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The Bet
Part 5 - Used
By Master Skrain

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5. Used.

Daniel and Vito both took it kind of easy for the rest of the day, mostly observing the action in some of the tents around the resort. Daniel saw his first real hard-core whipping scene, with a muscular sub spread-eagled to a whipping frame stripped to the waist while the Torturer throwing the whip stood about ten feet behind him, striping and eventually cutting his back with a blacksnake whip! The sub would scream at full volume whenever the whip would slice his back open, but the Torturer would wait until he had calmed down a bit before hitting him again. The whipping lasted until the sub's back was pretty well torn up. Daniel questioned Vito about whether that kind of damage was normal.

“Some guys get into it. He has that done to him the first day or two here every year that I've been coming. It will leak and drain for the rest of the week, but that's what he's into.”

“Yes, Sir, but slave thinks he will pass on anything THAT hard!” said Daniel.

“Oh darn, and here I was hoping to see you enduring that!” answered Vito.

Daniel shot him a look, and was relieved to see Vito grinning at him. “Gotcha! I wouldn't let you get sliced up like that, boy! Your back is too sexy to see it scarred up!”

Daniel just bowed his head in gratitude for the compliment from his Master.

That night at dinner, Adam made the announcement that the private get-together for The Griffins would be held in the smallest of the tents set up around the compound, the one usually reserved for Smoking and cigar scenes. There was a bit of good-natured grumbling from some of the attendees, but they were mollified somewhat when Adam announced that the private party would only last an hour, and then anyone else was allowed to use the smoking tent as usual.

Vito selected the clothes that Daniel would wear that night. Since there were going to be quite a few guys there, Vito wanted to be sure that there was not going to be any penetration of his slave sexually unless he knew that whoever was doing it was playing safely. Daniel was dressed in a brief pair of codpiece leather shorts that were locked on with a padlock on the waistband, so his cock and balls could be exposed and used, but not his ass. He also wore a muzzle gag strapped and locked around his head, which looked sexy as hell to Vito, but prevented any oral penetration. Between the shorts, the muzzle, and his boots, Daniel was showing off his muscled physique to it's best advantage, while still being safe. Vito wore just his chaps and boots, with a codpiece jock under the chaps.

Before heading from their cabin to the party, Vito used some of the oil to give Daniel's muscles a light coating, which made them shine slightly and helped to show them off. Then, locking on his collar and attaching the leash, Vito led Daniel to the party tent. Once they got there, Vito unclipped the leash from his slave's collar and announced that slave Daniel was there for the other guys to use, but, there was to be no oral or anal penetration, since he did want to keep him safe and healthy.

Daniel was then ordered to show off his muscles for everyone, so he did the same posing routine that he had done at the contest. The guys whistled and applauded when he was finished, since the exertion of showing off his hard muscles had caused him to start to sweat, increasing the shine of his muscled body. After the slave was finished showing off his muscles, Vito told the club members that the slave would be available for them to order him to serve them drinks before he was to be bound and exhibited.

Daniel spent the next twenty or so minutes fetching drinks from the mini-bar that the resort had set up in the tent for the party. Then when everyone had been served, Vito nodded to Robert and Karl, his friends from the gym, who suddenly seized Daniel by his arms, and forced him against the St. Andrew's cross in one corner of the tent. His arms were raised up and secured by thick restraints around his wrists, and his feet were spread and bound the same way. Within a minute, Daniel was helplessly spread-eagled in front of all the club members.

His chest rose and fell as he struggled against the restraints. He knew that he couldn't get loose, and he wasn't afraid that anything bad would happen to him, but he decided to play to the crowd a little bit, and show off his muscles, since he had spent so much time developing his physique! He caught Vito's eye, and gave him a quick wink to let his Master know what was going on. Vito grinned and nodded back, showing that he understood. Daniel flexed his arms and legs, and tightened his abs as he strained against his restraints. His muscles rippled under his now shiny skin, the veins popping out across his pecs and trailing down his abs into his shorts.

Several of the guys there began to feel his muscles, stroking their fingers across his pecs and down his abs, while others concentrated on the muscled towers of his thick legs. Two of the younger guys there were ordered by their tops to lean in and began to suck Daniel's erect nipples, their tongues flicking across the sensitive tips of his tits. He moaned with pleasure at the feel of the hot, moist mouths making love to his nipples. He then put his head back and closed his eyes, somewhat exaggerating the pleasure from the tit sucking, but not by much. It really did feel damn good! The fact that he was bound and helpless in front of so many guys was just adding to his pleasure, too!

