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Becoming the Trailer Park Fag
Chapter 1 - Our Trailer Park Fag is Born
By Louis C. DePasquale

This  story is my original work and I hold the copyright.  This chapter deals with domination between an Alpha Male and a fag.  Future chapters will include waters ports and consensual incest between consenting adults.  If this bothers youor you are under age don’t read the story.

I would like to thank Master Gilbert for his amazing story Cigar Boy.  As a pussy fag I have been with a number of SIR’S who smoked cigars and nothing is more comforting to me then a strong dominant SIR blowing cigar smoke in my face.  His description of a boy lighting a  SIR’S cigar is incredibly erotic.  This is without question one of my favorite stories.

Feedback is a gift I will answer all comments sent my way.  Flames are welcome.  Please bear with my mistakes I am visually impaired and do my best to proof my stories.

Becoming the Trailer Park Fag

Louis C. DePasquale

Getting  off the school bus with the dozen or so others who lived in the area.  I walked up the gravel round toward the home I shared with my older brother Max.    Since our parents died in accident last year it’s just been the two of us.  Max is 22 and I’m 18.  As I was turning into our side lot I heard a bike coming up the road behind me.  Glancing to the side I saw it was my next door neighbor Bud on his bright red rice burner.

We were both seniors but that was the only thing we had in common.  Bud was a big guy standing 6’2.  His heavily muscled body  showed his dedication to the weight room.  His black hair was cropped close to his head.  Bud had black eyes and a neatly trimmed goatee.  I, on the other hand stood a foot shorter at 5’5 weighing in at 140lbs.  I wear my blonde hair long below my shoulders.  While Bud is covered in hair puberty still owes me some body hair.  While I’ve never seen him hard, soft he hung down 5 nches with balls the size of small lemons.  Hard I’m not quite 5 inches.  Bud was everything  I wasn’t.

    I walked up the stairs and into the doublewide.  Looking at the clock on the wall I realized it was 4pm.  It was getting late and Max would be home soon.   I needed to get dinner ready for when he got home.  I pulled the pot of my home made 2 day sauce and put it on the stove to simmer.  I sliced a loaf of Italian bread in half and slathered both haves with butter , cream cheese and garlic spread.  I put the bread on a sheet pan and turned the oven on to pre heat.   As I was setting the table someone pounded on our front door.  Wiping my hands on a dish towel and opened the front door to find Bud standing in the doorway.

He was standing there in a dingy skin tight wife beater, a pair of tight button fly jeans, and his black motorcycle boots.  His wife beater showed of his hairy pits, massive biceps, and the tatoo sleeve on his right arm.   “Stop drooling bitch” Bud said as he walked through the door.  His voice shook me out of my trance and I  told him “Max isn’t home yet.”  “No shit fag, I m not here to see your brother I’m here to see you.”  As he walked in the room he brushed against me and I could smell the sweat coming off his body.  My  dick shot up to full hard.  Taking a deep huff of his man stink I asked him “why”?  Pushing me deeper into the living room with his larger body.  When he realized I was huffing his stink like it ewas a drug and I needed a fix,  he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into his body  so my cheek was against his chest and my nose was inches from his right pit.  “Can’t a guy just stop by and visit a school mate?    He let me huff his pit for a few minutes before pushing me away.  “I didn’t shower after my workout.  I know u fags love the smell of a real man.”  “I’m not..” I started to say but he put his finger against my lips, “shh when I want you to speak I’ll give you permission .  Do you understand?”  He asked with a smirk in his voice.  I nodded my head and instinct ly said “Yes sir.   Now go and get me a plastic cup.”

Stop     Following my instructions I grabbed a plastic  solo cup bpt stopped to turn the heat off  the simmering sauce.  Noticing what I was doing Bud laughed and said “Look at you Suzy home maker your going to make some man a good bitch one day.”  Blushing at his comment I turned back to bring him the cup.  Bud was sitting on the couch packing a can of Copenhagen Southern Blend.    Taking the cup he put a large pinch in his right cheek and said “sit your ass down”, he said Patting a spot on the couch next to him.   He spit some black tabacco juice into the cup and put it on the end table.  Turning to me he raised his arms saying “take my shirt off.”  !eating in to pull up the hem of his wife beater in inhaled a heady mix of his testosterone loaded stink mixed with the tabacco odor from his Cope.  My rock hard dick started leaking pre into my boxer briefs.  Noticing that I was once again hard and huffing his scent he said with a smirk in his voice “Damn is that all the meat you got?  I had a bigger buldge than that when I was 12.  That’s not a dick.  Bitch your packing a boy clit.”  I was humiliated by Buds insult but it made my dick sorry boy clit leak like a fawcett.

