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From Tempest to Aquaboi
Part 1 - The Fucking of Tempest
By January Weather

From Tempest To Aquaboi

The sequel to From Aquaman To Aquafuck

Summary: Tempest comes to the aid of Aquaman only to face defeat at the hands of Black Manta!

Chapter One: The Fucking of Tempest

Garth was angry! No! He was pissed off! After he saw Black Manta's broadcast of Aquaman being turned into Black Manta's personal sex slave, Aquafuck, he knew he had to rescue him. And he also knew he had to make Black Manta pay dearly for what he did to his friend.

Tempest, dressed in his red and black skin-tight lycra bodysuit, used Atlantis' technology to track Black Manta's Manta-Sub to the coast of the United States--not more than a mile from Gotham City. Swimming faster than a dolphin ever could, the aquatic hero sliced through the ocean like a hot knife through butter until he found the Manta-Sub.

Intercepting the vessel from behind, Tempest was able to find a hatch, open it and dart inside to a pressurized airlock. Using the control panel on a nearby wall, he drained the seawater from the room to equalize the pressure so he could enter the rest of the Manta-Sub.

Walking down the main corridor, Tempest did not see a single soul. He anticipated fighting a small army of Manta Men on his way to rescuing Aquaman but the silent absence of any life aboard the Manta-Sub only unnerved him. All he could hear was the soft purr of the submersible's engines and all he could feel was the movement of the Manta-Sub as it made its way towards Gotham. Beyond that, there was no sign of life aboard the ship.

"This must be a trap." Tempest cautiously made his way down the corridor, "Black Manta normally doesn't let his subs run on auto-pilot and there should be a crew--"

And then he stopped! Tempest's ears could make out a cry for help coming from a room two doors down from where he was lurking. "It's Aquaman! And it sounds like he's in big trouble!" Tempest raced towards the door, hit a button to open it, walked into the room and saw a sight he simply could not believe.

At the far end of what appeared to be a bedroom was a giant black Octo-clam with Aquaman trapped half-in and half-out of the creature's maw. The upper and lower shell of the large mollusk was clamped down against the Atlantean's waist pinning Aquaman's arms to his sides.

"Aquaman!" Tempest ran towards the trapped hero.

"Tempest! Thank Poseidon you're here!" Aquaman cried out when he saw his would-be rescuer approach, "Black Manta's trapped me inside of this giant Octo-clam and its not responding to my aquatic telepathy. I can't get free!"

"I'll save you, Aquaman!" Tempest reached his mentor, seized the upper shell of the giant clam and pushed upward using his aquatic strength to open the creature's maw so Aquaman could escape.

While the Ex-King of Atlantis fought his way free of the Octo-clam's tentacles that were wrapped around his arms and legs, Tempest strained his arms and back raising the upper shell of the giant clam to its fullest extent. "How did Black Manta capture you?"

"That's another tale for another time, Garth!" Aquaman grunted before he busted free of the grasping tentacles in a heroic burst of strength.

"I don't know how much longer I can hold it open, Aquaman." Tempest groaned as his lower back and arms began to cry out in pain.

"You won't have to much longer, Garth!" Aquaman slipped out of the Octo-clam and collapsed upon the bedroom floor.

"Indeed you won't!" The cruel hard voice of a dark figure behind Tempest could be heard before the sound of an energy blast cracked the air.

"What?" Tempest turned his head just in time to see out of the corner of his eye two red-energy beams slam into his back sending a painful shock cascading up and down his spine. "AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!"

Losing his grip on the upper shell, Tempest fell forward into the maw of the Octo-clam before the aquatic creature clamped down on his lower back. Now he was trapped in a twisted reversal of the hero he had come to rescue. While Tempest's arms, neck and mouth were being assailed and bound by the tentacles of the Octo-clam, his athletic ass and legs were unguarded and exposed.

Aquaman got to his knees and bowed as his master strode towards the Octo-clam and its unfortunate victim, "Master Black Manta, Tempest's booty is yours to plunder!"

"What?!" Though the sound of Aquaman's declaration was somewhate muffled, Tempest could hear what his former mentor was saying, "Aquaman! What's going on? What are you doing?"

"He is doing exactly what I told him to do, Tempest!" Donned in his skin-tight black lycra suit outlined by his muscular frame and his straining cock yearning to break free of its confinement, Black Manta marched right up to Tempest's rear and pressed his cock flush against the hot bubble butt of the hero. "And you will too once I am done with you!"

Just like with Aquaman, Black Manta sighed longingly when he made this seminal connection with his victim. He had longed for the day that he could rape Tempest's aquatic ass and now that day had come.  

"NEVER!" Tempest began to squirm and pull against the Octo-clam, "I'll use my aquatic telepathy to make this monster release me!"

"Block him, Aquafuck!" Black Manta commanded his slave.

The Ex-King of Atlantis looked up towards the Octo-clam, placed his right hand against his temple and used his aquatic telepathy to cancel out his would-be rescuer's message to the sea creature. "Consider it done, Master Black Manta!"

"NOOOO!" Tempest screamed from within the Octo-clam before several of the creatures tentacles not only wrapped themselves around his neck but also rammed themselves down his throat.

"Now, where we're we? Ah, yes! I was about to claim my prize!" Slowly exploring and rubbing every curve and every crevice of Tempest's hot bubble butt, Black Manta savored this opportunity to not only vanquish the last of his aquatic enemies but also to rape the athletic ass of a hero whom he had lusted after for years. "MMMMMmmm! Nice ass! You're capture was all too easy, Tempest, all too easy!"

