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The Bet
Part 11 - Home
By Master Skrain

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11. Home.

Vito helped Daniel into the shower, and just held him for a while under the warm water. It seemed to be one of the best ways to get him to relax after a hard or really intense session of Torture. Daniel just stood with his eyes closed, enjoying the feel of the muscled body holding him, relaxing his aching muscles and helping him recover.

After a bit, they dried off and got into bed. Holding each other tight, they talked into the night about their future together, with Daniel willingly serving as Vito's sex slave, Torture boy, houseboy, and lover.

Eventually, they both drifted off to sleep, still wrapped in each others arms.

In the morning, they dressed and headed off to the dining room for breakfast. Today was mostly going to be occupied with tearing down the dungeon setups and the tents, and packing up the equipment, as well as returning the grounds of the resort to it's original condition. Some of the guys were leaving as soon as the packing was done, but Vito had paid for an extra night in the cabin, so he and Daniel would have free time tonight before heading home in the morning.

When breakfast was done, they started to help with the teardown. Daniel was wearing his old battered blue jeans, his work boots, and an old western style shirt with the sleeves cut off, and open down the front. Not only was it cool, but it emphasized his muscularity, and showed off his abs! Vito wore his denims and boots as well, along with one of his cut-down workout tank tops.

Within an hour or so, they were both dripping with sweat, as was the rest of the teardown crew. Daniel was used to this type of hard physical labor since he did construction work for a living, and he even took charge of the breaking down and stowage of some of the gear since in his mind he could see the best way to pack the equipment in the truck used to take it back to the city.

Vito was actually getting turned on every time he saw Daniel working, his sweat shined abs and pecs rippling and flexing and his massive biceps bulging as he lifted and moved heavy pieces of equipment in preparation to packing them away. Several other club members commented to Vito about how hot and sexy Daniel looked in his work clothes, and he sure had to agree with them! Daniel was a stud!

“And”, mused Vito, “He is MY stud!”

The packing continued until it was time to break for lunch. Vito wasn't really surprised to see that Daniel had actually acquired a bit of a “Fan Club” among the guys helping him with the packing! He sure was easy on the eyes, and he was a hard worker as well.

Vito had told Daniel that he could relax the rules of slavery while doing the work, and just be himself. They sat with some of the club members, and chatted, Daniel answering a lot of questions about how he had ended up at the run, and even some training and workout advice for some of the guys. He promised them that he would help anyone at the gym who wanted some tips for better workouts.

Vito got quite a few compliments on his handsome new slave, as well as a couple of guys who teasingly admitted that they were rather jealous of Vito's slave, and would try to get him away from Vito! He took it in the kidding fashion that it was meant, and everyone got a laugh when Daniel told them that THAT wasn't gonna happen! Then Daniel leaned over, and kissed Vito who was sitting next to him.

When lunch was over, everyone got back to work on the packing. Daniel got even more attention when he finally took off his shirt, exposing his sweaty, rippling back muscles as well as his abs and pecs. Vito grinned when he saw a guy actually run his hand down Daniel's back, then lick the sweat off his hand! Daniel was chuckling as well, and finally told the guy to go ahead and lick his pecs and pits, but just for a minute or so, since they still had work to do!

By late in the afternoon, all the gear was packed, and a lot of the guys were heading back to their respective homes. Vito told the members of the Griffins that he and Daniel would more then likely see them at their next monthly meeting, which happened to be scheduled to be held at his house. When they finally got a chance to relax, Daniel and Vito went back to their cabin, changed into some gym shorts and sneakers and headed for the pool house and sauna. They had to be more or less dressed now since the resort was back to regular operation and they couldn't run around naked..

They both hit the showers quickly in the pool house, and settled into the hot tub by the pool to relax, and reflect on the events of the last week. They sat silently for a while, each lost in their thoughts. Vito was thinking about the difference it would make in his life to finally have a full-time slaveboy in his life, while Daniel was reflecting on how this week had helped him to come out of the closet and admit to himself and everyone else who he really was.

