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From Tempest to Aquaboi
Part 3 - The Defeat of Tempest
By January Weather

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From Tempest To Aquaboi

The sequel to From Aquaman To Aquafuck

Summary: Tempest comes to the aid of Aquaman only to face defeat at the hands of Black Manta!

Chapter Three: The Defeat of Tempest

Tempest made sure that his blue lycra tights were securely covering his ass and crotch. There was no way he was going to let Black Manta dominate him in a one-on-one fight in the ocean! No way!

Tempest walked to the edge of the trap door and turned towards Black Manta who stood at the opposite edge, "After you, Black Manta, these waters are my home. I'm going to enjoy dominating you there!"

Black Manta smiled at Tempest.

"Of course, Aqua-boi." He says as he leaps into the water. Landing on the bottom, Black Manta slipped into a fighting stance as he waited for Tempest.

"You're mine, Black Manta!" Tempest boldly declared as he leaped down into the water after the villain. But instead of dropping down to the bottom, Tempest did something completely out of character. He threw caution to the wind, dived directly at Black Manta, tackled him and pinned his wrists to the sea floor with his arms.

"Now you can feel what its like to be dominated in your tights, Manta!" Tempest snarled as he began to grind his blue lycra-encased cock against his enemy's black lycra encased-rod. "This cock grind will have you cumming in your tights in no time, Manta, and then I'll free Aquaman from your control!"

"Oh really, Aqua-boi?"

Black Manta says as he starts rubbing as well. "You forget that I took your ass already. I raped you like the little booty bitch you are!"

Tempest shook his head defiantly, "Only because you had help, Manta, you're in my domain now. MMmm...My waters...OOoo...One-on-one...No one...OOOooo...can help you here!"

Black Manta moved skillfully as he rubbed.

The more the villain rubbed his cock against the hero's rod, the harder Tempest's cock became and the more he began to get erotically charged.

"Your own mentor is now my slave. He obeys me now and always will. Face it, Aquaboi, your cock is no match for mine, and you know it."

"No...OOOooo...that's not true...MMMmmm...Manta!" In spite of his words, Tempest began to doubt himself. Manta's cock was bigger than his and he knew it! He also remembered Black Manta's rape, the shredding of his old costume, and the shame of the new one he now wore that reminded him of his sidekick years as Aqualad. Lost in his doubt, Tempest loosened his grip on Black Manta's wrists and reduced the intensity of his grinding giving the villain an opening to strike back!

Black Manta freed his hands, grabbed Tempest's arms, and pinned them to his sides. Black Manta then reared back with his feet, planted them in Tempest's chest and shoved the hero away hard, sending him flying backwards.

"OOOOOO!!!" Tempest went sailing through the water until he slammed his back into one of the pylons supporting the pier. With a resounding "CRACK!" the former sidekick nearly split the beam in half before collapsing to the sea floor completely dazed from Black Manta's sudden and brutal counterattack.

Before Tempest could recover, Black Manta was quickly on him. Grabbing his arm and pulling him up off his feet, the villain then grabbed him between his legs pulling him up further over his head.

"You are nothing, Aquaboi, and I will prove it."

"No! Put me down, Manta!" Tempest complained as he struggled to get free of his enemy's grip, "What are you going to do to me?"

Black Manta held Tempest over his head, now gripping his hard cock, before reapplying his grip to his shoulder.

"AAAHHHH!!! MMMYYY CCCCOOOOCCCKKKK!!!" Tempest cried out as his package was roughly seized by the villain, "LET ME GO! MANTA! LET ME GO!"

To demonstrate his strength and mastery over his opponent, Black Manta maintained the hold for thirty seconds before driving Tempest down hard to the sea floor with a resounding "THUD"! The former sidekick laid flat on his back dazed and confused as he raised his hand to his head and groaned, "Oh! MANTA! No!"

Before he could recover, Black Manta stomped on his muscular abs, pressing down on them and grinning down at his foe.

"UGHF!!!" Tempest gasped as the air left his lungs from Black Manta's stomp. In pure desperation, Tempest executed a final offensive move that he believed could turn the tide of this battle. He grabbed Black Manta's ankle with both of his hands, twisted it and pulled hard enough to knock the villain off of his feet sending him crashing face first to the sea floor.

Before Black Manta could recover, Tempest leaped atop the back of Black Manta and pinning the villain's head to the sea floor with both of his hands declaring, "You thought you had me down, Manta? Well think again! I'll dominate you and make you cum in your tights after I give you an Atlantean Ass Hump! As you said to me before you raped me: Take my pounding, Black Manta!"

With that said, Tempest began to slowly grind his engorged cock between the athletic ass cheeks of Black Manta!

Black Manta felt the strong grip on his hands and knew he had to do something.