I had no idea why his trash talk was turning g me on but my body was shivering with lust and desire.  Grabbing me by the back of my head Bud pulled my face into his left pit.    For a minute I got lost in my lust breathing in that heavenly odor.  The slap to the back of my head brought me out of my daze.  “clean my pit bitch” I heard from up over me.  Unable to disobey this Alpha studs orders I pushed my tounge through his bushy pit hair expecting a nasty taste I was surprised to find the tangy slightly sour taste to my liking.    I cleaned that man pit with a passion.  I was like a starving man who didn’t even know he was hungry.    It just felt right Bud’s hand on the back of my head was strong and that strength was comforting.    I was being completely and totally dominated by an Alpha male and for some reason I felt happy and safe.

Once I had licked every once of taste from his pit and pit hair I pushed my head back against the hand holding me in place.  Bud grabbed me by y he hair he pulled my smiling shiny face out of his pit looked me in the eye and asked “is my pit clean faggot?”  Remembering his order not to speak without permission I simply nodded my head.  “Damn Gurl you really are a good bitch now get to work on the other one.”  Still holding me by the hair he shoved my face into his dirty pit and I went to work with a gusto.  While I was enjoying the taste of the pit I could hear him spitting in the cup.  When I was finished he once again pulled my face out of his pit by my hair “open your mouth fag.”  Once again incapable of disobedience I opened my mouth and Bud let a drizzle of his spit drip down into my mouth.  The taste wasn’t horrible while I could taste the Cope he hadn’t run the spit through the dip in his lip.  For me this was the most humiliating thing I had ever experienced another guy had just spit in my mouth and yet I was still turned on to the max.  “Swallow it faggot.”  Instinctively I obeyed and swallowed.  “Damn I knew you fags were low bitches but you just swallowed my spit don’t you have any self respect?”  I still felt humiliated but I also felt pride well up inside me.  I was proud to have followed this Alphas orders so well I surprised even him.  What the hell was wrong with me?

Bud spread his legs and said “get on your knees.”  I instantly got on my knees between his legs.  With derision in his voice he said “lean in and kiss my dick and tell him what a great job your going to do sucking him off and swallowing his gift.”  Looking him in the eye he nodded his head down toward his dick he said “you have permission to speak.”  I gave his soft dick a wet kiss and adressing his alpha dick I said “sir, I promise to do the best job I can to make you feel real good and swallow every drop of you’re precious gift.”  Then I bent over and gave his chubing cock another wet kiss.  “Eyes up here fag.  How many dicks have you already sucked?  You may answer my question.  “Your stud cock will be the first one sir.”  I answered.  “So you are going to give me one of your cherries?  How about that pussy  is your cherry still intact?”  Looking him in the eye I said “Yes sir my ass is still cherry and I will gladly suck your dick.”  “Bitch let’s get one thing straight a pussy boy like you doesn’t have an ass you were born with a pussy and a boy clit, got it” Bud said bending over and smacking my ass hard.    :Yes sir I have a pussy and  a boy clit”i answered the humiliation I was feeling obvious in my voice.  “Once I shoot a load down your throat fag I may put a baby in your pussy” He said with a laugh.    Bud pulled down his zipper and pulled his hard cock out.  It was a nice size not as big as my brother probably 7-7.5 inches.    Looking at the fat plum head I began to drool  desperate to taste the meat stick in front of me I leaned down to take that plum into my mouth but Bud grabbed my hair in his fist holding my mouth about 2 inches above his dick head.  He bitch slapped me hard on my right cheek saying “Bad faggot.  I  never gave you permission to put your faggot lips on my straight dick.  I put my hand to my stinging cheek.  “I’m sorry sir may I please suck your straight Alpha cock?”  I was so into sucking his cock I begged him for it.  “Alright bitch let’s see what how good you are.  Why don’t you start by licking the sap off my head.”  Leaning down I swiped my tounge across his plumb tasting Buds pre for the first time.  I was surprised at the taste.  I assumed it would be nasty but the taste was kind of nutty and sweet.  I went back for another lick  of the good stuff before taking the head into my mouth.    Bud pushed his meat into my mouth.    I started moving up and down on the meat in my mouth.  While I was sucking I could smell the intoxicating odor of his crotch.  The mixture of sweat, testosterone, and his natural scent made my heart race and my rock hard dick leak.

