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Sick Bastards Video - Trailer Jock Masochist
Chapter 4
By hapki68

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"Pull his pants down."  Just saying the words made James' cock throb.  "Let's show our viewers what a pervert this dude is." 

Cameron took up his position behind the dangling stud to not block the camera's view of Tony's pelvis. He couldn't wait to expose the straight hunk's most personal parts.

Feeling Cameron unbuttoning his jeans and opening his fly snapped Tony out of his pained stupor.  His mind had been solely focused on the excruciating pain pulsating through his darkened abs.  But now, he realized his penis was erect!  And not just erect, it was rock solid, throbbing, morning woody, concrete HARD! In fact, his shaft and knob hurt as though they were too hard -- engorged with too much blood -- and bent to breaking in his underwear. But how? He was in misery, embarassed and hating the ordeal!

And then it hit him.

The water! The little shit drugged the fucking water!!

"He wants you to pull them down," James said, egging on his friend. Cameron tugged the faded denim over Tony's hips and down below his white briefs. Tony wanted to struggle to delay the stripping but resisting meant twisting his aching abs so held still as his pants were pulled down by the boy.  Almost immediately, James pointed at the stud's pouch and let out an accusatory yell. "See! See! He's totally getting off on this!"

The elastic waistband of his Hanes underwear was no longer resting against his pelvis.  Rather it was being pulled several inches down and away from his body and created a wide opening that revealed the stud's curly black bush nestled underneath. The large mushroom head of his cock poked firmly against the white cotton pouch as though his piss slit were trying to chew its way out. 

"He's totally tenting!" Cameron laughed.  The leg openings of his briefs were pulled away from his legs and strings of black pubic hair spiraled out.

"NO!" Tony tried yelling. "It's the drugs! It's the drugs!" But his cries came out like "UUUUUUUNNNNNHH... UUUUUUUNNNNHHHHH!"

"What?" Cameron asked, pretending to understand. "You want to be naked?"

Tony shook his head back and forth to indicate no but the thrashing made his beaten abs burn.

"Okay dude, if you insist," cameron said. He grabbed a knife from a shelf and sliced away the denim followed by the tighty whities, laying both in a shredded pile of blue and white at Tony's feet.  Both boys stood back to admire their work and give the camera some clear shots of the struggling man beef completely naked except for his white socks.  Tony's 8 inch cock pointed straight out from his thick black bush and had a very slight curve to the left.  It's rigidity made it look relieved to be free of its cotton confinement.  The shaft was thick and webbed with bulging purple veins. The head was half covered by the thin foreskin, and the glands of his penis helmet were a dark purple which matched the bruises on his ripped torso. His swollen piss lips gaped slightly and formed an open slit. Tony's balls were surprisingly large and hung low in their hairy and fleshy sacks, the left dangling slightly lower than the right. James described them as "bull nuts."  His curly black pubic bush encircled the root of his dick shaft, forested the crease between his legs and his balls and asshole, and fanned out across his muscular bubble butt mounds. Tony had never felt so vulnerable, humiliated and exposed, and his strong, beautiful body was frustratingly powerless against these two skinny boys. Feeling poor was bad enough. Now he felt like a hairy, animal who wasn't merely naked - his tits, cock, balls, and ass exposed to the boys and whomever else watched the vid -- he had a raging hard on that bounced around in front of him like it was trying to draw attention!! 

"Betcha feel better now, huh?" Cameron asked, unable to stop eyeing every inch of Tony's privates. "Must've hurt having that log bent in your undies" he chuckled.

"Nah, I think he liked his hard on bent, dude. Remember, he gets off on pain. Watch!" James said.

He picked up the bat and, refreshed from his break, swung for a home run, striking Tony's raw, sore, purple abs. Tony had just enough time to clench his abs together, which was agonizing in itself, when the blow struck.  The stud wailed in agony and twisted and turned in the restraints.

"Good one, man," Cameron said, squeezing his crotch, as he watched the pained stud's cock and balls swing and bounce wildly between his open legs.

James got the camera and moved it close to Tony's cock head. As if on cue, a thick glob of semen oozed out from between the piss lips and dropped like pearly yohgurt onto the floor.

"Seeee," James said proudly as he zoomed the camera in on Tony's  testicle milk.  "He's leaking his load!!"

As the agony in his abs subsided to steady painful throbbing, Tony realized that his cock had, in fact, squirted out some jizz, which made him feel even more ashamed. He tried to scream "It's the drugs! It's the drugs!" but the gag muffled his words.

"Okay! Okay!" James said, pretending again to respond to Tony's gibberish. "We'll do it now! I know you want to bust a nut," he said, cupping the hairy lemon-sized balls in his hand and giving them a squeeze, "but you said you wanted all this foreplay, right?"

"What did he say?," Cameron asked."

"He said his abs are just starting to feel good and he wants us to jerk his tits and nuts."