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Kimmy’s Initiation, Triumph, Revenge
Part 2 - Initiation 2
By Mark Sayrs
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Kimmy’s Initiation, Triumph, Revenge


But Tony was not coming every night as before. He had other friends. He told Kimmy about some wild parties where they frolicked and danced around all naked, competing later to see who could spurt his jism farther and more times, who could more enlarge his cock and who could wrestle and fuck over the others when their excitement could no longer be contained. Kimmy wanted Tony to take him to these parties, but Tony refused saying they were too wild for Kimmy’s sensitive nature, he was sure he would not like it, and also because he wanted Kimmy all for himself.

Kimmy couldn’t have enough of his friend. He followed him everywhere in school, played always with him and seemed not to be able to be separated from him when they were in their respective teams. His thoughts were pinned on his friend. He seemed unable to think of anything else. In short he was deeply in love and that love required the satisfaction of his body, yearning for Tony’s. It was becoming a bit too much. Boys were beginning to make jokes and sometimes look at them with knowing smiles. It was beginning to bother Tony. Of course he loved the way Kimmy was attached to him, he was rather proud of his conquest. He had after all taught Kimmy some real facts about his body and what he could do with his member. And Kimmy was the prettiest boy in the whole school.

But Tony was also discovering girls. Kimmy felt sorely abandoned as Tony stopped coming at night to his room. He was tempted to masturbate fantasizing with Tony’s image but he didn’t want to betray Tony in this way. He wanted to reserve his body and his sex to Tony’s every want. However, he soon discovered that Tony was passing his time with girls. Tony’s handsome body and his ever bubbling personality were very popular among girls. He attracted them as he attracted boys. As the girls tried to stumble in his way he started discovering other and tremendously exciting ways to satisfy his sexual hunger. One girl in particular showed him what he could do with his member, the same way he had taught Kimmy. He was surprised one night at the wet embrace of this girl’s sweating body, how she had tightened her legs around him and guided his stiff cock into her cunt. Wow! It was sensational, much more than just humping another boy, much more than just letting his cum out spraying another boy’s body. This was the real thing, he was really fucking and he could not have enough. Girls began to think of him as a dangerous predator but could not resist his attacks for long.

One steamy night Kimmy followed Tony. He had gone to meet a willing girl out in somebody’s garden playground. He saw the waiting girl and how Tony took her in his arms and slowly aroused her body with his searching hands. Finally he started kissing her more and more. He was becoming violent with desire. The girl became alarmed and with a violent push sent Tony sprawling on the ground as she ran away, trying to recover her torn clothes. Tony lay there his cock all erect standing between his splayed legs. He was mad as hell. But then he saw Kimmy watching him behind some trees. That made him all the madder. He had been spying on him and now he had witnessed his tremendous humiliation. He got up and rushed Kimmy, pushed him against a tree, his demanding body humping him hard. His sweaty face and disheveled hair close to Kimmy’s face he panted: “you idiot! Do you have to follow me everywhere? What do you want?” he slapped Kimmy hard in the face, and again as he yelled “Can’t you leave me alone?” Kimmy was not a weakling, he was actually a little taller than Tony and just as strong, but he didn’t want to fight Tony. He tried to run away, but Tony rushed after him, grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, tore it down his back and as his arms tackled Kimmy he forced him face down to the ground. Kimmy felt Tony’s body falling heavily on him, he could feel his heaving warm chest on his naked back, and Tony’s hot breath panting on his ear. Tony barked “you want to see what I do with girls? Is that it? Well, I am going to show you what I do with girls!” He forced his right arm under Kimmy and almost tore his belt, and then while holding Kimmy down with his body he raised his legs to Kimmy’s waist, he started pushing his pants down with his feet.

