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Kimmy’s Initiation, Triumph, Revenge
Part 1 - Initiation 1
By Mark Sayrs
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Kimmy’s Initiation, Triumph, Revenge


Kimmy had just had his 17 birthday. He was a quite boy, slightly big for his age. He was well proportioned but with a rather heavy body. He wasn’t fat but his arms and legs were rather pudgy and his hips wide and strong. He didn’t think himself handsome and worried that his butt was too large. But he was really handsome. His reddish golden locks fell over a very white round face with a few freckles; his eyes were light green, his nose a bit puckish and his wide mouth closed with thick red lips. He wasn’t very good at sports, too slow for football or basketball, but he liked rugby and his big frame helped him do well.

In actual fact he was now playing with his neighbor, Tony W. His house was across the street from Kimmy’s. Tony was everything Kimmy wanted to be. He wasn’t taller than him, but had a wonderfully strong body. Everything was brown in him, his tousled mass of brown hair and his big brown eyes; but his skin was all golden white, a light brown down covering his tapered legs. Kimmy couldn’t get his eyes from his body when they were showering after playing ball in the gym. And Tony was his best friend: he went with him everywhere, they went together to rugby games, played tennis during lazy weekend afternoons, they both liked swimming a lot and competed at the school team, where Kimmy was strong, his side stroke sometimes decided their team’s victory, to Kimmy’s great pride. And they both went together to the school dances, where Kimmy watched Tony’s conquests: all the girls wanted him.

Tony’s house had a wide lawn behind on which they played as often as they could, and this afternoon, after school, they were having a very good time, although they were only two, running after each other, grabbing the ball and trying to tear it away from the other was good practice. This afternoon Kimmy had the ball and was running as fast as he could from Tony and tried to avoid him by running behind a hedge at the end of the garden, when suddenly he tripped and fell. Tony sprang over him and both boys grappled for the ball. Kimmy put it under him and Tony forced him on his back. As Tony fought for the ball Kimmy felt a peculiar sensation. Tony’s sweaty body was kind of jumping over him, pressing him down with his chest and rubbing his crotch against his. Kimmy started to fight back and push Tony away, but he noticed that his friend was doing something strange. His shaky movements were quite different from what a wrestling match would be. He was uttering gurgling noises, salivating over Kimmy’s shirt and he was pinning his arms down pushing them behind his head. Kimmy stopped fighting and tried to figure out what was happening when Tony bit his neck and humped him heavily, insistently, as if he were determining a final push, and then let his body fall, as if he were exhausted, over Kimmy.

The two boys remained as they were for some minutes. Tony was lying on top of Kimmy, breathing heavily, almost panting, his legs on either side of Kimmy’s. Kimmy felt his dribbling saliva on his shirt. Tony raised his head and smiled at Kimmy with a rather sheepish expression. “I think I’ve done it over you”, he said, and turned over at Kimmy’s side, one leg still over his. “What is it he has done over me?” thought Kimmy. As if in answer, Tony looked down and showed his crotch where a wet stain was slowly appearing. He got on his knees and undid the buckle of his belt, opened his pants and stuck his hand into his skivvies. He brought his hand out and showed Kimmy some slimy stuff that dripped from his fingers. “Sorry” Tony said, “It happens all the time”. Kimmy had never seen or felt anything like that. He had had silent emissions while he was sleeping at night but he couldn’t connect those embarrassing moments with what Tony was showing him. Tony closed his fly and straightened his pants. He got up and helped Kimmy up. “Don’t think any more about it” he told Kimmy as he put his arm around his shoulder. Both boys started back to Tony’s house where a big snack and tea was waiting for them.

Well, Kimmy could not stop thinking about it. What had happened to Tony? He kept asking himself. “And he even bit me on the neck” he added with wonder. He could recall the tremendous excitement with which Tony had humped him and how he had pinned him to the ground holding his arms behind his head. That night he went to bed for an agitated sleep. At a certain moment he started dreaming that Tony was with him in bed. It was such a surprising and alarming sensation that he woke up. “Hey, Kimmy, don’t worry, it’s me” he heard Tony saying. Yes, Tony was right there in bed with him. Kimmy’ room looked over the porch of his house, and Tony had climbed up and got into his room through the window. As Kimmy looked at him with his big dirty green eyes, Tony laughed quietly and explained “I was just wondering how you were feeling, are you all right?”, “Yeah, why?” Kimmy answered slightly annoyed. He liked Tony a lot and they had been friends since they were children, but this was a bit too much. “Do you mind if I sleep with you for a while?” Tony asked, “I was just thinking of how well we played this afternoon… shall we play some more?” and with that question he jumped on Kimmy and started humping him with abandon. Kimmy was naked because of the summer heat, and Tony’s pajamas were open so that Kimmy felt Tony’s breast rubbing against his and even worse, Tony’s cock slamming against his crotch. Before he could react Tony had pushed his legs open and was rubbing, pushing and sliding over his naked body as he had that afternoon, sweat lubricated his movements up and down Kimmy’s body and just when Kimmy started to react Tony let out a muffled cry and Tony felt the hot slimy liquid gushing over his stomach.

