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Prolonged Treatment
Part 1 - Prolonged Treatment
By Handy

Prolonged Treatment

by Handy

The young man sat in the waiting room flipping the pages of a magazine, bored and impatient. He'd been waiting nearly thirty minutes to be seen by his new doctor, and the chair was beginning to get uncomfortable. Although slightly shorter than the average male, he was also bulkier due to his well muscled frame - which wasn’t helping the situation with the chair. He was the last person left, the final patient for the doctor running this evening clinic. Even the receptionist had packed up and left by now. He tapped his feet and sighed loudly, blowing the longer strands of his sandy blond hair aside in frustration. Stupid physical examination. He was required to get one to be on his university rugby team, but why did it have to take so long? He looked up as the patient before him, an elderly woman with a sour face, returned wordlessly through the waiting room and out the door. Then the doctor called his name at last.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting - normally the evening clinic runs a bit quicker than this. Now, judging by the time of year and the fact that I don’t recognise you, I’d guess you’re a new patient who has just started at the local university.” The white-coated doctor shook the young man’s hand firmly. He was an older man, probably in his fifties, with greying hair and small spectacles. The young man took the seat opposite the doctor and nodded to him. “Yes, I’ve just begun my course. My name is Chris, and I need a physical exam in order to join the rugby team.” The doctor nodded, and began quickly typing into his computer. He asked Chris some questions in order to register his details. He asked his age (20 years old - Chris had taken his time getting around to university), family medical history (nothing of concern), general health (very good), and so on. The doctor finished typing, and turned back to Chris. “I’m sure a young man like yourself has many better things to be getting on with, so let’s get a move on, shall we? Mustn’t keep you from your girlfriend!” Chris laughed and explained that he hadn’t been at uni long enough to meet anyone yet. Then, under the doctor’s instructions, Chris stripped off his baggy jeans, brown hoodie and white t-shirt and hopped up on the table. They proceeded through the expected list of tests: weight, temperature, reflexes, medical history, eyesight, etc. Then the doctor asked Chris to lie down on the table. Chris did so, clad only in his tight undershorts, feeling the cool surface of the table against his bare skin. His shorts clung tightly to his muscular thighs and hugged his groin; Chris began feeling slightly self-conscious.

Chris looked up suddenly, startled and bewildered as the doctor began attaching some sort of medical stirrups to the table near his legs. "What's the deal with those, Doc?" Apparently, it was a new test, according to his doctor. A brand new standard added to physical examinations. It wasn't at all painful, he reassured Chris, but it required him to be absolutely still. The doctor needed to restrain his arms and his legs. "Are you sure I can't just lie still?" No, that wouldn't do at all, the doctor stated kindly, but there was no need to worry about it and it wouldn’t take long. Chris was a little nervous, but didn't intend to show it. He lay back and tried to relax, and put his arms at his sides as the doctor said. The doctor tightened some straps around his wrists, immobilising his arms, and then helped Chris's legs into the stirrups. It took only a moment for him to strap his ankles into these, leaving Chris immobilised with his legs raised up and apart.

The doctor smiled inwardly as he surveyed the hunky body of the 20 year old rugby player. Full, firm muscles covered the arms, chest and legs; evidence of a strong workout regime. The young man's groin, hidden beneath the boxers, did not appear to be bulging much - but there was still potential where that was concerned. Now, what to do next? It always surprised the doctor that a young man would so willingly put himself at the helpless mercy of a stranger just because he wore a white coat. Needless to say, it was a trust he enjoyed abusing. “Thank you Chris. Now, I need to check your skin sensitivity – a very important test, I'm sure you can imagine, for a sportsman. First we need to hone your senses, so I'm going to blindfold you.” Chris looked puzzled at this, and then increasingly concerned as the doctor took a strip of cloth from a drawer and began blindfolding him. "What are you doing, Doc? I've never heard of any test like this before!" The doctor bent down to Chris' ear once he had finished tying the blindfold. "You're right, Chris. This isn't a test. In fact, I have all the information I need to clear you for your rugby team. No, this is just me playing with you, which is a game I enjoy where handsome young men are concerned. And you've allowed yourself to fall right into my hands! So tell me Chris, are you ticklish?" 

Chris leapt against his restrains in sudden panic. "What? What are you talking about? Let me go, right now! What are yo-AHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahaha Nonononono!!!" The doctor had begun to tickle Chris' ribs with his fingers, one hand on each side. He followed each rib across his chest, tickling continuously, and then returned to his sides. Chris screamed and shrieked, but to no avail – his doctor had ensure they would be quite alone. There was no one to hear Chris' mad laughter as the doctor tortured him. Taking his time, he slid his fingers down to Chris's belly button, where he made gentle circles with his index finger. Then he pulled a cotton wool bud from a drawer and used it to probe Chris' belly button further, flicking it in and out repeatedly. Restrained and blindfolded, Chris could do nothing but squirm and scream as his sensitive skin was assaulted. His doctor laughed gleefully. "I had a feeling you might be a ticklish one. Are you enjoying this Chris?"

