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The Bet
Part 10 - Shocked!
By Master Skrain

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10. Shocked!

Daniel and Vito stripped down once they were back in the cabin so they could both get in the shower. Daniel needed to wash off the sperm and sweat coating his muscles, and Vito just wanted another opportunity to feel his slave's soapy slick muscles! Vito knew that Daniel was the slave and lover he had been waiting for! Handsome as hell, built like a brick shithouse, and really into S+M sex!

They got in the shower under the hot, steamy water, and Vito told Daniel to just lean back against the wall with his hands behind his head, When he did, Vito used some of his liquid soap, and began to lather up his slave's muscles. Daniel moaned softly at the feel of the strong hands gently gliding across his slick skin, making tactile love to every ridge and ripple of muscle. He groaned when Vito began to pinch and pull on his nipples, causing his cock to start to stand up again. Vito's finger glided into his armpits, then felt his softball sized biceps.

Daniel flexed his arms again, making Vito moan “Oh, fuck yeah!” as he felt the rock hard muscles. He knew that Daniel loved having his muscles admired and worshiped, much as he did himself. He leaned in and wrapped his arms around Daniel, their soapy bodies slipping on each other. They started kissing each other passionately under the streams of hot water, tongues exploring each others mouths, hands stroking each others muscled physiques.

“Damn, Sir. Would you fuck me, Sir, Please?” Moaned Daniel into Vito's ear.

“Sure, boy, but I want you to fuck me, too. I want to feel that fat cock of yours in my hole, pounding away!”

They rinsed the soap off, dried off, and lay down on the bed, wrapped in each others arms. Daniel and Vito spent the next half hour or so just making love to each other with their hands, and mouths. Their shared passion grew until Vito couldn't wait any longer.

“Lay on your back, boy! I'm gonna fuck that tight hole of yours!” he growled in Daniel's ear.

“”Yes, Sir! Thank you sir!” moaned Daniel, as he rolled onto his back, and lifted his legs.

Much as they had done their first night at the run, Vito pounded Daniel's ass with his cock for a good 20 minutes, slamming it in and out of the hot hole until he pumped a thick load of sperm into his slave's tight channel. Daniel moaned with each thrust of the thick cock into his still tight ass, driving him crazy with desire. He wanted this every night from now on, his muscle Master fucking and using him as his sex slave!

When Vito had collapsed onto his back on the bed, panting and dripping with sweat, Daniel spent a few minutes sucking his tits and licking the sweat from his abs before kneeling between Vito's legs, and lifting them much as Vito had done to him. Lubing his erect cock, he positioned it at Vito's hole, and gave one thrust, driving his fat shaft into his Master's ass for only about the second time!

“Oh hell, yes! Fuck me, boy! FUCK ME!!” Howled Vito.

Daniel set Vito's ankles on his broad shoulders and began to thrust his cock into his Master, rhythmically driving it in and out, his muscles rippling, leaning on his thick arms, sweat dripping from his chest and abs down onto Vito's body. Vito began to feel Daniel's muscles, and work his nipples with his fingers, which just made Daniel fuck him harder and harder!

“Fuck me, boy! Pound my ass, boy! it in me!” Groaned Vito as he writhed on the bed.

Daniel straightened up, reached out and began to work Vito's tits again, which made Vito twist and pull HIS tits harder and harder. It almost turned into a nipple torture endurance contest to see which muscleman would break first from the intense pain in their nipples! And, through the entire mutual tit play, Daniel was driving his cock in and out of Vito, pounding him almost brutally.

Eventually, Daniel growled “Oh shit, I'm CUMMING” as he pumped his sperm into Vito.

As he did, Vito twisted his nipples savagely, making Daniel scream from the sheer pain, as well as the feeling of his cum exploding into his Master's ass!

“OH SHIT!!! OH SHIT!!! OH SHIT!!! FUCKFUCKFUCK!” Howled Daniel, slamming his cock in one last time.

