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Becoming the Trailer Park Fag
Chapter 2 - Further Fag Training
By Louis C. DePasquale

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This chapter is my original work and I hold the exclusive copyright.  This chapter contains scenes of domination and submission.  This chapter includes piss play.  Feedback is a gift.  I will make every effort to answer all emails.  Flames are welcome. 

Waking up disturbed by my dreams I glanced at the clock and saw 6 am  I can’t believe I’m awake so early on a Saturday.  Still feeling uncomfortable about dreams slowly fading of my brother Max in my mouth fucking it hard making me gag and choake.  My tiny cock was hard and leaking from my incest dream.  I can honestly say I had never thought about sex with Max before.  I decided to get up and start my day.  I stretched my naked body and scratched my nuts and rubbed my morning wood all 4.5 inches of it.  I headed into the bathroom and adjusted the shower controls till the water was comfortable.  I grabbed my bottle of lotion and decided to take care of my morning friend.

Over the years I’ve jacked off to both men and women.  I wanted to put yesterday and this morning’s dream behind me so I brought Missy big tits into focus and I was caressing those huge knockers then running my fingers across her quivering g quim as she moaned my name.  I could feel my balls start to boil and my rod throb as I buried my face in her hairy right pit.  Fuck it was Bud’s pit and the man stink was turning me on so badly.  “Yeah, you fucking pussy fag stroke that tiny boi clit while you clean my pit with your lounge.”  As I cleaned the last of his sweat out of his pit I pulled my face back shinny with his spit.  He pushed me down to my knees and “Allright you worthless piece of shit fag kiss my dick head and I want to feel your lounge in my piss slit.”  After French kissing his bell end I used the tip of my licker to clean his incredible tasting pre from his piss slit.  “OK bitch hold my dick head in your mouth.”  Then it happened the floodgates opened and his pee was filling my mouth.  OMG the acrid bitter taste was like a fine wine on my palate,  when my mouth filled up with his wonderful golden flow I swallowed and shot one of the biggest loads of my life against the shower wall,  Panting for air I had to let go of my overly sensitive cock head.  As I regained my breath I cleaned myself and the shower wall. 

Drying off and getting dressed in a pair of Levi skinny jeans and a long sleeve Henley shirt with a pair of Nike X sneaks.,  Getting my day started I opened the door to Man’s room and could see he had pushed off the covers during the night.  Since we both slept naked I could see his 9 inch morning friend standing like a good soldier at full attention.  I could feel my mouth start to water at the sight of my bro’s big boy.  The walls were lined with shelves full of his baseball  & football trophies.  Grabbing his dirty laundry hamper I closed the door.  Sorting both of our laundry piles into darks and whites I threw our dark load into the washer, threw in the all temperature cheer pod in and started the cycle.

Heading into the kitchen I grabbed the cherios, a banana, and the 2% milk and had breakfast.  As I ate my mind wandered into the past.  Max and I were very different kids.  We were 3 yrs apart but we were like night and day.  Max was always athletic a boy’s boy aways running and jumping.  He was the undisputed leader of the trailer park boys his age.  I on the other had was uncoordinated and near sited.  I preferred to sit at home and read my precious books while Max was out getting into trouble.

He met Bull in kindergarten and they became instant best friends.  Bull known then as Andy had 2 loving if distant parents.  They came from old New England money.  When they moved to Honeybrook they built a McMansion on 20 acers.  His father was a lawyer and Mom was a banker.  They were in their late thirties when Bull popped out.  They both loved him but we’re focused on career.  Bull adopted us as his family.  He practically movie in with us.  Max and I had bunk beds 4 or 5 nights a week Andy and Max shared the too bunk while I had the bottom.  When they hit puberty and we’re to old to share a bed my parents added a single bed for Andy in our tiny room designed for 1.  The two dressers we shared ended up in the hallway to make room.  I had 2 big brothers 1 by birth and 1 by choice.

Puberty was the guys best friend.  They both shot up Max to 6’6 and Bull to 6’4,  They developed natural muscle that they built into God like proportions.  By 16 they were shaving and by 18 they had full carpets of body hair. I on the other hand never even met puberty.  I never had my growth spurt barley standing at 5’5.  No matter how often my brothers took me to work out with them  he best I could achieve was a lean toned bod. While Max had a goatee that he wore long and braded and Bull had a neatly trimmed full beard and mustache I couldn’t grow more than a few whispy hairs on my chin.  Both of my brothers loved tats.  They were both working on full sleves and Bull had Redneck inked between his shoulder blades.  Max had a diamond stud in his right ear while Bull had both ears pierced.  He also had a gold ring through his nose to match his nickname.  The most embarasing  difference was cock size.  While puberty left them both with 8 inch plus thick big boys puberty was nice enough to leave me with a 4,5 inch pencil thin small boy. 