Kimmy could feel Tony’s hard cock pressing on his back. As Tony pinned down Kimmy’s arms, he could feel how he began to rub it on his back, up and down. Kimmy didn’t have time to wonder whether he was going to do it as he always did, but no, this time Tony’s cock slowly came lower and lower until it was rubbing the cheeks of his buttocks and finally finding the crack of his ass. “I am going to show you what I do with girls, you fag!” hoarsely spat Tony in Kimmy’s ear as his hard cock started attacking his crack. “I am going to fuck you! I am going to teach you not to bother me! I am going to make you my girl!” he could hardly shout his coarse oaths with the excitement that was tensing his body, and his insistent assaults against Kimmy’s ass until suddenly his cock struck its anus and pushed desperately in. Kimmy was horrified of the pain that suddenly seized him. He tried to move away but Tony’s strong legs pushed his thigs apart, and planting his knees firmly on the ground his cock tore into Kimmy’s ass, vanquished its resistance and its head penetrated the forbidden tunnel. With a shout of exultation his lance slowly pushed its way in and in. Kimmy’s hurt was so intense he could only open his mouth wide in a silent protest as tears began to flow from his eyes. His head shook from side to side in disbelief at what Tony was doing to him. Trying to avoid the invading member his futile movements only encouraged Tony to push harder and deeper until his balls crashed against Kimmy’s buttocks. Then he let his body fall heavily on Kimmy’s. What an extraordinary sensation was Tony discovering! His cock had never felt so deliciously embedded in that warm and mushy envelope. It was better than his girl’s cunt. He started moving it inside that wonderful tunnel, first with slow pushes of his cock’s head, then pushing the whole tube up and down Kimmy’s rectum, further and further. Kimmy did not feel so much pain now. He wasn’t accepting Tony’s exertions but that hard thing moving in and out of his inners only felt unusual. But Tony began to increase his thrusts. His pelvis pumped his member faster and deeper, as if it were trying to find something inside Kimmy. Tony embraced the prone body as hard as he could as if he wanted to conquer Kimmy’s body completely and losing all consciousness by the intense pleasure that his cock was experiencing, he drove it harder and harder. Under this unrelenting assault Kimmy began to feel something strange inside. His body was beginning to glow with an unexpected heat. He no longer felt pain, he was actually accepting Tony’s thrusts as they prodded inside him. His whole body was beginning to tremble with an unexplainable sexual excitement. His cock was growing and hardening, His balls were churning and itching. Suddenly every thrust of Tony’s cock impelled his balls to jet out big globs of cum, so much that Kimmy felt he wanted that cock to kick in again and again. As he lay exhausted on the ground Tony continued his attack until with a sharp cry his cock also released waves of cum deep into Kimmy’s ass. Kimmy could feel the burning hot liquid filling his inside, a strange and irresistible sensation forced his balls to spurt one last stream of cum out his exhausted cock. Tony lay rested panting heavily on Kimmy’s body, his cock firmly implanted up his ass. Kimmy’s stomach and chest were drenched by the wet jism between his body and the grass on the ground. Some talk that he had randomly heard came to his mind. Yes, he realized, this was fucking, Tony had fucked him as he fucked his girls. His embarrassed pleasure was mixed with a profound sense of humiliation at what Tony had forced on him.

Tony did not feel any humiliation at all. He just couldn’t believe that a boy’s ass could feel so fantastically exciting. He wanted to do it again. He started to slide at Kimmy’s side, his long cock slowly slipping out of Kimmy’s ass, strings of his cum still trailing from his cock to Kimmy’s hole. He thought that perhaps he had been too harsh on his friend, but he still wanted him to submit to this new and fantastic sexual prowess. A strange idea crossed his mind. Kimmy had always been very submissive, perhaps he would accept this new role.

He smiled at Kimmy, and asked “Hey Kimmy, do you want to be my girl?”

