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Kimmy’s Initiation, Triumph, Revenge
Part 3 - Triumph
By Mark Sayrs
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Kimmy’s Initiation, Triumph, Revenge


One day, when Tony saw that all the other boys had left the showers he turned Kimmy around, pushed him against the tile wall, and as the warm water enveloped their slippery bodies he pushed Kimmy’s legs apart and without more a do tried hard to plug his cock into his ass. This time Kimmy thought it was too much, after all they were in the schools’ showers and his resistance became more than a token of his humiliation. Tony was enraged, Kimmy had never seen him like this, he slapped him and punched him hard, and as Kimmy fell on the floor he jumped over him and tried to fuck him in the face.

They were struggling when suddenly a loud voice shouted “Hey! What’s going on here?!” It was Matt, the team’s captain. He was an extraordinary sight. He was tall, just over six feet. His skin was very white. His finely chiseled head was crowned with a mop of very black hair, its curls cascading over his front. Under bushy eyebrows his large eyes, deep inside their sockets, had the color of a surprisingly dark violet blue and looked over some pronounced cheek bones. The head rested on a strong square chin that jutted out and forced his red lips into an enticing pout. That gave him a grim expression, but when he smiled everyone melted under the welcoming sensation that beamed from his face. The beautifully turned muscles of his arms ended in large hands and from his wide shoulders the well-developed muscles of his torso, his full pectorals and rippling abdominals tapered down to narrow hips. His long legs were unusually strong. In short, he was a monument of muscles: he run faster and threw the ball farther than the others, he was their champion swimmer and yet his figure was unexplainably graceful, one could hardly guess the muscles that throbbed under his white skin as he moved with the feline sensuality of a dancer. He was the best in any of the school’s sports except in wrestling. Everybody marveled how this strong, big guy always ended loosing; and he didn’t seem to mind. Boys and girls adored him, not only because of his irresistible attraction, but on account of his really kind nature. He never scolded his team for their faults, but rather instructed them with caring attention. He was always ready to help the underdog and would not allow any bullying. And yet he was something of a mystery: he didn’t date girls nor was he known to like boys.

He stepped fast into the showers and pushed Tony away from Kimmy. Tony fell on his back and. Matt kicked him out of the showers. “I know what you’ve been doing to Kimmy, you dirty bastard!” He slapped him hard. Tony fled as fast as he could. Only the loud sound of the showers could be heard as Matt stood looking at Kimmy in the empty room. Kimmy got up, embarrassed by the swollen cock that revealed his complicity in what Matt had just witnessed. Matt didn’t seem to mind as he looked Kimmy up and down his body. He came over to where Kimmy was standing, took his swimming trunks off and started to spread foams of soap over his body under the steaming shower. He then transferred his care to Kimmy as if he were washing him too. His large hands slipped over Kimmy’s chest. “Hey, you’ve got a beautiful body…look at these pecs” he said as his hands cupped Kimmy’s. “And I like your abs. . .I think you’ve been working” he commented as his hands now turned to run over the ripples of Kimmy’s torso. One of his hands went down to Kimmy’s ass and slipped into his crack slightly touching his anus. “Has he been hurting you?” he asked. Kimmy was asking himself what was Matt doing? He was of course flattered by Matt’s appreciation. Kimmy felt the whole power of the magnificent body of no less than the team’s captain, the one boys and girls felt irresistibly attractive to. Matt’s breathing became heavier and his body moved against Kimmy’s as he continued to soap them both. It was becoming obvious that he wanted something sexual. My god! Thought Kimmy, will he want to fuck me? The thought resulted in an immediate swelling of his cock. “Hey, look at your cock!” Exclaimed Matt hoarsely as his hand closed around Kimmy’s rod, still aroused by his previous adventure. Kimmy was startled when Matt also took his balls and started pressing them as if to gauge their power. Matt was surprised at his daring moves. He had never submitted to this kind of attraction, but what he had seen Tony and Kimmy doing in the showers made him feel that it was all right. He thought that Kimmy would like to feel this kind of intimacy, as if he were consoling him after what he had gone through. After all he had saved him from that brutal bully. As he was fondling him he looked at him intently and took in his embarrassed excitement. He could trust him, he thought, impulsively; and looking down at his aggressive cock he thought he could certainly trust that too! Matt seemed hypnotized by the sight of the growing rod that he held in his hand and the roiling balls that he held in his other. Kimmy couldn’t believe it but Matt was actually encouraging his sex to show more and more his response. “Hey, Kimmy, don’t you like me?” asked Matt taking Kimmy’s hands and passing them over his body, to make him feel his powerful chest. Matt was not thinking any longer; before he knew what he was doing he kneeled between Kimmy’s legs and his face pressed against his groin. His lips kissed the round balls, his tongue sprung out to lick them, he let the growing tube slip over his cheeks. His mouth was searching Kimmy’s cock in all its size and he began to lick it with eager and wet lips, moving faster and faster. Kimmy was overwhelmed with emotion, he parted his legs and his body moved to meet Matt’s attacks.

