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A Jokers' Winning Hand
Chapter 7 - New Ownership
By Jacob Lawrence

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The Caped Crusader watched in horror as the Joker repeatedly rammed the younger boy with his huge cock.  As his face was held firmly in place by one of the Joker’s henchmen, Batman was forced to watch his lover claimed and bred by his arch villain.  While enduring this demoralizing spectacle, Batman’s own body arched again and again as his cock produced one ejaculation after another.  With each orgasm, the crime fighter grew weaker and weaker.  His resolve to resist little by little dissipated with each new orgasm.  The Caped Crusader soon became a lifeless shell of his former self.

 As the evil villain cackled out a maniacal laugh born of perverse sexual ecstasy, he filled the Boy Wonder’s hole with thick hot cum, satisfying an ambition he had craved for a very, very long time.  The Boy Wonder was his and the dominance of the Dark Knight was over.

The dynamic duo was gone---never to return.  Evil laughter filled the room and echoed through the halls of the hideaway.  The Joker continued fucking his new boy toy until a second and even more potent load guaranteed permanent ownership of the young hero.  The Boy Wonder now belonged to the Joker.

Batman was a now a distant memory—soon to be forgotten.  The dynamic duo was gone forever.  

The Joker’s triumph was complete!