He repeated the question. Kimmy felt Tony’s hot breath on his face. He didn’t quite understand what Tony was asking. But Tony wasn’t losing any time. He caressed Kimmy’s shoulder and his hand dried his tears. He lifted Kimmy’s shoulder and turned him around on the ground. His hand lovingly spread Kimmy’s cum over his stomach and chest as he lifted his legs and kneeled between Kimmy’s. Then he took Kimmy’s flaccid cock and massaged it with his hand as he smiled wickedly at Kimmy’s embarrassment. Still looking him in the eyes Tony climbed on top of Kimmy’s body and he placed his legs between his. After what he had been through, and not quite understanding what was happening now Kimmy felt his thigs pushed wide apart by Tony’s legs. As Kimmy felt Tony’s cock against his he was overcome with emotion. “Do you want to be my girl?” Tony asked again, “do you want to do everything I want?” he insisted, Kimmy didn’t know whether he was saying yes or no, all he wanted was to have Tony. Tony’s cock, wet with cum played over Kimmy’s groin, pressing his balls and rubbing his cock up and down. As he felt Kimmy’s cock beginning to respond he lowered his crotch between Kimmy’s thigs and his cock slipped between Kimmy’s buttocks. Tony’s face was very close to his, his whole body strongly embraced Kimmy as his brown eyes, wide with excitement, asked again. “Kimmy, I want you to be my girl”. Completely enveloped by Tony’s sexual aura, Kimmy squirmed under the attack of Tony’s cock against the crack in his ass and felt a peculiar longing. Yes, he didn’t know what Tony wanted, but he blurted out “Yeah, I want to be your girl”. “You want me to fuck you?” asked Tony, “Yeah, fuck me Tony, fuck me!”

Even now Kimmy didn’t know what that meant, but Tony lowered his face on his and his lips parted his mouth in a tremendously deep and wet kiss. Kimmy felt an overpowering sensation of surrender as Tony’ tongue explored his mouth, sucking all that demanding organ was finding and sending through Kimmy waves of sexual excitement. Kimmy had never felt Tony as sexually attractive as this. His cock swelled under Tony’s body pressure and he felt an unprecedented desire to have Tony, his tongue, his cock, his legs, his whole body somehow becoming one with his. He was so excited squirming under Tony, feeling the strong muscles of his arms, the warm flesh of his chest on his, his sensitive thigs so strongly parted by those demanding legs, that he didn’t feel Tony’s cock pressing against his anus until it started hurting. Kimmy realized that Tony’s cock was trying again to insert his cock into his butt. Tony wanted to fuck him like he fucked his girls.

As Kimmy gloried in the effects that Tony’s awful kiss was having, he surrendered his body completely. Tony’s cock pierced the outer ring of his anus and went inside him like a lance. Kimmy felt again the pain that it inflicted on him, and for a moment his sexuality gave way to a conscious resistance to this brutal invasion, the embarrassment of being taken as a girl. Tony stopped for a moment. He was savoring the fantastic pleasure his cock was receiving, heightened by the position he was enjoying, with Kimmy laying on his back, his open legs accepting his cock, possessing Kimmy in body and mind. This was much better than taking a girl’s cunt. He stopped to allow Kimmy to accept this strange invasion. It didn’t hurt so much now. Tony lowered his head to Kimmy’s chest and biting his breast started his labor of love. As his body bounced over Kimmy’s, his cock went in and out of that welcoming envelope, it tried to go deeper, to make Kimmy his, his balls crashing against Kimmy’s ass. He fucked faster and faster, he desperately wanted to inject his seed into his friend and make him his girl forever. Kimmy realized that Tony was getting frantic and suddenly he also felt intense shocks inside him. It was as if electric currents were going all through his body. The more Tony humped the more Kimmy was overcome with an inexhaustible desire for more. Yes, Tony was fucking him and he wanted him to fuck him. Grasping Tony’s body with his arms and legs, Kimmy was giving Tony all he wanted. He opened his body to his punishing cock, he welcomed its thrusts, his body vibrated under them. Both boys were reaching their climax, Tony shouted strange gurgling sounds as he jetted all his cum into Kimmy. As Kimmy felt the hot liquid invading his innards his cock let out streams of cream that lubricated their fighting bodies.

