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The Bet
Part 7 - Tortured!
By Master Skrain

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7. Tortured!

Daniel looked at his Master in fearful anticipation of the suffering that he was about to endure. He knew that being flogged hurt on it's own, but being flogged on top of even a mild sunburn was going to be sheer agony! His chest and abs weren't too badly sunburned, but the area around his hips, and his cock and nuts were feeling the warmth more. Daniel looked down and saw that Vito had laid out at least 6 of his floggers, the triple-tailed tawse, several riding crops, a thin cane, and paddles. He knew that he was going to suffer tonight, to be made to endure his first real session of intense Torture.

Daniel suspected that he previous floggings and paddlings that he had endured were just warm-ups for tonight. Still, this was what he had agreed to when he had made the bet with Vito in the gym, and he was determined to live up to his agreement. Also, he wanted to prove to Vito that he was the right slave to serve him in the future.

Vito grinned at him, then his expression hardened as he began to concentrate on the torture that he was going to inflict on his muscleslave. The flogger swung around, and hit Daniel's pecs with a loud “SMACK” sound. Daniel writhed on the cross, his biceps bulging as the burning impact tore through his chest, seeming to explode in his head! Vito swung the flogger again, slapping the tails across Daniel's flexed abs this time! Daniel groaned into his gag, trying to process the pain. He knew that it was only going to get worse, so he tried to prepare his mind to accept it.

The flogging lasted a good 30 minutes, with Vito using each flogger to give his slave about 20 or 30 strokes across his torso, then switching to a heavier, or more intense flogger for the next round! Also, every time he switched floggers, he added another 2 pound wright to Daniel's nut stretcher. Daniel tried to keep still during the flogging, but he just couldn't, which added to his suffering as the nut stretcher swung with his every movement.

By the time Vito laid down the last of the floggers, Daniel was in sheer agony, not only from the burning pain in his chest and abs, but from the pain in his lower abdomen from the 12 pounds of weight swinging from his stretched, purple nuts.

Then, to add to his slave's suffering, Vito clipped a vicious pair of alligator clamps on Daniel's already sore and welted nipples. Daniel screamed at the pain that felt just like two red hot coals had been pressed against his pecs, and were being held there! These clamps were much worse then anything that he had been made to endure before. Vito stood there for a few minutes, allowing his slave to process the pain, and wanting to be sure that he didn't overload him with too much at one time. Daniel's chest heaved with each Tortured breath, since even expanding his chest for a deep breath was almost impossible with the agonizing pain burning deeply into his pecs. Finally, the heaving of his chest eased as his body began to cope with the level of pain.

Next, Vito picked the thin cane. He looked deeply into Daniel's eyes, and was gratified to see Daniel wink at him, and nod his head slightly, signifying his readiness for the Torture to continue. Vito struck Daniel left thigh with the cane, causing his slave to scream into the gag again, and his body to jump, causing the weights on his nuts to swing violently! The pain was like a red-hot iron had been pressed against Daniel's thigh. The cane hit Daniel's thick hard legs again and again, making him twist and writhe on the cross with each impact. The pain was building, and building, driving him closer and closer to his breaking point with each burning impact.

Daniel came close to giving the signal for stop when Vito began to use one of the riding crops on his stretched nuts, and his still erect cock! He had never endured anything like this before. Daniel would never have thought that his cock and nuts could hurt like this. It felt like his balls were on the verge of tearing loose from his torso, and he wasn't sure if his cock would ever be able to get hard again. Still, he trusted Vito to not take him TOO far into sheer agony, or to do any permanent damage.

Daniel began to moan in anticipation when Vito set down the crop, and turned towards him, and reached out to the nipple clamps. He KNEW the explosion of pain he was about to endure would be raw, brutal TORTURE at it's worst, but there was nothing he could do about it, except to endure it, since the clamps had to come off at some time. The clamps had been on Daniel's tits for a good ten minutes, and the tender, tortured nipples were going to hurt incredibly badly when they were removed.