Suddenly Matt left that intoxicating sexual groin and stood up. Thrusting his hips forward he exposed his naked body. Kimmy was left standing there with his swollen cock pulsating in the air, drops of precum drooping from its slit. What he was seeing didn’t help either, the sight of Matt’s splendid tall body was something fantastic, and his genitals matched all that was so attractive in the team’s captain. Kimmy couldn’t draw his sight from that big member and those dangling balls. Matt was swaying his body in a surprisingly enticing way. “Hey, Kimmy, don’t you like my body?” he asked again but in a tearfully imploring voice. Kimmy was transfixed with wonder and as Matt realized it he sprung forth and took Kimmy strongly in his arms. He tackled him to the ground but at Kimmy’s surprise he had Kimmy lying on top of him. Matt’s arms and legs were around him. He was squirming on the ground jutting his cock against Kimmy’s. Matt looked him in the eyes, his big intensely blue eyes shining under his unruly black hair. Matt was trembling all over, his eyes and his body expressing an excited supplication. “Fuck me, Kimmy, fuck me!!” he was shouting over and over, punching and slapping Kimmy’s body. Kimmy was out of his mind. Yes, he had fantasized many times what it would be like if Matt did to him what Tony did. Kimmy’s mind went spinning as he realized that it was becoming true. Yes, he wanted this extraordinary prize that was offering himself so freely, but shouldn’t he fuck him ? He wanted Matt more than he had ever wanted Tony, but Matt was relentless under him. He was actually lifting his hips and his ass was searching Kimmy’s rod. ‘Fuck me, Kimmy, fuck me hard!” he pleaded, getting Kimmy’s cock to ride over his crack and touch his warm anus. Matt’s slapping and punching, his long legs punishing his sides, began to make Kimmy angry and something unexpected suddenly started moving inside Kimmy’s body and as the superb body under him bucked against him spasmodically he lost his mind, his cock took control of his body and thrust hard into the forbidden entrance. Slick with soap it penetrated easily into Matt’s rectum and in a few more juts went all the way in. After an initial shock of pain Matt welcomed the invading member filling up his insides and as it started moving in there he felt his whole body bursting with an intense sexual emotion. Kimmy thought he was going mad! As he moved his cock, encased into that constricting tunnel of warm, wet mush, a maddening passion of sexual drive was overcoming his groin. His mind had stopped working: he felt as if his whole body had become that big member inside Matt. The exciting pleasure his cock was experiencing was nothing to the maddening sensation of dominating this overpowering body. His cock now felt as if his whole body were conquering the hunk under him, who was responding to his every thrust as if it now belonged to his invading member. Kimmy’s cock plunged hard inside Matt. Matt shouted his encouragement, opening his body and laying there to be taken with open arms and legs. Kimmy looked into his deep blue eyes and his disordered expression, his pouting red mouth opened displaying an enticing row of white teeth. Kimmy pressed his lips against it and his tongue penetrated the velvety cavity as violently as his cock was slamming into that maddeningly warm and mushy enclosure. His thrusts became more willful as he changed into a domineering invader. Just what Matt wanted. With his hoarse shouts, saliva drooping from his mouth, his body wildly thrashing under Kimmy he was encouraging to take him as a whore. He surrendered his whole body to Kimmy’s desires. Kimmy was humping him so hard that Matt’s body started slipping over the ground towards the tiled wall, gradually pushing up his head and shoulders. Matt’s back was now pressed against the wall, his head pinned against it by Kimmy’s demanding mouth, his long legs dangling over Kimmy’s thigs, as the kneeling conqueror continued to plug his upturned ass. Matt’s sexual drive was climbing the more he felt he was dominated by an unrelenting Kimmy’s and when he felt the hot lava erupting deep inside him his balls spurted out the waves of semen that had been for so long waiting for release.

