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The Bet
Part 6 - Stakeout
By Master Skrain

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6. Stakeout

The next morning, when he and Daniel were both awake, Vito ordered Daniel to use the bathroom first thing and take care of whatever he might have to do in there, since, as he put it; “You won't get another chance until later!”

Daniel still had no idea of what his Master had planned, but he followed his orders anyway. When Daniel came out, Vito was on the phone talking to someone, telling them to “Come on over, he's almost ready!”.

Vito then ordered Daniel to put on his boots, but nothing else. When he had them on, Vito then rummaged around in his gear box and came up with the black rubber gas mask, and a tall leather posture collar with a lip that fit under the slave's chin, forcing him to keep his head up. Just then there was a knock on the door of the cabin. Vito opened the door, and Karl and Robert came in.

Vito told them; “He's just about ready. Do you have the gear I need?”

Robert said; “Yup. We have the ropes and the stakes, and even a hammer.”

“Good, but first things first! Boy, over here, on your knees, and open your mouth!”

Daniel obediently knelt in front of his Master and his friends, with his mouth open. Immediately, Karl slid his thick cock into Daniel's mouth, grasped his head, and began to face-fuck him. Daniel grasped Karl's thick legs for support as his cock drove in and out of his mouth for just a few minutes before Karl groaned, and shot a thick load of cum into Daniel's mouth. Once Daniel had swallowed the load of sperm, Karl's cock was replaced by Robert's.

Robert did the same thing, basically raping the slave's mouth until he shot his load of cum as well for Daniel to swallow. Then Vito followed up, filling Daniel's mouth with his third load of sperm within ten minutes!

Vito then grinned down at his slave, and said; “I hope you liked that, boy, since that's all you are getting to eat until I say differently! Now, put on the gas mask, slave!”

Daniel put on the gas mask, making sure it was on comfortably, then his Master fastened the collar around his throat. The collar limited Daniel's ability to move his head, and with the small lenses for vision, his sight was rather limited as well. Daniel was getting used to the feel of the rubber against his face and the sound of his breath through the air tube on the front of the mask.

Daniel still wasn't sure what Vito had planned, but he was starting to suspect that he was going to be in for a long day! When Vito then attacked some padded leather restraints around Daniel's wrists and ankles, and fastened them with small padlocks, he was SURE it was going to be a long day!

Vito then led him out of the cabin, and into the middle of the open field on the run site. He ordered Daniel to lie down on the grass, and spread his arms and legs. When he did, Karl and Robert held his arms spread-out while Vito drove the metal stakes into the ground with the hammer about a foot away from Daniel's hands and feet. Tying lengths of rope to the loops on the restraints, Vito then pulled the ropes tight before looping them several times around the stakes, and tying them tightly. He then repeated the procedure for Daniel's legs. When he was done, Daniel found himself spread-eagled on the ground, staked out naked, like a cowboy in an old western movie awaiting Torture by Indians!

Daniel looked helplessly up at his Master and his friends who stood over him. They were grinning down at him, and saying something. He could see their mouths moving, but the gas mask limited his hearing and vision. Vito then knelt down, and put his head close to Daniel's ear, so Daniel could hear him.

“Enjoy yourself, boy! Don't worry, I'll be around, and if you're good, I might let you up later this evening! Until then, no food or water for you! I told you that trying to fuck my mouth was going to cost you...slave!”

Vito then gave him a wink, and stood up, turned with his friends, and walked away, leaving Daniel naked, spread-eagled and totally exposed to the sun, his muscular body there for anyone to use however they wanted! What he didn't know was that Vito had arranged for members of the club to always have someone close by, watching over him, to be sure no one did anything potentially dangerous or harmful to him. The Griffins would take half hour shifts keeping an eye on the helpless muscleman staked out in the sun. And, the real reason for the gas mask was to make sure no one could cum or piss in his mouth, since Vito wanted to keep his new slave healthy.

Daniel lay there helpless in the sun while guys would walk by, or stop to observe him as he struggled against his bonds. After a while, one younger looking guy knelt down by his side, and began to stroke his chest and abs. Almost immediately, Daniel felt his cock beginning to swell and grow. It thickened even more when the guy began to squeeze and twist his nipples, making Daniel struggle that much harder! Also, the sweat began to shine on his chest and abs, and trickle down from his open armpits. The harder his tits were Tortured, the harder his cock got, until it was fully erect, arcing up over his rippling abs.