In another couple of minutes, Vito stepped in front of Daniel, and, with a wicked grin, reached down and unsnapped the removable codpiece on the shorts, allowing his erect cock and large balls to stand out. Daniel felt his face growing warm with embarrassment, but just for a minute, then his natural tendency for showing off all the parts of his body took over! Daniel began to moan louder into the muzzle at the feeling of the mouths on his nipples, the hands feeling his muscles, and especially the fingers stroking his cock, and playing with his nuts. He flexed his muscles harder and harder, which made more guys want to take their turns feeling his body, which just turned him on more and more!

Daniel spent the rest of that evening bound spread-eagled to the cross, with various guys feeling his muscles, sucking his nipples and his cock, especially when the other run participants were allowed into the tent after the private gathering was finished. He was becoming more and more aroused by the fact that he was more or less the center of attention in the tent, which just proved to him that he was a natural exhibitionist. He already knew that he got a real rush from showing off his body during the bodybuilding contest, but this was taking it to another level!

During the night his cock was sucked by at least a dozen different guys, and at least as many had worked on his nipples, licked his sweaty armpits, his abs, and pretty much everywhere else they could reach on his helpless body! For the last hour of his bondage, Vito put a pair of biting Torture clamps on his nipples, causing Daniel to writhe in pain and struggle whenever someone would pull the chain between the tit clamps, or squeeze them to make then bite harder into his tits!

Finally, Vito told the Top of the newest applicant for membership in the club that as part of his boy's initiation into the group, the boy had to suck Daniel off in front of everyone else watching. That was going to be the boy's “demonstration”, something that all club members did before being voted on for membership.

The boy, Jake, a young redhead, looked kind of embarrassed as he knelt before Daniel's spread body, but he did as his Master ordered, and leaned in to suck Daniel's erect, dripping cock. Once he started to pump his head back and forth on the shaft, his hands started to stroke Daniel's muscles, almost as if by their own volition. Jake got more and more into sucking the hard-bodied slave's cock, sucking it deeper and deeper into his throat, his hands working up and down Daniel's now sweat-dripping body.

As Daniel got closer and closer to cumming, Jake began to work the tit clamps, causing Daniel to writhe in delighted agony on the cross! His chest and abs were rippling and flexing, his biceps straining against the restraints harder and harder until he howled into his gag, every muscle in his torso bulging to the maximum as he filled the boy's hot mouth with his sperm! Jake coughed but still managed to swallow the entire load of cum.

When Jake was done swallowing, he was ordered to stand up in front of Daniel. Vito reached in and unclipped his right tit, and told Jake to lean in and suck and chew the tortured nipple until ordered to stop. Daniel screamed into his muzzle at the blast of pain from his nipple as Jake's teeth closed down and began to tug on the incredibly sore tit. His muscles strained again at his restraints as the nipple torture continued for a good 5 minutes on the one tit, When Vito unclamped the left nipple and told Jake to suck and chew on it, Daniel screamed into the muzzle again, writhing in real agony on the cross! The torture continued for another painful 5 minutes or so before Vito told Jake to stop sucking the tit. Daniel slumped down in relief, but there was one more thing he had to endure before the night was finished.

Vito unstrapped Daniel from the cross, and ordered him to kneel in front of Jake, with his hands behind his head. When he was positioned, Vito ordered Jake to jack off, and shoot his load on Daniel's chest. Jake stood in front of Daniel, stroking his cock, sometimes reaching down with his free hand to feel Daniel's shoulders and biceps, which he flexed for the boy. Soon, Jake began to groan and pant, his hand jacking his cock faster and faster until he moaned, and shot several hard streams of sperm onto Daniel's pecs! The cum began to run in ropy trickles down his muscles,making Daniel moan with pleasure at the feeling of the sperm on his skin.

When Jake's orgasm was done, Vito told Daniel to stand up so Jake could lick his cum from Daniel's chest and abs. The boy leaned in and began to lap up his own cum, causing Daniel to moan again in sheer pleasure! As Jake licked his skin, he also began to play with Daniel's sore nipples again, but much more gently this time, making Daniel shiver with pleasure. Jake worked his way down from Daniel's thick pecs to his corded abs, gently licking and kissing each hard ridge of muscle. Finally he stood up, and buried his face in Daniel's open right armpit, licking and nibbling at the hairs. Daniel groaned into his muzzle at the intense pleasurable feelings as Jake licked out one, and then the other armpit.

Vito finally pulled Jake back, and told everyone watching; “Well, I guess he's demonstrated that he's a damn good cocksucker, and he knows how to pleasure a man! His application for full membership will be voted on at the next meeting!”