Vito and Daniel enjoyed the warm, bubbling water for a while before Vito took the initiative, and suggested to Daniel that it was time to go get some dinner in the restaurant. They both dressed somewhat more conservatively then they had been able to during the run, since the resort was back to being open to everyone, not just run attendees. Still, there were a few guys from the run still there, and they waved Vito and Daniel over to their table when they went in. It was fun just to be able to sit and shoot the breeze without the constraints of formal slavery, since Vito had released Daniel from his servitude earlier in the day when the run formally ended.

After dinner, Daniel and Vito went back to their cabin to pack their own gear for the drive home in the morning. Shortly after they started to pack there was a knock on the door. When Daniel opened it to see who it was, he was pleasantly surprised to see that it was Song, the Korean personal trainer and fitness model.

“Hello, guys, I just stopped by to see how you are doing after the run.” He told them.

“We're doing great, and we had a fantastic time! How about you?” grinned Vito.

“Well, I had fun, too, but I always hate to see the run end. I always kind of feel a bit let-down after it's over.”

“I kinda know how you feel” said Vito, “I sometimes feel the same way! Anything we can do to make you feel better?” he smiled, looking at Daniel knowingly.

Song just grinned and dropped to his knees, peeling his shirt off at the same time. “I have an idea or two about how you might help, Sir.” he said, kneeling in front of the two muscular men.

Daniel looked over at Vito. “Do you want to go first?”

Vito grinned at him. “No, you go right ahead. I'd just enjoy watching for a bit. I'll take my turn later!”

Daniel grinned back, and peeled off his own shirt. Opening his denims, he pulled out his already stiffening cock, and slipped it into Song's waiting mouth. He moaned with pleasure as Song began to tongue his cock, while running his hands up and down Daniel's abs and ribs, then working up to his pecs, and finally beginning to play with his nipples. Daniel ran his fingers through Song's thick black hair while fucking his mouth. Song worked his tits with one hand while feeling the rippling abs with the other, getting lost in his worship of the hot muscleman's body while sucking his cock.

Daniel stood there, enjoying the feel of the hot blow job from the Asian stud, thrusting in and out of his mouth for a good 10 minutes or so, pacing himself. Suddenly, he felt Vito's hard, bare chest against his back, and his hands sliding around his torso to feel his muscles. Song took hold of Daniel's tits, as Vito felt his flexing hard abs as Daniel began to fuck Song's mouth harder and harder until with a groan he shot his load into the stud's mouth.

“Fuck! Aw, Fuck! Damn, that's a good mouth! Shit!” He groaned, gasping for air.

When he pulled his cock from Song's mouth, the Korean stud looked up and said; “Thank you! That tasted SO good!”

Daniel grinned. “You're welcome! Hell, that FELT damn good, too!”

Vito chuckled as he took his place in front of the kneeling Korean. Song obediently opened his mouth again and Vito slid his Italian sausage into the waiting hole. Song sucked and tongued Vito's cock, and felt his sweating torso for another 10 or 15 minutes, the both of then clearly enjoying the hot blow job.

Daniel stepped in behind Vito and pressed his torso against the glistening back muscles. Vito moaned slightly at the sensation of the rock hard pecs and abs against his own solid muscles. Daniel's hands began to feel Vito's pecs and work his tits while he stuck his tongue in Vito's right ear! Song worked the ripped abs flexing in front of his face with his fingertips as Vito's cock drove in and out of his mouth faster and faster.

When Vito growled; “Oh shit, I'm cumming!”, Daniel twisted his nipples as hard as he could grasp the sweat soaked knobs! Vito threw his head back against Daniel's shoulder as he shot a hard load of sperm into Song's hard sucking mouth. Song moaned at both the feel and the taste of the sperm flooding into his mouth, and the feel of the rock hard abs flexing under his fingers.

Vito's orgasm seemed to go on and on the longer that Daniel tortured his nipples, but finally, with one last loud gasp of air, he pulled his cock from Song's mouth, the head too sensitive to endure the hot, talented tongue working it any longer!

