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Becoming the Trailer Park Fag
Chapter 3 - Riding Lessons with Bull
By Louis C. DePasquale

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Becoming The Trailer Park Fag

Chapter 3- Riding lessons with Bull

This story is my original work and I hold the exclusive copyright.  This chapter includes themes of dominance and submission between adult males.  Small amounts of piss play are also included.  Feedback is a gift.  I will answer all comments both positive and negative.

On Saturday morning  after drinking Buds morning piss load and listening to his trash talk I was worried about what it all meant for me and my future.  I stopped by Bull’s trailer cooked him breakfast and cleaned the place for him.  All my life Bull was the person I could go to with my worries, fear, and questions.  I asked him  awhat it meant to be a pussy boy.  The more he told me the more concerned I became.  He explained the difference between  gay men and pussy boys.  The reality is I dropped to my knees and drank Bud’s piss with out a second thought. 

I knew I had no desire to drink human waste but had no ability to say no to a dominant stud.  Based on what my big bro told me  it became clear to me I was a submissive pussy boy.  Bud promised to cunt me the next time he saw me.  I didn’t  him to pop my cherry and cunt me, seed me and make me his bitch boy the next time he saw me.  I could live with being a sub but not as Bud’s property.  Which is why I asked Bull to fuck me.  If I was going to loose my cheery I would rather it be to someone who loved and cared for my well being.  I also figured if Bud did pound my ass it would  have less impact if I had already been cunted.  If Bud got the chance he would do it with the goal of making me his property. 

Bull refused me out right.  Lil bro I’ve known you since the day you were born I’ve always thought of you as my baby brother How could you ask me to be the guy who harvests your cherry.  Not to mention your brother would kill me.”  “Big bro let me worry about Max.  I  know  that it’s a lot to ask but the alternative is unthinkabe.  Can you picture  me as Bud’s fuck bitch his tag  property of Bud tatted on my back. That was what finally convinced him to break me in. 

He was amazingly loving and gentle at the start.  I told him to treat me like any other pussy boy he had used.  When he objected I reminded him other guys would use me rough and he understood and rode me hard

First penatratration hurt like hell but feeling Bull on my back just felt right and over time pain turned into the most staring pleasure.  At one point while his ten inch love muscle was plundering the depths of my being I could  his lips and teeth leaving  his mark on my body.  As Bull shot his steaming hot load of baby batter into my newly minted cunt I shot my third load of the day.  He pulled me back against his warm furry body and gave me a hug, and made me the boy I was meant to be.  sleepily kissed the back of my neck and rolled over and went to sleep.  Getting out of his bed I pulled on my basketball shorts and t-shirt.  I looked down lovingly at the man who hjust harvested my cherry and made me the boy I was meant to be.  I pulled the covers up over his sleeping body and on my way out I grabbed the trash bag I filled earlier.  Putting the bag in his curb side can I could feel his cooling sticky seed dripping out and pooling in the seat of my shorts.  Standing outside Bull’s home I checked my phone I just had a message from Max telling me to have a great day.  It was 2pm Max would get off work at 3 so I had an hour or so to clean up.  I new there would be hell to pay if he ever found out his best friend had cunted me and turned me out 

At that moment it hit me I was now a guy with a cunt between his legs.  For some reason I felt complete as if this was meant to be.  It was one of those warm September days where you could wear shorts but once the sun went down it would be cold as fuck.  As I started to walk back home I was looking at the world with a different set of eyes.  I saw Billy Bailey a 17 yr old classmate of mine working on his truck.  He bought a ten year old Ford f1150 from the money he warned after school at the Turkey Hill.  The previous owner had ridden it hard and Billy was always working on it.  From the pan of oil on the ground it was obvious he had just changed the oil and was filling the engine with new oil.  I saw him pretty much every day of my life and barely noticed him but today was different.

