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A Jokers' Winning Hand
Chapter 6 - The Joker’s Just Reward
By Jacob Lawrence

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“Batman, I will continue draining your cum until you are completely dry and useless.  You will become a mere shadow of your former magnificence. Once your balls and cock have withered and shriveled like an old man’s, we will relieve you of their embarrassment. You will no longer threaten me or my partners in crime.  As my reward for succeeding where others have failed-I will claim my prize!”  

With that statement, the smiling villain removed his clothes, positioned himself behind the Boy Wonder and took what had before belonged ONLY to the Dark Knight.  The Joker’s fine sculptured cock pressed against the Boy Wonder’s rectum---poised for inevitable entry.  It penetrated, slowly at first and then fully. The boy screamed…then began to swoon as the invading cock gained dominance. The boy’s resistance melted away and his body quivered as it acquired a new owner- one who had no intention of ever giving up possession.

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