Then, his admirer knelt between Daniel's wide-spread legs, and bent down to suck his hard cock. Daniel groaned in the gas mask, his breath echoing in his ears as the hot mouth engulfed his dick, and the fingers began to twist and pull his tits harder and harder! It was driving him crazy that he couldn't clearly see who was sucking him, and Torturing him, as his vision was limited as the insides of the lenses of the gas mask began to fog up as he sweated more and more in the heat.

His breath rattled through the exhaust valve in the gas mask as he began to pant harder and harder as he was getting closer and closer to an explosive orgasm! Finally, he moaned loudly, then tried to shout as he came, filling the unknown mouth that was sucking him with a load of hot muscleman sperm! As he shot, the fingers Torturing his tits seemed to be trying to rip them from his chest! Daniel writhed in delighted agony, flexing his thick muscles as hard as he could against his bonds, but to no avail! He simply couldn't break free.

When his orgasm was finally sated, whoever was sucking him sat back up on his knees. Daniel could just lift his head enough to see a blurry image of someone kneeling between his legs, but he had no idea who it was. He saw the figure moving, but he wasn't sure what he was doing until he felt several streams of hot sperm shoot across his chest and abs! Then he realized that his unknown visitor had jacked off on his spread body! Then, Daniel saw him simply get up, and walk off, leaving him spread-eagled on the ground, body gleaming with sweat, a load of cum on his chest.

This was Master Vito's punishment, Daniel realized, to leave him exposed for anyone to use, to humiliate him publicly, and to be used as a sperm target, or worse. Not to mention making him endure the Torture of baking in the hot sun for hours with no food or water! He lay back, resigned to his fate, but also determined that he would endure the extended Torture and bondage session, because he knew that Vito wouldn't have subjected him to it if he didn't have confidence that Daniel could take it!

Over the next couple of hours, at least 6 or 7 guys felt his muscles, worked on his nipples, stroked his cock to get it hard again, and several stood over him, jacking off until they shot on his body. Then, one group of guys didn't jack off on him, but stood around him, and pissed on his chest instead! Daniel had never had anyone piss on him, so he did struggle against his bonds as the hot streams splashed across his body. He then realized that Vito had put the gas mask on him knowing that some guys would do this, and he didn't want his slave to have to drink it, or even get it in his face or in his eyes.

Daniel had no choice but to lie there, sweating, staked out, and just enduring whatever the others did to him. Also, he had to endure a growing hunger, since he had eaten nothing since last night's dinner, and he was also getting thirsty since it was hot lying in the sun, and even hotter inside the black rubber gas mask!

Daniel endured hours more of the bondage, while his cock was sucked to an orgasm once again, and for at least an hour, he had to endure some exquisitely painful clamps on his nipples. All the while, unknown to him, either Vito, or another club member was sitting off to one side, watching him, and making sure that he wasn't in too much distress. Daniel's only comfort was the fact that there weren't any ants around to add to his Torture!

At one time, later in the afternoon, two younger looking slaveboys were ordered to suck his tits, and then lick the mixed sweat, piss and cum from his muscles. Daniel moaned with pleasure at the feel of the hot tongues making love to his naked muscles, and cleaning his body. When the boys worked their way into his armpits, one boy on each side, Daniel groaned, and flexed his muscles for them, to deepen his pits. The boys buried their faces in his sweaty armpits, licking the sweat from his skin before then knelt to either side of him. They then began to jack their cocks, until they each shot a load of cum into his armpits, one on each side. Then, to Daniel's surprise and delight, they swapped sides, and licked each others cum from his armpits, lapping up the sperm and sweat!

Daniel felt like he could almost shoot another load of cum from the sheer pleasure of the boys worshiping his muscleman pits. He had not really had anyone make love to his muscles like that before the run, and he still was incredibly turned on by the feel of the fingers and tongues making love to his rock hard body. He moaned in sheer frustration and disappointment when the boys were finally ordered to their feet by their Masters, and led away. Daniel lay there, his chest heaving, and his balls aching slightly from frustration, even though he had cum twice already.

The frustration was almost the worst part of the Torture that his Master was subjecting him to! Daniel wanted to feel the bodies of all the guys jacking off on him, or even the guys pissing on him as well. He was surprised at the urgency of the feelings he was experiencing, the desire to worship another man's physique, to suck his cock, to make love to his body, and more. Daniel knew that Vito had seen the truth about him long before he had been able to admit it to himself.