He stopped tickling for a moment, giving Chris a brief moment to catch his breath. After a few desperate gulps of air, Chris began swearing angrily and threatening violence once he was released. The doctor ignored him, looking instead with interest at Chris' groin. Beneath the tight boxers, clear changes were occurring. A definite stirring and signs of movement, and the emergence of a rather thick bulge. The doc rubbed his hands with satisfaction and waited for a brief pause in Chris' tirade of abuse. “Now, now, Chris – let's remain calm and polite, shall we? I'm not going to do you any harm, I promise. I'm just going to have some fun with you.” The muscular youth relaxed slightly at this, but only until the doctor spoke again. “Looking at your boxers, it certainly appears that you're enjoying this. Which reminds me, I haven't quite completed a full physical exam. Any good doctor should ensure that a young man's jewels are in good working order, don't you think? I'd better take a look at your manhood.”

Chris began shouting at the doctor again and pulling at his restraints, but of course it made no difference. Beneath his blindfold, the frustrated rugby player could do nothing but wait and curse at his predicament. He felt the touch of cold metal across his thigh and groin, accompanied by a snipping noise. Scissors. A second snip and he felt the fabric around his thighs slide off; now he was entirely exposed. And helpless. The doctor, meanwhile, looked excitedly at Chris's penis, which had grown to its fully erect state. "Now Chris," said the doctor, "I first need to check your genitals to make sure they are fit and healthy. This won't take a moment." With that he cupped the beautiful balls and gave them a gentle squeeze, then carefully rolled each nut between his fingers. Then he traced his fingers around the back of the sack and across Chris's perineum, examining him intently. He made a circular motion on the back of the balls with his finger, gently teasing. Chris flushed red with embarrassment as his private parts were fondled. Without comment, the doctor ran his fingers up both sides of the rock hard shaft to the head, and gently slid back the foreskin. His fingers touched lightly across the sensitive surface, then up and down the shaft twice more. Chris was breathing more heavily and staring at the ceiling. His cock was twitching with excitement. The young man had not been quite so blessed in his manhood as in the muscles in the rest of his body, but the doctor was still pleased with what he found. At four and half inches, Chris's penis was shorter than average, but it made up for it with a rather impressive girth. Thick and firm, like his muscles. The doctor smiled. Chris' dick jerked a little bit as he pulled again at his restraints, but didn't bounce as much as a longer cock would. There was more pressure built up in that short shaft than the average, and so it stood much more firmly. It seem to stab the air, proclaiming its importance, stretching straight out and slightly upwards from the young man's waist. The doctor closed his fingers around Chris's dick as much as he could, but it really was very thick - his fingers didn't quite encircle the throbbing shaft. He began a very slow pumping motion, sliding the taut foreskin back and forth over the head. Chris growled in violated anger as the doctor played with him, tickling the fat shaft with his fingers. "Yes, you're definitely enjoying this Chris. But I think there's something else I need to do before we go further." 

He turned away to another drawer, and returned with some lubricant and a thin, six inch rod. "Let's make sure the pipe is clear, eh?" Chris couldn't see what was happening, but he felt the cold lube dribble over the head of his penis, and then the solid end of something beginning to slide into his shaft. He cried out in surprise and discomfort as the rod slid gently into his manhood. It kept sliding, despite his protests, until he could feel that his entire penis was filled with the solid metal. His penis, which naturally curved upwards when erect, was now a perfectly straight line. "Well Chris, your wonderful willy has taken that sound down it very well. Now that you're even straighter than usual, I think you reach a full five inches. And it looks to me like you're beginning to like the sensation too." Chris didn't speak, but the doctor was confident of his guess – after all, Chris had stopped screaming at him. And he was correct. Despite his cock being stuffed full, the feel of having his whole shaft manipulated like this was starting to turn Chris on more. He was helpless, completely at the doctor's mercy, and his body was nothing more than a toy. It aroused a powerful lust in him, and made the feeling of his stuffed shaft - now lying heavily against his belly - rather delicious.

“I'm sure any woman would be quite happy to take a ride on that cock of yours, Chris. You'll have to try and get yourself a girlfriend. In the meantime, of course, I'll have to give you the attention you deserve. But first, I'll continue what I started.” The doctor turned to Chris' feet. He pulled a feather from his coat and went to work on his soles. Chris went berserk, screaming with laughter and jerking against the restraints. There was no escape, of course, and the doctor continued without mercy. Chris flailed and screamed, begging for him to stop. He began drooling slightly, and his heavily weighted cock rolled back and forth on his lower belly. His balls bounced up and down excitedly. Eventually, the doctor stopped and allowed him some time to rest. "Take a moment to catch your breath, Chris. I'm going to tickle your penis and testicles next." Chris moaned and whimpered helplessly. He had never had his genitals tickled before, but he feared they would be just as sensitive as the rest of his body. And all this tickling, combined with the teasing, had made him very eager to cum.

The doctor approached again, and Chris heard a buzzing sound. "What I have here, Chris, is a small vibrator. Now, I know that women normally love these things, but I've found that they can have a rather impressive effect on helpless, horny young rugby players. Shall we see?" Chris had no time to answer; he felt the tip of the narrow vibrator running over one of his balls. It was an odd sensation to begin with as the vibrations flowed through - and then it began to tickle. A LOT!!!

