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From Tempest to Aquaboi
Part 2 - The Cumming of Tempest
By January Weather

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From Tempest To Aquaboi

The sequel to From Aquaman To Aquafuck

Summary: Tempest comes to the aid of Aquaman only to face defeat at the hands of Black Manta!

Chapter Two: The Cumming of Tempest

"What now, Master Black Manta?" Aquafuck asked eagerly.

"I am going to give him the same second chance to defeat me that I gave you!" Black Manta laughed, "But first, I think Tempest deserves a new costume for his new role as my booty bitch."

Without warning, Black Manta reached down, grabbed the opening in Tempest's tights which covered his ass and ripped them asunder! This attack snapped the hero out of his shock as he cried out, "HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

"Only a REAL MAN is worthy of wearing the costume you have on!" Black Manta tore another larger piece of the fabric off of Tempest's body, "And you are NOT a REAL MAN! You are just a boi--an AQUABOI! And if you think you're MAN enough to wear your costume, then try and stop me!" The villain continued to rip Tempest's black and red lycra costume off of his body until not a single shred remained. Meanwhile, Tempest did his best to fight back by holding onto shreds of his costume and by swatting at Black Manta's hands. But it was all to no avail! Tempest was too exhausted, too broken and too weak to resist the power of Black Manta.

When he was done, the villain turned to Aquaman, "Aquafuck, retrieve the present that I have for Aquaboi."

Tempest lay in a fetal position on the floor covering his ass and cock with his hands.

"Yes, Master Black Manta!" Aquafuck bowed before he walked to the back of the Octo-clam and returned with a small box.

Seizing the box, Black Manta threw it at Tempest hitting him in the head, "This is more your speed, Aquaboi, put it on and I will give you another chance to defeat me and rescue Aquaman from his sexual servitude."

Tempest immediately tore into the box hoping there was a robe or covering of some sort that he could wear. But his heart sank when he saw that the costume Black Manta had given him was his old Aqualad costume--a tight lycra-red top with an even tigher pair of lycra-blue shorts held together by a belt with the symbol "AB" on the belt buckle.


"Put it on, Aquaboi!" Black Manta roared at the fallen hero, "This is your last chance to save yourself and your friend! Put it on or I will toss you to the Octo-clam so it can rape you into unconsciousness."

Reluctantly, Tempest sat on the floor and put on his old Aqualad costume. Once he was finished, he noticed that this costume was clearly tighter than his old one and seemed to accentuate his ass more than any other part of his body.

"A perfect fit!" Black Manta beamed from within his helmet, "Now get to your feet! We have arrived at our destination."

"And where is that, Manta?" Tempest carefully rose to his feet all the while watching the villain should he decide to attack again.    

"Gotham Harbor!" Black Manta snarled, "And that's MASTER BLACK MANTA to you, Aquaboi, I own you now!"

"N-N-N-NEVER!" Tempest replied unsure in his defiance.

"Never say never, Aquaboi!" Black Manta immediately seized Tempest by his ass and squeezed.

Instead of pulling away from him or swatting the villain's hand away, Tempest gritted his teeth, closed his eyes and just groaned. "Great Poseidon! OOOO! Your hand! OOOO! I love your assplay!"

"And well you should, Aquaboi, and well you should!" Black Manta released his ass with a playful swat that made Tempest jump.

"You mentioned something about a second chance, Manta?" Tempest tried to feel brave and to express it in his tone of voice.

"I confess that I had help in defeating you. Between my Aquafuck and my Octo-clam you never really stood a fair chance against me." Black Manta admitted freely, "And since you still pretend to be a man, why don't you fight me like a man right now? One on one! A sex fight in the waters beneath a pier in Gotham Harbor! For Aquafuck, for Atlantis, for dominance! Winner take all! What do you say, Aquaboi?"

"No powers, no monsters, no tricks, no double-teams and no interference!" Tempest snapped back at Black Manta, "Just you and me! One-on-one! A sexfight for everything--Aquaman, Atlantis, The Seven Seas--everything!"

"Agreed! Our fight will be man to man or should I say man to boi! And at the end of our struggle you will be fucked, humiliated and dominated as my personal booty bitch."

"You'll never take my booty again, Black Manta, NEVER!"

Black Manta walked over to a control panel on a nearby wall, pressed two buttons--one brought the submersible to a halt and the other button opened a trap door in the floor.

"Costume or no costume, I'm going to defeat you, Black Manta!" Tempest began to sound a little more confident, "I hope you're ready to be fucked into submission."

"We shall see, Aquaboi, we shall see."

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