All of a sudden he pulled his dick out of my mouth.  I looked up at him and that’s when I felt his hand hitting my face.  The bitch slap was so hard and unexpected that it knocked me over on my side.  I grabbed my  heck in pain and looked up at Bud.  “You fucking faggot if I feel your teeth on my dick again I will knock them out of your mouth, do you understand.”  Still holding my stinging cheek I nodded my head.  “I know your try fag brain is lost in the joy of sucking a real straight mans dick but I asked you a question.  When a man asks u a question u answer with a sir, do you understand?”  Looking Bud in the eyes I replied “Yes sir.”  He patted the top of my head like one would a dog as he said “good fag.  Never forget fags like you are inferior to real men and should always show us the respect we deserve.  Now open your mouth. “  I assumed he was going to put his dick back in my mouth and I was determined to do a better job.  With his hand he tilted my head back and drizzled his spit into my mouth.  While I could taste a hint of the Copenhagen in his spit.  He continued to let his saliva flowing my mouth for a minute or two looked into my eyes and said “swallow.”  I wasn’t sure what I was doing on the one hand it was humiliating to have a guy my age spitting in my mouth but another part of me was strangely happy with Bud’s masculine control over me.  He started to rub the head of his dick against my lips not pushing it in just rubbing.  I was so turned on I opened my mouth to try and suck it in but he pulled away and lightly smacked my face.  “wait till I give you permission to suck me..  I know once your fag brain goes into dick run you won’t be able to concentrate on anything else and this is important for you to learn.  It is your job as a fag bitch to swallow what ever fluids sweat, spit, cum, or piss a man is willing to feed you and thank him for it.  A fag like you only has one purpose in life to serve and take care of his men in any way they want.  You are a thing for us to use.  Do you understand?”  I quickly replied with obvious excitement in my voice “Yes sir and thank you for your spit sir.”

The man in front of me smiled and tousled my hair.  Looking at the clock on the wall he said “shit Max is going to be home soon we need to finish this up.  I opened my mouth in anticipation as he moved his big boy into my mouth.  “Wrap your lips over your teeth before u scrape my dick all to hell.  Normally I would let a cherry fag like you suck at his own pace till you got used to it but time is short so your just going to have to take it rou.”   That being said he pushed about half his man meat into my mouth and kept stroking in and out  while I had never sucked a cock before something about being on my knees with a cock sliding over my tounge just felt right, like this is where I was meant to be.  He kept pushing me of his meat deeper into my mouth till he started hitting the entrance to my throat and I started to choke and gag.    “Relax your throat and let me in.”  As I tried to relax my throat he kept pushing his fat cock in and out and down my throat.  I continued to choke and gas as teens and globs of my throat slime rolled down my face.  Finally with a push he was balls deep and my nose was in his pubes.  His incredible man stink was all over my face.  He held his dick all the way down my throat basting it in my throat slime as I continued to choke and gag.  “God damn all that choking is really making my dick feel good,  I’m close you fucking bitch fag. :  At that moment I heard a door open and a voice say  “What the fuck and a deeper voice said damn Lil bro.”

As Bud continued to fuck into my throat with the confidence and arrogance of a straight Alpha stud and said “Sorry to be the one to tell you Max but your baby brother is a stone cold fag.  He’s been throat ing my meat for like 20 minutes.  Oh shit yes here it comes fag.”  I could feel is hard cock expand as his load squirted into my stomach.  After three squires hit the back of my throat he pulled back till his plum was resting on my tounge and two more shirts covered my taste buds  then he pulled out and the last three spits landed on my face.  The taste of his cum was amazing it was a weird mixture of tastes.  A little bleachy, nutty, and sweet and I swallowed and licked the cum off my face that my tounge could reach.  When he saw me licking my lips he smirked down at me and zipped up.  “Thanks fag I’m out catch you later.”

As Bud turned to leave my brother put his open palm on the high school studs chest.  While Bud was a big muscular alpha stud my brother Max was two inches taller with broader shoulders and more stacked muscle.  Bud put his hands up next to his head as if to say I’m good.  Max looked over at me still kneeling on the floor with my face covered in alpha cum and asked with a stern tone to his voice “are you ok?  Did he force you to blow him?  With my brother and his best friend Bull standing in front of me part if me wanted to lie to protect my reputation but I knew I needed to be honest.  I was still in the submissive mindset  Bud had put me so I answered “Yes sir I’m ok and no he didn’t force me to do anything.”  Bud looked back at me with a big smirk on his face as my brother dropped his hand.  Bull had walked into the kitchen and grabbed a big wad of paper towels and as Bud strutted out the door he handed me the wad and said “give me your hand.”  When I did he pulled me to my feet and said “wipe that shit off your face.”    After wiping my face clean I glanced at my brother who was standing there shaking his head.

