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Sick Bastards Video - Trailer Jock Masochist
Chapter 3
By hapki68

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Tony was tied standing spread eagle, his wrists bound tightly by the leather straps which were tighter than he expected and cut uncomfortably into his skin. He had protested when the boys removed his sneakers (which wasn't part of the deal) and threw them onto his sweat shirt and undershirt on the floor.  His ankles were bound in leather restraints bolted to the floor, leaving him in a spread eagle position with just a small amount of wiggle room.  He tried to pull his hands and legs free and felt a small knot of anxiety in his stomach as he realized he was powerless and at the boys' mercy.  There would be no going back until they let him go. He tensed his abs a few times in preparation for the girly punches. 

James felt flush as he adjusted the cameras' views. "This is really going to happen!" he though.  Tony looked like an A&F model and roman gladiator rolled into one and draped with cheap and baggy jeans.  The stud's shoulder muscles bunched up and bulged since his arms were pulled up and out to his sides.  Whereas his right arm was ringed from shoulder to wrist by flames, the left bicep was encircled by a large breasted mermaid. Black hair sprouted in tufts in his open armpits and was painted lightly across his bulging pecs and around his quarter sized nipples. A dark happy trail bisected the hills and valleys of his incredibly developed abs and disappeared under the white waistband of his underwear which peeked out just above his jeans. His skin was smooth and flawless, and the boys marveled at the pulsating muscles in his V-shaped back that flared out from the indentation of his spine.  

"Is everything ready?" Cameron asked.

"Just about," James responded as he stepped onto a wooden crate behind Tony.   "Hey TR," he said.

"Yea?" Tony tried to look over his shoulder at James.  In that moment, James shoved a ball gag with a straw like contraption through the center into TR's mouth and fastened it behind his head. Tony bucked like Samson trying to pull down the temple walls but he wasn't able to shake the teen or gag loose. With Tony muzzled, the teens smiled widely at each other and breathed a sigh of relief.  They were firmly in control, and there would be no going back.

"Take it easy, big fella," Conrad said to the angry and bucking wrestler who now felt worried and betrayed.  "Just one more step." He picked up a camera and aimed it at James who assumed a mature, but silly reporter-type role.

"Greetings viewers," he said, clearing his throat. "Welcome to the first episode of "Sick Bastard Videos," where we expose the sick shit your friends and neighbors are into."

Tony couldn't believe his ears. His chest heaved with deep and frightened breaths as he tried to figure out what was going on. He felt stupid and vulnerable, having allowed himself to be lured into a garage, stripped half naked, ball gagged and hung like a fucking slab of meat. 

"This is TR." Conrad pointed the cam at the bound stud, slowly scanning him from head to toe, and then back at James. "Because of the sick sex shit he's into, he asked to be kept anonymous," he said, not thinking about the fact that Tony's face was fully exposed and several cameras were trained on him in all directions.  "What Tony, I mean TR, wants us to show you today is pretty disturbing so don't watch if you can't take violent sexual acts."

James' words hit Tony like a ton of bricks.  "Did I hear that right?!  Violent sex acts!!?!?" His mind spun, and he felt sick. His adrenaline went into overdrive but he was still unable to move beyond some twisting and squirming. 

James continued.  "This dude is a self-described masochist and he paid us more than $200 to film us doing the sick shit he likes."

"How do you know he's a maso?" Cameron asked, trying to sound like his question was spontaneous.

"Good question," said James. "As you'll see, this dude will not only beg for painful stuff, he'll get a hard on if it hurts enough. That's the thing about masos like TR.  They pretend to not like pain and shit, but it drives them fucking wild.  I don't understand it either, Cam, and that's why I'm reporting on it!" James laughed as he put down the mike.

Tony tried to process the words. Hardon?! Pain!? Masos!? What the fuck!!!
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