"I have you now, Manta, you're finished!" Tempest boldly declared fully believing that he was going to defeat Atlantis' greatest nemesis.

Black Manta lossened up his ass, and as Tempest stroked, he felt his cock, pressing into his ass. He then tried to squeeze his ass cheeks together to trap Tempest's cock or to give it more friction to touch.

When Tempest moved his cock forward during his stroke, Black Manta was able to trap the former sidekick's cock between his ass cheeks. The sudden tightness and friction against his engorged cock sent a wave of pleasure crashing through Tempest's body that nearly overwhelmed him.

Tempest stopped his stroking, raised up as far as he could, released Black Manta's head and ran his own hands through his hair. "OOOOOOO!!! Black Manta! What are you doing to me?! Your Manta ass...OOOOOO....has captured my cock...OOOOOO...its sOOOOOOOOO tight...squeezing my cock...OOOOOO...weakening me...OOOOOO...all over again!"

Black Manta also tried to move his ass from side to side to give Tempest different sensations in different places. As he felt his own cock rubbing on the sea floor, Black Manta had to concentrate on his own attack to avoid climaxing.

Involuntarily Tempest moved side to side along with Black Manta's ass. Each movement drew the former sidekick closer and closer to an erotic defeat! "OOOOOO....curse you, Black Manta...OOOOO....your ass...OOOOO...SOOOO irresistible...Your Manta ass...SOOOOO powerful...OOOOO....dominating my're dominating me....OOOOO....gooooing to cum...OOOOO...SSSTOOOP it, Manta....SSSTOOPP IT!"

Black Manta smiled. But he was not done with him yet.

"Yes, Aquaboi, my ass is going to make you come, if I let you. But I want you to suffer. I am going to break you, Aquaboi."

"NOOOOOOO...I can't let you...OOOOOO...break me....OOOOOO...Black Manta!" Tempest closed his eyes and licked his lips as he enjoyed his enemies' sexual counter-attack. "YYYOOOUUU....can't make me...OOOOOO...cum!"

Black Manta quickly pushes with his hands and raising himself up. Falling backwards, Tempest's cock was released from Manta's ass.

Tempest breathed a sigh of relief once he was free. The former sidekick realized if his cock was trapped a minute longer between those two black globes of delight, he would have been finished!

Black Manta quickly got up, his cock, hard and bulging under his tights.

Tempest sat perfectly still as he admired the rock hard rod of his nemesis. Beneath that pair of black lycra tights rested a powerful cock that took Tempest's ass once before and would do so again if he were not careful this time.

"Get ready to submit, Aquaboi, get ready to submit in front of my Aquafuck."

Black Manta's insults seemed to jar Tempest out of his reverie. The former sidekick slowly rose to his feet and slipped into a battle crouch, "You're the one that's going to submit to me, Manta! And then I'm going to free Aquaman! But it all starts with your defeat, Manta, prepare to have your booty plundered!"

The former sidekick charged directly at Black Manta, tripped coming out of his fighting stance and miscalculated the distance between himself and his enemy so he literally threw himself into Black Manta's powerful arms. As Tempest's hot bubble butt collided with Black Manta's cock, the hero nearly swooned in Black Manta's reverse-bearhug, "OOOOOOO...The sensation....OOOOOO...of your Manta cock...OOOOOO....against my ass...OOOO....makes me weak...OOOOO....makes me hot...OOOOOOOO...but if feels so goood!"

Black Manta grinned as he squeezed his victim with Tempest's arms pinned to his sides.

"OOOOO....MMMMANNNTAAAA....your arms...OOOOO...SOOO...powerful...OOOO...crushing me!" Tempest moaned half in pain and half in sheer erotic ecstasy.

"Yes! Now, Aquaboi, feel my power." He said as started to rub his bulge on Tempest's juicy hot bubble butt.

"OOOOOO...YYYEEESSS....MMMMAAANNNTAAAA!!!" Tempest closed his eyes and groaned loudly as Black Manta's cock rubbing nearly sent the former sidekick over the edge. "YOUR POWER....OOOOO....TOOO MMMUCCHHH...OOOOO...FFFOOORRR MMMMEEEE!!!"

"There will be no escape for you or Aquafuck. You are going to be mine, you little booty bitch! You have been so big, so arrogant, so faithfully at Aquaman's side. Well, you little slut, you're going to be by my side from now on--after you get fucked."

