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Prolonged Treatment
Part 3 - Prolonged Treatment
By Handy

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They walked in from the field in twos and threes; tired rugby players headed for the showers. They laughed and joked, discussed their individual contributions to the team's practice session, and looked forward to the hot water that would soon soothe their weary, mud-spattered limbs. As the sun set behind them, they crossed from field to locker room to change out of their sports gear.

All but one. Lagging at the back, one lone figure plodded slowly, distancing himself from the rest. At the door to the locker rooms, he paused, grabbed a gym bag leaning against the wall, and walked quickly around the side of the building. Glancing around, he proceeded to re-enter the building by a different door and walk down the hallway (avoiding the locker room from which boisterous chatter spilled out) until he reached the disabled toilet/shower room. He dropped his bag on the floor and swiftly closed the door, latching it securely and pulling on the handle to double-check the lock.

Satisfied that he was safely alone, Chris brushed a hand through his hair and let out a deeply frustrated sigh. Then he quickly stripped off his rugby kit, turned the shower to hot and stepped under the jet of water. A quiet moan slipped from his lips as the steaming water soothed his aching body, coursing across his impressively large, toned chest muscles and down to his stomach. It poured off of firm abs and washed through a thin blond line of hair to his groin, where it met the shining metallic surface of Dr. Grimmett's chastity device. Some of the water poured off the rounded cap over the head of his penis, while the rest continued down across the ring that was clipped around the top of his scrotum. His swollen testicles hung heavily below, weighed down both by the ring and the large load of spunk held inside. His balls were clearly outlined against the taut skin of his sack.

Chris faced directly into the spray with his eyes closed, motionless for a moment. His hands wandered gently to his groin where one of them began massaging his nuts firmly. He breathed in deeply, combining the firm pressure of his fingers with the hot water to try and dull the deep ache in his testicles. Two fingers of his other hand went to the base of his thick penis, where they pointlessly rubbed the little exposed skin of his shaft. The veins stood firmly outlined, continually trying to pump blood through to expand his member and raise the sensitive head that remained trapped in its silver prison. He had found himself absentmindedly toying with his restrained manhood a number of times in the last three days.

Three days. That's all it had been since his last appointment with the doctor! It felt like an age. He slapped the wall angrily, remembering that he had another four days to wait until he would finally be freed from this horrific, torturous device. How could something so simple be so effective? Every minute of every day, he felt as if the sexual tension would give him a heart attack. He couldn't concentrate on his lectures or social events; all thoughts came back to his dick. He had never been so incredibly horny and turned on in his day-to-day life. His nightly dreams were filled with gorgeous women who lovingly teased his cock, or (increasingly) strong men who pressed their bodies to his and murmured words of desire while they toyed with his excited prick. Never did they bring him off, instead they ended up mocking his impotence. He woke up each morning with throbbing balls and the moist drip of precum leaking out of the device. Objects of his desire had expanded further and further as the days passed. At first he imagined fucking the hottest girls on campus in an orgy of thrusting. Next he began undressing the 'geek' girls with his mind, imagining their hands all over his penis. Before he knew it, he was staring imaginatively at some of the largest, least attractive women who walked through the library - imagining their fat bulk bouncing over him as their pussies slid over his erect shaft. As his desperation grew, the fantasies encompassed other men, starting with the fit guys who hung out at the gym. This morning he had realised that, if they had the means to free him from his cage, he would happily have offered his willy to anyone who was interested in it.

Being held in chastity, it turned out, caused him more arousal than any pornographic fantasy ever had. But the cost was constant frustration and a total lack of control. He loathed the device that imprisoned him, but strangely a part of him, buried deeply in his mind, appreciated the effect it had on his desire. It was a contradiction that would have been interesting to study, were it not so physically overwhelming.

