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Prolonged Treatment
Part 4 - Prolonged Treatment
By Handy

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Chris had entered hell, and there was no escape. He inhabited a world of black, where no light could reach his eyes. Only two of his sense worked, and each was heightened. His ears could hear his own gag-strangled screams, the bass drum beating of his heart, and the gasping of his lungs for air. Blood pounded in his ears. And his skin... his skin could feel . The surface of his scrotum was taut, pulled smooth by the weight of his nuts. The warm, hairless surface trembled violently as the gentle, downy feather brushed across it. Every single nerve-ending in his sack fired constant, atomic-level blasts of electrical sensation into his brain. His brain interpreted these with a mix of ticklish teasing and deep pleasure, and sent messages back to his balls, urging them into sperm-producing overdrive. Drooling heavily from behind the gag, Chris struggled involuntarily against his restraints. His balls swung back and forth, his thighs shook and his body trembled under the extraordinary torture. His penis was obscenely prominent, the hugely engorged shaft vibrating with sexual tension while precum dripped continuously from the tip.

In his sensory deprivation, Chris believed that this torture was lasting for days, maybe weeks. There was no beginning or end, just constant desperation. He was lost in his own world of torment, so much so that he did not hear Grimmett enter, nor the click of the machine being switched off. What he did feel (or rather, stop feeling) was the feather. Slowly, dimly, he raised his head and cried with relief into the soaked gag. He was aware of voices talking in the shower room, but was too tired to focus on what they said.

"As promised, guys - he's been in chastity for a week, and has spent most of the last two hours under intense teasing."

"Damn, I'll say, Grim! There's a puddle of cum on the floor, and his prick looks like it's about to pop like a balloon!"

"You found another ticklish one, eh, doctor? Funny how they always need extra treatment from you... I don't think I've ever seen balls looking that heavy; what have you been doing to the poor kid?"

"You know me - I like to ensure I give my patients the very best treatment. He is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive young men I've found. So have fun! Happy anniversary, let me know when you're done."

Chris recognised Grimmett's voice, but the other two were unknown. He didn't have long to wait; the blindfold was pulled from his eyes, leaving him blinking in the light. Standing before him were two men, both (he'd guess) in their early forties. The man on his left was completely bald, the light from the bulb reflecting off his head. He was taller than Chris, and had a stockier build (which was definitely saying something). He wore a slightly scruffy denim jacket and paint-stained cords; Chris got the impression that he was some kind of labourer. This impression was cemented when Baldy placed one of his huge hands flat on Chris' chest; he could feel the roughness of his skin. "This guy's well-built, toned, and he's got such lovely skin, hasn't he Charlie?" Baldy joked to his companion.

Charlie was shorter than both Baldy and Chris, and his dark, unkempt hair was stuffed under a flat cap. A brown, worn-looking wooly jumper hung loosely across his torso, and faded blue jeans beneath. Both men wore heavy black boots, which were dirty and scuffed. Charlie raised his left hand and placed it next to Baldy's on Chris' chest. Three silver rings glinted on his fingers. "Very lovely indeed! And as the doctor has done such a good job priming this young stud, we'll have to play very carefully. We wouldn't want him cumming too soon, would we?"

"Good thing we're so very gentle," smiled Baldy gleefully. He moved his hand across Chris' chest to his left nipple, and began teasing it firmly between his rough fingers. Chris was surprised at how erotic the sensation was, and the feeling increased ten-fold when Baldy brought his lips to Chris' right nipple and began to run his tongue around it. Involuntary moans rumbled deep in his chest. Charlie stepped behind him and began gently running his hands up and down the ribs of his captive, partly massaging, partly tickling. Eventually his hands met Chris' bum, and he alternated between tickling each cheek and squeezing them firmly. Chris wriggled and squirmed to get away to no avail, and the gay couple exchanged smiles.

The hour that followed was undeniably long, although Chris had to admit that it wasn't as bad as he had feared. They seemed to circle him constantly, passing their hands across different parts of his body as they explored him. They caressed his muscles and tickled him with their fingers, they kissed across his chest and flicked their tongues across his belly. They focused on light, teasing touches that caused his body to jerk this way and that, drawing moans, shrieks or longing groans from him. They paused briefly to blindfold Chris once more, and then continued, increasing his helplessness. The one place they left untouched was his genitals, and Chris couldn't decide if this was mercy or a new form of torment. His dick still throbbed powerfully, fully inflated and desperate for satisfaction.

At some point he felt a new sensation: pulsing, hot skin pressed against his own. His two new 'friends' had clearly removed some of their clothing, and now there were two more excited cocks in the room. The two men stopped touching him for a few minutes, and with the accompanying moans of pleasure, Chris had to guess that they had briefly stopped to play with each other. He didn't hear the heavy breathing or high-pitched cry of orgasm, so he assumed that neither of them had cum yet. When they resumed tickling and teasing his naked body, he felt the warmth of their skin as they pressed their legs against his, along with the unmistakable hard throbbing of erections. They felt like big men....

Chris had imagined that they would assault his helpless body with all manner of toys and torments; he'd expected feathers and vibrators and oils and other things he'd never imagined. Yet they seemed content to stick with the gentle, tender touches of their own fingertips. Perhaps, seeing his plight, they had taken some kind of pity on him. He had no idea, and while the experience wasn't as bad as expected, that wasn't to say it wasn't still torturous. After such a long time without orgasm, and with so much teasing and excitement, the blood in his veins had turned to liquid lust. With the blindfold stopping his vision he couldn't see his manhood, but judging by the way it felt, it must now have ballooned to the size of a cricket bat.

