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A Jokers' Winning Hand
Chapter 5 - Drain a Bat/ Breed a Robin
By Jacob Lawrence

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As the Joker watched with pleasure, a metallic butt plug was securely inserted inside the Dark Knight’s ass and a thick tube inserted into his piss slit.  The ass plug was attached to a machine, which when activated, stimulated his prostate, creating a continuous orgasmic reaction.  A large storage bottle was on the receiving end of the tubing-- ready to fill with the Caped Crusader’s hot, thick cum. Within seconds of the machine’s initiation, Batman’s cock became engorged. It began to pulsate involuntarily.   The Joker nodded his approval as the first of many loads of semen began to flow through the tube into the waiting containers.   

“Sorry, Batman…I know you wanted to feed that load to your boy toy over there, but he’s had his LAST load from YOUR cock.  He’s mine now and his diet will be mine to control. And… there’s absolutely NOTHING you can do about it!”

The Joker gestured toward the body of the Boy Wonder firmly secured to a large table on the opposite side of the room.  His body, stripped and nearly naked, showed bruises and other signs of struggle. The look on the young boy’s face was one of one of total shock and despair.  The Joker laughed an evil laugh that sent a chill through both superheroes.

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