How do I know how big my brothers are hard?  First of all 3 teenage boys living in a room built for 1 is tight quarters.  While Max slept on the top bunk Bull’s bed was right next to mine .  All 3 of us slept naked so I woke up most mornings with his morning wood in my face.  Secondly once the guys hit puberty it was not uncommon when our parents weren’t home and there was no practice for me to walk in and find them split roasting a young woman or 2 girls side by side on Bull’s bed pounding away into a tight young quim. 

Rousing myself from my memories I cleaned up my breakfast stuff.  I threw the first load into the dryer and filled the washer with the second.  Since I had bought some fresh blueberries I decided to make a big batch of blueberry muffins.  Putting the oven on to pre heat, made my batter, greased the muffin tins, poured the batter, and put them in to bake.  While I was making my muffins my mind drifted back.  Daddy was a big muscular guy with dark black hair worn long in a ponytail and a very long full beard.  He worked hard on the construction sites.  Mom was a pretty petite blond.  She was a stay at home mom when we were young and worked at the Turkey Hill a few blocks up rt.322 as we got older.  My brothers and I were very different as kids.  Max was a very active kid.  Playing every sport he could  I on the other hand liked to read and play on the computer.  Max was a natural leader and from the time he was young he was the leader among his group of friends. 

Our double wide was the gathering place for the local kids and Daddy’s running buddies.  As soon as I was old enough I gravitated to my mom and the kitchen.  She taught me to bake and cook.  Every day we would bake brownies and cookies which my brothers and their friends would finish off.  As we got older she taught me all her recipes and once she started working I would come home from school do my homework and then start dinner.  When we were young my Dad’s running buddies were over every night smoking cigars and drinking beer.  These loving uncles were indulgent slipping my brothers and their friend sips of beer or a quick puff on a cigar.  My Daddy and his buddies built a small covered porch so they could grill year round and a place to smoke and drink in bad weather. They put a shed with a fridge in our side lot.  The guys kept the fridge stocked with beer.  Over time as the guys started having kids of there own they visited less often till we only saw them on the weekends. 

Hearing the timer go off I pulled the muffins out of the oven to cool. Thinking  about Daddy made me sad so I walked back to my bed room and grabbed his leather jacket and put it to my nose huffing his lingering scent mixed with the remnants of cigar smoke still clinging stubbornly to the leather.  I folded the laundry and put my brothers in his room.  Seeing his trophies reminded me of what a jock Max was.  He and Bull were two sport athletes.  In the fall they played football and baseball in the spring  and loved to play pick up basketball when they had time.  On the baseball diamond they both hit for power Bull played centerfold and Max was an outstanding second base player.  Football however they excelled at.  They anchored our offensive line for 3 years.  While Bull was good Max was all state.  He had a full ride scholarship to West Chester University for football.  When our parents were killed by a trucker who clipped Daddy’s bike Max turned down the scholarship to raise me.  In the beginning he worked 3 jobs to pay the bills.  Eventually things calmed down when we got the settlement from the trucking company.  Max made sure I had everything I needed. 

Bull had his parents buy him a single wide a few lots down from us.  Between them my brothers were there for me while I got over my parents death.  Max and I each had our roles.  He worked hard fixing cars and I took care of our home.  He wouldn’t let me work so I could focus on school.  He insisted I was going to have the experience he missed and go to college.  I really enjoyed school and was looking forward to the new experiences but part of me didn’t want to go.  If I was gone who would take care of Max.  I reluctantly took Daddy’s jacket off and hung it up.  I realized my tiny dick was hard as a rock.  I had no idea why the smell of cigar smoke always made me hard.

I took a few minutes and cleaned the living room, dumping and cleaning the ash tray, picking up and throwing away the beer bottles from last night.  Max would dump the trash can later on.  I got my bread maker out and made a loaf of bread for dinner.  I had put a beef roast in the fridge to defrost and put that in the slow cooker with some spices and beef broth.  I divided the muffins between two plates and wrapped them in plastic wrap.  I put Bulls name on one plate and Max’s on the other.  Knowing he would be waking up soon I started the coffee maker with Max’s favorite blend.  While I didn’t like the harsh taste of coffee Max always had a cup or two to start his day.  Looking around and realizing all my work was done I decided to sit on the front porch and wait for Max to wake up.  Sitting there I could remember the smell of cigars mixed with the scent of burgers cooking on the grill.  Daddy and his buds sitting around swaping road stories about the women they fucked and their high school glory puffing on fat cigars that wonderfully smelling smoke wafting around as I sat on Daddy’s knee listening intently to stories I didn’t understand.  As I was pulled from my memories by a voice yelling “get over here you piece of fag shit”.  Looking up I saw Bud yelling for me through his open window.  “Get your ass in here fag I got a job for you.”