The doctor had been as good as his word, though. The very next morning after their last session, Chris had received confirmation of his place on the rugby team. The increased time spent on exercise and sports practice was something of a relief as it gave an outlet to the endless testosterone flooding his body. But it also raised issues, not least of which was the problem of showering with his teammates. He could not think of any possible explanation for the chastity device that would save him from endless jeers and rumours, and word getting around was the last thing he wanted. Trying to hide his groin in the changing room would only draw more attention to it, and so he had to change elsewhere as well. He could already sense that his teammates were finding his behaviour a bit odd, and he hoped he wouldn't have to continue hiding for too much longer. And none of this even took into account the impact that the sight of dozens of naked men, cocks swinging freely, would have on his orgasm-denied libido. He couldn't take the cruelty of that particular psychological torture; nor had he begun to examine the implication of his arousal by other males. It was just too much to cope with right now.

University was all so different from what he had expected. He had anticipated lots of exciting sex with hot girls in dorm rooms, or jerking off to the best porn that a dorm of young adult males could find. Instead he was the slave of some tickle-happy doctor, denied any pleasure of his own. He imagined what it would be like to wank right now, pumping his penis with his fist until thick jets of cum dripped off the shower tiles. But it was impossible. He growled, venting further anger into the steamy air of the shower room, and turned off the water.

Unsurprisingly, the week did not improve. As the days passed, Chris tried everything he could to ignore the constant pain in his balls. He tried resting them on an ice pack, or wrapping them in a hot cloth, but all relief was temporary. He was snappish and irritable with his roommate, and generally short tempered with everyone. He tried each day to find some place where he could find a relaxing atmosphere to rest in. He started with his room, but the excited moans and orgasmic screams that poured from his roommates computer as he watched porn drove Chris mad with frustration. The campus café offered too many examples of appealing women to gawp at. He even tried to distract himself in a bass-thumping club, but another vaguely familiar looking guy from his dorm tried to chat him up. (In his head, Chris kept denying the uncomfortable truth: if that guy had a key to the chastity device, he'd have jumped into his bed in a heartbeat.) In the end, he had to recognise that there was nowhere he could go to relax - in his sexually frustrated state, he was incapable of relaxation!

The last two days were the worst. By this point, Chris had practically become mute, answering people with gruff nods and grunts. The weight of his aching balls, held firmly by the chastity ring, had become so uncomfortable that he'd begun wearing a jockstrap constantly. The tight straps and small pouch held his genitals more tightly than his boxers, reducing his discomfort. He started taking cold showers two or three times a day to dull his endless heat. He even considered contacting the doctor and offering to go willingly to bed with him if he could be freed sooner, but he feared any unneccessary meetings with him. Interactions between them had a tendency to go against his interests....

At long last the week was over, and Chris was feeling openly upbeat and cheerful about going to Grimmett to have his body used. He would be free of the device, and eventually get to cum!! His orgasm would be the greatest moment of his life, as far as he was currently concerned. Once again, he was the last patient to be seen, and he strode quickly into the doctor's room as soon as his name was called. Despite the week of agonising denial and his sexual frustration, or perhaps because of it, he was very happy to see Grimmett.

The doctor smiled brightly at his arrival and shook his hand firmly. "Chris! Wonderful to see you. I won't ask how you are, because I can guess that the last week hasn't been easy for you. But you've made it here tonight, and your suffering will not last too much longer." Chris nodded, and quickly asked where the doctor wanted him. Grimmett smiled at his enthusiasm, and directed him down the hallway to a different room than usual. It was a wet room, containing nothing besides a shower head and the controls for it. At the doctor's instruction, Chris began stripping off his clothes. When he was down to his well-filled jock strap, Grimmett stopped him to admire the view. "Very nice choice of underwear! And very appropriate for rugby," he winked. He told Chris to leave it on for now, and then retrieved a pair of handcuffs and some ropes from his office. Upon his return, he directed Chris to stand beneath the showerhead with his arms held straight up. Chris did so and the doctor handcuffed his wrists, passing the chain between the two supporting struts of the showerhead. The young man had about an inch of freedom to move his wrists back and forth, and could bend his elbows slightly, but he couldn't lower his arms down. Behind him on the floor was a metal bar about four feet long, which appeared to be screwed into the floor. Loops of metal ran continuously along its length, and the doctor looped the rope through two of them and tied Chris' ankles down. His feet were now bound about two feet apart, and he couldn't lift them off the floor or move them anywhere.