I noticed his strikingly good looks.  In his sleeveless muscle t you could tell he didn’t work out but had the natural muscles of an athlete.  Looking at him today for the first time I wondered what was packed into the crotch of his grease stained levi’s.  Was he cut or uncut?  How big did it grow when Hard?  How would it taste?  How would it feel deep plowing my new cunt. I remembered him on the field playing flag football with his boys.  He was a natural quarterback.  He might have made the school team if his parents didn’t need him to work after school.  His father was out on disability and they depended on on the extra income Billy brought in to feed him and his five younger brothers.  I should ask Max to invite them to our next family bbq.  Billy nodded and waved as I passed by not realizing I was checking him out.  For a minute the image of Billy stretched out throwing a perfect spiral popped into my head and my tiny cock went to full hard.

Washing my hands in the kitchen  sink I quickly made a cracked pepper, garlic, and red wine marinade.  I got out a large Tupperware container and laid the 8 ribeyes I defrosted in the container and poured my marinade over top and put the steaks back in the fridge.  Max would eat 2 steaks, Bull would eat 2 or 3, and I would eat 1.  The remaining g steaks I would slice thin and we would have steak sandwiches for lunch tomorrow.  I texted Max to grab propane for the grill if we needed it, corn on the cobb, some fresh fruit for a salad for desert, and a bag of Ambrosio hoagie rolls.  I grabbed my big stock pot put water on boil and skinned a dozen potatoes when the water came to a boil I put the potatoes in a headed for the shower.

Once the water was hot enough I stepped in.  As I washed I  remembered my cutnting not the initial pain but the mindless pleasure that came later.  I lathered up two fingers intent on cleaning the last of Bull’seed from my new pussy.  I could tell that while my hole was closing it was still gaped open.  As my soapy fingers touched my outer ring waves of pleasure hit me.  My mind went back to the amazing feelings that an eleven inch monster gave me as it hit my pleasure spot.  I could still feel his wonder stick still plowing, stretching, and transforming an ass hole into a boy pussy.  Without conscious thought my fingers sought for that magic button that sent me into orbit.  Finding it I finger banged myself to a hands free orgasm.  My body shook with pleasure as I watched my seed disappear down the drain.

Getting dressed I put the shorts stained with Bull’s batter under my pillow.  Checking the potatoes I drained the water and left the potatoes to cool.  I heard Max’s Harley pull into our side lot.  Stepping out on the porch in my bare feet I watched as Max helmet still on his head pulled the grocery bags out of his saddle bags.  I grabbed them from him as we headed into our home.  I grabbed an ice cold Bud out of the fridge and handed it to my brother.  He pulled me in for a hug as I took his jacket  and hung it up and put his helmet on the shelf by the door. 

“What time will diner be ready?”  I asked my brother.  “Fuck bro, can’t I sit down, have a beer, smoke a cigar, and relax before you put me back to work?” my brother said with his most innocent  smile beeming at me.”  “I just wanted to let Bull know”I said playing along.  Knowing how much I enjoyed doing it for him Max asked “would you light a cigar for me bro?”  Finishing my text to Bull  I opened my brother’s humidor and I grabbed a Camacho Triple Maduro, cut the end off and lit the cigar.  I I took a couple of small puffs before I handed it to Max.  “Damn bro smoke the whole thing why don’t you.  You know I don’t like you smoking it’s bad for your health.”  As he puffed away a comforting earthy smell filled the living room giving me a hard on.  Heading to the kitchen I quickly made a bowl of potato salad and sliced fresh fruit for a salad.  “Bro, just out of curiosity where we’re you this morning?”  “I made Bull a batch of muffins and we hung out and chatted.”  I noticed that Max’s beer was down to foam so I grabbed him a new beer.  I answered the knock at the door and Bull pulled me into a deep hug and whispered into my ear “are you good?”  I could see the worry on his face and tried to reassure him I said “I’m awesome.  Thank you so much for this morning you took my biggest worry away.”  With a twinkle in his eye and a h owing smile on his face Bull asked “Lil bro would you plight a cigar for me?”  Going back into the humidor I lit a cigar as I gave it too him he reached down and felt the chubby in my shorts.  “I thought so” He said with a smirk on his sexy face.

