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Part 2 - Sensual Massage
By Ken Laben (Illustrated by Priapus of Milet)
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Chapter 2 – Sensual Massage

Gavin stirred from his sleep as he felt hands on his chest and abs. They groped his hard muscular body greedily feeling every curve as he slept on his side. He felt heavy breathing against his ear, as he felt the presence of someone next to him, spooning him. He felt something hard rubbing against his backside.

“What’s going on?” Gavin mumbled.

“Shush, relax Gavin it’s alright, it’s just a dream.” he heard a familiar male voice.

Gavin jolted, opening his eyes and awoke. He was rock hard and covered in sweat and semi dry cum coated his abs and pecs. “Shit.” he thought to himself “Not again.”

Since moving into his new place a few weeks ago he had been having wet dreams. This was the fifth time this week he had cum in his sleep. He had never had wet dreams before but now they were constant. However he was more concerned about what he was dreaming about.

Gavin knew he was straight yet these dreams seemed homoerotic. It did not make any sense to him. After his hard on subsided, he got up and showered to get ready for a photo shoot he had that day.

After the shoot and the day was done the fitness model headed to the gym to work out. He decided to work harder than normal that session to elevate more testosterone levels in his body to feel manly. It worked, although his body suffered because of it. As he headed back to the apartment his muscles ached. As he got to his floor Mr Jones appeared.

"Hello Gavin. My you don’t look too good. What's the matter?” Said Mr Jones in a concerned way.

Gavin explained to him that he over exercised and that his muscles were sore.

“Well lucky for you, I'm quite good at sport massages. Let me sort you out. I’ll get your muscles feeling back to normal in no time.” he said.

Normally Gavin would have declined but he felt so sore. Also he felt relaxed in Mr Jones’s presence and trusted the older man, so he agreed.

"Great, you go back to your apartment, put on a robe and come back over when you are ready.” said Mr Jones. “Oh, also take one of those supplements I gave you. Johnny said they help with relaxation."

Gavin got back to his apartment and took one of the supplements, before undressing out of his gym clothes and putting on a robe. He felt uneasy at first, by being naked under the robe but he trusted Mr Jones. He let any reservations fade from his mind and went back over to Mr Jones’s apartment.

Mr Jones ushered Gavin in and asked him to get ready on the massage table that he had set up in the living room.

“Please use this to cover yourself up.” he said as he handed him a small towel. “Sorry, It needs to be this size, so that I can do your upper thighs. Oh, I need to make a call in the other room, so get on the table face down and when you're ready call for me and I’ll come back.”

Once Mr Jones left, Gavin removed his robe revealing his naked muscular body. He got onto the table and place the towel covering his mid region and got into position face down. He called to Mr Jones that he was ready.

Gavin could hear Mr Jones come in as he was finishing off his telephone conversation. “Yes open, good, see you later.” Mr Jones said as he hung up.

“Right Gavin could you please put this on, it will help you relax.” Asked Mr Jones as he offered a set of headphones to him. Gavin put the headset on and listen to the relaxing music. Gavin felt the cool oils on his back as Mr Jones poured them on him.

He felt mr Jones's warm hands as he worked on his back muscles. They pressed hard and slid across his muscled back.

"You’re so stiff Gavin, after this you will feel so good and relaxed," said Mr Jones.

Gavin felt the tension in his back release as his muscles were manipulated by the older man and he made a small groan to show his pleasure.

"You like that?" Asked Mr Jones to Gavin.

"Yes." sighed Gavin "it feels terrific." Gavin closed his eyes and enjoyed the massage.


Mr Jones continued moving on from Gavin’s back to his arms, then to his legs starting from the bottom. His hands slid up to Gavin’s thighs closer and closer to Gavin’s buttocks. The older man’s hand rested on the top of Gavin's leg where it met his backside and squeezed the area. The other hand was lifting up the towel.

“You ok with this?” Mr Jones asked as he began to peel the towel away from Gavin. Gavin made a slight agreeing sound. Gavin did not care as he was so relaxed from the rub down and the smoothing music of the headphones. The towel was pulled away leaving Gavin's muscle body naked on the table.

Mr Jones began to rub Gavin’s backside. The young stud felt the older man’s hands on each of his firm cheeks pulling them apart. The older man squeezed and rubbed the muscular ass cheeks. This went on for a few minutes. Then he felt oil being poured between his butt cheeks, it trickled down into the deep crack.

A few seconds later, to Gavin’s surprise, he felt Mr Jones’s finger move between his cheeks and across his hole. A part of Gavin knew he should not be allowing this but at the same time he felt too good and relax to care. He had never felt anyone touch him there let alone a man but it was not an unpleasant feeling. In fact he quite liked the sensation of Mr Jones’s finger running across his hole.