Finally, he couldn't stay upright any longer. Pulling out of Vito's ass, he collapsed down onto Vito's sweat drenched body, his chest heaving as he gasped for air. Vito immediately wrapped his arms around his slave, holding his muscled body tight until his breathing finally slowed to normal. Daniel looked down deeply into his Master's eyes, then kissed him deeply. Vito just held his slave tighter, feeling the huge muscles in his back, waiting for them both to recover from their intense fuck session. After about 5 minutes, Daniel finally rolled off of Vito and lay next to him on the bed. They just lay there for a bit longer, kissing, and reveling in the afterglow, their bodies both gleaming with sweat.

“Oh God, oh God...” moaned Daniel. “That was so fucking hot, Sir!”

“You're telling me, boy! I haven't had my ass pounded like that for weeks, boy! I want you to do that all the time when we go home!”

“Only if you promise to fuck me just as hard, Sir! And Torture me every day as well!”

“Deal!” Grinned Vito.

Daniel realized that Vito had just agreed that he would be his full-time Master! He just leaned in and kissed his new Master almost fiercely!

“Do you want to go back out and see what else is going on, boy?” asked Vito with a small grin. He suspected what Daniel's answer would be.

“No Sir. Slave just wants to stay right here in bed with you, Sir!” said Daniel, confirming Vito's guess.

“Yes, boy. Me too!” chuckled Vito, just before pulling Daniel closer to him, and kissing him again!

The next morning, both Vito and Daniel walked rather slowly to breakfast, Daniel in his collar, cutoffs, a tank top and boots, and Vito in Jeans and boots with his vest. They both were rather sore after the exertions of the previous night, Daniel especially after his Torture on the rack. They both agreed to take it easy during the day, but this evening, Daniel was going to experience electro Torture as the climax to their time at the run, since the next day was mostly going to be spent helping to tear down the run site and pack up the gear that the club brought for the event.

Most of the day was spent by the pool, lounging naked in the warm sun, chatting with friends, and alternating between dips in the pool, sitting in the sauna in the building next to the pool area, and soaking in the small hot tub attached to the main pool.

Daniel now knew that he was in love with Vito, real love, and not just a physical attraction, like he had with his girlfriend. He had accepted who he really was, and he was happier then he had been in years. They made plans for Daniel to move into Vito's house once the lease on his apartment ran out in a couple of months. Until then, they would still see each other regularly at the gym, and in Vito's Dungeon on weekends!

That evening, after a relaxing day at the pool, and a good meal, they prepared for the evening's activities. Vito talked with a club member that was good with various forms of Electro Torture about working over Daniel. His friend was eager to see Daniel's muscles working as the electricity pounded through them, making him flex uncontrollably!

He had Daniel wear the codpiece shorts and his low boots and nothing else so the majority of his sculpted muscles would be on display. They went into the bondage tent with Daniel wheeling Vito's toy box behind him. When they got to the bondage table they were going to use, Vito's friend, Al was there with a selection of electrical gear to use.

Daniel was ordered to lie on the table with his arms at his side. Restraints were fastened around his ankles, with another set just below his knees. His wrists were restrained to eye bolts on the side of the table, with a second set of restraints fastened just below his elbows, totally immobilizing his arms, but leaving his upper body free for some movement.

Daniel's chest rose and fell rapidly as he anticipated what the electrical Torture might feel like. He had been shocked a couple of times by live wires on his construction job, and hated it, so he wasn't sure if this was going to feel the same, or what.

Al pulled out a thick black unit that looked more like a lightsaber then anything else to Daniel, even down to the small glass tube sticking out of one end. He plugged the gizmo in, and turned a knob with a clicking sound until there was a sharp buzzing sound, and the glass tube began to glow with a strange purple light! Daniel's chest rose and fell faster and faster as Al brought the glowing glass tube closer and closer to his right nipple, until with a sharp “ZAPPP” sound, a stream of electricity jumped from the tube to his tit!