Only the sound of the showers was heard in the empty room as both boys had come over their climax. Kimmy’s big cock was still inside Matt as he lifted his head and looked into his deep blue eyes. Now that he had recovered consciousness he was not sure of how Matt would have taken this incredible possession. With drooping eye lids and an embarrassed expression Matt was expressing his whole hearted acceptance. Matt’s legs still dangling over his thigs, Kimmy let his big cock slowly emerge from Matt’s enveloping wrap. As Kimmy dropped back on his knees he could see the thick slicks of cum that had glued their two separating bodies. Both boys looked at their sloppy, spent members, still oozing cum, Matt’s trailing down from his own body and Kimmy’s still drooling from Matt’s anus. The showers were slowly washing their thick emissions when they slowly got up. Matt’s muscular body helped a staggering Kimmy to the locker room, passing his arms over his shoulders as he beamed a guilty smile. Without saying a word Matt tool a dry towel and dried up Kimmy's yielding body. He stopped when he reached his genitals. Kimmy felt helpless as his rod started swelling again in response. Matt looked at it in wonder. But as Kimmy was readying himself for another passionate attack on Matt, the big guy slapped his penis making him withdraw full of frustration.

“Another time, Kimmy” said Matt as his pouted lips brushed Kimmy’s in a caste kiss. “You won’t tell, will you?” he added his blue eyes looking intently into Kimmy’s who moved his head energetically in consent. Matt hurriedly put on his clothes over his still wet body and with a guilty wave of his hand left as rapidly and with the sensual agility with which he always moved. Kimmy was left leaning against the lockers, his legs wide apart as his cock curved out of his groins twitching up and down. Yes, he wanted more, he thought as he tried to assimilate his new role. He wanted to fuck that sensational hulk, he wanted to possess the team’s captain, he wanted Matt as Tony had wanted him. Kimmy staggered back home. His balls hurt and his cock flopped inside his briefs refusing to shrink. As his mind returned again and again to what he had done with Matt it started swelling again. It was the same thing the next day. There was Matt lording it in his athletic virility, surrounded by his adoring team, moving with that sensual felinity of his as if nothing had happened. Occasionally he would send Kimmy a sly smile as if he didn’t know the catastrophic effect it caused.