“Alright let me get this grill going.  So Bull I heard our lil bro made you a batch of his blueberry muffins? “Dude you have no idea I got the full Max.  While I was in the shower he not only cooked me a full breakfast but he cleaned my place: Bull said rubbing my hea  With fake shock on his face Max said “and all I got was cold muffins and coffee.”  I handed him the marinating steaks and put the water on boil for the corn and sliced onions and mushrooms for the steaks.  As we sat down to eat Max announced “the Eagles are playing the Cowgirls on Sunday.  Which means?” “A family bbq I said with excitement in my voice.  Daddy started the tradition that very time the Eagles played the Dallas Cowboys he would invite his running buddies over for a BBQ on the Saturday before the game.  Since Daddy died Max kept the tradition going.  Now the guests would be Max’s riding buddies, Daddy’s buddies, and some of Max’s friends from work.  Remembering my thought from earlier I asked Max if we could invite the Baileys.  I knew I was free to invite anyone I wanted, however since I didn’t earn the money to buy the food I felt I should at least ask.  Max looked at me with a smile on his face “What a great idea!  I’m sure we will have enough left overs to send them home with enough left overs to give those kids another full meal.”  “I hate to ask but I’m planning h a meatloaf for family dinner tomorrow night and I need 2 lbs of ground beef, 1 lb ground pork, 1lb of ground veal, and a lg can ofCampbel ‘s tomato soup.”  “I’ll pick it up for ya Lil bro since your cooking for me” Bull said.  I reminded him to bring his laundry over tomorrow for me to wash.  The guys spent the rest of the night smoking and  drinking while watching a basketball game.  When the game  was over Bull decided to go home.  Giving him a hug good bye I asked if it would be “OK to stop bye later  on?”  He said “ok, but wear a jock so I don’t have even to look at your junk.”  Max stayed up and watched sports center before jumping into the shower before heading to bed.  I waited till I heard his light snores before I headed out to Bull’s. 

I let myself into his trailer and went to his bedroom and dropped to my knees so  crawl into the bed he shoved his monster down my throat causing me to choke and gag.  With tears rolling down my cheeks and drool running like water down my chin.  Bull fucked my throat mercilessly.  As he raped my throat heyelled “Yeah faggot choke on my dick . Fuck that feels good.  Damn boy the more you gag the more your throat muscles work my big cock.  Fuck boy here it comes.  His first two blasts went straight into my belly after which he pulled back so his load blasted filling my taste buds with his thick garlicky sauce.  While I was swallowing his delicious seed I heard him from above me said “Yeah bitch boy drink down my baby batter you filthy slut? ” Bull kept up his dirty trash talk knowing just how much it turned me on.  My tiny dick was hard and dripping in my jock.

Once his proud phallus finished blasting it’s load of hot  and spicy cum it rested on my tounge before releasing it’s hot golden flow down my throat at a pace I could easily control.  This was the first time he shared his  piss with me and I loved that he was making it real.  “That’s it faggot swallow my piss down that toilet throat of yours.”  That was all my baby dick could handle between the delicious piss draining g down my gullet and his steamy hot trash talk pushed me over the edge as my first load  of seed filled my jock pouch.  As his golden flow came to a stop Bull flopped down on his belly and told me to eat his fucking ass.  Bull’s ass was a fury muscular bubble  it was clear he spent hours squatting with heavy weights.  I kissed each of his fur covered cheeks.  As I licked his fury trench he let out a low sexy moan “that’s it eat my shit hole you brown tounged bitch.”  Once again his trash talk had my three inches steel hard.  Working my tounge threw his outer ring elicited a groan of pleasure  it was obvious from the strong taste that Bull needed to do a better job wiping up.  Hearing his moans of pleasure pushed me on to  laping that hole with more enthusiasm. 

