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Prolonged Treatment
Part 2 - Prolonged Treatment
By Handy

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For a brief, golden moment when he woke up the next morning, Chris didn't remember the previous night's events. But his light-hearted feeling was extremely short lived. As soon as he turned over in bed and rubbed the sleep from his eyes, he felt it. The unfamiliar weight..


Moving quietly so as not to disturb his sleeping roommate, Chris pulled his boxers off beneath his bed sheet. There, between his legs, lay the horrifying reminder of the night before. His balls hung down slightly lower than usual due to the ring encircling the top of his scrotum, which fitted by a thin metal piece to the cap on the head of his cock. Even now he could feel his penis straining within the chastity device, attempting to reach its full and powerful morning glory. But there was no room for growth there, and his arousal was unsatisfied. Chris stared at his manhood, still in some disbelief, as he replayed the events of his visit to the doctor in his head. He wanted to believe it hadn't been real; that it was all a dream. But it had happened, and it was still happening...

He longed to play with his cock. On average, Chris jerked off between two and three times a week. After his explosive orgasm last night, he hadn't expected to want to cum again so soon. Yet the chastity device seemed to draw his attention constantly, making him focus on his desires and the fact that he did not have the power to fulfill them. His penis, his pride, joy and pleasure, did not belong to him anymore. It had been stolen and imprisoned, tantalisingly close, but so unreachable. What the hell was he going to do?!

Chris got up and got started with his day. The chastity device didn't seem to get in the way of his normal daily activities; showering and peeing were unaffected due to careful design, and it fit under his clothes just fine. Indeed, were it not for the constant feeling of restriction around his private parts, there really would have been nothing to notice at all. It was the psychological effect that was most powerful. The constant, gentle weight at his groin constantly drew his mind back to his predicament. It was extremely hard to focus and listen during his lectures, and he tended to drift off into a vacant stare during conversations with others. A few friends kept asking him if he was okay; he brushed them off lightly. "Just lots on my mind..." The worst part was the arousal. Something about this trap, this cruel trick, turned him on hugely. The helplessness of being barred from his own excited cock by a little metal device was a constant torment, and it was making him very, very horny. To make matters worse, his mind continually replayed scenes from the doctor's office. Tickled all over, bound to a table, penis stuffed with metal, the milking machine... All day long, his imprisoned prick struggled to swell to life.

By the end of the day Chris felt worn out and more than a little tense. The night was worse, though; he was plagued by cock-teasing dreams in which monsters chased his dick. By morning he was well and truly blue-balled, and he wasn't on to return to the doctor until 7pm that night! After another day of constant torment, Chris arrived slightly early at the doctor's office. He wasn't surprised to see he was the last patient again, and he spent his time in the waiting room rehearsing his conversation with the doctor. Whatever happened, the device was coming off, followed by Chris jerking off, and then telling the doctor that he could fuck off. He was not in the mood to be messed with today!!

Once the final patient was gone, Chris entered the doctor's office once more. His doctor turned to face him, and gave him a pleased grin. "Chris, how excellent to see you again! I've been looking forward to it a great deal, as I'm sure you can imagine. By the way, I forgot to introduce myself properly the last time you were here - I tend to get a bit forgetful when I'm enjoying myself. I'm Dr. Grimmett. How have you been since I saw you last?"

Chris gave the doctor a long stare before responding heatedly. "How have I been? What kind of a stupid question is that? And just what kind of game are you playing here, anyway? I come to you for a simple physical, and you start touching me like that?! It's fucked up. Now get this thing off of me, and I'll be leaving!" Grimmett smiled at him with the expression of a father talking to an unruly child, and answered softly. "It sounds like someone is feeling rather tense. Not being able to control your own penis, to cum when you want, can do that to you. But I have to remind you that I'm in charge here, Chris, and I decide what happens next. I will most certainly remove that chastity device from you once you've allowed me to strap you to the examination table again. As I said the other night, I'm not finished with you yet."