Daniel shrieked into the muzzle when Vito squeezed the clamps, opening them up, and releasing the pressure on Daniel's battered tits. He gently removed the clamps, making sure that the teeth didn't tear the tender skin. Daniel shrieked again when Vito leaned in and began to suck his right nipple, using his teeth and tongue to massage the erect knob of flesh to get the circulation back into it, and to prevent any worse bruising. The muscleslave shrieked again and again, as Vito alternated sucking and nibbling on one nipple and the other, savoring the salty sweat running down his torture slave's muscles, and the feel of his writhing, flexing muscles under his hands as he stroked his fingers up and down the muscled torso spread-eagled in front of him. Finally, Vito leaned back, and looked at his slave, ensuring that he was still alright, and was capable of continuing the Torture session.

Daniel actually whimpered in fear and the tears started to run down his face when he saw Vito pick up the tawse. He knew that this was going to hurt much worse then even the worst of the floggers, and he wasn't really sure he could endure much more! Still, he was determined to endure as much as humanly possible without passing out or throwing up from the agony!

Vito saw the fear in Daniel's eyes, and leaned in to whisper; “Can you take it, boy? If you can't, just let me know, and I'll stop. Really, I don't want to really do something that will be too much for you.”

Daniel looked into his eyes for a moment, then nodded his head yes.

Vito said: “Are you sure? I will stop, unless you really want me to go on.”

Daniel swallowed hard, and nodded yes once again. Vito smiled at his slave, impressed with his bravery and sheer strength and determination. He then dragged the thick, tapered leather tails of the tawse across his welted and striped chest muscles. Daniel took a deep breath, his chest expanding and his ribcage bulging before Vito swung the tawse and slammed it into Daniel's pecs!

Daniel screamed into the muzzle, every muscle in his body flexing and writhing as the burning agony pounded through his body! The veins stood out across his biceps and pecs, and across his thighs and quads as his body struggled to absorb the pain. The tawse slapped across his already burning skin again and again, leaving vicious looking welts on the tanned muscles. Daniel was screaming in sheer agony now, one long continuous shriek of pain and suffering! He was seeing his Master through a reddish haze, his vision blurring from the tears now running down his face.

Vito finally loudly said; “Boy, I'm going to give you 5 more strokes! If you can endure them, I'll stop for now. Here is what you have to do. I am going to remove your muzzle. You will need to count each stroke out loud. If you get them all right, we will stop. If you screw up, we will have to start over again, and keep doing it until you get it right! Is that understood, boy?”

Daniel nodded to his Master. Vito leaned in, and unlocked the muzzle from around Daniel's head, and took it off. Daniel licked his lips, glad to have the leather gag from the inside of the muzzle out of his mouth.

He murmured “Thank you, Sir” to Vito.

Vito picked up the tawse again. “Ready, boy?” he asked.

Daniel took a deep breath then said “Yes, Master. Please, Torture this slave, Sir!”

Vito swung the tawse, laying the tails across Daniel's hard pecs.

“ONE, SIR!!” he shrieked, as the agony blasted through his chest!

“TWO, SIR!!” The pain was incredible!!

“THREE, SIR!!” This was sheer Torture!

“FOUR, SIR!!!” Daniel's head swam.

“FIVE, SIR!!!” Daniel slumped down on the cross gasping for air, only held up by the wrist restraints as his knees buckled. Immediately, several of Vito's friends and club brothers were there to help support Daniel, who was now only semi-coherent, and moaning constantly. They helped hold him up, as Vito removed the weights from the nut parachute, and then unbuckled it. Then, he released Daniel's right wrist from the cross, and as he was being held up, slowly lowered it down to his side. Vito then repeated the careful release of his slave with his left arm. Then, Daniel's feet were released, and he was gently laid on one of the benches, moaning constantly. Vito knelt next to him, making sure that he was breathing properly, and comforting his slave, stroking his hands gently across his tortured body, soothing him.

Daniel's eyes slowly opened and he slowly focused on the face of his Master. Seeing Vito kneeling next to him, Daniel smiled through his pain.

“Damn, that shit hurt, Sir. Fuck, now I know what it feels like to be tortured for real! And, what's really scary is the fact that I liked it, Sir! I want to do more, Sir! Please, Sir, do the same thing to my back, Sir! Really, I mean it, Sir.... Oh, sorry, Sir, please torture this slave like that again across it's back, Master! Then punish it for forgetting it's manners, Master! Please...”

