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Sick Bastards Video - Trailer Jock Masochist
Chapter 2
By hapki68

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Conrad McCallister turned the door knob, his heart pounding in his chest.  They had talked for weeks about this day, and it was finally here.  "I'll get it!" he yelled.  

He opened the door and was dumbstruck by Tony's clean cut, yet rough and unshaven, good looks.  Tony had sent him and his business partner, James Hollister IV, two photos -- one of him looking serious by his dirt bike and another of him shirtless, muscles sweaty and glistening, as he washed his black Ford truck.  He looked larger and stronger than in the picture.  

Conrad and James, who were 17 and 18 respectively, were skeptical that the pics in the email were real.  "There's no way a guy who looks like *that* lives in Trailor Park Village," James had said, but the grinning beefcake in the doorway proved him wrong.  

"Wait one sec," the teen said to Tony, pushing him back out onto the step.  "WE'LL BE IN THE GARAGE, MARIA!" he yelled to the housekeeper.  "DON'T BOTHER US!  AND IF DAD

Tony was taken aback by the shaggy and blond haired, smallish, skinny, teen who couldn't have been more than 5 8 and 120 lbs leading him down a long manicured walkway to a garage nestled far back from the house.  Beside this kid, he felt like the Hulk. He was far from bodybuilder big.  He was just muscular like any wrestler would be -- broad shoulders, big guns, narrow waist and strong legs and glutes.  

"Are you Mr. McCallister?" Tony asked, feeling a bit silly at such formality to someone younger and smaller than he.  

"Yep," Conrad said.  "We'll be filming in here.  Let me introduce you to Mr. Hollister."  

Tony was surprised, impressed and annoyed by the kid's confidence and wondered if this whole thing was a joke.  James Hollister was a bit taller than Conrad but equally lanky with a similar
shaggy haircut. He was also equally fair, and his hair was sandy brown.  Both teens were dressed in skater style, with baggy jeans sagging below their colorful boxers. "Rich boys pretending to be tough," he snickered.    

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Hollister," Tony said, shaking the teen's nimble hand delicately.  James looked up at him with the same look of amazement as Conrad did when he first met their hire and took a second to pull himself together.  "Um... yea... it's nice to meet you, too."  He remembered his skepticism that the email pictures were real and felt sick at the thought of ignoring them.  Of course, the deal wouldn't be sealed until Tony's hands were bound securely in the restraints.

"Hey!" Conrad yelled, pointing at Tony.  "I know who you look like!"

Tony smiled wide, nodding.  He knew what Conrad would say because he had heard the same accusation so many times before.  

"You look exactly like that hockey player, Rick D!  

"Yea, I get that all the time," Tony grinned.  "They think I'm his twin or younger brother.  I keep the scruff to look more like him," he said, rubbing his chin.

"Check this out, dude," Conrad said to James as he pulled up a pic of the NY Islander's goalie on his iPhone.  

"Wow," James said, glancing back and forth at this link and Tony.  "That's unbelievable!"  

Tony continued to smile.  His pearly white teeth nearly sparkled against his scruffy beard making him look cocky and a bit like the Cheshire cat.  

"I've got an idea," Conrad said. "We're gonna call you Tony Rick -- TR for short!"  

"Tony Rick?" Tony laughed.  "I guess whatever.  You guys are in control, right?"  

James nodded.  "Yep, we are, TR. And we're gonna prove that to you."  He pulled out a leather wallet from his back pocket and opened it to reveal row after row of $100 bills.  

Tony's mouth dropped open as he eyed the teen's cash.  "Where'd you get all that?" he asked, feeling again like a dumb hillbilly.  

"It's my allowance," Conrad said.  "From last week."  

"Jesus fucking Christ!" Tony said.  "So what kind of vid are you guys shooting?"  He had intended to ask if their parents were cool with this but suddenly didn't care.  He hoped to get the $200 for 20 minutes and, if he could play these two rich snobs, perhaps more.  

"Do you watch Jack Ass?" Conrad asked.

"Of course," TR said. "I love that show."  

"Well we want to do a vid like that."  

"So what do you need me for?  I don't snakes biting my willy," he joked. 

"No, nuthin' like that," James laughed.  He worried this bull would bolt if he weren't handled delicately, and he wasn't quite sure what to say.  Tony could see his reluctance and urged him to "just say it."  Conrad spit the words out quickly, bracing a bit for Tony's reaction.

"We want to take turns punching your abs 10 times." Both boys held their breaths.  Tony looked at them poker-faced for a second and then burst out laughing.  "You two are going to pay me $200 to punch my abs 10 times?"  His words were singed with indignation that irritated both teens.  He clenched his 6 pack under his shirt and felt the rows of muscle harden together to form a solid wall. 

"Yes," James said matter-of-factly.  Tony stared at the two short and spindly youths and blurt out "Hell, you can make it 20!"  Conrad and James grinned from ear to ear as they shook Tony's hand. 

"One more thing," James said, fearing this next part being the deal breaker. "You gotta be shirtless so we can get good aid and have your wrists tied so you don't double over and block the shot."  Tony took note for the first time of the strong ropes hanging from the rafters and back at the fancy clothes wearing lads.  "Make it $300," he said, "and don't go easy on me."

"$250," James shot back. 


Fifteen minutes later, four cameras were trained on the shirtless, bound stud.
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