There was a round of applause for the boy before his Master led him away. Vito then told Daniel that he could put his hands down by his side, and relax. Daniel, still muzzled, nodded to his Master, acknowledging His order as a good slave should do. Vito then clipped the leash to Daniel's collar, and started to lead him around the tent while he was chatting with various club members and other friends.

Even the members of the Lords of Discipline club complimented Vito on his sexy muscle slave. The two clubs had a good relationship, with just a friendly rivalry, so there were no real hard feelings between them. Several of the members told Vito that they didn't really think that his slave had enough strength to endure the tug-of-war, and they were very impressed by his endurance!

“Yes, even though he has all those muscles, it was hard for him. That's why tomorrow, I think I'm just gonna let him lie around most of the day!” Grinned Vito.

Daniel just looked at his Master, not sure of what he was talking about. He hadn't planned on taking ANY time off from the run, as there was so much to see and so much to learn about, and to experience!

Vito chuckled, seeing his expression. “You might be lying around, boy, but you won't be relaxing. Believe me!”

Daniel really didn't know what Vito was referring to, but he knew that he could trust his Master to not let anything too intense happen to him, since it was his first time at an event like this. He simply nodded in recognition of his Master's comment, since he was still muzzled, and unable to speak. They spent another hour or so in the tent, Vito chatting with friends and club members before leading Daniel out to where there were tables and chairs set up for guys to sit and relax and chat.

Once outside, Vito unbuckled the muzzle from his slave, and ordered him to his knees. Daniel obediently dropped down, and waited for whatever his next task would be. Vito ordered him to wait in front of one of the chairs, and then he walked off. Daniel knelt there, head bowed like he had been ordered to do, not knowing what his Master had planned.

Within a couple of minutes, Vito returned, carrying two drinks. He sat down in front of Daniel, and, to the slave's surprise, offered him one of the drinks.

“Thank you, Master” murmured Daniel as he took the bottle of water.

“Well, I thought you might be getting a little thirsty, boy” smiled Vito. “Besides, it would be really hard for you to clean my boots with a dry mouth!”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir!” Daniel said again, grinning up at his Master.

He drank some of the water, and then bent down and began to lick Vito's right boot. As he licked the polished leather, he knew that this was where he really did belong, on his knees, in front of a superior man! Every time he licked the leather, Daniel felt more and more of his old, “straight” life dropping away, allowing him to really accept who he truly was inside. After Daniel had licked his Master's right boot clean, he took another swallow of water, and began to polish the left boot with his tongue. He continued to work his way around the boot, from toe to heel, and up the height of the shaft of the boot until he had licked all of the glossy leather. When he was done, he sat back on his haunches, head bowed, and hands crossed behind his back, awaiting any further orders from Vito.

“They look good, boy! You did a good job!' said Vito. “Now, down on your hands and knees in front of the chair, slave!”

Daniel immediately dropped back down into the position he had been ordered to assume. He moaned softly as he felt Vito's boots resting across his bare back muscles. Now he knew that he was going to be used as a piece of furniture by his Master, which was proper for an object like him!

Vito and his slave stayed like that for at least an hour, Vito relaxing, and chatting with friends and generally chilling, while Daniel obediently acted as his footstool. Somehow, to Daniel, the weight on his back from Vito's boot-clad feet and his legs felt comfortable, as if they belonged there. Daniel found himself relaxing, the normal cares of his life drifting away as he adjusted to concentrating on remaining still, so as not to disturb his Master as he talked with friends.

After a bit, Daniel heard someone complimenting Vito on his choice of “furniture”. Then he heard Vito telling him to “Pull up a chair, and relax for a while.” Within a minute, Daniel groaned softly as he felt a second pair of booted feet settle onto his broad back. Then his Master and the unknown friend chatted casually about Vito's muscle slave as if he wasn't kneeling right in front of them, listening to their every word. Vito told his friend about the bet that had resulted in Daniel's current position, he described how good of a fuck and how hot of a cocksucker the slave was, and even his ideas for his future plans for his slave, which excited Daniel, since it sounded like Vito was going to offer him the chance to become his full-time live-in slave!

Then Vito's friend told him that he had wanted to suck Daniel's cock ever since the first time he saw him. Daniel thought that he was referring to seeing him at the run. He had no idea that the truth was a bit different! Daniel did notice that whoever Vito was talking to had a strange accent that he really couldn't place, but it did sound like English wasn't his first language.

