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The Bet
Part 9 - RACKED!
By Master Skrain

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Daniel and Vito sat for a bit longer as Daniel told his Master all the things he had done that day while taking a break from hard play. Vito was amused to hear him grumping slightly about his cock hurting whenever he tried to get hard in the chastity cage.

“Well, why do you think I locked it on you, slave? A good slave has to learn self- discipline, but if you can't control that big old dick of yours, I'll just have to do it for you!”

Daniel chuckled; “Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir, for training your slave! It enjoys it, Sir!”

Finally, Vito told Daniel that it was time to go change for dinner. They headed back to the cabin to get dressed. Vito took the chastity cage off Daniel's cock, which almost immediately began to swell until it was fully erect!

“Damn, boy, can't you control that monster?” grinned Vito.

Daniel turned bright red as he stammered; “, Sir!”

Vito chuckled; “Well, never let it be said that I ever let a good erection go to waste” as he dropped to his knees in front of his muscleslave.

Daniel groaned when Vito sucked his cock all the way into his mouth, and reached up to twist his tits. Daniel grasped Vito's head, and began to fuck his mouth, thrusting in and out, but being careful to not go TOO far in, not wanting to choke Vito. Vito's hands slid over his torso, feeling his rippling, flexing abs for a bit before working back up to the erect nipples capping Daniel's thick hard pecs. Once Vito began to Torture the nipples again with his hands, Daniel KNEW that he was going to shoot within seconds. He groaned, and flooded Vito's mouth with his sperm!

He pumped 6 or 7 streams of cum into the hot mouth sucking him before moaning, and pulling back. Vito immediately stood up, leaned in, and clamped his mouth over Daniel's. Daniel tasted cum, and he realized that Vito hadn't swallowed his load of cum, but was instead transferring it to his mouth, so he would have to eat his own sperm! His tongue slid into Vito's mouth, collecting all of his cum so he could savor the taste as he swallowed it.

“Thank you, Sir!” Daniel enthused when Vito pulled away. “That was really hot, Sir!”

Vito grinned. “Glad you liked it, boy. Now, let's get changed for dinner and your Torture!”

Vito pulled out a pair of military style fatigue pants and a simple green tank-top for Daniel to wear, as well as his low combat style boots. He put on a pair of fatigue pants himself, but in a different camo pattern. Finally, he gave Daniel a set of dog tags on a chain to wear around his neck.

They headed over to dinner, Vito leading the way with Daniel following his usual one step behind and one step to the right as he had been trained to do when not wearing his leash. Daniel served his Master's dinner before being given permission to be seated himself to eat. While he was concentrating on his dinner, though, he failed to notice that scattered through the dining room there were about a dozen or so guys in the same type of fatigues as Vito. When he was just about done eating, Vito looked around for one of the other guys dressed like he was, and nodded his head slightly.

The guy got up out of his seat, followed shortly by the others, and they slowly started to make their way towards where Vito and Daniel were sitting. Daniel was paying attention to the evening announcements that were made after dinner when suddenly he was grabbed from behind, hauled to his feet, his shirt was torn off, and tied around his head as a gag, and a cloth bag was pulled down over his head! Struggling futilely against the guys holding him, and disoriented by the bag, and the speed of the attack, he was almost instantly helpless as he was bodily picked up, and carried out of the dining room, as the rest of the run attendants laughed and cheered his kidnappers on!

Daniel struggled helplessly as he was carried into the tent where the bondage equipment was set up. He was laid down on a flat bench, his arms were stretched over his head and pinned down while restraints were locked around his wrists and ankles.

Once he was secured, the bag was pulled from his head, and the torn shirt was untied from around his head. Looking up, he saw about 12 or 13 guys standing around the torture rack he was secured to. All of them were dressed alike, in uniform pants in the same pattern as Vito's. He realized that this was the setup for the rack Torture scene. He was an enemy soldier that was going to be Tortured for military information!

One of the guys, a thickly muscled older man with a high-n-tight military buzz haircut looked down at him and growled; “We know you have the information we want! Tell us the plans, or we will Torture it out of you!”

