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Adonis Village
Part 3 - Revelation next door
By Ken Laben (Illustrated by Priapus of Milet)
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Adonis Village

(Special credit to Ceaserwv for co writing chapter)

Chapter 3 - Revelation next door

Gavin stirred from his sleep to an unusual feeling on his nipples. He looked in shock as he saw Mr Jones sucking on his right nipple while pinching his left.

“No, Mr Jones stop.” gasped Gavin.

Mr Jones flicked Gavin’s nub with his tongue getting it wet with his saliva. “You have a beautiful muscled chest Gavin.” said Mr Jones in a lustful tone. “You love letting a man play with it. Don’t you?” Mr Jones resumed sucking on Gavin’s muscled pec.

“Ohh, No Stop! I am gonna cum!” Gavin shouted.

Gavin shot his load and woke up. He was covered in sweat and cum. He lay there thinking on what happened.

His wet dreams were getting more vivid and feeling more real. Also now he was always thinking about Mr Jones in them. I am straight, he kept telling himself but more he thought about the dreams the more he got turned on. He got up and washed the sweat and cum off himself in the mirror lined shower before getting ready for the rest of the day. But all the while he felt really confused about what was going on with him.

Why would he be thinking about an older man like Mr Jones in a sexual way? He never had these feelings ever for a man before. It didn’t make any sense and it questioned his masculinity. These thoughts carried on throughout the day and then on to when he went to the gym. He wanted to speak with someone about these feelings he was having, but didn’t know who. Certainly not Johnny, the alpha male trainer would not understand and it would probably disgust him. Beside he was currently working with a client at this moment. While the other guys in the building he didn’t really know well enough to speak to tell such things.

Gavin then began to think it all started since he moved into the Adonis Village, but why would living there cause him to have these dreams. He did think it odd that the only residents where men like himself. Young and muscular, fit men. Also he noticed that the only visitors the muscular young guys in the apartment had were older men, Still this would not explain his current feelings. Gavin finished his workout and headed back to his apartment.

Once he got in he removed all of his clothes except for his briefs. Lately he had felt it more relaxing to go around in his apartment in just his briefs. He walked over to the window and peered out. He noticed that Johnny had left his blinds up in his apartment which he normally never did at this time.

From Gavin’s view he could see what was going on in there. Though currently no one was there. However that changed within a few seconds when Gavin saw the door open and Johnny walked in. He was not alone also, the client Gavin had seen him with was with him.

The client was an older thin man with balding head. Pretty average looking. The client sat on Johnny’s settee. Johnny got in front of the man and began flexing. The bodybuilder’s arms bulged with muscle as he did a double biceps pose. Gavin was wondering what he was doing. The muscled bodybuilder began taking off his clothes till he was only in his jockstrap and got closer to the man then resumed his flexing.


The man began to feel Johnny’s huge legs and his hands began to move up to was his muscular chest. Gavin looked on in confusion, was Johnny providing a muscle worship sessions like he had heard of in the fitness modelling business? But Surely Johnny, such a cocky straight alpha man, wouldn't be into such a thing, Gavin thought. He watched as the weaker man stood up close to Johnny and began to feel up all his muscles.

The normally dominant Johnny held his head down as the man cupped his big oversized pecs. The man laughed as he said something to the muscle man while squeezing the meaty pecs. Gavin watched in disbelief as Johnny seem to moan as the man pinched and twisted his nipples. Gavin remembered Johnny telling him his nipples were sensitive and he got off when women played with them.

Gavin watched as the skinny man put a hand on Johnny’s Boulder size shoulders and pushed down. Gavin couldn't believe as he watched the bodybuilder’s massive legs give out and the cocky alpha male knelt before the man.

Gavin could make out the look on Johnny’s face. He didn't even recognize the confident self assured stud Johnny normally was. Instead the alpha male look like a oversized boy looking up at the man, pleading with his eyes.

The man laughed as he pulled out his cock and slapped the hard cock against Johnny's handsome face. Gavin had expected Johnny to stand up and punch the man. Instead the big muscle man opened his mouth and took the man’s cock.

The man grabbed Johnny’s head and began to fuck it. The pouch of Johnny's jockstrap was bulging obscenely as the bodybuilder was being used. Gavin looked on in shock, Johnny the alpha male bodybuilder was serving a man willingly.

He never seen gay sex before until now but oddly, it did not disgust him. He continued to watch. Gavin watched in shock and lust as his macho friend hungrily sucked and coated the man’s cock with drool and saliva.

Gavin watched as Johnny reached around himself and started to play with his own hole. Gavin was amazed how smooth and tanned Johnny's ass was. The muscles were thick and round, framed by the pure white straps. The man was talking to Johnny as he sucked on the man's cock. The muscle stud pushed his own thick finger into his hole. The man pulled Johnny off his cock and ordered the bodybuilder to bend over the couch.

Gavin watched in amazement as Johnny meekly stood up and bent over the couch. The personal trainer's ass was perfect. All the squats, lunges, leg curls that they did had created a thick muscular ass. The man removed his clothes revealing a pale thin body, he grabbed Johnny’s muscular ass and pushed into the alpha male’s deep canal. Johnny threw his head back in lust.

As Gavin watch Johnny, it reminded him of the dreams he had been having. He began to think of the sexual stuff Mr Jones had done to him in his dreams and began to wish he was in the place of Johnny. Gavin began playing with himself, mouth open and rubbing this dick in his briefs as he looked on.

Gavin jacked off in his underwear as he watched the man thrusted in and out of Johnny's big ass. The look of pure pleasure was etched on Johnny’s masculine face as the man fucked him deeper and harder. The man was grabbing the waist band of Johnny's jock, then Johnny's massive shoulders and then Johnny's hair. Johnny's pro bodybuilding muscles were bulging and flexing under the man’s assault. Gavin excited, pulled out his cock and jacked off to the sight.


The man was moaning as Johnny met his thrusts. Gavin could see his friend's perfect muscles flexing. He was actually milking the man’s cock and the man was enjoying the ride. Gavin knew at that point that men like him and Johnny, with their sculptured muscles, were meant for this. The man pushed all the way into Johnny's ass and threw back his head. His mouth wide open. The look was unmistakable. The man was cumming inside Johnny. Then Gavin saw it, Johnny's cock popped out of the jock pouch. It was bouncing and throbbing at the sensation of the man’s cum flooding inside him. Finally Johnny’s cock exploded. Waves of cum leaked out of him. As if in unison, Gavin moaned and came. After a few seconds he began to reflect on what he had just done, his mind was in complete confusion. Had he just enjoyed watching Johnny, his friend getting fucked?

It was all too much and he was hot and flustered. He headed to the shower to cool off.

“Good boy,” the man pulled out of Johnny's ass and gave it a hard slap.

“Thank you sir.” Johnny said as he turned and dropped to his knees. He leaned forward and used his tongue to clean the man's cock. The man's cum leaked from Johnny's hole but Johnny did not care as he licked the man clean.

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