“FUCK! Oh, fuck that was good! Dammit!” Vito gasped as he leaned back against Daniel for support , legs wobbly after his explosive orgasm.

Song smiled up at them “Thank you, Sirs, for the great loads! Those are my very favorite kind of Protein shakes, and they taste SO good, too!”

Vito chuckled. “Well, stand up, boy! We can't let you just leave after THAT!”

When Song stood up, both Vito and Daniel leaned in and began to suck and chew on his thick dark brown nipples that stood out in sharp contrast to his light golden skin. He moaned and held their faces tight against his lean pecs as they worked his tits with their teeth. Vito's hand slid down his hard abs and began to unbutton Song's jeans, allowing his cock to stand out.

Vito pulled back from Song's chest and asked Daniel; “Boy, do you want to suck him off? He's safe for you to take his load if you want it.”

Daniel grinned. “Oh hell yes! I'll take as much of his cum as he wants to pump into my mouth! He's almost as sexy and as hot as you are, Sir!” He looked at Song and said; “Uh, no offense, of course!”

Song laughed and said; “None Taken! Fuck yes, Vito's hot, and you are lucky to have him! My lover, Jeung is damn hot, too, but he just couldn't get away to come this week. Hopefully we can all get together sometime when we're back home!”

Daniel kissed him quickly, and dropped to his knees in front of the lean, shredded Korean. Leaning in, he slowly, teasingly took the length of Song's cock into his mouth, working the head with his tongue, and nipping at the silken skin of the shaft with his teeth.

Daniel took a strange kind of pleasure in hearing Song moan; “Oh fuck! What a hot mouth!” Just a week ago, he couldn't really imagine hearing another guy say that about him as he sucked his cock!

Song grasped Daniel's head as he began to slowly work his shaft in and out of his mouth. Daniel slipped his hands up across the incredibly hard, lean abdominal muscles that rippled in front of his eyes like a rolling sea of muscle. Song gasped and moaned as he fucked the beautiful young muscleboy's mouth. Vito began to lick the sweat running down Song's back, drawing another loud moan of pleasure from him.

It only took another couple of minutes before Song began to groan with each thrust of his cock into Daniel's mouth, then he gasped “Oh fuck! Oh FUCK!” and then something in Korean that sounded like “hananim, gibun-i joh-a ”! as he shot into Daniel's sucking mouth! Daniel swallowed the hot, salty bittersweet sperm as fast as he could, loving the taste, and marveling at the rippling muscles knotting up in Song's abs as he came! When Song's orgasm was finished, and every drop of his sperm had been milked from his cock, Daniel reluctantly got up off his knees, and hugged his hot, sweaty body close.

“Thank you! That was SO damn good! What a hell of a way to end the week, don't you think, Sir?” He said, turning to Vito, who grinned and joined in their group hug!

“Yeah, any week that ends with that much cum down someone's throat HAS to be a good week!” he laughed.

Finally, Song told the guys that he had to get back to his room at the motel and finish his packing so he would be ready to leave in the morning, much as Daniel and Vito were going to do. He promised that he would contact Vito later and hopefully make plans for him and his lover to meet at Vito's soon for a 4 way play party!

After he left, Daniel and Vito stripped and got into the shower together again to relax and rinse off the sweat they had worked up. They just held each other, enjoying the sensual pleasure of the warm water coursing down over their bodies. Eventually, Vito suggested that it was time to hit the sack as they had to load his truck in the morning before the two hour drive home. They dried off, and snuggled into bed, holding each other and remembering the events of the last few days, like Daniel's first torture session, the Tug-of-War, the stake-out, being flogged and whipped with the Tawse, the racking and so much more, and wondering what the future might hold for them. They fell asleep with Daniel up against Vito's back, holding him as if he never wanted to let him go again!

