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Adonis Village
Part 4 - A bedroom surprise
By Ken Laben (Illustrated by Priapus of Milet)
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Adonis Village

Chapter 4 - Bedroom surprise

Gavin felt the cool waters of the shower flow over his hard sculpted body but it did little to abate his feelings. He kept thinking of what he saw only a few minutes ago. His friend, the cocky alpha male Johnny had been fucked by a man and he had enjoyed watching it.

He felt confused, he was straight but he couldn’t stop thinking about how hot it was to see his bodybuilder friend being bent over the couch and watch the older man rammed his hard cock into him. If Johnny lets himself be dominated and he was an masculine man. Why not me then? He thought to himself.

Gavin began to think again of Mr Jones and those dreams he had of him. How the older man felt his young hard muscled body up and enjoyed it, how it felt so good to please the older man. Now all the young adonis could think about was how he wanted Mr Jones to go further and fuck him. He thought how he would do it to him, on all fours and Mr Jones behind him sticking his magnificent cock into him..

Gavin realised what he was thinking about, “No I am straight!” Gavin thought, feeling frustrated that the shower was not helping, he got out of the shower and dried himself off a bit. Naked with only a towel over his shoulder, Gavin headed to the bedroom.

He was shocked to what he saw. Mr Jones was on his bed naked. His body was how Gavin dreamt it would be, covered in hair and his dick was as big as he remembered it. But this was no dream it was actually happening.

Instead of being angry of Mr Jones’s intrusion into his apartment, Gavin was transfixed on Mr Jones. He felt his cock stir at the site of the naked older man. He did not care how he got in or why he was naked. He wanted this.

“You want my big American cock don’t you? my welsh muscle lad.” said Mr Jones. Gavin stood there and said nothing, but the look of lust in his eyes said it all to Mr Jones. He wanted it.“Well then,” Mr Jones said as he widened his legs apart. “Come closer and take a good look.”

Gavin sauntered over to the end of the bed and got on, he looked closely at Mr Jones’s dick which was already getting hard.

“Touch it.” Mr Jones ordered. His tone had changed from it’s meek normal self to more of one of authority.

Gavin did what he was told and grabbed Mr Jones’s cock in his hand and began to play with it. Soon it was fully erect. Gavin marvelled at the sight of Mr Jones’s cock it was like the best thing he had ever seen before. Never before he had been so close to another man's dick before, it looked so big at this view. All he wanted to do was worship it.

“Now my sexy Welsh muscle stud I want you to put your mouth around it and suck it.” Said Mr Jones as he put his right hand on the back of Gavin’s head and pushed it down to his cock. “It’s what you want?”

“Yes!” replied Gavin he eagerly opened his mouth and took in the older man’s hard cock. He had never sucked on a dick before but he gave it his best. He took in as much as he could.


“Good boy!” Mr Jones gasped as he felt Gavin’s mouth surround his dick. He looked down the bed and enjoyed the view of this muscle fitness model servicing his dick. Mr Jones got off the bed and stood to the side, he once again ordered Gavin to suck him off which he did. Gavin licked the length of Mr Jones’s dick and once again went down on him. He loved it so much and also that it pleased Mr Jones. Mr Jones held Gavin’s head and began to pump into his mouth.

Gavin’s oral pleasuring of Mr Jones went on for a few minutes until Mr Jones ordered Gavin to stop and to get on all fours. The muscle model did what he was told and pointed out his firm ass to Mr Jones. He knew what the older man was planning and he was excited it was going to happen.

“Please.” he said as looked over his shoulder at the older man.

“Is this what you want? Me to take your anal virginity?” Said Mr Jones as he got behind Gavin and rubbed his erect dick between Gavin’s ass cheeks.

“Yes!” Gavin said excitedly. Mr Jones teased Gavin by sticking his cock head at his hole but never fully pushing in. Gavin moaned in dismay, he was on heat and was hard.

“How much do you want it? asked Mr Jones “ I want you to tell me”

“Please fuck me, I want you in me!” begged Gavin.

“Will you submit your muscle body to me? To do as I please?” Mr Jones asked.

“Yes!” said Gavin. He did not care to what he was agreeing to, he just wanted Mr Jones’s dick inside of him.

Mr Jones smiled and pushed in, Gavin gasped at the intrusion and moaned in lust. Never had he felt so much pleasure. Mr Jones also moaned as he pumped away into the young muscular stud. Gavin’s hole was tight and felt so good. He bent over Gavin and whispered into his ear. “I’ve waited so long to fuck you my Welsh muscle boy, Straight muscle men like you work so hard on your bodies, only men like me can appreciate how hard and strong you are, you were made to be fucked.”

Mr Jones began to kiss Gavin’s muscled back and continued his assault on Gavin’s ass. Gavin felt complete, he now knew what he wanted and he wanted to serve the sexual needs of men like Mr Jones. He wanted them to enjoy his muscled body, to feel him up, to let them fuck him.


Mr. Jones grabbed hold of Gavin’s broad shoulders as he plowed deep into the model’s tight ass. The incredible ass muscles felt like a vice around the older man's cock. As he pulled halfway out and thrusted back in, Gavin’s ass muscles flexed and felt like they were milking his cock. He pounded all the way into the young celtic God. His fat, hairy stomach and crotch slapped against the smooth, flawless muscle back and ass. Even the sound of Gavin's deep masculine moans was too much for Mr Jones. He couldn't hold off any longer. He pushed deep into the stud and yet out a loud moan, as he came inside Gavin’s ass. The feeling of the warm seeds flooding his new pussy caused Gavin to shoot his load onto the sheets beneath him.

Mr Jones wasn't done with the muscle god. The whole evening Mr Jones enjoyed Gavin’s muscled body while Gavin enjoyed his first experience of gay sex. The older man had the young muscular model in many locations in Gavin’s apartment, on the floor, in the shower, on his settee but mostly on his bed. Gavin was impressed with Mr Jones’s sexual libido as the older man fucked him multiple times without showing any signs of stopping.

At one point, Mr Jones had Gavin on his back on the couch. Gavin's thick muscular legs were wrapped around the older man’s hairy body. Gavin stared up at Mr Jones with eyes filled with lust and devotion as the older man slammed in and out of his ass.

Mr Jones ran his hands over the smooth muscle packed calves and thighs and looked down hungrily at Gavin's big pecs. He knew Johnny was training Gavin extra hard on his legs and pecs, He grabbed Gavin's big pecs in both hands as he thrusted hard and deep into the former straight hole.

Gavin's mouth open in a silent moan as he wrapped his legs tighter around his lover, pulling Mr Jones deeper into him. Mr Jones leaned forward and kissed and licked Gavin's nipples. Gavin grabbed the back of the couch and moaned in ecstasy as he was bent in half. His triceps bulging as he tried to keep Mr Jones’s cock deep inside of him as his nipples got sucked and nibbled on. They were both covered in sweat and cum as both men came again.

Gavin felt he was being filled up with Mr Jones’s cum as he repeatedly came inside him in both his mouth and ass the whole night. Gavin himself came multiple times, he had never had so much sex in one night before.

It was late in the night by the time Mr Jones was fully satisfied. On the bed Mr Jones laid down while Gavin bounced on the older man’s cock. Gavin held onto the headboard for support as he went up and down. Both men were exhausted by the time Mr Jones came in Gavin one final time.

Gavin collapse on top of Mr Jones. He kissed the older man and fell asleep on him happily content while Mr Jones ran his hands over Gavin's hard body enjoying his smooth muscles.

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