Part of me wanted to tell him to go pound sand but the hungrier part that wanted to taste his dick and cum again won out.  I jumped up and ran to the door to his trailer it opened before I could knock.  “Get u our ass in here I don’t have all day.”  Bud smirked when he saw the very tiny tent in my shorts.  He mistakenly believed the hard on was for him but I knew it was the memory of cigar smoke and raunchy men that had me dripping pre into my boxer briefs.  Bud pulled me into his trailer and dropped me on my knees in front of him.  I looked up at this masculine stud.  His eyes boring down into me dominating me completely.  He was wearing a sleeveless black tank and was naked from the waist down.  “What the fuck are you waiting for fag say good morning g to my cock head and give it a big wet kiss.  Looking at hid fat beautiful 6 inch cock head I leaned in and gave his bell end a wet kiss wrapping my tounge around it.  Instead of  the awesome taste from yesterday his plumb tasted fowl.  Pulling away I said “good morning” to his big boy.  He must have noticed the expression on my face cause he laughed and said “not enjoying the taste of Missy’s gash juice on my big dick?” too bad and proceeded to slap my face with it leaving slime trails behind.  Grabbing the back of my head he shoved his nasty cock in my mouth and yelled  “clean it off my dick you fag bitch.”  My face bright red with humiliation  I cleaned Missy big tits nasty pussy juice off his cock.  Swallowing her slime down my throat.  When Bud was sure not a trace of Missy remained on his meat stick he left just the head in my mouth.  “Did u like the taste of her cunt on my dick fag?”  Shaking my head no I waited for permission to suck his  soft cock back to hardness and swallow his load.  “I’m sorry bitch real men like the taste of a woman’s snatch.  I guess that means your not a real man like me.  With that tiny fag clit hard in your shorts you must be a faggot pussy boi like I thought.”  My face and neck bright red flushed with humiliation at his words he continued “Since you don’t like the taste of snatch let me wash it away with a taste I know you will enjoy.”  Thinking he was going to fuck my face and feed me his cum I got ready for the choking and gaging I knew was to come.  Instead my mouth started filling up with a strong acrid taste as he started passing in my mouth for real.  Holding my head tightly in place Bud said  “you better start swallowing if you spill one drop you will lick my floor clean and you will never have my cock in your mouth again fag.”  Hearing his threat to never let me taste his cock and cum again I stopped trying to pull away and started gulping down his hot piss.  As I was drinking down his golden flow I heard Missy big tits voice saying “you nasty bitch. I would never have let him piss in my mouth.  God, I didn’t believe him when he told me you were his piss drinking fag but I guess you are.  Hurry up Bud he still has to lick your pits clean before we head to my brother’s bbq.”  My face blushed an even darker shade of red as the humiliation of a female class mate watching me drink Alpha piss sunk in.  “Alright babe I’m shaking off the last few drops on his face.  Why don’t you grab him a beer.  I don’t want him cleaning my pits with piss on his tounge.”  As Bud pulled his dick out of my mouth and shook the last we droplets of piss on my face I lunged forward to recapture his Alpha cock in my mouth now desperate for his cum load.  Pulling me back by the hair he yelled at me “bad fag.  Now stand up and swallow some of this Natty light and lick my sweaty pits clean and be quick about it.  Me and my woman have places to be.”  Pushing the can into my hand he pulled me to my feet.  Bringing the can of Natty light to my mouth I realized two things.  First I shot a load of cum into my boxer briefs while drinking Bud’s piss.  Secondly Missy big tits was sitting on the couch wearing a pink crop top tee that barley held her tits in and a black mini skirt watching me clean the taste of her boyfriends piss out of my mouth with cheap beer.  She had a bored look on her face.  “Babe I can just take a quick shower and send the fag home if your in a hurry.”  “No, it just drank your piss.  Give the fag a thrill and let it lick your pits clean.  We have a little time before we have to be at my brothers.  Don’t forget  we need to stop and pick up the coleslaw, macaroni salad, and potato salad for the bbq.”  “No problem babe I got this.  Give me your phone fag” bud said taking the beer can out of my hand.  Confused by what was happening I handed Bud my new Galaxy S7 edge.  Bud threw the phone to Missy and pulled my face into his left pit.  As I licked his sweat, testosterone, and Bud’s natural funk clean he rubbed my entire face around in his pit. 

Bud said “Now you are marked with my scent.  Everyone you see will smell me on you and know you belong to me fag.”  Once I finished cleaning g out Bud’s left pit and relishing the taste he moved me to the right.  Before I could lick it clean he rubbed his pit sweat all over my face and hair.  Once I finished cleaning g the stink from his right pit he looked me in the eye and said “open your mouth bitch.”  As Bud filled my mouth with his spit he told me “get the fuck out we got places to be.”  He opened the trailer door and pushed me out.  Bud threw my phone at me and said “keep an eye on your phone.”  I walked back home confused.  Why was I so turned on by Bud’s domination?  Why did I shoot my load while drinking his piss?  I needed to talk to someone about what was happening.  I went inside and grabbed the plate with Bulls muffins.  If anyone could put things in perspective it would be my adopted big brother.

Thanks for reading guys.  Please bear with my writing I am visually impaired and do the best I can to proof my stories.

Feedback is a gift.  I will do my best to answer all email sent to me.  Any ideas where I should go next?  Does Bull continue Alec’s education?  Should Bud take ownership of our young fag?  Should brother Max teach his younger brother how to serve all of an Alphas needs?


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