Luckily, Daniel was somewhat naturally dark skinned, and he did work outside on the construction sites usually shirtless, as well as having tanned for the contest, but he still could feel a growing sunburn on the front of his torso, especially on the band around his hips where he usually had at least gym shorts on while outside. He also knew his cock and nuts were getting more direct sunlight then they were used to, so he didn't know exactly what was going to be the result of that!

Daniel lost all track of time as he lay in the sun, baking for hours. He honestly didn't know if it was just noon, or later in the day, or what. The time seemed to alternate between dragging as he just lay spread-eagled in the sun, baking in the heat, and racing as his body was worshiped, or sometimes it seemed to stand still, like when he had to endure the painful tit torture clamps! He almost felt like he was drifting off, about to fall asleep, or at least feeling like he was disconnected from his body, until someone would start to stimulate him again by stroking his cock and balls, or feeling his muscles or working on his tits to make him flex and writhe in delighted agony.

His hunger and thirst were adding to his Torture, and just when he was sure that he really couldn't take much more, he saw his Master, Vito, kneeling over him. Daniel felt the ropes on his restraints being loosened, and then released from the stakes holding him down. Then his arms were being gently moved down to his sides, since he really couldn't move them himself, having been immobilized for so long. Vito then removed the collar, and slipped the rubber gas mask off Daniel's head. He took a deep breath of fresh, cool, air, but almost immediately wished that he hadn't!

To put it politely, Daniel stank! The mix of sweat, sperm and piss that had covered his body for most of the day was really rank! Daniel wrinkled his nose at the smell. Vito saw it, and laughed!

“Yeah, boy, you're pretty ripe! We will need to get you into the shower before you get Tortured more tonight! Oh yeah, that's right! You're far from finished for the day, boy! After all, you've just been lying around all day, doing nothing, so you need SOME stimulation!”

Vito then laughed at the expression on his slave's face, and before Daniel could say anything, he chuckled; “Just Kidding, boy! I've been keeping an eye on you, and I've gotten reports! From what I hear, you had a pretty good time today, right, boy?”

“Yes, Sir! It was wonderful, Sir! Slave has seen things like that in the movies and on Television before, Sir, but never knew what it could really feel like, Sir! By the way, Sir, what time is it? Slave is curious to know how long the stake-out lasted, Sir.”

“Well, boy, you were staked-out at about 7:30 this morning, and it's close to 6:00 right now, so that was about 10 ½ hours in the sun. You should be at least medium-rare by now, boy!” chuckled Vito.

“Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir. Yes, slave's chest and body do feel kind of warm, Sir. A bit of a sunburn going on down there, Sir!”

“That should make this evening in the whipping tent really interesting, boy!” said Vito, with a gleam in his eye. “But first, the shower. Are you ready to get up, boy?”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir!”

Vito and his friends Karl and Robert helped Daniel up to a sitting position while about 5 or 6 other guys watched. Then he slowly got onto his hands and knees, and finally made it up to his feet. Vito led him back to their cabin, where Daniel spent a good 15 minutes or so luxuriating in a hot, steamy shower, soaping off the remnants of the sweat, cum and piss that was covering his body, as well as letting the warmth soak into his sore muscles, aching from being immobilized for so long during the stake-out.

When he was done, Vito laid out the clothes that Daniel was going to wear that night, his boots, the leather kilt, a cutback vest that exposed his abs and the valley between his pecs, his collar, the muzzle gag, and the restraints locked back around his wrists and ankles. Since there was going to be the usual cocktail meeting around the pool before dinner, Vito also attached the leash to Daniel's collar, and as a last surprise, he clipped a pair of nipple clamps with a chain between then onto Daniel's tits. Daniel moaned into the muzzle at the feel of the clamps torturing his already sore tits, but there was nothing he could do about it, since his Master had put them on, and he didn't dare remove them!

Vito was dressed in his chaps with a leather removable pouch jock under them, knee high motorcycle style boots, a skin tight spandex tank top that emphasized his muscularity, and a leather vest. Leading his slave by the leash, Vito and Daniel headed for the pool to mingle with the guys before dinner. Daniel was expecting Vito to remove his muzzle gag sometime so he could get a drink, but it was never removed! Then, when they headed to Dinner, Vito ordered his slave to kneel next to him at the table. To Daniel's surprise, and dismay, Vito still didn't remove the muzzle, and he pulled a snap clip from his pocket, and fastened Daniel's hands together behind his back! Vito ate his dinner in front of his gagged and bound slave, and never offered him a bite to eat.