When he decided he had enough anal love he rolled out and put my legs on his shoulders “open your mouth” he said with a  smirk.  When I did he filled it with spit.  I enjoyed the strong tabacco  taste in his spit as I held it in my mouth  waiting for his next command.  Looking at me with an evil smile he ordered me to swallow .  “Pathetic not even an once of manhood left in your body no wonder you have a better pussy better than most women.”  I shivered at the naughty words passing his lips and I burped out another load of cum from my baby dick.  Bull hooked up a load of throat phlem and spit it itmon my hole.  He rubbed his huge bloated head through the spit bubble stroking my outer ring  Smirking at the moans of pleasure  escaping my lips.  Bull began to push in but stayed in my ring filling my pussy with joy.  He pulled out and hocked another load of phlegm on my hole but this time he rammed his steely beer can thick eleven inch rod of wonder threw my ring and into the heart of my puss.  The shock of his powerful entry brought tears to my eyes and a gasp of pain to my lips.  Pulling out a third time he dropped another mouthful of spit on my hole and rubbed his dickmhead through it.  This time when he pushed through their was only joy.  He drove his cock till I could feel his man hair on my cheeks.  Bull proceeded to power fuck my cunt with every other stroke hitting my sweet spot.  The mind numbing pleasure grey until finally I shot  my third load into my jock.  The contractions from my orgasm sent Bull over the edge and he shot a hot thick load of baby batter into my center.  A part of me wished his seed could do its job and put a bun  in my oven.  “God damn little bro your hole was squeezing my shit so tight I thought yoy was gonna break it off” He said kissing the side of my head.  Looking up at my stud with wonder I said “that was amazing big bro I can still feel you pounding away.”

His cock was softening but still big enough to keep his load from dripping out of my ass.  “All right buddy let’s get some sleep.  you still have to get back home before your brother wakes up and finds you gone.  I don’t want to have to explain where you are.”  I set my phone for 7.  His cock hardened some and he pushed it further up my ass.  As I turned out the bedside light he wrapped me up in his strong arms and pulled me against his furry chest.  We fell asleep with my head under his chin.  Falling asleep I had the most intense feeling of being safe and secure wrapped up in this bear of a mans arms.

When my phone went off at 7 it woke us both up to the Backstreet Boy’s Larger than Life.  “Really the Backstreet Boys” Bull said with derision.  As I turned the alarm off I him rumbling around in the bed side table drawer as he pulled his manhood out of my cunt he shoved a large but plug in.  “I keep this around for some of my bitches but I figured you need it.”  As soon as his cock left my ass I swallowed it so I could clean it like a good pussy boy should.  As soon as I finished cleaning him off he tapped my head to get my attention.  “You thirsty” He asked as I shrugged my shoulders I felt his hoy piss fill my mouth once again.  Gulping it down I enjoyed the taste of his strong morning  flow.  Once he was properly cleaned up I got dressed and we made plans for him to drop his laundry off around noon and the dinner groceries around 3.  Turning off the light so he could go back to sleep.  Leaving Bull’s I ran into his neighbor Duke.  He was a mixed race former stud in his late 40’s.  Smiling at me he said “boy I heard you turned out a faggot.”  As he was talking his hand brushed against my ass feeling the end of the plug.  “God damn boy you ain’t just giving blow jobs you went all the way fag.  I bet Bull had fun riding this pus.  I got to get to work but don’t worry girl you and I will get to know each o real soon. He grabbed the end of the plug and played with it for a minute before driving off.  I got a shiver of excitement that another man knew my secret and planned on using me like a bitch.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter.  Please bear with any mistakes I am visually impaired and I have done my best to proof read.  What would you like to see happen to our pussy boi.  Let me know.