“French, Daniel. Private, U.S. Army, Serial Number 53000553378” he said.

“That's NOT what I asked for! If that's the way you want it, O.K. So be it!” snarled the “interrogator”.

Looking towards the head of the rack, he nodded. Daniel heard the clicking sound on the winch being turned, and felt the restraints around his wrists start to be pulled, stretching his arms. With each click of the winch, his arms were drawn tighter. The sweat started to shine on his pecs and abs, and run down his ribcage. This was it, he was being Tortured on a rack, the culmination of lots of adolescent Torture fantasies that he had tried to hide from himself!

The stretching continued for about 15 seconds, then he was questioned again and ordered to give the “information” the leader wanted, and again, he gave just his name, rank, and “serial” number, which was actually his driver's license number! The interrogator shook his head, and the winch was turned again, stretching Daniel even tighter! The ache in his shoulder joints started to get more intense, as did the pulling sensation in his back muscles. His ribcage lifted above his abs, which were being flattened by the stretching of his torso. It hurt, but to Daniel, it was also the MOST erotic thing he had EVER done! He was determined to endure as much as they could dish out without having to use the safe word he had been given by Vito.

The questioning continued for another 15 minutes or so, and each time Daniel refused to talk, the rack was tightened more and more! He was literally gasping for air, since his diaphragm was stretched and he was having trouble drawing a deep breath. Daniel knew that Vito was there, and wouldn't let anything dangerous happen to him, or let him be injured, but it was damn painful all the same.

When the rack was pulled enough that it reached Daniel's limits, he finally moaned loudly, and groaned “Oh fuck. That hurts! Damn!”

“You want it to stop hurting, private? Then Talk!” Snarled his interrogator.

“Fuck you! French, Daniel, Private, U.S. Army 53000553378” he groaned.

“Stretch him until he screams!” Snapped the interrogator.

The winch began to slowly click, each “Click”...Click”...”Click” drawing Daniel's tortured body tighter and tighter. The stretching of his body had crossed over from being a “scene” into the realm of real TORTURE! He began to grunt and groan louder and louder each time the winch clicked. Every muscle in his torso was straining to it's limit, his bare bulging chest and ribcage, and flattened abs gleaming like a bucket of water had been dumped over him. One more “Click” of the rack, and the helpless muscleman began to scream as the pain in his joints and his muscles had reached a level of intensity he had NEVER experienced before! The interrogator leaned down, his face close to Daniel's.













Finally, the interrogator grew tired of the back and forth shouting, and picked up a small riding crop. Rubbing it across Daniel's tautly stretched ribcage and pecs, he looked at Vito. Vito gave a small nod, and the interrogator lifted the crop, and slapped the end of it down across Daniel's right nipple!

“AARGUUUUGGHHH!!” Howled Daniel even louder at this additional Torture!

SMACK...SMACK...SMACK... the crop slapped across Daniel's tits again and again and again, drawing a shriek of pain from the captive Muscleman with each hit! Again, and again his tits were Tortured, until Daniel was sure that he couldn't take one more hit!

Sensing this, the interrogator set the crop down, and leaned in close to Daniel's contorted face again.

“Ready to talk, private? You can save yourself a LOT of suffering if you just give us the information we need! Otherwise, your Torture will continue, and it will only get worse!”

“Fuck...You....Do ...your ..worst! I'll!” groaned out Daniel.

“Fine! Have it your way!” snarled the interrogator.

Vito leaned in and looked down at his slave, a questioning expression on his face. Daniel gave him a quick wink, signaling that he really did want to keep going. Vito grinned briefly, and nodded his head.

Vito turned to the interrogator and asked “What do you think we need to do to the prisoner next? The sounds? Electricity, maybe the hot wax?”

Daniel groaned slightly as he heard his Master talking about the various forms of Torture he might have to endure while stretched to his limit on the rack! The fantasy of being Tortured on a rack was a LOT less painful then the reality. The pain in his back was steadily growing more and more intense as the muscles strained to keep his spine from stretching, and his shoulders felt like they were being torn apart! This hurt even more then being used as the rope in the tug-of-war, which was the most intense sensation that Daniel had ever endured before this!