As always, the doctor took a moment to enjoy looking at Chris. The young, well-toned stud was now carefully bound with his arms above his head and his feet slightly spread, showing off all his beautiful chest and belly. The thick, muscular thighs look particularly good, and the glory trail that led to the tight, white jockstrap promised wonderful treasure within. "You look very good, as always, Chris. Which makes me a little sad that I won't be involved with everything tonight." Chris looked at him in surprise, then concern, and the doctor chuckled. "Don't worry, you'll come to no harm. Surely you can trust me on that by now, eh? I've got two friends who are coming here later this evening - a couple I knew from school. It's their anniversary today, and I've decided to give them a special gift: playtime with a hot, bound stud!"

"Wait, Doc, I don’t know about this..." Chris said. His further complaints were cut off by Grimmett, however, who reminded him politely that he didn't have a choice in the matter. "You're mine to do with as I choose tonight, Chris, and I'm going to let my friends enjoy you. I'm going to be here in the building the whole time, so you don't need to worry about anything bad happening to you. The only thing you need to worry about is that these two friends have been together for about twelve years, and they are, in my experience, unsurpassed cock teasers. You need to be concerned about orgasm denial for a little longer!" Chris stood there silently at this disturbing revelation, mind racing at the thought of more intense teasing. But then, what else had he been expecting? All he had to do was survive, and frankly, all he could do was stand there. Not much to it but to wait...

In the meantime, Grimmett said that they had an hour and half until his friends arrived, and he needed to prepare Chris for the evening ahead. Besides, why not have a little fun in the meantime? Chris wasn't about to argue with this, and practically shouted for joy when he saw the doctor take the chastity device key from his pocket. Tugging the elastic of Chris' jockstrap down to his thighs, he unlocked and removed the device in one smooth, swift movement. Then he quickly slipped the jockstrap back on, and stepped back to watch. And what a sight! As soon as the device was off, Chris' pulse flooded his penis with blood. In seconds his cock inflated to a roaring erection while blood pounded in Chris' ears. It was immediately clear that the jockstrap was far too small for the rugby player's manhood. His thick, super-strong erection pulled against the fabric, tugging it away from his body. A large wet spot grew on the front of the pouch as precum rubbed off, and fattened testicles filled any gap between the fabric and his skin. The jockstrap bulged with virile, cum-filled manhood, and Grimmett was mesmerised. Chris stood with his eyes closed and head slightly raised, lost in a world of free arousal. Grimmett stepped forward and encompassed as much of the throbbing, bulging package as he could, massaging it firmly with his fingers. "OOOOOHH, OH, OH, YEAAAAAH..... yes, yes, MMMMmmmmmm..." moaned Chris.

The sensation of touch was heavenly, and Chris began grinding his groin against the doctor's hand, desperate for more contact. He moved his hips as far as he could, rubbing firmly. Grimmett continued massaging, feeling the hot, pulsing life of the young adult's crotch. After a minute he removed his hand, to Chris' clear disappointment. "After all the stress of the week, I think you need to unwind a bit. Not by cumming yet, of course, but a hot shower would help. And I'd like to present you smelling nice and fresh to my friends." Without hesitation, Grimmett began stripping off his own clothes. Seeing the surprise on Chris' face, he smiled. "I can't get my clothes soaked in the shower, now, can I?" Chris watched him continue to undress, and was surprised to recognise both anticipation and pleasure among his emotions. He looked eagerly at Grimmett's dick as it sprang free from his underwear, and examined the doctor's body with passionate interest. Aside from a slight paunch at his waist, the doctor was in good shape - clearly he worked out! His body looked very good for a middle-aged man, and Chris admired it. Grimmett's seven-inch shaft stood out and curved gracefully upward; clearly he was also a very excited man right now. The doctor removed his spectacles and stepped forward to turn on the shower. Hot water jetted out, soaking Chris instantly, and also spraying onto the floor in front of him. Once wet, the white fabric of his jockstrap turned see-through, and his raging erection was clearly visible. Grimmett stepped forward into the spray and placed his hands on Chris' ribs. Instead of tickling him, he began rubbing gently up and down, as if massaging him. He continued rubbing his hands across Chris' shoulders, neck, belly and thighs, before returning to massage his jockstrap. Chris could barely speak, so overwhelmed by arousal and excitement; every touch was pure delight on his skin. He moaned and gasped, breathing deeply and quickly.