Chris had been afraid of this; afraid that this crazy doctor was going to try and continue his perverted games. "And if I say no? If I say that I'm going to go to the police? What then, huh Doc?" Grimmett considered Chris' challenge seriously for a moment, and then answered in the same quiet tone. "Of course you can do that, Chris. It will involve making some statements to them, which will of course become public once word gets out. Your name will be clearly printed, alongside a description of what I did with you. Yes, it could cause a great deal of trouble for me..." The doctor sounded completely unconcerned about this possibility, and absentmindedly straightened some objects on the counter. "Then there's the embarrassment of going to the hospital to have the device removed, and of course you'll have to find another doctor to clear your physical for rugby. Which could take time, and I think you've only got a couple days left before the final decision is made. Might be cutting it close. And then there's the possibility that I have friends in high places, which means I'm not too worried about what you tell to whom."

Having listened with increasing dismay to these calmly spoken words, Chris' heart sank. He'd forgotten about the physical for rugby, and it was true that he didn't have time to find another doctor. And if this creep was right about 'friends in high places', then he might end up humiliated for nothing. Then again, that might be a bluff... but how to know? With this stupid device choking his cock, he felt like he couldn't think straight! "What I want," said Chris, firmly, "is to be freed from this device, and to get a clearance on my physical. Guaranteed." Grimmett looked at him again, with another smile. "All right, Chris. Here's my offer. In exchange for the perfect physical clearance, which I personally guarantee will grant you a place on the rugby team, you have to follow my instructions this evening and let me have fun playing with you, and you have to return one more time. After that, the choice to return will be entirely up to you, and you'll be cleared for rugby by tomorrow. What do you think?"

Chris took a moment to think this through. He wasn't happy about returning again, nor putting his body back in the doctor's hands. But on the flipside, he'd be playing rugby for sure, and if the doc didn't hold up his end, he wouldn't come back. It wasn't ideal, but it would do. He looked at Grimmett, and nodded. The doctor rubbed his hands together with a familiar sense of glee. "Excellent! And what a player you'll make. Now, let's get started at once."

Under the doctor's instruction, Chris stripped off all his clothes and climbed up on the examination table. Grimmett told him to crouch on hands and knees on the table, with his bum facing the door. Chris was already concerned by this new position, and as the doctor began tying his wrists to each side of the table, he raised his query. "Wait, Doc - you're not planning to shove anything up my ass, are you? Because I think I'll reconsider the deal!" Grimmett laughed, pulling tightly on the second wrist restraint. "No Chris, you don't have to worry about that. As you noted last week, I'm more interested in violating your dick than anything else!" Not feeling in any way reassured, Chris spread his legs slightly further apart on the wide table, and waited as Grimmett restrained his ankles and thighs with lengths of rope. When the doctor was finished, Chris found that his arms and legs were fastened securely to the edges of the table, and his awkward position on all fours meant that he could lean forward, back and slightly to the sides, but no further. His ass was prominently exposed at one end, and his chastity-bound cock and balls hung heavily in the space between his muscular, spread thighs. The doctor smiled widely. "I may have to take a few pictures to add to my personal collection, Chris - you're one good looking young man!" Chris ignored this and tried to find a more comfortable position on the table.

Grimmett came back over with a thick piece of black cloth. "I'm going to gag you today, Chris - I find those muffled groans quite enjoyable to hear, and you'll be making a lot of them. Now, let's remove that device that you're so eager to be free of." He turned and walked behind Chris, who had mostly given up trying to look behind him; it was too much effort for his neck. Instead he waited with feelings of both anxiety and anticipation for the removal of the hated metal weight. With a click, Grimmett unlocked it and quickly removed both the cap and the ring, and began gently washing Chris' hanging genitals with a wet cloth. Finally free at last, for the first time in days, Chris felt his manhood react quickly. Blood pumped rapidly in to his shaft, filling it almost instantly. His shaft throbbed and jerked as Chris flexed it, loving the freedom of finally being able to stretch his penis freely. A long, deep groan of exhilarated satisfaction escaped the gag, and Chris kept flexing his hardened dick. "It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it?" said the doctor, "you never truly appreciate the power and joy of an erection until it's been denied for a while. I'm sure we can make it a bit harder yet, too..." For now, Chris' animosity towards the doctor had vanished; smothered by the flush of desire that accompanied his now pulsing prick. With firm, warm hands, Grimmett began cupping and massaging his hanging balls. Then he formed an 'O' around Chris' shaft with his thumb and index finger and gently stroked downwards. Chris' continued to groan deeply at the wonderful, wonderful sensations that he had been denied for 48 hours.

