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From Tempest to Aquaboi
Part 4 - The Birth of Aquaboi
By January Weather

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From Tempest To Aquaboi

The sequel to From Aquaman To Aquafuck

Summary: Tempest comes to the aid of Aquaman only to face defeat at the hands of Black Manta!

Chapter Four: The Birth of Aquaboi

Without warning, Black Manta dropped Tempest to the ocean floor. He smiled as he looked into the hero's eyes, and then reached down ripping Aquaboi's lycra blue shorts off exposing his ass and cock.

As he looked up at his master, Tempest was completely transfixed by the monstrous bulge of Black Manta. When his shorts were ripped from his body, Tempest finally gasped, "My tights are gone. My cock and ass are yours, Master Black Manta!"

"Aquafuck, come down here and unveil your master's cock!" Black Manta commanded, "Then you will watch as I fuck my worthless Aquaboi."

"Yes, Master Black Manta," Aquafuck dived into the water and swam over to Black Manta, knelt beside him and declared to Tempest, "Behold, Aquaboi, the powerful rod of our Master Black Manta!"

Aquafuck slowly and seductively rolled down the lower portion of Black Manta's black lycra tights to reveal the rock hard cock of the villain with his member pointing directly at Tempest's mouth.

Black Manta moved over to Tempest placing his boot on his rod. "Now, Aquaboi, you and Aquafuck are mine."

"OOOOOO....MMMMAANNNTTAAAA!!!" Tempest collapsed back to the sea floor and began to writhe beneath Black Manta while the villain worked over his cock with his boot. "Your foot...OOOOO...on my cock so sensitive....OOOOO....I am yours....OOOOO...We are yours....OOOO...Now and forever!"

"First, I will take you on your back. Aquaboi, so you can see your master, your dominator."

"OOOOO...MMMAANNTTAAA!!!" Tempest moaned in pure ecstasy, "Take me on my back, my everything!"

He grabbed Tempest's legs and pulls them up as his hard cock presses his asshole.

"OOOOO...YYYEESSSS!!!" Tempest hissed like a snake, "Your rock hard cock....OOOO...pressed against my hole...OOOO....Please, Master Black Manta...please plow me deep!"

Black Manta slowly drove in, slowly so he could see the look on his new slave's face, knowing there was no escape for him, knowing his fate was sealed.

As Aquaboi was plowed under by Black Manta, Aquaboi's mouth formed a perfect 'O' while he took the full measure of his master's big, black cock.

"Mm...Oohhyess...feels so good...Aquaboi."

"OOOOO...YYEESSSS...MASTER BLACK MANTA!!!" Aquaboi yelled out as his eyes crossed and he gave himself over to his erotic love for being dominated by his new master, "It be yyyooouuuu....OOOOOO...YYYEEESSSS!!!"

Black Manta drove into Aquaboi hard and deep as he smiled, folding him in half, as his legs hit the ocean floor on either side of his head.

"Yes, you pathetic boy, feel a REAL cock of a REAL man--a man who took your ass!"

"OOOOOO....YYYYEEESSSS....MMMAANNNTAAA!!" Aquaboi moaned loudly, "To be you...OOOO...a REAL man...OOOOO...a REAL mind...OOOOOOO....all yours!"

Aquafuck moved over and caressed Black Manta's back.

"You, Aquaboi, are mine!"

"OOOOOO...YYYYESSSSS...BLACK MMMAAANNTTTAAA!!!" Aquaboi moaned once more, "!"

Black Manta drove in harder, faster over and over.

"You're mine, slave."

"OOOOO...BLACK MANTA...OOOOO!!!" Aquaboi squirmed in the villain's grip as he took his pounding, "Your cum...OOOOOO...please let me cum...OOOOOOO....Master Black Manta!"

Manta looked down at his conquered foe.

"NO!" Black Manta said before he fired two purple beams of energy that formed a ring around Aquaboi's cock keeping it tight and closed.