As the doctor leaned forward to rub his hands over the hot stud's body, his excited penis bounced and jerked against the wet jockstrap. Bringing his hands down to the bound boy's backside, he began tickling each firm bum cheek with his fingers. Chris began barking with laughter and pushed his hips forward to escape the fingers, which pushed his crotch firmly against the doctor's throbbing erection. The rugby player had no time to consider how he felt about this contact with another man's genitals as Grimmett kept moving his hands around his ass, tickling continually. Chris shook his waist forward and back to try and shake off the teasing fingers, laughing uncontrollably. His groin rubbed back and forth along the older man's dick as he did so, pleasuring the doctor with the jockstrap fabric. Grimmett continued tickling him for a couple more minutes, causing Chris to keep rubbing his groin against the doctor's shaft and (inadvertantly) bringing him closer to orgasm.

Overwhelmed by the tickling, gasping for breath and jerking his body involuntarily, Chris hadn't realised the effect he was having on Grimmett. Suddenly the tickling stopped and Chris was able to catch his breath, chest heaving. The hot water continued to stream down his body and spray over Grimmett, and Chris had a clear view of the doctor's huge wet willy pulsing in front of him. Beneath it hung a hairy ball sack, not quite as large as Chris', but beautifully rounded. Grimmett was also breathing heavily, but he still managed to speak. "Goodness me, that bucking of your hips against my member is just the thing! I reckon another few minutes of that and I'll cum. Unfortunately, though, I doubt you will - the fabric of that jockstrap and the running water are likely reducing the friction on your penis. You're going to make me cum hard, but remain frustrated yourself. Still, I'm sure you're happy to give pleasure to a good doctor, eh?"

Within the jockstrap, Chris' straining shaft and taut nuts were aching, only mildly soothed by the hot water streaming over his skin. Chris shook his head, still recovering his breath. "No chance, doc, sorry - you've kept me from orgasm from a solid week and I'm ready to burst! I'm not bringing you off before I get there." Grimmett nodded his head and smirked. "We'll see about that, won't we?" The doctor's nimble fingers returned to the firm, muscled backside and began tickling him even more keenly than before, moving repeatedly up and down each rounded cheek. Chris practically leapt forward, shrieking with laughter, and began bouncing up and down to avoid the sensation on his skin. Once again his jockstrap-clad groin came into contact with the doctor's penis and started rubbing quickly up and down with each bounce. Within a couple minutes Grimmett felt his balls tighten and knew he would soon release his load. "That's it Chris, that feels amazing! Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, yes, goooood!" He continued grunting and moaning, pressing his cock more firmly against the white jockstrap. Chris wailed in protest. "NOOOO! NO, AHAHAHAHAH! STOP TICKLING, STOP TICKLING, ST-AHAHAHAHAHA! NO NO NO! NO FAIR DOC, NO FAIR, AHHHHHHHSTOPSTOP NO FAIR! LET ME CUM I'LL MAKE YOU CUM LET ME CUM LETMECUMLETMECUM PLEASE!!"