Mr Jones concentrated his massage on his hole, he made small circle motions around it and his finger gently stroke Gavin's sphincter. Each time he did this it would spaz out and wink. Gavin also would make a small moan and would push his backside up to meet with Mr Jones’s finger. Gavin was getting so aroused by Mr Jones attention to his hole, that his dick began to harden.

After a few minutes Mr Jones stopped and asked Gavin to turn over and go on his back. Initially he was hesitant as he didn’t want to expose his erection, but grudgingly he turned around.

Gavin felt embarrassed that his 7” dick was fully erect and was in plain view of Mr Jones. However Mr Jones just smiled and began to massage his thighs. The older man worked his hands into Gavin’s thighs, as he did so he occasionally would brush gently against Gavin’s rod. This only heighten Gavin’s arousal.

The higher Mr Jones got up Gavin’s thigh the more frequently he would touch his dick. Gavin swore he was doing it deliberately but he didn’t care he was enjoying the sensation. Gavin also kept on making involuntary moans of pleasure. He felt conflicted, he was straight but he wished that the older man would hold his cock as he really wanted to get off.

As if he read Gavin's mind, without a word Mr Jones’s fingers began to touch his dick, slowly at first, running his fingers across the length of Gavin's dick, then he felt Mr Jones actually grab hold with both hands, they slid from the base up to his head of this penis and then back to the base as he pulled on it like a rope. Mr Jones kept this motion up for several minutes to Gavin’s enjoyment. His grip was firm, but slid easily on his rod due to the oils on his hands.

The muscle model gasped and moaned as his dick was getting the full attention of Mr Jones. Gavin was getting hot, beads of sweat were forming on his forehead. Without saying a word, Mr Jones stopped his massage and began to remove his clothes. Gavin watched in silence as Mr. Jones undressed.

Gavin looked at the now naked older man at the side of him. His body was the complete opposite of Gavin’s. While the fitness model was shredded and smooth, Mr Jones had a beer belly and was covered with a fuzz of hair. However Mr Jones’s own dick was on par with Gavin's though maybe a little bigger. Gavin seemed transfixed on it, he had never really paid attention to other men’s cocks before but Mr Jones’s one looked so good.

Mr Jones grabbed Gavin’s right hand and guided it toward his own now erect dick. Gavin did nothing to stop him as he wanted to know what Mr Jones’s cock would feel like and he took a hold of the older man’s rod. Mr Jones began to pump into Gavin’s grip and put his right hand on Gavin’s tool and began to jack him off. Both men pleasured each other by hand for a few minutes, both making grunts of pleasure.


Mr Jones then got on the table with Gavin and straddled the muscle athlete model. He grabbed both their cocks with one hand and jacked them both. Gavin looked up at Mr Jones, it felt so good to have this older man on top of him taking control. But at the same time odd, why was he, such a strong straight muscle man letting an older man do this to him. However this thought was fleeting as he concentrated on the pleasure on his dick.

Mr Jones lowered himself onto Gavin. The young muscle man felt the hairy heavy body of Mr Jones on top of him, the older man began to hump Gavin. Both their cocks hitting and pressing against each other. It felt so good, Gavin thought as he spread his legs apart to give Mr Jones more access and had place both his hands on his back. Mr Jones’s round face was only inches away from his, Gavin noted the look of lust in his eyes and the heavy breathing. Gavin himself was getting worked up, never had he felt so turned on like this before.

“Such a handsome face.” Mr Jones said in a knowing tone. Gavin said nothing but felt blood rush to his face as he blushed at his predicament.

The older man moved into kiss Gavin and he reciprocated, both men’s mouths were locked together, their tongues in each others mouths. This make out session went on for a while until both men climaxed together. They groaned and shot their loads onto Gavin’s muscled abs.

They laid there and kissed one final time. Gavin closed his eyes.

“Gavin, Gavin?” said Mr Jones.

The muscle model awoke confused, face down on the massage table with the small towel still on him, Mr Jones was gently shaking him on the shoulder.

“You seem to have slept through most of my massage, you must have been very tired.” Mr Jones said.

He looked over confusingly at the older man. He was fully dressed.

“Are you alright?” Asked Mr Jones

“Erm yeah, like listen, I need to go, thanks for the massage.” Gavin replied.

“Ok I will let you get dressed, you can let yourself out.” said Mr Jones and left the room.

Gavin quickly put on his robe to hide his still hard cock and wiped off the cum on the massage table and then left Mr Jones’s Apartment.


Incoming message

“How long till delivery?”

Message sent

“About 2 weeks”

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