"GREAT POSIEDIN...OOOOO!!!" Aquaboi looked up and saw what Black Manta had done to him, "A ring of energy...OOOOOOO...around my cock....OOOOOOO...Master Black Manta....OOOOOO...How can you be so cruel?!"

"You are not coming yet. I am not done with your humiliation."

Black Manta drives in harder and harder.

"OOOOO...OOOOO....OOOOO...OOOOOOOO!!!" Aquaboi cried out as he was repeatedly raped into submission.

"Aquafuck, punish my slave, by taking this energy cock." He hands him a dildo of energy. "Fuck my slave with it! Make him moan. Make him beg for his cock to be free to climax." Black Manta immediately pulled himself free of Aquaboi's ass with a resounding "POP" before he strode over to Aquaboi's face.

"Yes, Master Black Manta!" Aquafuck took the dildo of energy and without a moment's hesitation plunged the dildo deep into Aquaboi's violated ass.

"GREAT POSEIDON! A dildo of--"

"Shut up, Aquaboi!" Aquafuck cut him off, "Great Poseidon this! Great Poseidon that! You are nothing more than Black Manta's booty bitch now!"

Black Manta then moved his naked ass over Aquaboi's head. "Now, you will clean my ass, Aquaboi."

When Aquaboi saw Black Manta's naked ass over his head he knew what was going to happen next and took a hard gulp.

Black Manta settled his ass upon Aquaboi's head and placed his hole over Aquaboi's face.

No sooner had he done so, Aquaboi began to lick Black Manta's hole. He all but buried his face in the villain's ass as he did his best to clean his master.

Black Manta worked his ass over Aquaboi's tongue and face, while Aquafuck drove his ass hard with the energy dildo.

Aquaboi took both in stride as best he could. He did his best to lick, kiss and caress the ass of his Master Black Manta with his lips, mouth and tongue all the while doing his best to stifle the pain he felt as Aquafuck drilled his ass with the energy dildo. He initially bucked when Aquafuck penetrated him but afer a few seconds he calmed his body down enough to accept it.

After a few minutes, Black Manta turned on Aquaboi's face so he faced Aquafuck.

"Aquafuck! Push the dildo deep in his ass. It will lock in place, then come over here. I want to fuck you atop Aquaboi."

"Yes, Master Black Manta, I live to obey!" Aquafuck rammed the dildo so deep into Aquaboi's ass that he bucked upward and nearly threw Black Manta off of him.

"Don't resist, Aquaboi, if you were a REAL hero you would have saved me!" Aquafuck added, "But you're not a hero at all, you're just Black Manta's booty bitch!"

Black Manta was able to keep his dominant position atop Aquaboi as Aquafuck seductively crawled atop his ex-friend on all fours caressing every muscle on his body. Aquabitch then turned his ass towards Black Manta and awaited the fucking that he knew would not only seal his former sidekick's humiliating defeat but also ensure Black Manta's complete and utter dominance over them both.

Black Manta smiled as he spanked his ass hard and unzipped the micro-zipper that protected his ass. Then grabbing both of his buttcheeks, Black Manta drove his hard cock deep into his Aquafuck's ass with one long powerful thrust.

Aquafuck cried out in pure ecstasy when he got spanked and moaned deeply when his master seized his butt. But when Black Manta impaled the former King of The Seven Seas on his hard, large cock, Aquabitch's eyes shot open and his back straightened as he wordlessly mouthed "Oh gods" from the power of Black Manta's plunge.

"There, Aquaboi, check and mate! That is how you take a king!" Black Manta backed up and drove into him again. Pumping hard and deep with each thrust, Aquafuck's ass his to grip.

"AAAAAOOOUUUUGGGHHHHHH!!!!" Aquafuck was finally able to speak after Black Manta's initial impalement and shook hard as the villain brutally fucked him senseless.

Tearing his mouth away from Black Manta's ass, Aquaboi gasped, "Great Poseidon! I've been defeated, ass-raped, smothered and dominated by Black Manta! I TRULY am Black Manta's booty bitch!"

Aquaboi closed his eyes and promptly resumed licking and sucking Black Manta's ass.