Daniel writhed, and howled; “OH SHIT” at the feel of the electrical arc on his nipple! It felt like a red hot needle had just been dragged across his tit. Al brought the unit down to his left tit, and repeated the shock Torture. Daniel could do nothing but flex and strain his muscles as he was shocked again and again by the unit. Al ran the tube up and down his chest and abs, trailing an electrical arc across his heaving muscles for a good 10 minutes. Daniel struggled and howled whenever the arc jumped to his skin from the tube. During the torture, Al switched from a single tube to something that looked like as rake, with five tines. An arc jumped from each tine of the rake to Daniel's skin, increasing his torture and torment! He howled and struggled, his body glistening with sweat, making the definition of his muscles stand out like he had been oiled for his contest!

Al concentrated on Daniel's tits, making them feel like they were being cooked right off his chest. Still, in the midst of the Electrical torture, Daniel's cock was rock hard, and straining against the codpiece of his shorts. Vito finally unsnapped the codpiece, allowing Daniel's cock to stand up straight, streaming slightly. Daniel groaned when Al aimed the rake towards his dick, then shrieked at the feel of the five electrical arcs jumping to the sensitive skin of his dick. He screamed when one of the tines was held directly above his pisshole, and an arc jumped directly to the opening!

“FUCK!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!! Oh SHIT, that hurts!” he howled.

“Do you want to stop, boy?” asked Vito.

“NO SIR! Please, Sir, HURT ME! HURT ME MORE, SIR!” gasped Daniel. “Please, Sir, Torture your slave harder, Sir!”

Vito grinned as Al put the electrical unit away in it's case, and brought out a different type of electro toy. It was a small white box, with various controls on the front. Al took a paper towel, and wiped the sweat from Daniel's abs. He then took some small sticky pads, similar to the ones doctors used for an EKG machine, and stuck them to Daniel's abs, two on each side. Then wires were plugged into the electro box, and hooked to the pads.

Daniel just lay back and waited, unsure of what was going to happen next. As Al turned the knobs on the box, Daniel felt a light kind of quivering sensation in his abs, which grew more and more intense as the controls were manipulated. His ab muscles began to flex in a rhythmic pattern, flex, release, flex, release, and he had NO control over them! The contractions of his muscles became more and more intense, and the sensation through the muscles morphed from a quiver, to a quivering shake, to actual pain as his nerves were stimulated harder and harder!

Daniel groaned as each new blast of electricity coursed through his abs, making them knot up like he was doing ab crunches, and then relaxing, which was almost as painful, then contracting fully again, and again, and again! His torso tried to sit up as his abs contracted, but he could only come up about halfway as his arms were bound to the bondage table. He threw his head back and growled in agony as the electricity flowed through his abs more and more as the intensity was turned up!

Through his agony Daniel heard comments like “Jesus, look at those abs!” “FUCK! He's got a full 8 pack!” “Damn, that's hot! I wanna feel those muscles”, and more from the guys watching his Torture.

The electro Torture of his abs continued for a full half hour or more, his rock hard muscles contracting and releasing in different patterns as the settings on the box were changed. Then, to Daniel's horror, small rubber type loops were put around his nuts and around his cock, just under the swollen head of his dick. The loops of material were attached by wires to another electro box, and Daniel felt the current begin to run through his cock, from his nuts up to the head!

He screamed at this new source of Torture, but Al wasn't finished yet! A third, smaller box was set next to his writhing, sweating body, and two small clamps with sharp teeth were attached to his nipples! The tit clamps were attached by wires to the third box, and Daniel shrieked in agony as blasts of electricity pounded through his tits, making them feel like they were being pierced, or even set on fire! The electricity was concentrated in just his nipples themselves, and not his pecs, so the intensity was just that much higher.

