the run site, observing and watching various scenes, getting more of an idea of what the entire BDSM lifestyle entailed, and becoming more enamored by it with every scene! He crossed paths with Vito outside the maze tent, and Vito took him inside for some “anonymous” sex, ordering Daniel to suck him off through a glory hole that was set up in one of the small cul-de-sacs in the maze. Daniel found it to be somehow incredibly erotic to be sucking an “anonymous” cock, and he hoped that Master Vito would let him do it more often!

But, until that happened, he would of course obey his Master's orders and desires, and whatever else he had to do to be the perfect slaveboy! After he had swallowed Vito's sperm, they went back outside to just sit for a while.

“Are you feeling rested, boy?” Vito asked his slave as he knelt next to his chair.

“Yes, sir! Thank you, Sir. Slave is feeling very good, Sir!”

“Glad to hear it, boy, since tonight, after dinner, you are going to have to endure another test of strength! We are going to see how strong those big muscles and your joints are, boy! Tonight, you are going on the rack, and believe me, you WILL be screaming in agony by the time I'm finished with you! I've arranged for a role-play scene with some of the club, and we are gonna try to break you, boy!”

A huge grin split Daniel's face!

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir! Slave REALLY wants to be Tortured on the rack, Master! It's actually been a fantasy since well before slave came out, Sir!”

“Well, we will see if you are so eager once we're finished with you, boy...”

To Be Continued...

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