"OOOO...NOOOO....OOOOO...MMMANNTAAA!!!" Caught within the powerful grip of his nemesis, Tempest seemed to be fighting a conflict deep within himself. On the one hand, to have his ass taken yet again by Black Manta would be the ultimate humilation that he did not want to endure. On the other hand, to have his hot bubble butt grinding against his enemy's stiff rod was an erotic charge that he just did not want to end. Tempest's mind was telling him to break out of Black Manta's reverse-bearhug while Tempest's body was telling him to enjoy the ass grinding and cock rubbing that he was receiving. Eventually, the needs of his body began to win out, "OOOOOO....YYYYEESSS....MMMAANNTTAAA....OOOOO...FFFUCCKK MMMEE...MMMAANNNTAAA...PLLLEASSEEE!"

As he said that Black Manta squeezed his body one more time before he threw Tempest to the ocean floor. He then stood over him, his bulge growing as he grinned.

After he was slammed to the ocean floor, Tempest landed face first, turned over and looked up at Black Manta in a complete erotic daze. The former sidekick began to writhe on the bottom of the ocean and seductively ran his hands up and down his own body as he panted, "OOOO...Black Manta...OOOO..What are you do with me?"

Manta looked down at him, and then grabbing a fistful of his black hair, he pulled him up.

"AAAAAAHHHHH!!!" Tempest cried out as he was forced to his feet by his hair.

"Stand, booty bitch." Manta said before he let him go.

Tempest awkwardly stood where he was. He no longer struck the classic superhero pose. Now, he stood as though he were a scolded child before a stern schoolmaster.

"Now, you pathetic Aquaboi, I want to see you strip, your shirt first, rip it off your body!"

Tempest hesitated unsure as to what he was going to do: Was he going to flee or fight or do the villain's bidding?

Black Manta saw he was not moving quick enough and spanked him hard on his ass.

"YIPE!" Tempest jumped at the hard smack on his ass and gingerly began to rub his ass cheek.


"No, Manta, I'm getting out of here!" Tempest cried out as he turned and began to swim away from the villain as fast as he could. "I must get away from you before you dominate me again! Even in the water, I am no match for you! You're too powerful! Stay away from me, Manta!"

Black Manta expected him to resist, grabbed the right foot of Tempest and pulled him back before he could swim away.

"No! Let me go, Manta! Let me go!" Tempest did his best to try and kick himself free of Black Manta's grip but it was all to no avail.

As he pulled Tempest slowly closer to him, Black Manta stroked his victim's thigh and then held onto his cock, gripping it tight.

"AAAAHHHHH!!!" Tempest cried out, "MY COCK! YOU'RE HURTING ME!"

"There is no escape, Aquaboi, there is only your rape, defeat and humiliation at my hands."

"NO! It can't end like this!" Tempest pleaded, "It can't end with me being raped, defeated and humilated again! It just can't!"

Black Manta started to pull him towards him and then wrapped his arms around him from behind.

"Your grip...too strong...can't get free!" Tempest whined as he was pulled into another reverse bearhug.

"Feel the cock of your master!"  

When the twin globes of Tempest's lycra-encased ass were mashed against the powerful lycra-encased cock of Black Manta again, the sidekick all but melted into villain's arms, "OOOOOOO....MMMMAANNNNTTTAAAAA!"

Overwhelmed by a tidal wave of sheer ecstasy; Tempest closed his eyes, leaned back and proceeded to grind his ass against Black Manta's rod, "Your Manta SSSOOOOO powerful...I can't resist it...I can't resist you...OOOOOO...MMMMMMMAANNNTAAAA...That Manta ass...its SSSSOOOO SSSSTRONG...OOOO...MMMANNTTAA!"

"Admit it, Aquaboi, you are no match against me!" Black Manta boldly declared.

Tempest shuddered in Black Manta's grip, "I admit it, Black Manta...OOOOO....My booty is no match for your cock is no match for your powers are no match for your powers...OOOOO! Rape me...Manta...please...rape my ass again!"

"First, you pathetic Aquaboi, do you submit? Do you acknowlege that I have beaten you?" Black Manta surged his bulge hard into Tempest, lifting him off the ground as his arms squeezed him tight.

"OOOOOO....MMMANNNTAAA!" Tempest cried out in pure ecstasy, "I am your pathetic...OOOO....Aquaboi....OOOO...I submit to you...OOOOO...You have defeated my waters...OOOO...Black Manta!"

"Do you admit that you lost to a REAL MAN?" Black Manta added, "That Aquafuck is my sex-slave. As are you?"

"OOOOOOO....I have lost...OOOOO...You are a REAL MAN...OOOOO...You are the SUPERIOR every way....OOOOO...your superior cock....OOOO....your superior ass....OOOOO...your superior powers...OOOO...I never had a chance...OOOOO...against you...Black Manta." Tempest licked his lips before he continued grinding his ass against the villain's rock hard cock, "Aquaman is your slave....OOOOOOO...I am your slave....OOOOO...You own us mind...body...and soul....OOOOOOO...Master Black Manta!"

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