Writhing in agony, helpless to control the contracting of his abs, or to stop the burning sensation in his tits, or the feeling like an ongoing orgasm from his cock and nuts, Daniel could do nothing but endure the brutal electrical tortures for what felt like hours! His muscles writhed under his brown, glistening skin, his cock throbbing, the head purple with desire, his swollen, erect nipples in agony, the veins standing out across his pecs and running down his abs, and bulging out on top of his softball sized biceps as he futilely struggled to escape the Torture.

“You like that, boy?” taunted Vito, looking down into Daniel's face with an evil grin.

“Fuck yes, Sir! More, Sir! Please! Turn it up more, Sir, PLEASE!!” He shrieked.

Vito looked at Al, who manipulated the controls on the electro boxes. The blasts of Electricity pounding into Daniel's body increased in both speed and intensity!

“FUCK!!! SHIT!!! GODAMN THAT HURTS! FUCKFUCKFUCK!!” Screamed Daniel, every muscle in his entire body contracted to the max as he fought the electricity.

The Torture by electricity continued for another 20 minutes or so, the power and speed of the pulses growing more and more intense and frequent, until, when the power to his cock had been turned up to incredibly agonizing levels, Daniel shrieked out “OH SHIT, I'M CUMMING!! FUCK!!”

His cock erupted with a huge orgasm, shooting streams of sperm past his head, then onto his face and into his wide open mouth as he was screaming, then across his bulging pecs and abs, mixing with the rivulets of sweat running down his muscles. His cock throbbed and pulsed as the electricity continued to pound through it even when his orgasm was spent! Daniel screamed at the top of his lungs at each new blast of electricity through his dick and his tits, as well as through his abs.

Finally, he fell back on the table, limp and only semi-responsive. Vito told Al to back off the power and end Daniel's Torture, since he was pretty well out of it. He leaned down to his slave to make sure that he was all right. Daniel gasped for air as his eyes cleared and he finally focused on Vito's concerned face. Daniel started to cry for the second time during the run, his mind struggling to process everything that he had just endured, as well as all the other Tortures and new feelings that he had experienced these last 4 days or so.

Vito leaned down, and whispered in Daniel's ear : “That's O.K. Boy. Let it out. That was damn intense, I know.”

Daniel just quivered in Vito's arms as he was released from his bondage and the electrodes were removed from his body. He was so emotionally wrecked that he didn't even respond when Al unclipped his nipples. Once all the electro gear was removed from his body, Daniel finally was ready to sit up. Vito sat next to him, holding him, and stroking his hair and his face gently, comforting him. He knew that emotional support was a vitally important part of the aftercare of a slave after an intense scene, and especially for a newbie like Daniel!

Vito knew that the Electro Torture session had to be the climax to Daniel's time at the run, no pun intended. He knew that his slave couldn't take any more, and he needed some quiet time to process everything that had happened to him. Luckily, the guys watching the scene were pretty well experienced as well, and they knew that after that level of Electro Torture, Daniel was, well , to put it simply, Toast!

They helped collect the gear that belonged to Vito, mostly the restraints, and packed them away. One of his club brothers volunteered to bring the toy box back to the cabin, since Vito needed both arms to support Daniel as they walked back. Once at the cabin, Vito told Daniel to just sit on the bed for a while, and calm down before they got into the shower. Vito also told him that he would feel some quivering and shaking in his muscles, as the nerves tried to recover from the outside stimulation, but that it would fade in a while.

Daniel tried to relax, but he was pretty well keyed up, but exhausted at the same time! Vito had taken him further into realms of intense pain and pleasure, places that he had only dreamed about in his deepest private fantasies. Daniel knew that he could never go back to his old life, pretending to be straight and worried what others might think of him. He knew who he was, and to hell with everyone elses opinion of him! Vito had truly changed the course of his life these last several days, and Daniel could never thank him enough, but he vowed to keep trying...

To Be Concluded...

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