“Oh, we'll make him talk, don't worry about that, Sir” said the interrogator to Vito, who was his “commanding officer” in this role playing scenario.

Daniel moaned as he felt his pants being unbuttoned and unzipped. A hand grasped his cock, which was soft, since he was concentrating on just enduring the stretching.

“Oh, this won't do at all! He needs to be hard!” Said the interrogator.

“Don't worry, I can fix that” sneered Vito.

Vito turned and said something softly to two of the hot guys that were watching the interrogation and torture of the prisoner. They stepped up alongside the rack, one on each side, peeled off their shirts, exposing nicely muscled physiques, and leaned down to begin to suck and chew on Daniel's erect nipples, and to tongue out his straining armpits, and lick the sweat from his pecs. Daniel groaned at the erotic feel of the muscle worship during the Torture session, but he also realized that his cock was getting hard as they worked his tits with their teeth, and there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it!

The hand stroked his swelling cock, adding to his stimulation until it was fully erect.

“Oh yeah, that's better” he heard the interrogator chuckle.

Daniel felt his cock being held by one hand while the interrogator was doing something that he couldn't see, as he couldn't lift his head far enough to look past his own bulging ribcage. Then, something was being moved down over his cock and nuts. Then, he felt pressure at the base of his cock and balls, and he realized that a rubber cock ring had been stretched out and put on his dick and balls to keep him fully hard for his next Torture!

The interrogator leaned into his field of view holding a flat leather case, which he then opened, exposing a series of thin metal rods, each with a small oval shaped bulb of polished metal on it's end.

“Well, are you going to talk, private, or do these rods go down inside your cock? It your choice...”

“French, Daniel, Private U.S. Army. Serial number 53000553378.”

“O.K. So be it” sneered the interrogator.

Daniel felt something cold on the swollen head of his cock, and he realized that it was lube. Suddenly, he felt the incredible sensation of his pisshole being entered by a piece of hard steel! He groaned at the unusual sensation, not sure in his own mind if it hurt, or was incredibly erotic, or what! His mind was almost overstimulated by the various sensations, his arms and back being stretched to their limits, the two hot mouths still making love to his torso, the pressure of the cock ring, and now the feeling of pressure and the strange intrusion of his cock by the steel!

Daniel gasped for air and groaned as he felt the sound slipping deeper and deeper into his cock! It was almost like he had to piss, but not quite the same feeling! He almost couldn't process it in his mind, as there were so many things going on at once. The steel bulb began to slowly slide up and down inside his cock in a slow, incredibly erotic pace, almost as if it was trying to jack him off from the inside! His chest rose and fell as he gasped for air, the two hot mouths sucking his tits and licking his armpits moving with him, continuing to drive him nuts with desire!

“Ohhh, SHIT! Oh, Fuck, that feels good! DAMN” he hissed between clenched teeth.

“You want more, private?” sneered the interrogator.

“Yes, Sir. PLEASE, Sir!” Daniel groaned. “More, please!”

The sound pumped in and out of his cock for a good 15 minutes, driving Daniel further and further into a state of total ecstasy as his mind was almost overloaded by the mixed sensations of pain and pleasure. He groaned as he felt the sound being withdrawn from his cock, only to be replaced by another within seconds. Daniel realized that this one was thicker then the first one, which only made him groan louder, and involuntarily try to thrust his hips up to take it deeper into his cock! He was trying to fuck his cock with the sound but he couldn't move much as he was stretched too tightly.

“ Oh yes, God, that feels hot! Oh fuck! More, yeah, more! Damn!” Daniel moaned as the sounding continued.

The hard steel bulb on the end of the rod slid up and down inside his dick, driving him totally nuts with desire. This was pleasure torture at it's most erotic! The strain on his muscles increased when he heard the winch on the rack click several more times, stretching his muscles and joints even further! He shrieked in a combination of agony and ecstasy as the increase of the brutal pain in his joints and the sensations of the mouths biting and chewing his nipples and the sound stretching his urethra finally were too much for him.

