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A Jokers' Winning Hand
Chapter 4 - Caught in the Joker’s Snare
By Jacob Lawrence

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“Be at the rendezvous point by midnight or your “boy” dies.  Involve the Gotham police and you will never see Robin alive again”, was the last thing written on the note.  There was no choice but to comply.  The Caped Crusader arrived on time and stood motionless as seven strong henchmen surrounded him---beat him and then tied his hands securely behind his back. They roughly gagged and blindfolded the Batman.  The larger of the men jabbed a large syringe into the Dark Crusader’s neck and then smiled as he watched the muscled hero crumpled to the ground.  Within minutes the once strong and invincible hero was in the Joker’s lair tied to a chair awaiting his fate.

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