In the morning, they traded blow jobs, taking a load of each others cum in their mouths as a warm-up for breakfast. Then, after a real breakfast, they loaded their gear and clothing bags into Vito's Tacoma for the drive home. Vito had to smile at Daniel's choice of clothes to wear home, as he had dressed in his old skin-tight denims, his boots and a low cut tank top from the gym, one that exposed his pecs and nipples as well as emphasizing the spread of his lats and his delts and the thickness of his traps.

Apparently Daniel had come out of the closet with a vengeance, and was determined to show that he wasn't ashamed of who he now knew himself to be, nor was he going to be afraid of what anyone else thought of him! Vito was proud of him, but made a mental note to have a chat with him later about slowly easing into his new life, rather then jumping in feet first, as some people might have a bit of a hard time accepting his new-found sense of identity.

Of course, Vito wasn't dressed all that modestly himself, wearing his denims, and boots, and a plain black leather vest with no shirt under it, showing off his abs and the valley between his pecs. Since they didn't really plan on stopping anywhere before getting back to his house, he wasn't really worried about what other folks might think.

The drive home was pretty uneventful, with Daniel and Vito finalizing their plans for Daniel to move his possessions into Vito's house a bit at a time until the lease expired on Daniel's apartment. Vito told him that he was going to have a large bedroom of his own, and there was plenty of room for any furniture that Daniel might have, as well as his clothes and whatever else, like his bicycle, and the odds and ends that most people collect over time.

“By the way, you do know that I have my own Dungeon and Torture Chamber in the basement, don't you?” smirked Vito.

“No, actually I didn't! I knew that you liked to work over other guys, but I didn't know if you just did that in your bedroom, or where.” smiled Daniel.

“Well, when we get home, I'll give you a little tour and maybe even a demonstration, if you'd like!” said Vito.

“Hell, yes, SIR! That sounds hot, SIR!” grinned Daniel.

Vito laughed. “Yeah, I kinda thought that you'd like that idea, boy!”

Once they got back to Vito's house, Daniel unloaded his gear into his car which was parked in Vito's garage. Some of the leathers he had worn were packed in with his stuff, but Vito told him he could bring it back when he had unpacked. Besides, a lot of it was going to be Daniel's from now on, since it didn't fit Vito anyway.

When everything else was in out of the Truck, Vito asked Daniel if he would carry the toy box downstairs into the Dungeon and Torture Chamber in the basement. When they got downstairs, Daniel looked around and whistled at the impressive setup! There was a St. Andrew's cross in one corner, a sling hanging from the overhead floor beams, a rack and bondage table close to one wall, and pegboards for all the floggers, whips, restraints and other toys.

Daniel helped Vito put all the gear back into their proper places in the Dungeon. When they were done, Vito looked over at Daniel with a small smile. Daniel pretty much knew EXACTLY what Vito had in mind from just that look!

“Well, do you want to try it out, boy?” smirked Vito.

“Sir, YES, SIR!” said Daniel, immediately snapping to attention, and slipping back into slave mode.

Within 5 minutes, Daniel was stripped down to his boots and a collar, leather restraints padlocked around his wrists and ankles, and a shiny metal cock-ring around the base of his cock and balls, and another thicker stainless steel ring and ball weight fastened around his nuts, stretching them down slightly.

He stood under one of the overhead beams, his feet spread and fastened to eye bolts at the base of two vertical supports for the beam. His arms were stretched over his head, spread and fastened to the overhead beam by short chains. His chest rose and fell, small beads of sweat trickling down his torso from his armpits and down his back.

He heard Vito step up behind him, and felt his bare chest and abs press against his spread back and shoulders, his Master's hard cock riding up between the cheeks of his bubble butt, and he felt Vito's hot breath on the back of his neck as his hands slid around his ribcage from behind, slid across his washboard abs, up to his pecs, and then his strong fingers began to twist and pull Daniel's erect, still tender nipples!

“Tell me what you want, boy...” whispered Vito into his slave's ear.

“Yes, Sir! Please, Sir, Torture me! Torture your slave, sir...”

The End (?)