Yes, he was Tony’s girl!

Things changed a lot after that. Tony treated Kimmy as a conquered body. He was friendly enough, he would approach him with a warm smile, tease him a bit, but when the time came for what he wanted he would become serious, his mouth hard, his eyes threatening. Sometimes he would undress Kimmy, reveling in his domination, unbuttoning his shirt, unbuckling his belt and sniggering when he saw Kimmy’s cock jump out of his opened pants. At other times he would order Kimmy to undress, and watch with amusement how the lovely nakedness appeared through the opened shirt and how he unwillingly lowered his trousers and exposed his throbbing cock. Kimmy didn’t like this so much. He preferred to be forced rather than willingly submit to Tony’s demand. There was always a last token of resistance when Tony approached. His eyes looked down and his lips trembled a bit with embarrassment. Tony loved this; he loved to meet Kimmy’s apparent reluctance and to overcome it, his hands slowly, teasingly, getting into Kimmy’s shirt and trousers. And when Kimmy felt the strong body humping him, as he smelled the intoxicating arm pits, and looked into Tony’s brown, excited, eyes, he surrendered his mouth to Tony’s deep, wet kiss, and then gave his whole body to Tony’s assault, he splayed his legs and couldn’t wait to feel the hard cock plugging his open ass. And then, when Tony started his animal thrusts deep inside him, a wild lust brought him to rut wildly for the exquisite pain and climax of his sex. Tony loved the transformation of this boy who shied away from what he really wanted, who wanted to keep his poise as a champion swimmer, and then changed from an embarrassed acceptance into a jelly of excited muscles striving under him, arms and legs embracing his laboring body, eagerly encouraging his cock inside him, movements that would suddenly end when Kimmy stiffened his whole body ejecting his balls contents as Tony’s thrusts filled his inside with jets of cum.

At other times, Tony liked to feel his mastery by sitting down, handling his cock until it pointed all erect at Kimmy and then ordering him to approach, straddle his legs and lower his ass over his hard cock, squirming as it went slowly in. This was the best way to make him surrender and when Tony started thrusting his cock inside him, making his body sway and bob up and down, this was the most exciting way to assert his submission. Even more when his jutting cock would make Kimmy cum all over his body, the heavy streams sometimes hitting his face and hair. Worse was when Tony after resting a while at his side would ask Kimmy if he wanted more. Kimmy lowered his gaze to the conquering cock without saying a word. Then Tony showed his flaccid cock and ordered him to make it hard again: he pressed it all wet with cum against Kimmy’s face his balls hitting his mouth and chin, his big tube spreading the sticky stuff over his cheeks and eyes and then forced him to take it into his mouth. He fucked him in the face without any regard to Kimmy’s gagging sounds, he gripped his head to make him take his hard cock in and out, accelerating until it exploded in Kimmy’s mouth, and then he kept it there to make sure Kimmy swallowed as much as he could, excess cum always drooling from his mouth as Tony released him. At the beginning Kimmy felt slightly sick by the taste of that thick cream but he ended enjoying its sweetish and sour taste and its heavy consistency, even more because it meant he was taking Tony’s sex, it was proof of how much he wanted Kimmy.

Kimmy was relieved and pained at the same time when Tony would not come to fuck him as often as he used. He was still seeing girls but was doing it also with other pliant boys, who he felt were much easier and their asses tighter than their cunts. And at the same time he was becoming rougher and more demanding. When his other adventures turned sour he would vent his frustration on Kimmy and the roughness with which he fucked him felt more as a revenge than as just sex. Even in school sometimes he would he would signal Kimmy with his chin to follow him into the boy’s room. He pushed him into a stall, pulled down his trousers and forcefully fucked him hard against the partition wall. Kimmy didn’t understand why he was accepting this treatment. He still couldn’t accept that he wanted to be Tony’s girl. But he wanted to be fucked by that hard cock and enjoyed the moments when he would forget himself in complete surrender to his master.

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