Daniel shrieked; “OH SHIT, I'M CUMMING! OH FUCK!!”

The Interrogator pulled the sound out of his throbbing cock just before it erupted with a fountain of sperm, the first jet shooting clear past his head, to splatter on the rack, with more splashing on Daniel's face and chest , pumping stream after stream until with a howl, the last jet shot onto his washboard abs, pooling in his navel, and running down his sides, mixed with his sweat.

The two guys that were sucking his tits immediately began to lick the sperm off of his face and his glistening body, even as Daniel's chest and ribcage heaved as he struggled to breathe! Vito immediately released the latch on the rack winch, but let the pressure off easily so Daniel wouldn't hurt himself trying to move too quickly.

Daniel was too exhausted by his explosive orgasm to do anything other then lay there, moaning as his body was licked and his sweat and sperm lapped up by the guys making love to his muscles. His chest and abs heaved and rippled as he tried to catch his breath after the most intense orgasm of his entire life!

He was a little surprised when Vito locked down the rack winch again, keeping him spread out on the rack, just not quite as tightly stretched. Then, all the guys in the fatigues that were watching his Torture lined up on both sides of the rack, most of them shirtless. Daniel looked up at the collection of men that surrounded him as then all took out their already hard cocks, and began to jerk them off! He realized that they were ALL going to cum on his stretched torso, covering him with their hot loads of sperm.

He moaned in total lust at the sight of the mostly muscled guys looming over him, jacking off, working their nipples or stroking their abs, and in some cases, feeling Daniel's muscles or tits with their free hands. Eventually, one guy groaned, and shot a stream of hot sperm from his cock, shooting it across Daniel's pecs. That apparently triggered more guys to cum, until he was in a virtual shower of hot, thick cum splashing on his muscles.

Daniel moaned in frustration, as he REALLY wanted all those loads of sperm in his mouth, but he knew that his Master wouldn't allow it. The cum streaming down his ribcage was incredibly erotic though and he was happy with that! Daniel thought he might actually cum again, with no-hands when the guys started rubbing the sperm all over his chest and abs, into his armpits, and even up his arms, until his entire torso from his cock up was coated in a layer of sperm and sweat!

“Well, Private, are you going to talk NOW?” growled the “interrogator”, with a huge grin on his face.

“Oh fuck yes, Sir. Do that again, and I'll tell you whatever you want to know!” moaned Daniel, drawing a huge laugh from all the guys surrounding him.

Vito was laughing the hardest at his slaveboy's reaction. He knew that Daniel was almost totally overwhelmed by the sheer eroticism of the scene he had just endured. Finally, he released the rack winch, and with the help of a couple of the guys, they released Daniel from his bondage, and helped him to sit up after a couple of minutes.

“Well, boy, how was that? Do you feel O.K.?” asked Vito.

“Oh God yes, Sir! That was GREAT, Sir! Thank you for arranging it, Sir! Although...” he paused.

Vito looked at him expectantly.

Daniel looked down at his sweat and sperm covered torso and said; “Well, Sir, now your slave knows what a glazed doughnut feels like!”

All the guys surrounding him and his Master broke up again. A couple of them even ran their hands across his muscles, then licked their fingers clean! Daniel finally stood up, and fastened his pants. Then to give the guys around him a thrill, he grinned at Vito, and pulled his arms up and did a full double-bicep pose. There was a moan from the guys watching at the sight of his shiny cum and sweat coated muscles flexing in front of them as he went into a short version of his contest routine.

Vito let him pose for a couple of minutes before he said; “O.K. Boy, that's enough. Let's go get you cleaned up before we see what other kinds of trouble we can get you into tonight!”

Daniel grinned, “Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir” before he dropped suddenly to his knees, bent down, and began to lick his Master's boots for a couple of minutes before straightening back up.

“Come on, boy, let's go. We still have at least one more night of fun tomorrow before we have to pack, help tear down the site, and head home!” smiled Vito.

Daniel rose to his feet, and obediently followed his master back to their cabin to clean up, and to try to get himself ready for one more day of pleasure and Torture...

To Be Continued...

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