Then Black Manta grabbed Aquafuck's blonde hair and pulled him back. "Aquafuck, your cum will mark this slave and seal your submission to me."

"Yes...AAAAAOUUGGHHH...Master Black Manta...AAAOOUGGGHHH...I await your command to cum!" Aquafuck panted breathlessly as Black Manta's savage fucking began to take its toll.

Meanwhile, the ass dildo surged and widened in Aquaboi's ass.

Aquaboi moaned and groaned as the ass dildo did its work deep inside of him. He could feel his asshole widening in preparation for the fucking he knew he would surely resume at Black Manta's wicked hands.

"And you will wait, slut, until I order you to cum." Black Manta drover in harder into his ass.

"AAAAOOOOOUGHH...Yes, Master Black Manta...I will wait...AAAOOUGGHH!!!" Aquafuck cried out in exquisite anguish as his ass was plowed by the diabolical villain.

"Great Poseidon!" Aquaboi turned his face away from Black Manta's ass once more to gasp as he rubbed Black Manta's athletic ass, "To be dildo dominated by Black Manta is the ultimate humiliation...OOOOHHHH...I can feel his dildo raping my ass...OOOHHH...I can feel his mind raping my will...OOOHHHH....I'm so powerless...So weak...OOOHHH...But this gooood...OOOHHH...and what a succulent ass!" Aquaboi returned to licking Black Manta's asshole clean.

Black Manta drove his ass down on Aquaboi's face and ground it in.

"MMMMPPHHHH!!!" Aquaboi just laid beneath Black Manta and took the full weight of the villain's ass crushing upon his face.

The rings on his cock started to vibrate hard and stroke his cock as they also denied his climax. Aquaboi's eyes went wide with surprise as the cock rings vibrated his cock to the point that his building climax--and the lack of any release--was slowly driving him mad.

"Mmmm yess now, my Aquafuck, beg your Master to allow you to come."

"Please, Master Black Manta, please allow me to cum?!" Aquafuck begged, "If you allow me to cum, then I will cum all over Aquaboi's face and seal your dominance over us both once and for all! Please, Master Black Manta, please let me cum?!"

Black Manta grins as he drives into his Aquafuck's ass hard and fast, spreading it even wider as he starts to come.

"AAAAAAOOOOOUUGGGGHHHHHHHH!!! MMMMAASSSTTEEERRRRR!!!" Aquafuck screamed as his eyes went wide and wild with surprise from the power of his lustful thrust.

"Yes, slave, come. I command you!"

"YYYEEWSSSS, MMMMMAASSSSTTERRRR!!! AAAAAAOOUUGGHHHH!!!" Aquafuck shook like a leaf in a high wind as he came in his tights. His cum not only coated Black Manta's cock but also spilled out of his own and onto Aquaboi's prone body.

As he pulls out of his Aquafuck's ass, Black Manta stroked his cock over Aquaboi's mouth. "Open up, Aquaboi, its time to taste your master's cum!"

"Yes...Master Black Manta....I will open my mouth...taste your have defeated me...dominated me...fucked my waters...I am yours!" Aquaboi gasped, having barely stayed conscious during Black Manta's ass smother. The former sidekick completely surrendered to Black Manta and opened his mouth to receive his Master's cock and cum.

Black Manta came in Aquaboi's mouth as the ex-hero merely opened his mouth and accepted Black Manta's massive rod while the villain asserted his absoulte dominance over the former sidekick.

"Now, Aquaboi, you are mine!" Black Manta said after he was done and rose to his feet. The villain then planted his boot on Aquaboi's chest.

With a mouthful of cum, Aquaboi gurgled hopelessly, "Yes, Master Black Manta, I am your Aquaboi...I am yours to command!"

And with that, Aquaboi passed out from the abuse that he had taken at the hands of Black Manta. But before he drifted off into the not-so wonderful world of unconsciousness, the fallen sidekick could hear the vile mocking laughter of his new master as he stood somewhere over him dominating all he surveyed.

The End