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Kimmy’s Initiation, Triumph, Revenge
Part 4 - Revenge
By Mark Sayrs
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Kimmy’s Initiation, Triumph, Revenge


In the meantime Tony followed the pairing of Matt and Kimmy with unabated anger. He was of course furious at Matt for interrupting his fucking but even more at what he saw as stealing his boy. He went crazy with pent up frustration when he thought of the way Matt would be fucking Kimmy. How could Kimmy resist the attraction of Matt’s large athletic body? His jealousy would spring out of his body when the thought of the effect Matt’s big cock would be having inside Kimmy. He knew he couldn’t do anything against the big guy: too strong for him. The others wouldn’t believe either what he told them he suspected. Matt? The team’s captain? Impossible. He’s only trying to protect Kimmy from guys like you! They dismissed. They laughed at Tony, seeing through his resentment. He was afraid of going to Kimmy’s house at night but he tried to talk to him, telling him that he was really sorry for his bullying, that those things would never happen again, while pressing his body against Kimmy, and making him feel the hard rod that was harking for him inside his pants. Nothing would result from his pleading. Kimmy’s mind had flipped, he only thought of making love to Matt. Tony’s fucking him already felt as something odd, something that had happened in the past. He was like a different person. But Tony was persistent. Kimmy was becoming a growing obsession and now that he couldn’t have him it was morphing into a real passion of love. He regretted that beautiful and innocent intimacy with which he had initiated Kimmy into the ecstatic secrets of sex. He wanted to bring all that again between them. The more he thought of him the more he wanted Tony, not his body but the innocent friend whose mind and sex he had so entirely possessed. He was sure that he would be able to recover him if he managed to kiss him, that deep and wet kiss of his, and make his body feel his hardness. One night he went to Kimmy’s house but he had closed the window; he knocked, Kimmy got up and refused to open it. Tony was suddenly taken by a fury of frustrated love and sexual desire and kicked his way in. He tried to jump on Kimmy and force him to accept his sex as he had always done, only that now what he wanted was to infuse Kimmy’s body with his ardent love; but Kimmy struggled hard and Tony fell on his back over the broken glass. That really hurt and brought Tony to his senses. He had to go away back home, his back covered with blood and glass shards.

Mad with frustration he started stalking the pair wherever they went. On a fateful weekend he also followed them as they left town and headed to the forest out of the town to reach their love making clearing. In order not to be seen Tony stayed quite behind the loving pair. He saw them entering the forest. He hurried and tried to follow their path. It wasn’t easy; he was delayed by the overgrowth of weeds and bushes and Tony was also afraid of poison ivy. He couldn’t find which way Matt and Kimmy had gone. He stopped for a while to listen intently: in the distance he distinguished strange and strangled shouts, muffled cries and groans. He approached with care and as he brushed aside some branches he was suddenly confronted with the most incredible sight! There was the big manly team captain, his strong round biceps and forearms desperately holding Kimmy’s body close to his; Matt’s long legs flailing in the air as Kimmy mounted him, his own slender legs kicking and pedaling over the ground as he forced his lovely hips into Matt’s groin. Tony could see the bubble cheeks of Kimmy’s ass jumping up and down and side to side as well as Kimmy’s fat balls crashing against Matt’s ass cheeks as his cock jutted deeper and harder into Matt’s but. Kimmy was fucking Matt, and Matt was taking as if he were fucking himself! Now Tony really wanted to take that conquering boy, he had never wanted Kimmy as much as he wanted now to possess the aura of power that beamed from the laboring body of that vanquishing hero. He wanted to take Kimmy in all his new found might and at the same time inflict his revenge on Matt. Tony felt pulsating blood engorging his penis, pints of semen churning in his balls, his whole body trembling with an irresistible, overpowering desire. Blind with passion he jumped over the fucking pair and took Kimmy’s waist into his arms. Waking up from his ecstasy by this surprising and unexpected interruption, Kimmy fell on Matt’s side, his fat cock slipping with difficulty out of his ass. Matt rested his body on his elbows, as he looked up to understand what on earth was going on , his legs still wide apart and his anus yawning open as his insides twitched their disconcert at this sudden and unwelcome emptiness.

Tony’s arms and legs were straining to overpower Kimmy, as his body humped his adored prey. But Kimmy was no longer the rather plump young boy that he remembered and his body had stiffened with rage. Rising he pushed Tony away and began to pummel him with all his heart. Here was the guy who had raped him first, made him into his girl and had forced him to satisfy his every sexual fancy. He punched and kicked Tony all over his body. His rage emboldened his muscles to punish Tony fast and hard. Tony defended himself as best he could but his strength had mellowed under that intense feeling of love that was driving his passion. He didn’t want to fuck Kimmy as much as possess him so he could fill him with waves of love. With the embrace with which he was trying to tangle Kimmy he wanted to become one with him. But Kimmy’s newly learned wrestling skills were overpowering him. Tony was suddenly wrestled to the ground on his back. His head hit the ground with such violence that he passed out for a moment. When he regained some consciousness he felt that Kimmy had jumped over him and was pinning down his arms with his thigs and knees. Through his tears Tony saw this fat big member bobbing in front of his eyes. The wet cock was forced all over his face, his balls squashing his mouth. The stench of its sex was overpowering. The red tulip was insistently pressing his lips. Tony felt a strange desire to let it go into his mouth. It was the member that had been conquering Matt, it had Kimmy’s power; in taking it he would be taking Kimmy in, it was a way of possessing Kimmy again; he was going to own his sex as before. Tony opened his mouth and let the demanding cock slip in. He marveled at the velvety warmth that filled his mouth. His tongue and his whole cavity answered its demands as he felt it coming in and out of his mouth. He gagged as its length reached down his throat but he wanted it more and more. Kimmy’s body was leaning over his face, his knees over his arms and his body resting on his elbows beyond Tony’s head. But Tony felt he was taking Kimmy, he was letting him do it, he tasted the oily precum and then suddenly he was drowning in the globs of cum that were spurting deep into his mouth. It was Kimmy’s sex! He eagerly swallowed what he could while excess jism drooled out on either side of his face and over his naked chest. Kimmy leaned back and tore Tony’s shirt to pieces, and then standing behind him pulled his trousers with such strength that his legs were hoisted high in the air. Before Tony had a chance to react Kimmy jumped over him, his strong legs pushed Tony’s wide open, his thigs pushed them up, his chest pinned Tony down. As his arms were wrestled violently under him, Tony saw Kimmy’s angry eyes very close to him, his rapid warm breath panting over his face. Tony felt the hard rod between his crack and the initial jerks against his anus. He couldn’t believe what was happening: Kimmy was going to take him and he was going to receive him. In his fevered mind a flash of ecstatic love overcame his humiliation. What more could he want to satisfy his intense love? “Fuck me, Kimmy, fuck me” he murmured as his legs opened, his anus accepted the penetration and his whole body gave itself to Kimmy’s revengeful assault.