Grimmett didn't continue fondling Chris for long. Instead, he crossed to a drawer in his desk and pulled out a shaving razor and a can of shaving foam. Then he turned on the hot water tap in the sink and waited for it to warm. "I was thinking during our last session about what lovely big balls you have, and how much better they would look if they were bare. So I'm going to give you a little shave, and see how things look. Don't worry, I'm very careful with this." Having filled a bowl with warm water, he returned to stand by Chris' balls. He lifted the bowl up beneath Chris until it was as close to pressing against his body as possible. His erect penis and heavy balls were now floating in the warm water, and Grimmett kept them there to soak for a couple of minutes. The warmth of the water across his aching balls was delightful, and Chris couldn't help but get lost in the sensation. Then the doctor applied shaving foam all over his wet groin, and began wielding the razor. He worked with smooth, skillful strokes; pushing Chris' sack to one side and the other to shave it all over. He crouched under Chris' frame and shaved the base of his penis and his pubic hair, leaving only a thin strip connecting his blond glory trail to his dick. When he had finished he used the cloth to rinse Chris' groin, and patted him dry.

Chris had no idea what the finished result would look like; he'd never shaved himself down there before. He didn't have long to contemplate it, though. Without any warning, Grimmett approached Chris's left side, placed one hand against his ribs, and sent his fingers tickling up and down his torso. Chris began laughing madly into his gag, the sounds distorted to huffs, puffs and whimpers of strangled hilarity. Grimmett tickled furiously, sliding his hand down to Chris' waist, and then back up his ribs. Chris tried to pull away, but the restraints only allowed him to lean a few inches to the right, and the doctor's fingers followed him enthusiastically. His other hand came to rest on the young man's left bum cheek, where it squeezed firmly on the rounded flank. As he tickled, Grimmett looked keenly at the rugby player's rump. It was firm and round, toned beautifully by regular exercise. He rubbed his hand gently over the warm, smooth skin while his other hand tormented Chris' ribs. After a few more minutes, he stopped tickling and walked completely behind Chris. He placed the index finger of each hand on each of his bum cheeks, and began drawing slow circles on his backside. Chris barked sharply in high-pitched surprise - even his own ass was ticklish?! He couldn't catch a break! His laughter continued ceaselessly as the doctor teased his smooth butt, tickling the surface evenly. Grimmett laughed himself as he watched Chris wiggle his behind in a futile effort to escape the tickling fingers, his engorged cock and heavy balls swinging back and forth between his thighs. This young man was delicious to behold...

"Did you know," questioned the doctor, "that after they've been shaven, the skin around your balls is much more sensitive than before?" Chris turned his head sharply to look back at the doc, who smiled mischievously. "I think I need to go and get my feather, and give your balls more of the attention you enjoyed so much last time. What do you think, Chris?" A chorus of urgent squeaks came through the gag, accompanied by a vigorously shaking head. "What's that? You want me to tickle your balls?" More shaking head, even more urgent sounds. Grimmett loved watching the helpless stud beg through the gag. "Well, okay - I'll get that feather and give every inch of your balls a good, long tickle. Just because you asked so nicely." He retrieved his feather while Chris moaned anxiously, and then pulled up his chair at Chris' rear, where the heavy sack hung in such a vulnerable manner. "I would have thought you'd say no to tickling, since you've already got blue balls. But I guess you must just really like it." He placed the tip of the feather against the smooth sack, and began to drag it slowly up and down from his perineum to the bottom of his swollen nuts. Chris, naturally, found that his shaven balls were even more ticklish than before, and turned into a writhing, gasping, shrieking animal. Grimmett began laughing uproariously at Chris' predicament, wielding the feather with wickedly thorough fingers. The surface of each large round ball was carefully stroked with the feather, front and back, bottom and top. Extra attention was given to the taut skin at the top of his swinging scrotum, before the feather found its way down between both balls, sliding slowly up and down. It seemed to Grimmett that Chris responded most explosively to being tickled on the back of his balls, and so that is where the happy doctor focused his efforts. Chris, meanwhile, was exhausting himself as he struggled involuntarily with his restraints, desperately trying to draw back the breath that had exploded from his lungs in mad laughter. His manhood was throbbing so powerfully that it hurt, and a deep ache had settled in his nuts due to the volume of churning spunk imprisoned within.