Finally, Vito told his unknown friend that it was about time that he took his slave back to their cabin for some hot sex before they went to sleep. The boots were removed from his back, and his Master told him to stand, that he had a surprise for him. When Daniel stood up, he found himself looking into the face of Song Lee, one of the personal trainers from the gym where he and Vito worked out! Daniel wasn't familiar enough with him to have recognized his voice, since Song worked the morning shift at the gym when Daniel was usually at work on his construction job. Daniel's normal workout times were later in the afternoon, but he had seen Song several times doing his own workouts after his shift was done. He had an amazingly ripped physique, not bulky, but more shredded with only about 4 % body fat at any time!

“Song tells me that he's been hot for you ever since he saw you for the first time” said Vito, “And tonight, he's going to get his wish. He wants to suck your cock, and take your cum.”

The three of them walked over to the cabin where Vito and Daniel were staying. Vito ordered Daniel to strip and sit down on the bed with his back against the headboard. When he did, Song knelt between his legs and bent down to start to suck him. Daniel groaned with pleasure as the hot mouth surrounded his cock. Vito then removed the codpiece from his jock, knelt behind Song's ass, and slowly inserted his hard cock into the Korean fitness model and personal trainer's ass! Song found himself impaled in both ends by hard cocks. As he worked his head up and down on Daniel's thick cock, Vito was fucking his tight hole, the two of them filling him with about 15 total inches of cock! He moaned as Daniel stroked his amazingly ripped and defined shoulders and back, while Vito's lean, solid torso flexed as he thrust in and out of the ass he was fucking. Within minutes, all three of their muscled bodies were glistening with sweat. It ran in beads down Vito's abs as they worked under his skin, rippling with his every movement. Song's golden brown back was shining as Daniel felt the hard muscles.

Within a few more minutes, Daniel began to gasp and groan as he felt himself coming closer and closer to cumming in the hot mouth sucking him. Vito was getting close to cumming as well, and began to pound Song's ass harder and harder Song groaned just as Daniel's cock exploded with a thick, hard load of sperm!

Almost simultaneously, Vito pumped his load of cum deeply into Song's tight ass, thrusting and driving his cock in to the hilt! When Daniel finished shooting into Song's mouth, and Vito had filled his ass, Song straightened up, and began to jack his cock furiously. Within seconds, he shot multiple streams of hot sperm all over Daniel's sweaty chest and abs! He howled and yelled something in Korean as he shot, finally groaning as his orgasm was spent. He then leaned down, and began to lick his sperm from Daniel's pecs and abs. Daniel moaned softly as his torso was licked clean for the second time that night and his nipples were gently and lovingly sucked and kissed.

Song lapped up his sperm as well as a lot of the sweat from Daniel's muscles, then, to Daniel's surprise, he began to lick Vito's chest and abs and suck his nipples as well.

When he was finished, Song dropped to his knees, bowed his head, and softly said “Thank you, Sir, for fucking me, and allowing me to suck your slave! It was very enjoyable, Sir, and I hope we can do it again many more times back home, Sir!” He then bent down and kissed Vito's boots.

“Yes, boy. We will do it again, don't worry! Now, slave Daniel and I want to be alone for a while, so we will see you tomorrow, and more times during the week. O.K. Boy?”

Yes, Sir! Thank you sir!” said Song before leaving.

Daniel looked at Vito after Song left. “You have had sex with him before, Sir?” he asked.

“Sure, boy. Hell, he's been bound and Tortured in my dungeon space at least 5 or 6 times that I can remember! Hell of a hot, tight ass, and he's really responsive to Torture as well. Also, as you found out, he's a hell of a cocksucker! You'd be surprised how many guys from the gym have been chained up in my Dungeon. Of course, some of them have chained ME up as well! But, that's not something you have to worry about for a while, boy! Until further notice, you will be the one chained up being Tortured in my dungeon. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm pretty burned out! Let's hit the shower, and then bed. You have a busy day tomorrow! Oh wait, I forgot, you're actually going to be lying around for most of the day!”

Daniel looked quizzically at his Master, but Vito just laughed at his expression and said: “You'll see in the morning, boy! Now, the shower, and then bed!”

Daniel obediently undressed his Master, then stripped himself, and turned the shower to a comfortable temperature before holding the shower curtain aside to allow Vito to step under the jets of warm water. Then he joined him, and performed his duties as a proper slave should do, making sure his Master's hard body was properly cleaned before cleaning himself up. He then dried off Vito with a fluffy bath towel and then dried himself, and joined his Master in bed.

As Daniel drifted off in his Master's arms, he wondered what Vito had planned for him for tomorrow. Whatever it was, though, he KNEW that he would enjoy it, and would endure it. He would endure anything, just to make his Master happy and proud of him!

To Be Continued...

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