Clapping my brother on his shoulder Bull said “come on bro take your jacket off and let’s watch Sports Center.  Lil bro I’m staying for dinner and I’m hungry as fuck.  Max here keeps braging about your cooking  so why don’t you get dinner ready.”  As the guys turned the TV on I went to the sink and washed my face and hands.  I put the sauce back on, put water on to boil, and turned the oven on broil.  As I was dropping the spaghetti in the boiling water I could smell the unmistakable scent of pot coming from the living room.  I knew it wouldn’t be offered to me even though I’m 18 my brother thinks I’m too young to smoke.  I had a feeling that Bull was trying g to adjust Man’s head space.  “Alright guys” I yelled out “wash up for dinner.”

Knowing both guys were big eaters I put another pot of water to boil in case I needed to make more pasta.  I spent the meal refilling their plates and giving them fresh bottles of Lite.  The dinner conversation was Loretta basic the kind of vat u get when close friends and family share a meal.  Finally Bull pushed back from the table and said “Lil bro I’ve known you since the day you were born and yet this is the first time you cooked for me.”  “Don’t tease him Bull” my brother said.  “Tease him are you kidding he cooks better than any bitch I’ve been with and is clearly a pro at gobbling a nob.  If I wasn’t so addicted to pussy I’d marry our little bro.”  While he was speaking he grabbed me in a headlock and started rubbing his neck les on my head.  Looking ar us with a smile Max said if you think k this was good you should taste his baking.  He makes Blueberry muffins that are just amazing.  I was surprised to hear the pride in my brothers voice.  I never thought he was proud of my skills in the kitchen.  His pride in me made me feel good.  “You know whose fault that is bitch…you hog the baked goods.  Lil bro that means you have to make a batch of muffins just for me” bull said taunting us.  “You got it big bro.  Now both of you get out of my kitchen so I can clean up.”  Giving me a big smile Bull asked me “do u need any help?  I should pay for my dinner.”  “Nah big bro you guys go relax and let me do my job” I told him pointing to the living room.  I handed them each a fresh ice cold Light as they headed to relax on the couch.

As I was putting the left over sauce in a Tupperware I could smell the fragrant scent of two freshly lit cigars.  As I was washing up he cigar smoke in the air reminded me of my Daddy who loved his cigars and bournon.  The only difference is my mom never let them smoke in the house.  One of my favorite memories growing up was holding the lighter while Daddy rolled the cigar in the flame to get a perfect cherry.  He would rub my hair and if mom wasn’t home he would let me take a puff.    It would always send me into a coughing jag but made me feel so grown up.  Every year during football season all Daddy”s riding buddies would come over to watch Eagles games.  Our side lot and the street would be filled with their Harleys and one or two rice burners.  The grill on the porch cooking food no matter the weather.  I never understood why standing outside while these loving uncles puffed on cigars I would have a raging boner in my pants.

Drying my hands I joined the guys in the living room sitting down on the floor between my two brothers one by birth and one by choice.  Thinking about my parents always made me sad so I leaned my head against Bulls leg.  He rubbed my hair and asked if I was ok.  “Yeah bro I’m fine just thinking about Mom and Daddy.”  He reach down and gripped my shoulder.  I didn’t really pay attention to their conversation or the show on TV getting lost in my memories.  I was comforted by the cigar smoke and sensing the two power alpha males sitting behind me.    A couple of hours later Bull stretched out and said “I should probably head home.  As we all stood up Max pulled me into a hug and said “Alec you know I love you no matter what.”  I hugged him tight his words taking away some of the worry I was feeling.  Putting his hands on my shoulders Bull leaned down and kissed me on the head telling me “same here little bro I will always have you back.”  Wiping the tears from my eyes I looked at Bull and asked if he “wanted to spend the night?”  with  a smile he said he shook his head no.  “Thanks for dinner Alec it and you are amazing.  Giving Max a bro hug he said see you tomorrow bro.”  Then he grabbed his helmet off the shelf where helmets were stored.  While Max went to shower I followed Bull onto the porch and watched as he got on his deep purple Harley soft tail and I watched as he pulled away and headed home.  I stood there watching as he disapeared into the night.  As I was turning to go back inside I saw Bud with his arm around Missy big tits One of the cheer leaders at school.  When he saw me he grabbed her tit with one hand and hid dick with the other.  He smirked as he pulled Missy into his trailer.  I went back inside and locked the door.  I took one last huff of the lingering cigar scent as I rubbed my hardening boi clit. I headed to bed for the night happy that my men enjoyed my cooking.

Thank you for reading.  I would love to read any ideas you guys have about where to take the story next.  I am always honored when a SIR chooses  take his precious time to email me with feedback.

Please bear with me regarding mistakes I am visually impaired and do the best I can.

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