"OOOOOOOooo!!!" Tempest closed his eyes and groaned approvingly as Black Manta continued to molest him. The hero always enjoyed ass play and though he knew this was wrong--to have his ass taken by his mentor's greatest enemy--a small part of him began to feel that this was also right! For years both he and Aquaman had foiled Black Manta's schemes to conquer and rob The Seven Seas. Now, it seemed only fitting that both he and Aquaman should face Black Manta again and be defeated by him as well.

Black Manta's explorations revealed a micro-zipper in Tempest's tights which covered up the hero's asshole. Slowly pulling down the micro-zipper, the villain exposed the virgin hole of his enemy and almost salivated at the sight he saw. Two alabastar white globes beneath a lycra black and red bodysuit covering a hole which Black Manta had come to ravage.

"My tights!" Tempest spat out a few of the tentacles so he could speak, "You've exposed me! Aquaman, save me!"

"Save yourself, fool!" Aquafuck sneered as he continued to block Tempest's telepathic commands, "You belong to Master Black Manta now! You're his new booty bitch! Get used to it, Garth, our Master is going to fuck you into submission and there's nothing you can do about it!"

"NNNOOOOO!!!" Tempest cried out once more before the Octo-clam's tentacles silenced him once more. The hero's booty jiggled up and down and wiggled from side to side as he tried to extricate himself from the Octo-clam.


"That will be enough of that, hero!" Black Manta sneered after he gave Tempest a hard firm slap on his rump.

"YYYIIIEEE!" Tempest cried out as the lower half of his body jumped before he settled in place, "That stings!"

"Continue to defy me and there will be more where that came from!" Black Manta found the micro-zipper covering his cock and unzipped his tights allowing his iron rod to spring free of its confinement. Without ceremony, the villain spread the hero's ass cheeks wide while stretching his hole."Now, what have we here?"

"OOOOooo!" Tempest groaned as his ass cheeks were spread.

"Tempest, take my pounding!" Black Manta commanded as his dark, thick cock surged slowly into Garth's ass. The aquatic hero could feel every inch of Black Manta's shaft as his cock continued to drive forward.

From deep within the recesses of the Octo-clam, Tempest's muffled screams could be heard as the sudden pain from Black Manta's initial foray into his ass burned his rectum like wildfire.

'Great Poseidon!' Tempest exclaimed to himself, 'I can't believe it! Black Manta is raping me!'

"OOUFFF! Damn, you're tight!" Black Manta snarled surging in and out of Tempest's ass, "You're tighter than my Aquafuck when I first took him!"

"Is there anything further you require of me, my Master?" Aquafuck asked as he continued to block Tempest's efforts to free himself.

"Rise to your feet, Aquafuck, stroke your cock until you cum in your tights! And bear witness to the death of a hero and the birth of my newest sex slave!" Black Manta roared triumphantly.

"Yes, my Master!" Aquafuck rose to his feet and began to massage his lycra-encased cock with his free hand while his powerful master raped his former sidekick.

Tempest tried to scream but the Octo-clam's tentacles filled his mouth as Black Manta ravaged his booty unmercifully. Tempest began to feel himself slipping away! His rape at the hands of Black Manta was beginning to break his will, his confinement by the tentacles of the Octo-clam was beginning to break his body and his betrayal at the hands of his mentor, Aquaman, was beginning to break his spirit!



For seven minutes the only sound that came from Black Manta's bedroom was the sound of two bodies colliding with each other in a twisted cacophony of dark erotic urges. Black Manta's cock repeatedly slammed in and out of Tempest's ass while the hero's mouth got repeatedly raped by the Octo-clam. All the while Aquafuck silently stood by with a sick smile on his face, pumping his cock with his hand, watching his former sidekick get taken just as he had been taken by his master, Black Manta.

The villain's grunts and groans were the only signs of the ecstasy of victory he was now enjoying. With each thrust Black Manta moved one step closer to orgasm. With each push Black Manta moved one step closer to cumming. And with each "smack" against Tempest's ass, Black Manta moved one step closer to marking the young hero as his own personal booty bitch!

Finally, Black Manta threw his head back and roared from deep within his helm, "IIII'MMMM CCCUUUMMMINNNNGGG!!! AAAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!" And released his load deep into the ass of Tempest.

'NNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!' Tempest silently cried out as he felt Black Manta's cum coat his rectum 'BLACK MANTA HAS TAKEN ME! NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!"

"Oh yes, Master, yes! Take him! Fuck him! Make him yours!" Aquafuck cried out as his masturbation crescendoed into a torrent of cum which covered his tented-crotch and ran down his legs, "AAAHHHHHHHH!!!" The wave of pleasure that he experienced from his release nearly compelled the Atlantean to fall to his knees.

When he was done, Black Manta continued to softly thrust himself into Tempest's ass, "I must make sure you enjoy all of my cum, hero, you belong to me now!"  

Though Tempest had a juicy hot bubble butt to die for, the young hero's ass had not been easy to take. Tempest's ass was tight! Too tight for Black Manta's liking and the villain wondered whether or not his victim had been with anyone before--let alone with a man.

Tempest laid numb within the Octo-clam. Black Manta had raped him! He, Tempest, a Prince of Atlantis, had been taken by Atlantis' greatest enemy. His mentor, Aquaman, had not only been defeated by Black Manta but also been brainwashed by him into becoming the villain's sex slave. It was nearly too much for him to take as he heard the word "OPEN" coming from outside of the Octo-clam.

Suddenly the upper shell of the aquatic monster lifted and Tempest slumped to the floor in an exhausted heap, his face, arms and torso covered in the slimy saliva of the Octo-clam and his exposed ass leaking Black Manta's cum. Above him to his left stood his conqueror with his hands on his hips looking down at him swinging his now depowered and deflated cock. And to his right looking down at him was Aquafuck also with his hands on his hips and a twisted, post-orgasmic grin on his face.

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