Chris began to go berserker again, and the doctor wondered if the table would be strong enough to hold Chris or not. But it continued to do so, and he was free to continue his teasing. The vibrator traversed every inch of Chris's balls, which seemed to have swollen with all the attention. The vibrator also moved up and down his stuffed shaft and pressed against his cockhead, which had turned a pleasing colour of pink. Screams and moans alternated at high pitch as the doctor assaulted his twitching manhood with the buzzing tool, and Chris thought he was going to go insane. But it got worse - the doctor lay the vibrator down firmly on Chris's sack, between his loaded nuts, then grabbed the feather and began brushing his cock. The chorus of desperate sounds from the patient was music to his ears. Chris, unable to see or move, could do nothing except vocalise as he felt his manhood teased. His balls bounced against the tickling tool and his dick jerked under the careful feather that sought out every centimetre for teasing. Despite the rod filling his cock, precum began to drip from the head. 

"Time to finish up, Chris. Well, nearly, anyway," laughed the doctor. Chris begged him to stop the torture and even pleaded for the doctor to make him cum. “Stop it Doc, I can't take any more tickling! I need to cum, please, please, let me cum!” The doctor chuckled even more gleefully, and his voice took on a mocking tone. "Oh, you want to spill your load, eh? A good idea, Chris, those testicles look far too full of spunk to be healthy! Why, they could positively burst!" The rod was gently removed and the vibrator turned off, but Chris felt more lubricant around his dick and then a strange, hard something encircled his shaft. The blindfold was removed, revealing some kind of clear cylinder around Chris's horny penis. "It's a milking machine," said the doctor, "I made it myself! I've tested it a few times, and it's really quite effective. It'll make you cum. Eventually." 

"What do you mean, eventually?!" cried Chris. The doctor flicked the switch to turn the machine on. Instantly Chris felt the pressure suction around his member, and the cylinder began pumping slowly up and down his dick on a wave of lube. "Oh, Oh.... Awwwww!!" Chris moaned loudly and repeatedly as the machine slowly pleasured his manhood. The doctor leaned against the counter and smiled, watching. The machine kept pumping, and Chris soon found himself ready to cum. His balls tightened and his dick jerked, and he prepared for ecstasy. "Yeah, oh yeah, oh YE- whaaaat?!" The machine stopped, leaving him on the verge of orgasm. Chris turned to the doctor, who smiled. "I told you it would get you there eventually, Chris. But it will take a little while, unless I help. And I'm enjoying the view." Chris shouted angrily once more, swearing at the doctor and threatening him with even more violence. 

The doctor just smiled, and unzipped his trouser fly. As the machine began pumping his shaft again, Chris watched the doctor pull his own penis out and begin to play with it. It wasn't as thick as Chris's, but it was impressive nonetheless, measuring in at seven inches. For the next twenty minutes the machine continued to tease Chris. Repeatedly, and rapidly, it brought him back to the edge of orgasm and then left him there. Chris bucked hard against the restraints, willing his body to cum, but to no avail. Meanwhile the doctor took his time masturbating, caressing his own shaft with lubricant and sliding his hands back and forth. Eventually he came stand next to Chris and finished pumping his excited cock. Christ watched in agonised dismay as the orgasm that he so desperately desired was unleashed before him, hot cum splattering his bare chest. The doctor groaned with satisfaction, and returned to lean against the counter.

As a couple more minutes ticked by, Chris's pleading grew and grew in pitch, volume and desperation. Finally, the doctor stepped forward again. "Okay Chris, I'll help you get there." The doctor pulled the feather out again, and began tickling Chris's overloaded balls intensely. "NO, NO, THAT WASN'T WHAT I WANTED!!!" cried Chris. The doctor ignored him, and Chris felt certain that his balls would explode under the combined pressures within. He could swear he felt the spunk in his nuts churning around, filling every bit of space within. For another five minutes the machine toyed with him and the feather never stopped tickling, driving him crazy as his hugely sensitive sack was tortured. And then, at long last....

"Oh..... oh..... OH FUCK..... OHOHOHOHOHHOHAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!" The whole table shook as the dam burst, and Chris's balls pumped their entire contents through his fat dick in repeated spurts of thick, molten cum. Chris orgasmed for a solid minute and then fell back into the restraints, completely spent. The doctor quietly disconnected the pump and began cleaning Chris's genitals and belly of cum. When he had finished, Chris had revived slightly. "Now Chris," said the doctor quietly, "I expect to see you here again in two days time, same appointment, to continue your physical." Chris stared at him as if he was crazy. "Are you kidding, Doc? There's not a chance in hell! When I get out of here I'm going to-" Chris's words caught in his throat as the doctor turned away from the table and then returned with a small, metallic, ring-like device. Swiftly he fitted it over Chris's soft penis and the base of his balls, and locked it shut with a click. Then he held up the key calmly before Chris's eyes. "As I said, Chris. I expect to see you here in two days time to continue your physical. Right?" 

Chris nodded slowly in dumb horror as the doctor began unbuckling the restraints...

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