When Daniel actually whimpered with frustration, and hunger, Vito turned to him and told him; “Who said you were getting anything to eat, boy? You eat what, and when I allow it, and no other times! Is that clear, slave?”

Daniel merely nodded, wondering how long his Master was going to punish him for trying to force-fuck his mouth. What he didn't know was that Vito was just testing him, to be sure that he would be obedient, and follow his orders, even if they seemed to be harsh. He then noticed that a lot of the other guys at the run were looking at him and Vito, obviously watching him to see how he was going to behave in the face of his Master's actions. Daniel decided immediately to behave like a proper slave, and accept his Master's punishment, no matter how hard they were to endure. He knew it was just going to be some temporary discomfort, and he could take that!

Daniel knelt next to his Master's seat for over an hour, his stomach grumbling with hunger as Vito finished dinner, and chatted with friends. His body was used to large amounts of protein and controlled eating of large amounts of calories since he had been in training for his bodybuilding contest, and he wasn't used to going this long with no food. Finally, Vito pushed his chair back, and stood up. He then pulled on Daniel's leash to order him onto his feet as well.

“Now, slave, the rest of your punishment starts! If you endure it, I might let you have something to eat later tonight! Is that understood, slave?”

Daniel merely nodded, then lowered his head to signal his submission to his Master's will. He followed Vito back to the cabin, where Vito pulled out his toy box and checked through it, making sure that he had fast access to all the equipment he was planning on using to Torture his slave.

Daniel stood, waiting, as Vito stripped off the tank top and the vest, leaving him stripped to the waist. Vito then released Daniel's hands from behind his back, and ordered him to remove his vest as well, leaving him in just the kilt with nothing on under it, the collar and muzzle, his boots, and the restraints and the nipple clamps.

Properly dressed for the evening's activities, Vito ordered his slave to pull the toy box along on it's wheels. He led his willing slave over to the bondage tent, where they found one of the X-crosses that was not being used. Backing Daniel up to the cross, Vito used several of the snap clips from the toy box to fasten his restraints to the ends of the arms of the cross, leaving Daniel's muscular physique spread-eagled and totally helpless, waiting for whatever forms of Torture and punishment his Master was going to subject him to tonight!

Vito leaned in, and spoke softly into Daniel's ear, so none of the guys starting to gather to watch could hear.

“I'm going to push you right to your limits tonight, boy! This is going to be hard for you, but I know you can endure it. Just remember, I won't injure you in any way, but you are going to suffer, boy. Tonight is going to be real Torture, boy! Do you think you can take it? This is only our third day here, but if you do good tonight, you can have Tomorrow off, and I mean for real. No play unless you want it.”

Daniel looked into his Master's eyes, and nodded silently. He trusted Vito implicitly, and he knew that he had to prove to himself that he could endure the Tortures, no matter how harsh, to prove that he was the right slave for Master Vito. Vito then unfastened Daniel's kilt and removed it, leaving him stripped to his boots, collar and muzzle. Daniel's cock immediately began to swell until it was fully hard, standing straight out in front of him. Vito then leaned in close, grinned at his slave, and in one quick movement, unclamped his nipples. Daniel howled into his gag, then screamed louder as Vito twisted his incredibly tender tits, forcing Daniel to flex and strain his muscles against his restraints!

“Oh, this is NOTHING compared to what you are going to endure tonight, slave!” snarled Vito loudly, even as he winked at Daniel, signaling that he was playing to the crowd. “You are gonna be Tortured to your limits tonight, slave, and then way beyond!”

Vito pulled his ball stretcher parachute from the toy box, and showed the inside of it to Daniel. He moaned when he saw that the inside of the parachute was lined in short pins to add to his ball torture! Vito knelt in front of his helpless slave. Pulling his nuts down with one hand, he maneuvered the parachute around the stretched scrotum, and snapped it closed, leaving Daniel's balls trapped inside it. He then took a 2 pound weight from his toy box and hung it from the parachute. Then, pulling one of the floggers from the box, he stroked the tails up and down Daniel's heaving, straining chest, forcing Daniel to moan in anticipation...

To Be Continued...

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