Vito looked down into Daniel's face, and smiled back at him.

“Don't worry, boy, not a problem. And yes, if you REALLY want more, I will do the same to your back, BUT, not until you have rested for a while. You are on an endorphin high right now, and I want you to calm down for half an hour or so before I do your back.”

Vito looked up at one of his friends from the club and asked him if he would fetch a couple of bottles of cold water for him and his slave. When he had the water, Vito opened one and lifted Daniel's head enough that he could swallow some of the water. Daniel took a couple of drinks and grinned at Vito. Vito, just for the fun of it, then poured some of the ice cold water on Daniel's welted chest!

“SHIT! Damn, that's cold, Sir! Fuck!” Howled Daniel from the shock of the water hitting his tenderized skin.

Vito grinned down at his slave again and chuckled; “Gotcha, boy! You won't forget your manners again, will you boy?”

“SIR! No, Sir!” gasped Daniel.

Vito laughed, then leaned down and kissed his slave. He then softly said; “You rest for a few more minutes, boy, and then I'm gonna welt your back and ass if you really want it, boy!”

“Sir! Yes, Sir! Please, Sir, flog this slave's back and butt, use the tawse, and Torture your slave, Sir! It really wants it, Sir, to prove how much it loves it's Master, Sir! Please, Sir, Torture your slave, Sir!”

“O.K. Boy. You want more Torture, then more Torture is what you will get! Rest for about 10 minutes, and then I'll take you right to the edge...and push you over!”

“Sir! Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir!”

Daniel lay back on the bench for a bit longer before he finally sat up slowly, making sure not to move too quickly until he saw how he would react. He sat on the bench, sipping from the bottle of water while Vito sat next to him, making sure his slave was recovering from the Torture session. In another 5 minutes or so, Vito told Daniel to stand up so he could observe him. There seemed to be no problems, as Daniel stood straight up and didn't wobble or stagger.

“All right, boy, get your ass over to the cross, and face it!” Vito snarled, playing to the crowd again.

Daniel stepped to the cross, leaned against it, and raised his arms. Vito fastened his wrist restraints to the ends of the upper arms, then ordered his slave to spread his feet so they could be bound as well. Daniel stood facing the cross, spread-eagled, his thick back muscles and broad shoulders totally exposed and ready for Torture. Vito looked at his muscleslave, marveling at the width of the bodybuilder boy's shoulders, the rippling muscles under his sweaty skin that tapered from his shoulders down to his narrow hips, then to his beautiful bubble butt, still showing the fading marks of his previous paddling.

Vito leaned in and ran his hands down the hard muscles, then said loudly; “No gag for you this time, slave! I want to hear you screaming!” He then slid his hands around the sides of Daniel's thick lats, grasped his tits, and squeezed and twisted the incredibly sensitive knobs of flesh!

“SHIT!! Oh FUCK that hurts, Sir! Fuck yes, Master, Torture your slave, Sir! Hurt me, Sir! Please, HURT ME, MASTER!! Slave will scream for you, MASTER!!”

Daniel was writhing on the cross, his thick biceps flexing and straining, the veins standing out across the surface of the muscles like hoses on a sidewalk. Vito twisted Daniel's tits harder and harder, drawing more and more screams of agony from his slave, as his muscles writhed and strained against the thick leather restraints.

Vito suddenly let Daniel's tits go, and before he could even register the blast of pain from his chest, Vito had slapped the first flogger across the thick, sweat-drenched back muscles!


Vito snarled; “What the fuck did I tell you about what to call yourself, slave? That just earned you an additional half hour of torture, slave!”

“Yes, Sir!! Slave is sorry, Master, and it deserves the Torture, Sir!” shrieked Daniel. “Punish your slave, Sir. Make it scream for you, Sir!”

SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!!! The flogger continued to smash into Daniel's flexed back muscles, drawing a scream from him with each burning impact! He writhed and struggled with each blow, his face contorted into a rictus of sheer agony, his body drenched with sweat. Vito used each flogger about 20 times, then allowed Daniel just a few moments respite before starting the brutal Torture again with a heavier and more painful flogger. The crowd of guys watching him were murmuring at the sight of the young, handsome bodybuilder enduring the brutal Torture at the hands of his Master.

The welts were standing out, bright red and even purple, against the bronzed skin of Daniel's back and the paler skin of his ass. Vito would alternate between slamming the flogger across the thick muscles of Daniel's back, and his bulging ass cheeks, making his slave strain and shriek with sheer agony as he was Tortured. Daniel was gasping for air, struggling to breathe between his screams of pain.

The back flogging torture lasted for a good 40 minutes, since Vito would work each flogger a little slower then he had done across Daniel's chest, since he knew that his slave was on the ragged edge of his endurance. When Vito set down the last of the floggers and picked up the Tawse, then dragged the tails across Daniel's welted and striped back, Daniel almost began to cry from sheer agony. He knew what was coming, and he hoped that he had enough strength to endure this final Torture!

Vito saw Song, the hot Korean personal trainer watching the Torture, stroking his own cock. He motioned for song to come in so he could talk to him.

“You like seeing him being Tortured, Boy?” He said loudly.

“Yes, Sir. He is SO hot, Sir, and he is SO sexy on the cross, Sir!”

“Well then, boy, get down in front of him, and take his cock in your mouth, and start to suck his cock, boy!”

Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir!”

Song knelt in front of the cross, and leaned in to take Daniel's semi-hard cock into his mouth. The muscleslave was short enough that his cock and nuts were below the middle of the X-cross, so Song could reach them to suck him off during his Torture. Daniel groaned at the feel of the hot, moist mouth beginning to suck him, as his cock immediately began to swell until it was totally erect.

“O.K. Slave! Here's what's going to happen. You are going to endure the Tawse until you cum in that mouth! Do you hear me, boy?”

“Yes, Sir. Slave hears you, Sir. Oh God, That feels so good, Sir! Please, Master, TORTURE this slave until it shoots, SIR! PLEASE!!!”

Vito stepped back, swung the Tawse, and laid the three tails across Daniel's massive back muscles! He shrieked in agony as three red welts bloomed on his skin, weeping slightly. Vito swung the Tawse again and again, welting Daniel's back and ass until, on about the 10th strike, Daniel shrieked “OH SHIT, SLAVE IS CUMMING, SIR!!” as his cock erupted with a huge load of sperm into Song's mouth!

Vito dropped the Tawse, stepped in, leaned his bare, sweaty chest against Daniel's welted back, and reached around to twist his tits again, as hard as he could! Daniel shrieked at the top of his lungs, writhing, his muscles flexed to their limits, before gasping out “Oh Fuck”, and going limp, gasping for air!

Vito immediately let go of his tits, waved Song back, stepped around in front of the cross, and lifted Daniel's head to make sure that he was breathing properly! He motioned for some of his club brothers to help Daniel down from the cross again, this time lying him on a towel on the ground with his feet up on the bench to help his circulation.

Daniel lay there for about 5 minutes, his chest rising and falling steadily before his eyes fluttered open. As son as he saw Vito lying next to him on the ground, he began to cry like a baby! Vito reached over, and held his slave, murmuring softly into his ear while stroking his battered body, comforting him, and sharing his strength. Someone brought over another couple of bottles of water, and Vito finally got Daniel to take a couple of sips of water, which seemed to help calm him down.

They lay there together for another 10 minutes or so before Vito helped his tortured slave to his feet. As he packed up his gear while Daniel sat resting a bit more, Vito thought that this was the proof that he needed that Daniel was the right choice to become his full time slave once they got home. He would offer him the position, and offer to let him move into his house if he wanted.

Finally the gear was packed, and Vito helped Daniel to his feet. As they headed out of the tent, towards the cabin, they both got multiple compliments from the guys that had been watching the Torture. Daniel grinned at Vito, and kissed him to thank him for helping him to finally fulfill one of his fantasies, that of being Tortured until he finally broke from the pain! They headed back to the cabin, so Daniel could rest, since there were still 3 more days to go in the run...

To be Continued...

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