“It’s just that I like you a lot”, said Tony as he let himself fall at Kimmy’s side. With one of his legs still over Kimmy’s, he rubbed the slimy stuff off his body, as if he were trying to clean him up, and started to kiss and gently bite Kimmy’s swollen breast. Kimmy´s mind was swimming in great disorder, he couldn’t explain what had happened; he felt something was terribly wrong, that he should be angry at his friend, yet he felt a strange tenderness for him. He couldn’t resist his embarrassed smile as his brown eyes looked at him in the dark. “It’s just that I like you a lot”, he repeated. Suddenly, Kimmy felt Tony’s hand, all slimy, slide down his body and down to his groin, enveloped his most private parts with his strong hand. ‘Hey!” Kimmy shouted, and grabbed Tony’s arms, trying to make him let go of his cock and balls; but Tony pressed him down with his body and almost over him, looked him intently in the eyes as his hand gently pressed and massaged his balls. Kimmy felt as if he were hypnotized by those shining eyes, that insistent gaze, and the strange reactions he was feeling down there. Overpowered, physically and mentally, he let Tony operate, his slimy hand pumping his cock, slamming his fist against his balls, harder and faster. Kimmy felt something he had never conceived, something very powerful that was stirring in his deepest self, a longing that was becoming bestial, an irresistible impulse to do as Tony wanted him to do. As he felt his balls churning, his engorged cock enlarged to a never experienced size, incredibly sensitive to Tony’s touch, it became the center of his being. His arms embraced Tony’s body as strongly as he could, as if he were drowning. He pressed his chest to Tony’s sweaty body; his smell was bewitching; he opened his legs wide and pushed against Tony’s demanding hand. And then, suddenly, a torrent of pleasure erupted from his whole body, his virginal jism spurted out of his cock again and again as his body jerked helplessly, until he felt a sullen pain in his balls . Tony went on pumping softer, now that he realized Kimmy was done, and slowly skimmed his cock until his hand was full of the white cream of his friend. As Kimmy watched in dazed wonder, Tony, lying at his side and looking at him with a knowing smile, slowly raised his hand to his mouth and lovingly lapped Kimmy’s liquor.

After a while, when both boys seemed to have come back to their senses, Tony pecked Kimmy’s cheek with his mouth, still splattered with Kimmy’s milk, and jumped out of the window with a “see you tomorrow!”

The next few days were very difficult from Kimmy. They met at the bus stop but didn’t know what to say to each other. “Come one! Kimmy, get it over!” Tony would say to him, but a wall had been interposed between them. Tony sat next to Kimmy in the bus and pressed his body against him when a curve made it convenient. He even placed his hand on Kimmy’s thigh and pressed; Kimmy wouldn’t reject it, he actually welcomed this chaste return to their early intimacy. But a few nights later, as Kimmy lay on his bed unable to sleep, strange images and nightmares roaming in his mind, Tony jumped into his room by his accustomed window over the porch. To Kimmy’s horror, he was completely naked. By running stark naked across the street and over to Kimmy’s house, Tony was trying to impress Kimmy how much he wanted him. Kimmy straightened on his bed as fast as he could. But Tony thrust himself over him and pinned him down with this strong body. They struggled a bit, but Kimmy was not really trying. Tony kept looking deeply into his eyes as if he were pleading. Their struggle slowly became a sort of ritual movement as both boys began to embrace each other. Tony slowly parted Kimmy’s legs with his and started humping him freely, as if they had done this all their lives. Kimmy accepted the thrusts of Tony’s body over his, with his legs bent on the bed he started pushing up to meet Tony’s determined humps, their cocks rubbed each other with increasing pleasure, their mutual precum lubricated their heaving abdominals. Sweat covered their agitated bodies, deep groans and grunts came out of their throats. Tony’s thrusts became stronger and faster, his cock pressing against Kimmy’s body, their balls clashing against each other. Kimmy responded in kind, offering his body with strength; but it was Tony who was really doing all the work, Kimmy had now his legs around Tony’s back and was letting his cock rub against Tony’ pumping body. His cock could feel the etched ripples of his abs. Kimmy kissed Tony’s shoulder as Tony bit his, drawing a few drops of blood. When their passion seemed to peak beyond what they had never thought they could stand, both boys’ bodies stiffened and pressed against each other as their cocks spurted long and thick globs of cream, lubricating them so much that their movements, so aggressive against each other before, now became slick and easy, as their last embrace came to an end.

After that, Kimmy felt as if he were a different person. He was aroused when he saw his naked body in a mirror. He became very conscious of a member that up to now had seemed inert. He had always looked on the sly at the bodies of his swimming team friends but now he was checking their cocks and disturbing images came to his mind of what they could do with him. His sleep was forever disturbed; now as he lay in bed he was always waiting for Tony. He waited and waited until suddenly his lithe body would climb inside his room, always moving with that disturbing sensuality that marked all his actions, his cock already aroused dangling feely between his legs. After their initial trysts he didn’t lose any time to jump over Kimmy, pinned him down in a loving embrace and let his cock play over his body in a more and more brutal way. Still, he was always conscious and appreciative of the arousal he woke up on his friend’s body, and never failed to delay his come until Kimmy released his. Now it was Kimmy who didn’t have enough. After their joyful ejaculation he moved forcefully against Tony, his legs and arms wrapped around his body as his cock tried to revive Tony’s appetite. It never failed, and after sleeping a bit with Kimmy, Tony would do it one more time before escaping through the window to his own house late into the night.

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