Grimmett had stopped torturing him, at least for the moment. As usual, this proved to be a bad thing. "A big rugby player like you needs to make sure he's gone stamina enough to last in a long game, right? Whether the game involves rugby or sex, stamina is very important. So, I'm going to help you out by giving you some stamina training. We'll need to use my milking machine again for that. Just sit patiently; I'll be right back." The doctor left the room, leaving Chris to wait apprehensively on the table. Why on earth had he agreed to this? What the hell had he been thinking? No sport was worth this... All that mattered right now, in the entire world, was cumming. If he could just get one hand on his penis, or even a finger... But he knew the doctor would never allow that - having ensured Chris' libido would be running at its highest by trapping him with the chastity device, Grimmett clearly intended to enjoy, and increase, his frustration. This could be a very long night.

The doctor returned with the familiar cylinder, and began setting it up on the table beneath Chris' crouched pose. The young stud let out a longing moan as Grimmett gently spread lube over his twitching cock, and an even more desperate one moments later when the machine was switched on. Very, very slowly, the cylinder began to suck expertly on his thick penis. "Now then, Chris - I've set the machine to a very gentle setting. After a couple days without cumming, I can see you've saved up a heavy load! But at this setting, the machine should make you very, very desperate to shoot without allowing you to do so. See? Stamina training." Chris groaned helplessly as the teasing continued, and he was so focused on his raging erection that he barely heard the doctor comment that he may as well continue tickling him in the meantime. His concentration shifted drastically seconds later, however, as Grimmett's fingers began dancing across the soles of his feet. Despite the gag in his mouth, the volume of Chris' ticklish screams remained rather loud, if indistinct. Grimmett bent closer to the young man's bound feet, and gently began flicking his tongue between the toes. The screams from beneath the gag increased yet again in volume and pitch - the most frantic and tortured sound the virile stud had made yet! Grimmett continued his toe-tongue-tickle-torture for another two minutes, and then decided to stop lest Chris damage his vocal chords. He stood up once more and stopped to take in the incredible sight before him.

There crouched the rugby player, completely naked and restrained on all fours. The gag continued to muffle the gasps of the gasping mouth; his chest heaved as he dragged oxygen desperately into his lungs. Sweat beaded his brow, his eyes were open wide, and his body trembled with adrenalin. His fat cock was obscured by the milking cylinder that continued to pump over it, but behind it the heavy balls swung back and forth clearly. Grimmett could have sworn they had actually grown like swollen, ripe fruit. It was a sight that the doctor could happily have watched for hours, and he was tempted to do so now. But he remembered that Chris had agreed to return once more, and so he decided to bring things to a close. He disconnected the milking machine, gently pulling it off of Chris' engorged manhood. It made a slight popping noise as it slid free from the cylinder. Chris turned, dazed, to look at his member, and was astonished at what he saw. The thick shaft was visibly twitching and throbbing with the beating of his heart, while the veins stood prominently on all sides. His penis was enjoying the hardest and most powerful erection he had ever felt, and it had clearly grown slightly in both length and girth under the pressure of it. Chris looked up in surprise as the doctor came around to loosen his gag. "Still alive, Chris?" He nodded slowly, his mind telling him that as long as his body was this aroused, he was probably immortal - the sheer power of lust keeping him breathing. "Good, good," said Grimmett. "Well, it's time to finish you off, I think. I've removed the gag so that I can hear you clearly. You're going to be making some noise."

Chris was far too confused to even begin to think what this might mean. His overworked body and tired mind were not interested in thinking; there was only one animal need now. Cum. Cum as fast, as soon, and as hard as you possibly can. If only it was up to him!

Grimmett settled once more at the other end of the table, admiring Chris' swollen genitals. Then he sat forward towards the table, stuck out his tongue, and began licking the back of Chris' balls. He used just the tip of his tongue at first, licking little circles on each nut, and then he pressed his tongue flat against the underside of his scrotum and slowly licked all the way up the back. Having reached the top of the sack, he slowly brought his lips together, as if planting a kiss, and then dragged his tongue thoroughly back down. From the other end of the table, he could hear his young 'patient' reacting. It was not quite laughter this time, but something equally intense. It was desperate longing. Chris, feeling the warmth and moistness of the doctor's tongue, was overwhelmed by his need to ejaculate. The gentle, soothing touch of that wonderful tongue was the cruellest torture of all, as it lovingly bathed his taut, overloaded balls. Beneath the surface of that skin, so delightfully tongue teased, was the biggest, highest pressure load of spunk his body had ever held. Freed of his gag, the room echoed to the sound of the desperate, rending wail that burst from Chris' lips. There were no words or pleas, just an intensity of emotion conveyed through pure sonic waves. Grimmett smiled with satisfaction, and gently sucked one of the balls into his mouth.