For Chris, it was maddening. He could feel the doctor's strong shaft throbbing through the white fabric as he involuntarily rubbed his groin against it. The throbbing was nothing, of course, to the rock-hard pulsing of his own orgasm-denied manhood. But he couldn't control his tickled body, and Grimmett had no intention of stopping now. The tickling and rubbing continued until the doctor cried out and began shooting spurts of cream onto Chris' lower belly and the jockstrap. The doctor kept tickling Chris, forcing him to keep pleasuring his shaft until he was done cumming. Then he stopped, allowing Chris to hang shaking from the handcuffs, gasping for breath. When Grimmett had recovered from his orgasm, he started washing his spunk off of Chris, who quietly begged to cum. His pleas were ignored.

Turning off the shower, the doctor began patting Chris down gently with a towel, drying most of his body off. Chris' breathing was hot, heavy and fast; he was so turned on and so close to the edge. Once Chris was dry, Grimmett untied each of his ankles, one at a time, in order to remove the soaking jockstrap. As he retied Chris' ankles, he pulled them slightly further apart, forcing the muscled jock to stand with his legs spread wide. Finally freed from within the fabric, Chris' genitals had taken prominent position. His bloated sack, heavy with his swollen testicles, swung pendulously forward and back. His penis had never looked so thick or long, and the veins bulged along his shaft as it twitched up and down with his heartbeat.

Grimmett left the room for a few minutes, returning with a small, black, box-like object. "In my spare time I like to tinker with gadgets and electronics, Chris, and I fancy myself as a bit of an amateur inventor. This little piece is something I've been working on recently, and I think you'll be interested in what it does." The doctor placed the box on the floor between the well-muscled legs, and Chris could see that a thin black plastic arm, about eight inches long, stuck out the top of the box. A small, round metal clip had been attached to the end. Chris couldn't see what the purpose of the box was, and he was temporarily distracted while Grimmett gagged him. Then the doctor took out a long, fluffy pink feather and waved it teasingly along Chris' belly, drawing muffled laughter from beneath the gag. Attaching the base of the feather to the clip at the end of the arm between his legs, the doctor flicked a switch on the box. The plastic arm began to wave slowly back and forth, only moving about two inches each way. It took about two seconds to complete the small forward and back movement, causing the long feather to wave as well. With Chris' legs spread firmly apart, the waving motion caused the feather to brush back and forth across his thighs, perineum, and pressurised balls. A combination of moaning and laughter erupted from Chris as the machine tickled him. After a minute, Grimmett flicked the machine off.

"Effective, isn't it? As I've got a few other tasks to tend to, I'm going to have to leave this little machine here to take care of you while I'm busy. First I'm going to shave those lovely balls of yours, though, and then you can wait with the machine until my friends arrive. They should only be about an hour!" Chris' eyes shot open at this, and he protested loudly through the gag. After the doctor had come so close to bringing him off before, he had entirely forgotten about the cock-teasing friends! The thought of spending an hour having his week-old blue balls tickled by a machine was too horrible to imagine. Grimmett busied himself with the task of (very gently) shaving Chris' naked, hot man parts, while the bound sportsman pleaded desperately for mercy - his impassioned cries translating to muffled, urgent whining through the gag. When the shaving was over Grimmett stood up and paused, and for a brief moment Chris actually believed he might be given the relief that he would happily have died for. But it was not to be. "You know, Chris, I think it's best that we make sure you're at your horniest heights tonight, since it's the last time you'll be visiting me. So I'm going to blindfold you for the next hour as well, and you'll have nothing to focus on except for the tickling of your near-bursting balls." Chris shrieked into the gag in horror, but could do nothing as the doctor tied the blindfold over his eyes. He couldn't see, he couldn't speak, and he was helpless to do anything as the doctor bade him a temporary farewell, and flicked the switch on the box. As his footsteps receded, Chris felt the brush of the feather across his newly bare testicles. The tickling sensation was more intense than he had ever felt before in his life, and he started screaming before the feather completed its second swing...

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