Suddenly it happened - a moment that the young, virile jock would never forget for years to come. He felt the hot, soft skin of a hard penis slide against the head of his cock. His foreskin had slid back hours earlier, entirely unable to remain covering the head of his enormous erection. The bare bell-end, slick with copious precum, slid firmly along the pulsing shaft of one of the men. The feeling of that incredible pulsating manhood, vigorous and strong, against his own straining prick, was electrifying. Even the gag in his mouth couldn't disguise the long, excited cry of pleasure that burst from his throat. There was a pause, and silence briefly filled the room. "I think he liked that, Charlie," said Baldy. "Seems that this hunk has a taste for man on man!" The game changed now, and Chris could feel the utterly incredible sensation of his cock being sandwiched between theirs. For the next ten minutes the two men stood before Chris, gyrating their hips to make their dicks stroke against his. They teased up and down his shaft, they pressed their heads firmly against his belly, and they took great delight in tickling his fat nuts with the very tips of their cocks. And then, abruptly, all the touching stopped.

Chris couldn't see what was happening, and he could barely stand the feeling of nervous expectation. Calmly, both men knelt down on the floor in front of him, facing each other. The couple looked deeply and lovingly into each others eyes. Charlie smiled at Baldy and reached across to take his hand; Baldy smiled back and squeezed it affectionately. They both leaned forward until their lips, slightly open, met in a passionate kiss...

...around Chris' throbbing penis.

Each man's lips pressed around the end of his shaft, entirely encompassing his cock head. Wet lips slid back and forth, sucking hungrily around the vulnerable skin as they sought each other out. Two tongues assaulted his manhood, one from each side, licking firmly across it and swirling around. The two men were experienced kissers, using their mouths eagerly to share their love. They kissed with the passion and energy of dedicated lovers, as they had done hundreds of times before. The only difference today was that the pumping power of a young, orgasm-denied prick was imprisoned between their lips.

For Chris, the sensation was simply mind-melting. It took less than thirty seconds of that excited, wet, tongue-lapping kiss to lose his load, and his consciousness. The throat-cracking, animalistic roar bounced around in Chris' lungs before exploding into the room. His now bull-like balls contracted, heaving upwards; Baldy and Charlie felt his steel-hard penis pulse once against their tongues, and then detonate. Milky seed fired into their mouths and across their lips, coating them with cum. They continued their kiss, sliding their lips and tongues over the young man's juices, causing his manhood to burst with another three loads. Thick cream dribbled down from their lips and dripped from his prick, puddling on the floor.

Chris didn't remember what happened next; the exertion of his eventual orgasm caused him to faint. He didn't know how long he'd been out, but he awoke to find himself lying naked on the examining table in Grimmett's office. He was no longer bound at all, but just lying comfortably on the table with a pillow under his head. His penis was once again extremely erect, due to the massage he was receiving from the doctor's warm hands. Seeing he was awake, Grimmett smiled fondly at him and said quietly, "You did an excellent job this evening. My friends were very happy; I think it's safe to say you made their anniversary. After all that teasing and denial, though, you've still got a lot of cum left, so I'm going to relieve you of it. No more teases or tricks now, just lie back and relax."

The doctor added a lot of warm lube to Chris' genitals, and began a very firm massage. His hands twisted and slid around the engorged shaft on a film of lubricant, and he fondled and squeezed the balls gently. His movements were quick and precise, and his efforts were extremely effective. Within a couple of minutes Chris found himself groaning with need, and the doctor did not delay. Chris arched his back and grunted with heavy satisfaction as Grimmett expertly jerked him off, slowing his movements so as not to rub the sensitive cock head uncomfortably. Another generous load of thick cum shot forth, coating the doctor's nimble fingers. With extreme gentleness he continued to gently slide his fingers over the shaft, covering it with Chris' juices. He fondled with light touches for another few minutes until the post-cum sensitivity had left Chris' dick, and then the doctor bent his head down and took the shaft between his lips. Again he worked quickly and expertly, using his lips and tongue to suck and lick across the thick cock. Chris was astonished at how soon it was that he could feel his testicles tighten once more, and quickly they were emptied as his final load pumped into the eager mouth. Wordlessly the doctor swallowed, licked his lips and began to clean Chris up. The rugby stud, worn out from his exertion and with a pleasantly aching groin, began to get dressed.

Soon Chris found himself standing at the door, facing Grimmett. He rested one hand on the door handle, and waited. The doctor smiled warmly, and squeezed his shoulder with one hand. "Chris, you've been completely amazing. I've enjoyed our sessions, and I must admit, I'm going to miss you. I hope you've had some fun yourself."

Chris nodded slowly, and gave him a wry smile. "That's it, doc? No chastity device, no follow-up?" Grimmett laughed. "A deal's a deal, and you kept your end of the bargain. Now I've got to keep mine, right? It's time for you to get out there and enjoy university. Find that girlfriend, go to parties, win at rugby... all that stuff." Chris smiled, thanked Grimmett, and opened the door. As he stepped out, he heard Grimmett say one last thing.

"If you ever need a doctor - you know, medically - then I'm here. And if by some chance you ever find yourself wanting another round of my.... special treatment.... then you're welcome to come back anytime."

The End