The wail continued, and grew even louder as the doctor ran his tongue over the testicle, bathing it in warmth and moistness. He drew his mouth back very slightly, just enough for Chris to feel his nut being tugged, and continued swirling his tongue around. After another twenty seconds, he released that nut, licked the scrotum a bit more, and then sucked the other nut the same way. Chris' wailing only stopped for a moment while he drew breath, before continuing again; he was overwhelmed with need. Grimmett released the other testicle, and then spoke. "I need you to listen for this part, Chris. It's nearly time to make you cum, but you have to listen carefully and do as I say. Okay?" Red faced, eyes shut tight, Chris simply nodded quickly. Grimmett looked at Chris' dick, and could immediately see the precum gathering at the tip. Looking at the table, he realised that it had been gathering for some time, dripping to the tabletop and creating a small, creamy pool. He stood behind Chris again and returned to licking his balls, causing Chris to groan and tremble, trying to contain his voice and listen to the doctor. Reaching around his thighs, Grimmett gently rubbed some lube over the twitching prick and began an agonisingly slow sliding motion. Chris gritted his teeth together, fighting to stop the roar within from escaping. "NNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Grimmett slowly increased the pumping movement of his fist, and kept licking the big, beautiful balls. Chris' torturous pleasure continued in this way for another few minutes, bringing him closer to the desired orgasm. The doctor watched a long string of precum drool from the naked hot shaft, and stopped tongue-bathing the swollen testicles.

"Do you want to cum now Chris?" asked Grimmett politely, wanking rhythmically. "YES! YES!" Chris bellowed. "What would you like me to do?" asked the doctor quietly. "What do you MEAN?!" cried Chris, "MAKE ME CUM!!"

Grimmett smiled wickedly, still pumping his hand up and down smoothly. It was a well-practiced motion, enough to arouse and hold a young man on the edge, but not let him explode. "It's like you're my little cow, here, Chris, all ready for milking. I've made sure of it; those balls of yours look like full udders. Shall I milk your balls, Chris?"


"Yes what, Chris?"

"Milk my balls, milk my balls, please!"

"Should I rub your penis, Chris?"

"Yes, rub my penis, rub my penis, keep rubbing it, oh fuck yes!" Chris' cries were growing more and more shrill.

"I see. Shall I wank your willy, Chris? Is that what you'd like?"

"Yes, yes, wank my willy, wank my willy, please wank my willy, ple-"

"I can't hear you, Chris. Should I wank your willy until you cum?"


Grimmett had achieved what he wanted, and so he rapidly increased his stroking of Chris' thick penis. It took only a few seconds for the pressured balls to tighten visibly, and for his straining shaft to begin ejecting thick shots of cum onto the table with a splashing noise. Chris' back arched, and his scream of relief was cut off almost immediately by his gasps for breath. His body shook violently as the doctor continued pumping cum from his dick. When his spasms eventually subsided, his throbbing erection remained just as prominently as before. Without speaking, Grimmett pulled the vibrator from their previous session from a drawer, held it up to Chris' shaft and used a rubber band to attach it. Then he turned it on, and once again turned back to draw the young man's partially emptied balls between his lips. Chris was barely conscious of the change in circumstances. Having finally achieved the release he so desired, his mind seemed almost foggy. As the doctor thoroughly teased his balls again, the vibrator buzzed tightly against his shaft, sending powerful sensations through it. After two more minutes, these sensations morphed into another heaving orgasm, and Grimmett felt the balls tighten against his tongue. Chris came again, shooting another thick load across the table.

The fog in Chris' mind began, very slowly, to clear. He was vaguely aware of the doctor cleaning up, barely able to focus on the sensation of metal around his genitals once more as the chastity device was reattached, and only just clearing his head to realise he was at the door, fully clothed and ready to leave.

"Well done today, Chris. I shall ensure that your physical is forwarded immediately to secure your place on the rugby team, and you are to return here for one final session, as per our agreement. I will see you in a week!"

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