That weekend Matt invited Tony to take a long walk with him. After some time their energetic leg work had taken them far out of town. Matt left the by road to step into a dense forest. Kimmy followed at a certain distance, stepping over broken branches and trying to avoid the low stinging bushes. As Kimmy entered the thick woods he suddenly saw Matt in a small clearing, waiting for him with bowed head, legs slightly ajar and his arms hanging at his sides. It was an image of humility that immediately sent Kimmy’s mind spinning. He had already learned what Matt wanted: to be undressed in as violent a manner as possible. Kimmy tore open his shirt to look and grasp the splendid white flesh that his hands were revealing; unbuckled his belt and pulled it out as he lowered Matt’s trousers. As Matt stood there with his open shirt and lowered trousers Kimmy’s hands went for his briefs and harshly grasped the swelling mound making Matt moan with desire. Out came the big member and the churning balls; Kimmy took them strongly in his hands and didn’t let go as he pushed Matt back making fall heavily on his back, his body suspended in the air by the genitals that Kimmy still held in his hands. Kimmy let go only to take his long legs out of his trousers. Matt lay there entirely naked flailing his legs and arms as he wallowed in his surrender. Kimmy watched for a moment, taking in the fantastic sight of this magnificent body that was offering itself to him. He took his clothes off as fast as he could and kneeling at Matt’s either sides he dangled his curving cock in front of Matt’s face. “Make it hard, Matt” he ordered pushing his member over Matt’s face and eventually into his mouth. As if he were fighting against it Matt nevertheless licked and sucked until Kim felt that it was ready. Then he pulled out of the generous mouth, jumped back between Matt’s legs, pulled them up, aimed his cock and prodded his ass trying to find its goal. He could have guided it with his hand, but it was much more fun to attack the hard cheeks and keep assaulting the crack, teasing Matt to a pitch of frustrated excitement, until he felt that the bulbous head was right in place and then jacked it in bit by bit. Matt moaned and thrashed as if he were being attacked, as if he were unwilling to stand the humiliation. Then came the passionate thrusts, Kimmy’s rod coming in and out, his balls crashing against Matt’s ass, the conquering juts of his body against the athletic muscles of his prey, now embracing him with arms and legs as if life depended on it. Kimmy felt as if he were climbing Mount Everest, going higher and higher, his breathing harder and harder, until he reached the top and an unending flow of his vitals spurted out of his invading rod; Matt reveled in his surrender, taking in the thrusts, the conquering assaults of all his body, giving more than what he was receiving, until he could not resist any longer and gave out the plentiful offering of his own life.

They rested for a while, Kimmy spreading the thick cum that covered Matt, wondering at its amount and thick consistency, Matt caressed Kimmy as he felt his cum dribble out of his punished insides. Then he raised his body and kneeling between Kimmy’s legs took with one hand Kimmy’s cock into his mouth and grabbed his balls with the other and started to lick, suck, caress with his lips the velvety bulge teasing it on its sensitive underside, then making it go up and down in his salivating mouth until he felt that Kimmy was ready for another round. Then he strode Kimmy and kneeling at either of his sides lowered his body over Kimmy's searching member. Now it was his time to tease the prone body as he let Kimmy’s rod prod and prod at his ass, slide into his crack and finally find the promised land inserting its engorged head into that resisting entrance. Matt sat on Kimmy’s crotch with a violent swaying of his body, all the time moaning as if he were being forced to do it. Kimmy legs were furiously thrusting his body up into Matt’s ass, but it was actually Matt who was fucking him. The excited swaying of his strong body, up and down Kimmy’s rod, was actually making Kimmy come in his insides.

Mat had decided to coach Kimmy into pumping iron into his muscles at the gym. The slender boy slowly developed into a powerful body. While still graceful, the muscles on his chest, his abdominals, his biceps and his thigs showed through the warm slightly tan skin. As captain of his team Matt could enter the gym after school hours with Kimmy to teach him all the wrestling strategies and tricks that he knew so well. But as the lessons progressed Kimmy realized that after exercising again and again on Matt the wrestling keys he was learning Matt was letting him win. It always ended that way: Matt would make Kimmy show how well he had learned his tricks and little by little let him pin him down. In the heat of their wrestling Kimmy lost all consciousness: he was only aware of his growing wrestling abilities and aroused by Matt’s submission. Somehow their cocks sprung out of their tights and the half-naked bodies took their toll: Kimmy’s cock violently penetrating Matt’s insides and pumping its climax as Matt thrashed and wallowed under him, accepting and encouraging his conquest. Both bodies were linked by sweat and cum as they rested. After a while, when Kimmy’s cock started swelling again, still inside Matt, he would renew his newly learned wrestling, turn Matt on his stomach, and jumping on his back, separated Matt’s legs open wide and plunged his cock again into the big guy’s insides, glowing at the feeling of that strong back under his chest and those splendid limbs now entirely at his mercy. And Matt moaned out his defeat as he offered his surrender with thick globs of jism. Later Kimmy would take Matt’s pouting lips and conquer him again with a deep wet kiss that lasted for minutes, and as Kimmy withdrew Matt would eagerly swallow the slicks of saliva that would drop from his lips, savoring his lover’s taste.

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